(1938-10-25) Magijugend Interview - Medusa
Details for Magijugend Interview - Medusa
Summary: Medusa comes to join the fold at last.
Date: 25 October, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts
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Flint stares across his desk at the platinum-haired girl seated before him. The crags in his face are not as deep as usual, his frown not quite as down-turned. So, obviously, he's in a good mood. "Miss Malfoy. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be seeing you."

"I debated seriously, Headmaster. My studies are very important to me this year." Medusa uses that as her excuse for not joining at the outset rather than wondering if the Headmaster is slightly off his rocker. "After asking other members various questions I came to the conclusion that I could, with work, manage both." Medusa looks across the expanse of Flint's desk to his craggy face. "Besides, as a Malfoy it is my duty to show others the way."

Flint is already reaching into his desk drawer to produce the Magijugend contract. No questions about why she wants to join. No querying her thoughts on teaching magic to the Muggle-born. This girl is a Malfoy, and that speaks volumes without a word. "I think that you will find the Magijugend will, in fact, be beneficial to your studies. I shall also be delighted to write to your mother and father about the initiative you are showing." Does he know about her family situation? The man isn't known for random acts of kindness.

"That would be greatly appreciated, Headmaster." Medusa withdraws her wand from the pocket of her over robes. She seems prepared to sign the contract and knows what is required.

Flint holds out his hand for the wand, a hint of a smile cracking his features. With the wand in hand, he slides his inkwell and quill over to her. Reaching into a separate drawer, he withdraws a slim metal ring, sliding it down the shaft. "This," he explains as it contracts just above the grip, "It merely a matter of show."

The wand is given over, handle end first to show respect. Her hand is firm when she signs the contract. "Of course, sir," says Medusa. "I must say I am pleased to have a true wizard guiding us." A faint glance is given towards the portrait of Dippet, as if she knew where it was. Medusa has done her homework.

As was so often the case with the true Dippet, the portrait appears to be slumbering in his chair. The present Headmaster, however, makes no comment on the matter. "And I am pleased to see a true witch finally showing what she is made of." When she signs the contract, there is the briefly glowing ink, but it is little more than a soft blue hue which dissipates like smoke — not the bright flash that other Magijugend recruits have witnessed. "I have heard whispers that you are looking to be more than merely 'one of us'."

Medusa looks at Flint. "The purity of magic is intrinsic to all our lives and our future, Headmaster. Those who cannot see it are fools and those who do not have it would be lucky to be our servants." She smiles, her cool calculating smile. "Those whispers are correct, sir. I am a Malfoy and we lead. I believe that I can do much to guide the others to truer understanding of what is important." Her pale head inclines in his direction, "With permission of course and guidance from yourself."

Flint shares one of his rare smiles with the girl. Scary. "Your lineage is not lost on me. You understand, of course, that there is room for more than one Overseer among the Magijugend. Any authority I grant you would be shared."

She looks pleased at the compliment. "It would naturally be best to have to such positions, what with the responsibilities of our studies to contend with as well." Medusa strokes the pendant of her necklace as it sits atop her school jumper with its Slytherin banded trim.

On the topic of pendants, she is about to receive another. From the drawer, Flint withdraws a long chain, at the end of which is a bold pendant in the shape of a symbol becoming all too familiar to the wizarding world: the Eye of Truth. But unlike other Magijugend "badges," seen in silver, this one is plated in gold. He rises from his seat, stepping around the desk with the chain held wide open. Approaching Medusa, he solemnly slips it over her head. "Wear it proudly, Overseer Malfoy. It will make you both a object of respect and scorn. But our work is important enough to bear such burdens."

"Thank you Headmaster. I look forward to working with you and guiding the minds of those deserving of the Truth." The rest of the fools she'll just crush as usual. Medusa smiles as she looks at the gold plated pendant then looks up at Flint. "Perhaps it is time we held some meetings?"

Flint nods firmly as he retakes his seat. "Very soon. You will be notified. In the meantime, you have the authority to hold council with your fellow Magijugend, directing them as necessary within the bounds of school rules."

Medusa rises from her seat. "Yes, Headmaster." The school rulebook is the only one she's cared to memorise, already her mind is churning over the possibilities. "Thank you for this honour, sir."

"On your way, then." Flint waves her off with a bit less indifference than usual. "Make us proud."

Looking decidedly smug Medusa makes her way out.

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