(1938-10-26) Different Beliefs
Details for Different Beliefs
Summary: Angelus is stopped from going where he pleases and tries to talk his way out of it while Evelyn comes by to witness it. Others arrive on the tail end.
Date: October 26, 1938
Location: Gates of Hogwarts

The hard packed dirt winding through the trees has been trampled by millions of students and Hogwarts Professors taking advantage of the reprieve from the halls and towers of Hogwarts, and the books. During the day, glimpses of water can be seen through the trees, and what light is to be had slant across the path as it comes through the interweaving branches far overhead. Wildflowers edge the verge with splashes of reds and yellows and purples against the green foliage and dark tree trunks.

The gates themselves are huge, massive wrought-iron gates that stand tall over the path. Connecting the gates themselves to the wall are two stone columns, topped with giant statues of winged boars.

It is Friday evening and Angelus has finished up with his school work for now, having decided on a walk to the school gates. In front of the large gates that not only keep intruders out, but the children in, two boys had been playing around. The fun that they were having is cut off at the approach of the blonde haired boy. While one of them turns around and tries to pretend as though he doesn’t notice Angelus’ approach, the other frowns, taking a step closer. “We’re busy here, why don’t you find someplace else to go?” His eyes flick briefly to the pendant hanging around his neck.

Walking at an even pace, Angelus starts to slow when one of the boys addresses him in a cold manner. He frowns, tilting his head to the side a little to the side and stops altogether directly in front of the boy. “Well that was a bit of a rude greeting, don’t you think?” His shoulders shift casually, flicking his blue eyes between both of the boys.

Plants! That's what Evelyn needs. Plants, and lots of 'em! Anything that could help her in her Potions studies. After all, if she is going to become a potions master, she has to be an expert in potions and their ingredients. Though, she does make a clear effort to stay away from the Forbidden Forest, which is even more forbidden now that the centaurs are particularly unhappy. She remains fairly quiet, as can be normal for her. However, it's only when she gets near the front gates that she hears the voices. Oh dear. People. Does she really have to deal with them right now?

The boy shrugs simply, looking at Angelus with a ‘what are you going to do about it?’ look. “Are you going to go? ‘Cause we don’t want trouble.”

The other boy, standing behind his friend, tugs at his robes as he hisses, “Hey, let’s just leave. We can go somewhere else.”

Angelus doesn’t seem all that concerned that there are two boys, and only one of him. An eyebrow arches, watching the first boy questionably. Letting out a sigh, he gestures out with a hand idly. “I’m not even doing anything but walking,” he remarks. A sigh escapes him as he lowers his head, looking down at himself, lifting a hand to touch the pendant thoughtfully. A smirk touches Angelus’ lips and he lifts his eyes back to the two other boys. “Are you offended?” he asks curiously. “Well that’s just interesting, isn’t it? I’ll see you guys around,” he adds in, letting out a soft ‘heh,’ as if taking it as the two had already decided to leave.

“No!” The first boy hisses out and shakes his head. “We were here first, and I’m not letting somebody who thinks their better than us take over.” Boy No. 1 lifts his head, and lifts his head in greeting to the Ravenclaw. “Hey, can you help us out?”

“Hey,” Boy No. 2 whispers again, “that’s Evelyn /Eibon/. His cousin… She’s not going to help you.”

Angelus looks over his shoulder when Evelyn is addressed, and the youth smiles delightedly as he lifts a hand up casually to offer her wave. “Evie,” he greets, as if he wasn’t just being hassled by these two. “What’s going on?” he asks curiously.

Evelyn watches the exchange between the two boys and her cousin. Slowly, ever so slowly, she inches forward. It's only when the one boy addresses her that her eyes go wide and she stops in her tracks. Did he ask her to help them? She stands there, frozen in place, not even wondering where the other boy knows her from. It's only when Angelus speaks to her that she blinks, turning her head to focus on him. With one hand, one not holding onto a little bag, she signs, -Plants. Potions.- She clears her throat. "I…I uh…well, um…I don't want any uh…any trouble." She says loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Neither do we,” comments Boy No. 1 in response to not wanting trouble. “But he,” and he jabs an accusatory finger at Angelus, “is causing it. So how about you get your cousin under control.”

The other boy rolls his eyes and grabs onto his friends arm, shooting a look over to Evelyn and shaking his head. “I’m sorry, don’t listen to him, we’re leaving. We’re leaving.” And to his friend he says urgently, “/Let’s go/.” He tugs on his arm, begging him in whispers to follow, and lets out a relieved sigh when he eventually resigns.

But Boy No. 1 shoots a look over his shoulder, scowling. “You lucky, Eibon, because if it had been just me I wouldn’t have let you win.”

Angelus just blinks, canting his head a little in curiosity as he looks over to the other boys again. Another sigh escapes the youth, rolling his eyes. “I think Evie knows me well enough to know I haven’t been causing trouble.” A hand lifts above his shoulder to offer a wave as the other boy starts to tug his friend away, simply smirking and brushing off his comment with a mere shrug. When he turns back to Evelyn, he nods a response to her sign language. His hands lift and he starts to sign, slowly as he thinks about it. ((What…do…you…need?)) His hands lower as he finishes with his voice, “Are you working on anything in particular?”

Slowly, in quite a tentative manner, Evelyn approaches Angelus and stands at his side. Her eyes are still wide. "Please…we uh…neither of us…we…um…we just…" She bites her lower lip, apparently nervous. She's rarely good with confrontations. Especially angry confrontations. She lets out a low sigh as they begin to leave, though her eyes are still wide and she seems nervous as she speaks to Angelus. "What…what was that about?" She whispers to Angelus. She offers a shrug, though, to his question. "Nothing in particular. Just getting supplies."

Walking around the grounds with a thoughtful expression on her face Calista spots the angry boys as they take their leave of Angelus. Looking curiously at them she steps over to where Angelus and Evelyn are now. Tilting her head to the side she asks in a curious tone. "What was that about? Is Eibon causing trouble again?" Her warm brown eyes glance to Angelus with a slightly amused look.

Andromena eventually found her way to the gates of Hogwarts. Her robe is wrapped firmly about her slim frame, with a scarf bearing the colors of Ravenclaw tucked inside it, keeping the worst of the cold away from her throat and chin. As she draws near, she overhears some voices in the distance. Interest piqued, Andromena draws near. Calista reaches the pair long before she does, but as Andromena spies the two youths, she recognizes Angelus from the other day. "Is everything alright?"

Angelus doesn’t give another glance towards the boys as they depart. He’s not worried about them, and he doesn’t care if they have a problem with him. His blue eyes just focus on his cousin, and his shoulders lift in response to her question. “It’s nothing to worry about,” he answers, offering her a smile. “I don’t really care what issues they have with me.” He’s about to say something more, but is then letting out a sigh as he flicks his eyes onto the arriving sixth year. “In their own illusions I was, apparently,” he answers Calista, letting out a chuckle and shrugging his shoulders. And his gaze shifts again as Andromena arrives, his smile spreading into a grin as he lifts his head in greeting. “Nothing really happened here, so yea,” he replies.

"But…but…what if they uh…what if they hurt you? Maybe I should um…well…tell Noalan and Elet." Evelyn says the last bit more to herself than to Angelus. Her own blue eyes focus again on Angelus for only a moment, before turning to the new voices. "I um…I uh…I didn't do…um…I didn't do anything. I promise!" And then she blushes, cheeks getting quite red. "Oh…um…well…you meant him." She murmurs, indicating Angelus to Calista. She lets her gaze fall to the ground.

"Of course…please forgive me for assuming you could have possibly done something wrong. Clearly that is impossible." Calista's tone is plainly sarcastic as she fixes Angelus with an amused smirk and a look that says what she says isn't exactly what she thinks. She glances to Evelyn and smiles faintly at her. "Yes I meant him….you are nowhere near as likely to be found at the center of conflict after all." Andromena is given a glance and a brief incline of her head.

The younger girl, beside Angelus, turns out to be someone she recognizes from her own House. Evelyn? A pleasant surprise. Calista, too, she has seen but never really spoken with. Though Evelyn stammered and looked somewhat nervous, by Angelus' grin Andromena suspects that there's nothing to be overly concerned about. To Calista's nod, she gives a quick wave (too cold to keep those hands exposed for very long)! She manages to come stand close enough to the three of them so she can actually be considered part of the group. "Typical boy stuff, huh?" She questions Angelus, her lips tugging upward in a faint grin.

A brief frown comes out as Evelyn mentions getting his brother and… his brother’s /friend/. His brow twitches slightly. But the expression doesn’t last long, easing up as he simply says firmly, “No.” Angelus blows out a breath and shakes his head. “It’s not like Noah would help me if I needed it.” He rolls his eyes. “And I’d rather be on a losing end of a fight than have Elspeth help me.” He can’t hide the bitter look that flashes in his eyes, but which disappears as he smirks. He waves his hand dismissively as he looks from his cousin to Calista and Andromena. “As you can see, Evie,” he says coolly, “they knew better than to pester an Eibon.” And he gives her a wink. “Is that what you think I do, Flint?” A ‘heh’ escapes him in amusement. “’Cause trouble? Me? Really?” He tilts head, his lips twitching out into a half smile. He looks onto Andromena and shrugs. “I’d say their jealous,” he says, and he grins widely. “After all, everyone wants to be a Star like me.”

Evelyn nods a little bit to Calista. Though her attention is immediately drawn to her cousin again. "What…what's with…" Nope. That's not something she can deal with at the moment. "I. I should be going. I um…I've got Charms homework to finish." She murmurs. "See ya back in…back in ummm…in the common room, Andromena." She says to the older Ravenclaw as she passes her. She merely gives a nod to Calista as she passes her.

Andromena can't help but be reminded of another *star* she knows, and it's all she can do to refrain from rolling her eyes. Calista departs without another word - something Angelus said, or was she just disinterested now that she knew there was no actual trouble. Andromena purses her lips thoughtfully, glancing between Evelyn and Angelus.

"Those that shine brightest are rather plagued, aren't they? But come now, it's a bit late to be out." Like it isn't equally late for her as well. Andromena spreads her arms out wide, then motions with her fingers that the pair of them should return with her. Thankfully, Evelyn is already ahead of her in that regard! "Angelus?"

Now Angelus looks off to the side of the drive, letting out a thoughtful hum as a hand lifts to the pendant around his neck again, and then shakes his head as he smirks. “Yea, I think I’ll follow along,” Angelus decides. It’s probably time he should retire to the commons anyway, get some last minute school work in.

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