(1938-10-26) Fizzing Whizzbangers
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Summary: Fiona is up to mischief, Angelus happens upon her but doesn't quite participate and then convinces her he needs help getting out of dodge so to speak.
Date: 26 October 1938
Location: Serpentine Maze, Dungeons, Hogwarts

His unofficial club had a meeting, of sorts. At least, the third years got together and by the time they left, many partners have started on their potions project from class. While most left for the direction leading up into the entry hall, some went the other way, winding their way expertly to the Slytherin commons. Angelus has stopped somewhere in the maze of the dungeons, so close to the wall that his shoulder nearly touched. His wand was in his hand, a light glowing brightly at its tip to aid in what little light the dungeons offer. "I should be walking these corridors to find my commons," he muses. His pendant from Flint is, as has been the case recently, displayed, hanging over top of his uniform.

Further down the maze a girlish shriek can be heard followed by some more masculine shouting and general grumbling. There are wizzes and bangs, flashes of light as harmless fireworks go off, illuminating kissing couples who had tucked themselves away in some of the recesses of the maze. Across from Angelus there is the sound of giggling, familiar giggling. One of the flashes of light is bright enough to reveal the kneeling figure of Fiona Donnelly.

Angelus tips his head just a bit as he stares along the corridor, a single brow arching. As he swings around to face the girl, his light sweeps around to shine in the direction of the giggling, and a grin widens across his face as he lifts his head. "Oh, hi," he says, as if he wasn't all that surprised to be seeing her there.

"Shh," whispers Fiona, putting a finger to her lips. She looks up and down the bit of the maze they are in and motions for Angelus to follow her. Creeping slowly, fingertips touching the wall so as to know where to go, Fiona moves deeper into the maze. "I have more fizzing whizzbangers."

His grin twitches, widening a bit more in amusement. He whispers out a word, "Nox," as he flicks his wand down, and the light flicks off. He blinks, lifting his other hand to his forehead, shaking his head, as if he could make his eyes adjust to the dimmer light faster. But he follows after the girl quietly, partially blind, tucking his wand into his robes and sheathing it into a holster that is hidden beneath.

Fiona is a good sneaker, she's been spying on her brothers for years, but she knows Angelus is newer at this game of espionage so she reaches back to take his hand and put it on her shoulder, that way he can stay in touch with her and feel when she stops moving. They round a corner in the maze and she pauses, listening for the telltale sounds of kissing teenagers.

Angelus squints as he trails after her, frowning a bit. He accepts when his hand is placed on her shoulder, being lead, but he doesn't like not seeing very well. At least he can concentrate on using his ears, his lips parting just barely as the very tip of his tongue slips out. Listening, he tries listening for any other footsteps. The idea of being stumbled upon by surprise did not sound very fun. When Fiona stops, so does Angelus, keeping close that he's right up behind her. His arm slips, casually moving to wrap around her waist to wait quietly.

There it is, the quiet murmurings of kissing teenagers. Intakes of breath, gasps. Little whimpers. Awkward nervous laughter pitched quietly. All of it echoing in the maze of the dungeons. Fiona shuffles back and whispers to Angelus, leaning up to place her mouth near his ear, "I'm going to give you a fizzing whizzbanger. Just chuck it as far as you can and we'll see who runs away." From within her pocket she pulls out one of the small flying saucer shaped prank toys and places it in the boy's hand.

Angelus hesitates, peering through the dimness as if trying to see who the couple was. "I don't have a very good throw," the boy suddenly whispers back. Yes, he got onto the team out of sheer luck, and as a chaser. Luuuuck. With that thought on his mind, Angelus adds in after a smirk, "With the lighting. You'll probably have better luck." He nods his head. If there's any nervousness at all, it isn't very well portrayed and certainly doesn't last long.

She shrugs, putting it down to fear of older students. Fiona takes the toy back from him and throws it ahead then quickly ducks into the nearest recess, pulling Angelus in with her. As the fizzing whizzbanger makes contact with the floor it begins to fizz and pop and whizz and explode in a shower of neon pink light which the kissing fourth years run from, unknowingly running right past the hidden pair. "Do you know them," Fiona whispers into Angelus' ear.

At the fizzing and popping and flashing of light, Angelus sniggers before he presses his lips together. His eyes watch the two fourth years running past, and inches out to look around and watch until they're further gone before he lets out his snickering. "Kind of," he says as his snickering fades, turning his head to look to Fiona. "I've seen them around. He's been at one of my pa's gatherings with his family," he explains. "Hey, Fi," Angelus says, bringing his mouth closer to her ear and talking lower, his voice coming more serious. "How do you prove to a professor when a prefect won't lift a finger to get involved in something they should?"

Fiona considers the question and decides the seriousness of it merits sweets. She pulls a couple out of her pocket and gives one to Angelus, pressing it into his hand. The other goes into her mouth for her to suck on as she things. "Well," she whispers, "I would try to get evidence. Other people who were witnesses, things like that. And take the evidence to the professor."

A grin lights up his face at the sweet. Angelus takes it without any hesitation with a, "Oh, brilliant, thanks," and stuffs it into his mouth. He nods in response to her answer, humming softly before he simply just lets out a sigh. "Right," he murmurs and frowns as he gives it some more thought. Then he's smiling, a crunching noise as he breaks the candy. "Let's head out of the here," Angelus suggests, meaning the dungeons. 'My eyes are getting tired of the lack of light."

Now that he's being all noisy Fiona figures the game is up and so she leads Angelus out of the dungeons.

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