(1938-10-26) He Would Do Anything for Love
Details for He Would Do Anything for Love
Summary: Medusa and Lucian have a heartfelt chat before breakfast and she offers him some advice on his quest to win back his true love.
Date: 26 October 1938
Location: Cliffs, Hogwarts
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Saturday morning before breakfast isn't really when one expects to see Medusa Malfoy walking towards the castle from the lake shore. Dressed casually, for Medusa, she is making her way up the cliffs, holding a lidded basket in her hand. As she walks her golden Magijugend pendant occasionally peeks out from beneath her woolen coat. Whatever it was she was doing she clearly expected it to be messy because she'd otherwise have on that great big fur she likes to wear. The morning is cool, bordering on cold but bright with blue skies for the moment.

Lounging on the clifftops by the clock tower, legs stretched out and hands behind his head, Lucian Proudmore smirks at Medusa's approach. "Well, look who it is. I thought I might run into you here." He sits upright, resting his elbows on his knees. "I told Slughorn that he needed to talk to you immediately about an emergency. He seemed pretty concerned. I expect you'll hear from him soon."

Medusa saunters over and drops down to sit beside Lucian. "Cheers. I spoke to him on Thursday. He was preparing for his annual Slugclub Alumni dinner. I decided you were right - well you and everyone else. I had to take it seriously." She leans over, nudging him with her shoulder in a playful manner. "He was startled. Did that whole bug-eyed thing." Medusa widens her eyes, impersonating the Slytherin head of house. "But he said he'd inform the rest of the staff and that I should keep making sure I'm never alone." Alone like she just was, or looked to have been at least. Who knows with Medusa.

Lucian chuckles at the Slughorn impression. "He does get bug-eyes, doesn't he? So, what's in the basket? Did you bring me breakfast?" He smirks, finding it easier and easier to relax and let his guard down around Medusa. Maybe not the most advisable course of action, but he doesn't exactly have much to lose.

Her gaze flits to the basket and then back to Lucian. "No. I do have this though," she reaches into the basket and pulls out a scone which she breaks in half, offering one half to him." He can see the basket has several leaves and flowers in it as well as small glass vials. "If you weren't such a good boy you'd know what I'm up to." Medusa smirks at Lucian, "But Lucian has never needed the Gorgon's help to find love. Or get thinner. Or turn someone's hair green."

Lucian takes the half-a-scone and covers his eyes. "I see nothing. I'm sure your potions are purely educational and not intended for anything illicit, right?" He uncovers and gives another light laugh, squinting as a reflected ray of morning light catches his eye. Glancing down to the source, he arches an eyebrow at the golden Eye of Truth around her neck. "I thought I'd heard that you'd joined Flinty's little army. What's with the gold?"

"Of course." Medusa takes a bite of her half of the scone and with her other hand closes the lid on the basket again. Nothing to see here. She chuckles and wipes crumbs from her mouth. "Flinty made me the queen bee. Being a Malfoy has advantages." Even with zealots. "I'm Overseer Malfoy. I am to direct the other members and guide them in expanding our ranks and leading the school." Medusa inclines her head slighting, "Whilst staying within school rules of course." She grins at Lucian.

Lucian rolls his eyes, grinning. "Oh, Merlin's beard. He's really laid it on thick, hasn't he? Got to impress the Malfoys." He shakes his head. "So…what's it really all about, anyhow? And don't give me that cock and bull line about studying our history or what-not. We have a class for that already. Everyone knows it's nothing but pure-bloods in the Magijugend. So give me the real story."

"It isn't just pure-bloods surprisingly." Medusa takes another bite. "I researched it thoroughly before joining. You know me, always got a plan. I'm not a zealot like the Sykes, I'm a pragmatist. Joining means I learn things. Make new contacts. Contacts are useful." She turns her head towards Lucian. "You should join. It would please Ria. You don't have to go over the top like her old man and dedicate your life to becoming one of Grindelwald's little foot soldiers, but you could show her that you have an interest. Most of the members are just that - kids, like Noalan's little brother, who have an interest in learning things. Some are purists and some are hoping it gives them a license to batter mudbloods I'm sure."

The mention of Ria has him looking away instantly. "You're wearing Grindelwald's symbol. You don't think you're on your way to being one of his foot soldiers?" Lucian sighs heavily, glancing down at his hands. "The girl that killed Leander wore that symbol, too. So did all of them that were chasing us through Durmstrang."

"Look at me Lucian, do I look like I am going to blindly follow anyone?" Medusa moves her hand as if pushing it through the air at an invisible force, "Set aside my name and background. Think about who I am. I am not someone who just throws themselves into things. I have a plan for my future and I know what I want." She lifts up the Eye of Truth only to drop it just as easily. "I wasn't at Durmstrang, that's true. I only know second hand what happened. I also know Leander wasn an arse and the type that was never going to live a long life. He was like those stars that they told us about in astronomy, the ones that burn too hot and too bright and go out quickly." She slips an arm around the back of his waist, pulling him in against her side. "It is October, nearly November. In a handful of months we are out of here and the Magijugend will be behind us, whether we join it or not."

Lucian gives a frown of displeasure. "Don't speak ill of him. Leander was a better man than most of us. Don't confuse him with his idiot brother. That Killing Curse was meant for Ripley. Leander died a hero. Don't you ever forget that." He goes silent for a moment, obviously haunted by the memory of that night in Norway. "So, fine. You have a plan, and you'll leave the Magijugend behind after graduation. What about those that don't? Does this have to do with Grindelwald? What's Flint expecting, exactly?"

They will just have to agree to disagree over the twins, not that Medusa has really ever liked either of them. "All of us will leave it after graduation, by virtue of what it is Lucian. It is a school club. I am certain some will decide to stay devoted to Grindelwald, some of them already were before Flint even started the club." Medusa shrugs, "I don't know what Flint is expecting. I'm not his confidant, even if he did give me that creepy smile. Did you know he smiles?" She sighs, a little exasperated exhalation. "Luc, I honestly don't know what his motives are. I can tell you that I suspect we're just pawns. Right now it's a stupid power struggle in a school. Will it become something more? I don't know. My gut feeling is it will, but not for a while. Wizarding society is not known for moving quickly. Look at how long they took dithering over the Statue of Secrecy. And we've spent hundreds of years since dithering over whether or not to keep it as is, change it or throw it out altogether."

Lucian picks at a loose thread in his trousers, going after it with increasing frustration as it eludes his fingers. "I need more than that. You said it yourself." He lowers his voice, "It would please Ria. It's my only shot. But…I can't throw my lot in with something I don't believe in. But I don't even really know what the Magijugend stand for. What's she going to expect of me?"

"You'll ruin your trousers," she warns him. Medusa eats another bite of the scone. "I don't know if she is a real zealot. We were talking the other night and I get the impression she's…she's so desperate to please her parents she's bought into it all." She hmmms. "It might be worth speaking to Kaiden. Want me to do some detective work for you?"

Lucian shakes his head. "Trust me, she believes in it. You know we saw him at Durmstrang, right? Grindelwald, I mean. He was there. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized it was him. She's the real deal. The thing is, I don't if she's wrong. Honestly, I've just never cared about any of this blood status stuff. My pure blood didn't do me any favours, so it just seemed…silly. But now…I don't know." He peers skeptically over at Medusa. "You think Kaiden will open up to you after you didn't break up Cornfoot and Parkinson for him?"

She chews on her bottom lip, it like the rest of her face is devoid of cosmetics at present. "Malfoys look at things differently and even within our family we don't all agree. I don't hate mudbloods or half-bloods, they have uses, but I would never be with one. I don't even have mudblood friends, a few half-bloods but only a few." And only because they have a use, well most of them. "I think that if she is that devoted you need to question just what she will do for the cause. Because, Lucian," Medusa turns her head towards him, her expression one of concern, "if you think she will hand you over to them. To do whatever they would with your clever mind and your talents I'd question if the price was too high."

Lucian shrugs helplessly. "'Dusa, what else have I got going for me? For most of my life, Ria was the one person that stuck by me. She always pushed me to be better, and I did the same for her. I'm not happy about what happened with her father, but it happened. So either I give up and go on feeling miserable for the rest of my life without her, or I do something with this clever mind and talent, and maybe win her back."

"Would you die for her? Seeing what you have seen, because as you pointed out I wasn't there but you were, you must know that death is a distinct possibility if everything does go to pot." Medusa is suddenly no longer hungry and chucks the last bitesized bit of scone, leaving it for the birds who swoop in and pick at it happily. "I understand that you have been lonely and I accept blame in that. I should have been a better friend. I also understand how powerful a motivator loving someone can be." She pauses, trying to find the words, and just sighs. "What if she betrays you again?" Medusa reaches over and takes hold of one of his hands.

"In a heartbeat," Lucian says firmly, his brow furrowed heavily. "Yes, I'd die for her." He looks down at their joined hands, giving Medusa's a light squeeze. "You probably think I don't mean it. Durmstrang wasn't the first time I've faced death you know." He bites his tongue, suddenly remembering who Medusa is. "Will you keep a secret, if I tell you?"

She returns the squeeze and nods. "I will keep your secret." Because Medusa will, she owes him that much and knows it. Malfoys repay their debts, even if this is an unacknowledged one.

Lucian hesitates, just for a moment. Medusa has been known to be a gossip, and this might be too much for her to resist. But…he decides to take that leap of faith and trust her. "I've killed a man."

Whatever she was expecting this clearly was't it. Her mind flits through the possibilities of when and where and how. Medua's brows draw together over her icy blue eyes, eyes which show concern for her friend. "In Norway?" That's the conclusion she has reached, it must have happened while they were all stuck in Durmstang.

Lucian shakes his head, swallowing hard. "Last Christmas break. Remember that Dark wizard attack between here and Hogsmeade?" It was big news at the time, and word even got around to some about Lucian flying about on a hippogriff during the affair. "A man kidnapped Josie Davies. Auror Bates was there, and he and I went after her. We Apparated to London, to some kind of storehouse where a whole gang of them had holed up. Bates put a Disillusionment Charm on me, so they wouldn't see he had backup. One of them almost got the drop on him, and…it was just pure reflex. I didn't even think before I'd done it." His hand tightens in hers, at yet another painful memory.

She goes from concerned to angry rather quickly. "That was irresponsible of him. You were an innocent." Medusa turns into Lucian with her other arm pulls him fiercely against her, hugging him tightly. "I am…so sorry Lucian. You shouldn't have had to do that. I am sure what you did saved other people, that's just how you are, but it must have been terrible." Medusa is a manipulative bitch and even a verbal bully, she'll use social exclusion and blackmail people with their secrets but she's never used magic in a malicious way on another person. She isn't even in the dueling club.

Lucian leans into her a bit, but remains stiff and stoic. "I don't regret it. I was doing it for Josie. She's a good kid. Bates may be an arse, but he made the right call letting me come along." Despite his brave words, he cannot quite look her in the eye. "I'm just saying…if it comes to fighting for Ria, or risking my life for her, I'm ready. Other people talk about it, but I've done it. I can do it again. I love her, 'Dusa. Merlin help me, but I do, and I've got to get her back. If that means finding something worth fighting for in her cause, then that's what I have to do."

"That's why you keep harping on me to practice defense isn't it?" Medusa reaches up, cradling his face between her cool hands as she looks into his eyes. "It might not be enough Lucian. Don't go into this with blinders on. The minute her father says no you are out of her life and stuck in some shady organisation. It might be easy to leave the Magijugend with graduation but leaving Grindelwald's group of rabid supporters - that strikes me as being a whole other thing." She lowers her voice to a whisper, "Be careful. Losing yourself for the possibility of maybe one day getting the girl…it's not a clever move."

Lucian meets her gaze reluctantly — though he is perhaps one of the few in the school not afraid she's going to petrify him with it. "What else have I got going for me? Yeah, I could work on the Fawley Farm the rest of my life, and be alone."

"Stop being defeatist, it doesn't suit you and it belittles my argument that you are a man and not a boy." Medusa leans up and taps his forehead with her own then lets go of him. "You could do anything you wanted to Lucian. You have more freedom than you realise. Yes, you're the Proudmore bastard but who cares once you leave this place? I'm sure my brother Cyril has plenty of bastards. Hell, my sister has one now." She leans forward gesturing towards the wider vista. "Out there nobody cares half as much as we are worried they will. Make your own mark. Be your own man. Go become an auror or a hit wizard or a sodding puffleskin farmer, but do it for you Lucian. Find out who you are without her. She will respect you more for it."

Lucian sighs. "That's not what I mean. I know I could do what I want. I've got the marks and recommendations. But it isn't the same without her. Come on, I know you've had it rough at times. Did you ever have that one person that believed in you through it all? Ria did that for me, and I know this isn't her. This is her father. He's…got some sort of hold on her. Brainwashed her. All I need to do is get him to accept me, and I'm in."

Medusa pulls her knees up against her chest and loops her arms around her bent legs, letting her chin come to rest atop one of her knees. "Yes," she admits quietly, "I know what you mean." She draws in a breath only to release it as a heavy sigh. "Alright, so we need to get you into the Magijugend. I'll tell Flint I have recruited you. He'll believe me, but he'll make you sign an oath and will threaten to break your wand if you break it. That's the kind of seriousness we're letting you get drawn into."

"That's just the start of it." Though he seems to have her cooperation, Lucian still hesitates. "She doesn't want a lapdog…even if she acts like it sometimes. She wants a partner. A fellow believer. More importantly, her father will see through any nonsense. I need to know more. I have to…I dunno…believe in it. Merlin, how do you make yourself believe in something? I've never had a cause before. Except maybe looking after the hippogriffs."

"You find your own truth in it," says Medusa mater-of-factly. "For me, it is about the endgame. I have to win this year, which means I will take whatever advantage I can get and exploit every possible opportunity." She turns her head, tilting it so her cheek rests against her knee and she can look up at him out of her corner of her eyes. "For you it will be about proving your worth as a man. They don't need to know that you are proving it to Arlo and Ria. Leave that bit out. Say it is about claiming your birthright. All men, even zealous old ones like their egos stroked. You just have to be a bit more subtle about it with some."

Lucian adopts a pose similar to Medusa's, resting his chin on the backs of his linked hands. "I'm a pure-blood," he practices aloud, "and I want to learn what that means." He tilts his head, testing the words on his tongue. "Bastard or no, my blood is pure, and I will claim my birthright." His brow creases deeply, and he gives a firm nod. "I think I can do this."

"You can do it. Just show some arrogance and a whiff of humility, after all you're no Malfoy." Medusa grins at Lucian. "Tell him I spoke to you. He's not stupid, Flint. He will know you are tutoring me. He will know we are friends." Medusa reveals a bit more of her calculating nature by stating, "The thing to convincing people to believe something which is untrue is to make it the logical assumption. You can't force someone to believe, you have to give them the opportunity to make up their minds for themselves, but you do this by delicately leaving a trail of bread crumbs."

Lucian takes mental notes of her instructions, like he's memorizing the movements of a new spell or stance. Of course, social manipulation might require a bit more improvisation than his dueling technique. "Thanks, 'Dusa. Seriously…thank you for being a friend. I've got to give this some more thought to figure out just how to approach it. But…after the weekend, I think I'll go and see Flint. Don't mention any of this to Ria, alright? Actually, don't mention it to anyone, come to think of it."

Medusa pulls a bit of a face. "I spoke to her in the dorms the other day and said I would talk to you about the Magijugend. I also told her that she needed to do something for you, to show that you two could at least be friends." Lifting her head she rubs at her eye with the side of her fist. "But I won't mention our chat. Come on, it's breakfast and my arse is freezing sitting like this." She gets to her feet and tugs Lucian up to his, taking her basket in her other hand she leads him inside.

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