(1938-10-26) On Costumes, or Lack Of
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Date: 26 October 1938
Location: Quidditch Stands
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Classes are out!!!! With the dismissal of studies and the newly acquired freedom of the students, the campus grounds hum with activity. The corridors are crowded with roving flocks, while every corner seems to hold some small clique huddled in secret conversation. Who needs that crap?!

Perhaps because of all this typical teen activity, Gerald finds himself dragging his one /good/ friend away, to the Quidditch seating where, safe from the masses….they can do nothing of true important…except huddle away in secret conversations. Seriously, it's less lame the way THEY do it.

Laying on his back across one of the 'bleachers', Gerald yawns and stretches, sans robes. It's cold. The winds blow, but for the moment they are blocked by the higher levels from the cutting winds. "And that's when I decided that rather than listen to the gossip for even a second more, I would drive my quill into my skull and die….but then class was over so I don't have to do that till tomorrow."

Remember how sweet and quiet he was before you were friends with him!!! Yeah…just go back to that place in your mind.

At least their little corner of the school grounds is quit, as opposed to many of the other gatherings students have seemed to find today. Eibhlin sits beside him, leaning back and propping herself up with hands set upon the seat behind her.

The redhead regards the boy with one brow slight quirked at the story he tells. "Really," she comments, the single word holding both a touch of empathy and sarcasm all in one. "It couldn't have been that bad?"

Gerald rolls his eyes, setting the blue gaze on her seconds later. "You know, a little pity wouldn't make all your hair fall out." He drones back at her. "She's a nice girl..but my god how she talks. So. Much. Talking. Who even has that much to say in a day much less in two hours? It's like you girls have a third lobe of the brain. Left, right and 'Ways to rule the world through gossip'." He drops his head back, though as he chuckles his hand reaches into his coat before pulling a box free of the folds. "Oh, here. Happy Being Gerald's Friend Day." Indeed it is! It's chocolate of some kind, and because he's a semi-purist (semi is important!!!!) it's a /just barely/ wizarding world candy…to appeal to her muggle AND wizarding side..cause he rolls that good. ;p

"Apparently I haven't been stuck next to her long enough to pity you situation?" Eibhlin replies, its logical at least, though the smile that creeps to her lips only goes to show she's somewhat giving him a hard time about it. "Honestly though," she admits after a moment, "I'm sorry you got stuck with it. Some people are easier to ignore during class than others and she's not one of them. Especially if she went on like you're saying," see, she does pity him, just not as much as he might like. But then there's.. chocolate? "For me?" she questions, quick to accept all the same. "You shouldn't have, they're some of my favorites! But really, just because?"

"I thought so, I took a chance." He admits with a small chuckle. "And..yeah." he shrugs, "I kinda suck at managing my times these days, and you've been pretty good about not crucifying me for being difficult so I figured, reward." Beat, "And bribe to not kill me for trying to talk you into going to the festival."

"You didn't have to," she replies, but she's not complaining given the box is already being opened so she can sneak one right away. But then its out just as she's holding it to even share said treat with him. "I thought you were going with Sunny?" Eibhlin says, pulling it back to her lap as a touch of confusion colors her features.

"I am…I think." He allows with a laugh. "I don't know if we're staying the whole time though. Between me and you, we're thinking about hitting up Hogsmead after a while." He sends her a grin. A telling one sharing perhaps a bit to much.

Eibhlin ohs, nodding. "I'm sure you two will have fun either way," she replies. Her naivety showing momentarily with the confused look she gives him before it clicks, her pale complexion giving even the subtle flush that creeps into her cheeks nowhere to hide. "Oh."

Gerald grins but allows her to save face..though judging by his expression his mind is filling with a handful of amusing remarks. He decides to move on, "You have any idea what you'll go as?" seems safe enough, "I think all the girls are trying to be glamorous about it. You should do something different."

"I wasn't planning on going honestly," Eibhlin admits, setting the box of chocolates on the seat beside her. "And I don't do costumes," she adds, planting her hands on the seat behind them to lean back as she watches the empty field. "So what has she talked you into going as anyway?"

Gerald scowls, leaning forward to more properly glare at her. "That's ridiculous. How are you supposed to look back fondly at your childhood if you don't properly enjoy it?!" He stares for a moment, though he resigns almost too quickly, dropping back to rest again. "I'm not dressing up. I have a penis, not a tiara."

Eibhlin lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "I don't rightly know, but I do know that costumes and dances aren't my thing." Blue eyes turn from the field to the boy as he pauses on her question, and she can't help but laugh when he finally answers. "And did you tell Sunny this?" Because what she's heard it wouldn't be surprising if his girlfriend already had something picked out for him.

Gerald shrugs, "Naaa. I'll whine if she pushes it." His grin widens, "I'm pretty easy though so if she really wants to go, I guess I'll just do it….but I'll pout the whole time."

"I'm sure you will," Eibhlin teases him about his answer. "Either way, sounds like the two of you are planning on having fun," she replies, turning her gaze back towards the field and idle conversation continues.

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