(1938-10-27) Lost and Found
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Date: 27 October 1938
Location: Quidditch Stands and Entry Hall
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Weekends mean a break from classes, however short, and while some take advantage of the time for extra studies there are others who use it in a equally important, if less studious ways such as catching up with friends. Today the Quidditch Stands are empty with no game to be had. Empty that is exactly for one lone redhead who seems to be looking for something. "Oh come on, it must be around her somewhere," she mutters to herself. The stands certainly are not one of Eibhlin's usual hangouts, especially so without a tournament to watch. So just what did drag her out of a book?

It is not, however, all that unusual to see Douglas kicking around here. Ambling up behind Eibhlin, broom in hand, he gives her a nudge. "F'like, quine. Losit su'hin'?" he queries amiably in pure Doric, before switching to English. "What've you dropped?"

No, it wouldn't be unusual to find a quidditch player around, but when he comes up behind her the sound of another voice does startle the girl. Eibhlin jumps at the nudge given, turning almost too quickly to keep her balance. Thankfully she manages this time and given a moment for recognition to register she replies, "A mitten." While it might not quite be cold enough to be needed currently it will be soon enough. "I'm sure it was in my pocket yesterday," she explains with a sigh, "But now I'm missing one."

Douglas glances around the ground, perhaps not particularly helpfully, given that she's already looked. "Well, what colour is it?" he asks, leaning back against the stands. "And where did you lose it? Playing? Or… you know. Under the stands?"

"Blue," the girl replies, pulling the remaining one from her coat pocket as an example ad then tucking it safely away again. "I'm pretty sure we were around here," she adds as to the location of the loosing. There's always the possibility of being between here and her common room, but chances are she's already looked there. The mention of under the stands earning Douglas a bit of a glare.

Douglas holds up his free hand. "What? I just mean you could have dropped it while you were watching the game, and it could have fallen down!" He gives her his best, most innocent smile, shaking his head. "Check the piles of leaves?" he suggests, tucking his thumb into his belt. "If you dropped it, and they've been raking..?"

Eibhlin nods, reluctantly agreeing to at least part of the statement. "True, suppose it could have fallen," she replies, moving a few steps further in her search. "And no, I haven't checked the leaves." Perhaps hoping she wouldn't have to. It should just be here! "You know," she adds, blue eyes turning a glance back to Douglas, "I certainly wouldn't mind help."

"I could never turn down a woman in need," Douglas admits cheerfully, flipping his broom over and heading to the closest pile of leaves to start digging in them. "You did check both pockets first, right?"

Eibhlin rolls her eyes as she turns from the Gryffindor back to the search at hand. "Yes," she answers about checking both pockets first. "I checked, three times." Because maybe she missed it the first time. "Thanks for helping though," even if she did have to not so subtly hint at it first.

Douglas pokes at the leaves, spreading them about the place, no doubt to the chagrin of Pringle later on. "All right, all right. Just that's the sort of thing I'd do," he admits. "You know, spend half an hour looking for something, then find it in my pocket. Any chance your pal picked it up?"

Eibhlin shakes her head, even though given their current, relevant, locations is unlikely he'd see it. "I doubt it," she replies, "I'm sure if Gerald had seen it he would have said something." Ducking down to check under one of the seats, she reaches to pull her hair out of her way and a sigh is a good indication that she still hasn't had any luck.

"Cornfoot?" Douglas queries, flashing a grin back at her and raising a brow. "Hey, maybe he took it, and he's sleeping with it under his pillow, dreaming pleasant dreams of you? Oh, oh, hang on," he adds, stooping to pick up a somewhat grubby, damp and otherwise now quite unpleasant mitten, which he holds up in triumph. "We have a winner!"

Eibhlin turns a look back towards the boy, a slender brow raised at his suggestion. "Right," she says dryly, "Well if you.." she leaves off there, standing again herself when he might have found something. Damp and dirty will happen when it sits in a pile of leaves for a day, but at least that can be fixed. It might not be that much of a prize, but her blue eyes light up when its found all the same. "Thank you -so- much, I would have never found it there!" the girl exclaims leaning in to reward him with a hug for his troubles.

Douglas grins easily, shaking the mitten out and returning the hug as best he can, one armed. "See? I'm not entirely useless after all," he tells her. "Whoa, steady on. Malfoy'll get jealous and turn you to stone, y'know."

Eibhlin laughs, "Sorry, just glad you found it," she returns,taking a step back and tucking said mitten safely into her pocket. "I never said you were," she adds, "And it was a thank you. Its not like I kissed you." Not exactly something to 'turned to stone' for, then again it is Medusa they're talking about.

Douglas waggles his brows. "What do I have to find for that?" he queries, grinning easily. "You know that spell for drying things out?" he suggests, nodding to her pocket. "I never learned it, but somebody must."

Eibhlin rolls her eyes. "This from the one who was worried about his girlfriend finding out about hug." Anotherwords, sorry, not happening buddy. A nod follows about the spell however, "I haven't had to use it yet though, I can deal with it later." Unlike some she's not overly worried about it being clean and dry at the moment, the fact that its found being enough for now. "But thank you again, my mother made them and if I had to ask for a new pair.." Well then she'd have to explain that she'd lost one and that likely wouldn't have gone over well.

Douglas gives an elaborate bow. "It's what I'm here for. You let me know if you lose anything else, aye?" He glances upwards, considering for a moment. "It's going to rain," he states simply. "Time to get inside." He offers his arm, raising a brow.

A smile touches Eiblin's lips at his exaggeration, "Of course," she agrees with a bit of a laugh. The offered arm met with her own raised brow, "You're sure Malfoy won't mind?" she tosses back, sending her own glance towards the sky and the coming rain. Given a moment of consideration however she does accept the offer, "Lets just go before we end up with more than just a wet mitten."

"Oh, I'll probably pay for it later," Douglas admits cheerfully, resting his broom over his shoulder as he heads off with her back towards the walls.

Entry Hall

Douglas hurries on into the entry hall of the castle, broom over one shoulder and Eibhlin on his arm. It's apparently just started to rain outside, judging by the damp splodges on their uniforms.

Medusa pops another mint in her mouth, having recently just finished another. She turns from the points counter and waves at the pair of them. "Either of you have any mints?" There are never going to be enough mints for what she had to go through.

"My hero," the Eibhlin comments with a smile flashed towards Douglas as they duck inside, though the words are filled with a hint of sarcasm. "Thanks again," though the sound of Medusa's voice causes her to tense just a bit. Weren't they just talking about that? Blue eyes blink as the question registers and a hand goes for her pocket, the one without the wet mitten. "I might.." A second later a small bag of mixed candies is produced, not many remaining, but there just might be a mint of two.

Douglas raises a brow, amused. "I already gave you the last of my bag earlier," he points out. "What are you doing with them? Feeding them to Pringle, too? Did you leave the chocolates there?"

Medusa takes one mint from the bag then another and shoves both into her mouth. "That man is a sadistic bastard." She looks at Douglas, giving him a glare and then tells them both. "The box fell open when the ropes and chains lifted me up into the air. Pringle sat on a few of the chocolates and then made me eat them."

Eibhlin blinks, her confusion on the situation clear enough. "Eww," she can sympathize with the other girl on the point of eating sat on chocolates nonetheless. "I don't know if I dare ask what you were trying." Sometimes its just best not to know.

Douglas just pulls a face. "You ate Pringle's arse chocolates?" he clarifies, incredulous. "Seriously? Oh man, there are not enough mints in the world. How did he catch you?"

"I didn't have a choice," says Medusa around a mouthful of mints. "He's planning to torture me during my two weeks detention." She swallows, all those mints are making her mouth a bit full. "There's some sort of charm on the floor in his office. Step past it and you're in chains being hoisted up off the floor." Medusa lifts up the front of her shirt and jumper so they can see a red band across her pale stomach. "Bloody things left marks."

"Ouch," Eibhlin winces at seeing the marks. "I'm sorry Medusa. Non one deserves that. But," curiosity gets the better of her and she can't help but ask, "What were you doing in his office in the first place?"

Douglas is briefly distracted by Medusa displaying bare skin for a moment, glancing back up as Eibhlin asks the question. "Um. That might be my fault," the Gryffindor admits. "A bit."

Medusa tucks her shirt back into her skirt and smooths down her jumper. "There are marks on my arms and back too. He thought it was funny to make the ropes tighter." She rubs her hands up and down her arms and looks up at Douglas. "I could have reneged, so it's not all your fault."

None of that exactly answers the question she'd had, but Eibhlin doesn't ask again, not just yet. Instead blue eyes shift between the pair as she tries to piece clues, which are few, together.

"Did you tell him it was me?" Douglas asks, rubbing at the back of his neck. "I mean, I don't mind if you did. If you were under duress."

"Of course not," says Medusa. "I might have considered blaming that twit Colton Higgins for it but never for even a second did I think of shopping you, Douglas." She looks at Eibhlin and rolls her eyes as if to say 'Boys.' Medusa bites down on one of the mints, crunching it.

"I'm just going to assume I don't want to know," the Ravenclaw comments, if only for herself. "Sounds like you two have some things to discuss…" Eibhlin adds, aiming to excuse herself from the current conversation, "Without a third party?" Not that the entry hall is the best places for such to begin with.

"A bet," Douglas explains apologetically. "Look, you go, uh, dry off your gloves. Thanks," he adds towards the Ravenclaw.

"No, probably not," agrees Medusa. She glances at the pair of them, paying attention for the first time. "Did you get caught out in the rain or is Douglas teaching his apparition techniques to others now?"

"Oh," Eibhlin replies with a nod to Douglas' explanation. Her gaze turns back to Medusa then, another nod going as her answer, "Started raining on us," she replies. No technique teaching involved. "I'll.. see you later," she adds, starting to step away from her place beside the boy and head on her way.

Douglas ambles over to Medusa, accusing her, "You scared the paddy off. She's all right, though. I like her."

"I didn't mean to. I like her too." Medusa looks after Eibhlin and frowns. "You know who else likes her? Gerald. I mean he really likes her. Only he's afraid of Soleil and his parents."

"You should have mentioned it," Douglas decides thoughtfully, watching the other girl walk away. "I'd have pretended to be him and chatted her up for him. As a service. I mean, it's not like Cornfoot's got the balls to do it for himself."

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