(1938-10-28) Jealousy
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Date: 28 October, 1938
Location: Hogwarts Campus Grounds
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If there were a hell Medusa Malfoy would be going there with the number of little fibs and outright lies she tells. Rushing to catch up with a certain floppy haired boy she calls out, "Lucian!" Medusa doesn't really run much, rarely, hardly ever but she does run to try and catch Lucian Proudmore now. When she reaches him her cheeks are flushed and she looks around and drags him off behind one of the huge standing stones.

Lucian has been lost in his thoughts as he strolled along, and barely noticed Medusa until he heard his name and, "Huh?" Suddenly he's being dragged off to a secret meeting. "Bloody hell, Dusa. What's got into you?"

Winded, Medusa leans over hands on her hips as she tries to get her breath. She holds up a hand, a single finger asking him for a moment so she can collect herself. "Ria…date…dance…"

Those three words, strung together out of context, set Lucian's heart thumping, his breath shortening. "What? Wait…she wants a date? Or…she has a date?" The latter thought bring an angry scowl to his face.

Reaching out Medusa lays a hand gently on his shoulder, she's just about got herself under control now, though her voice is a bit breathy. "She has a date. She's going with Alphard." Who was going with Beatrice. "But, when I suggested you could go with Beatrice," Beatrice-Who-Likes-A-Snog-Nott, "she got jealous." This makes Medusa grin, just a little.

Lucian doesn't seem to hear anything past: "Alphard? She's going with ALPHARD BLACK?! That snot-nosed, whiny little twat? I'll hex his bloody face off!" His nostrils flare and his knuckles whiten at his balled fists.

Medusa tugs on his hair to get his attention. "Shut up and listen. She's jealous of the idea of you going with my cousin Beatrice. So you need to find a girl to go with." Because what good with a day be without a scheme.

Lucian winces at the sudden pull on his magnificent mane of floppy golden hair. "You want me to try to make her jealous? I'm trying to win her back, not piss her off." For all of his dalliances with girls, Lucian's experience with actual relationships is…limited.

"She might want you more if she thinks someone else sees your value," suggests Medusa. "Alphard is a bit silly but he is also quite cute. You need a cute date Lucian. You have to compete. You have to prove you stil have game and that you're not just going to pine away waiting for her to come to her senses because that — that's pathetic."

Lucian opens his mouth to retort. But the 'pathetic' comment seems to knock him down a peg. He frowns, sighing. "Fine. Who do I take to show her I'm still desirable?" Might as well ask the Gorgon, as this sort of scheming is really her battlefield, not his.

"Obviously not me. One she'd never buy we were together for real and two everyone knows how much Douglas and I love each other." Medusa chews on her bottom lip. "Morgana would perhaps do it, but she'd need to know why. Which given how proud you are might not work. There is Calista Flint. She's pretty and a Slytherin too. Or you could ask someone so out there it shocks her." Her eyes widen. "You could ask Eibhlin Shine."

Medusa adds, "Or Beatrice." Because that red head is CUTE.

Lucian rolls his eyes at the mention of Douglas…and at pretty much every suggestion she makes. None of them are Ria. "Eibhlin is a half-blood. I'm trying to show Ria I could be Magijugend material. It would have to be a pure-blood. Besides, I barely know Eibhlin."

She throws out more names. "Andromena Rowle? That might prove interesting because I think Alphard likes her a bit." Medusa purses her lips. "Helene? She's pretty easy. It might make Ria jealous. Of course I am not speaking to Helene so you'd have to do this on your own."

Lucian leans back against the standing stone, crossing his arms. "This is stupid. Even if I took someone else, Ria knows me too well. She'll know I'm just doing it to make her jealous, and that I'd rather be there with her."

"Then why do you think she is going with Alphard Black? Hmmm? And I don't buy that rubbish about it being to keep stupid third years from trying to talk to her. She told me herself he is attractive." Medusa crosses her arms over her chest then thinks better of it and pokes a finger at Lucian. "Wanting to make you jealous, that is what she's doing."

"So…what if I just don't give her the satisfaction?" Lucian's brow furrows in worry. "What if I just don't go? I could just…act like it doesn't bother me, and then she'll have to come at it more directly. Won't she?"

She chews on her bottom lip. "We could not go together. If Douglas can't go I won't." She mutters something about ruddy fascists. Medusa nods her pale head, "We'll nip down to the lake or something, I'll bring some candy cigarettes and you can bring some cakes. Ria will have no clue where you are and it will eat at her."

Lucian blinks in surprise. "Douglas can't go?" Any budding rumours are still rather fresh, and besides, Lucian has been so wrapped up in his own affairs that he probably wouldn't have heard, anyhow.

"He stood up to Pringle to protect me after he saw the marks Pringle left on me. It cost him a week's detention. He won't let me see anything but his face had a huge red welt on it earlier so goodness knows what the rest of him looks like." Medusa pulls her woolen winter over robe more tightly around herself. "A week includes the dance. So I'm not going to go. It wouldn't be right, he's being tortured because he didn't want me to be."

"As if Pringle would torture you, Miss Overseer." Lucian rolls his eyes. "I'm sure he seems so noble to you now. But he's an idiot, and one day you're going to wake up and realize how you wasted your time on a loser when there are plenty of worthwhile men that would kill for a shot with you."

"None of them would have so much as lifted a finger," Medusa states emphatically. "None of them. But I know you dislike him, but I don't. I love him." She waves a dismissive hand. "The rest of them are boys. Childish and stupid boys. I don't judge you for loving Ria despite her fanaticism and judgemental nature." Because Medusa is sooo not judgemental.

"At least Ria has ambition. She has a future. Douglas is going to either ride his family's coat-tails, or yours. Better think about it, Dusa. Love isn't enough. Ria has proven that." That's enough to bring Lucian back down off of his high horse for a moment. "So…fine. We avoid the dance together…and I'll try not to tear Douglas down while we do. Do you really think it would work? I've got to get to her somehow."

"He has ambition, he just doesn't go telling the world what he hopes to do in case it doesn't work out," defends Medusa. "And in case you haven't noticed, neither do I." But she doesn't want to argue over Douglas right now, she's trying not to think about what devious things Pringle might be doing to him. With a sigh Medusa nods, "We'll avoid it together." She shrugs. "I don't know, it might do. She is trying to push you out of her head and I get why you aren't doing the same."

Lucian falls silent, casting his eyes aside to try to disguise the flash of hurt in them. His rubs his hand down his face, debating internally. "She's not," he says at last. "I know she isn't. She loves me. She just can't be with me unless I can get her father to accept me."

She leans into Lucian, hugging him tightly. "I'm your mate Lucian and I promised I would help you and I will. Not just because I owe you either, but because I know that I never stopped wanting to be your friend." Medusa reaches up to ruffle his hair. "Besides, a girl never forgets her first proper boyfriend." She sighs, "I need to go find Bea and tell her she has no date now."

Lucian blinks, his face going pale. "You told her I would be her date?"

"No, I didn't tell her anything. I have to tell her Alphard is going with Ria instead of her," says Medusa. "I came to see you right after speaking with Ria. Beatrice doesn't know anything. Hopefully she'll be able to find a date in time otherwise it will no doubt be all my fault."

Lucian sighs, though with relief. "Look, it's not that I have anything against Beatrice. She nice, and cute, and all that. Just…I don't think I could sell it. One look at Ria with Black…" Even the thought of it brings anger to his eyes. "I swear I'm going to kill him."

"She approached him, Lucian. She said as much. Alphard would have gone with Beatrice and then dropped her after the dance, sure, but Ria sought him out." Medusa doesn't bother sugar coating it, what's the point? "Anyway, you'll be with me and you won't have to see them together."

"He should have known better than to accept. DAMN IT!" Lucian whirls and slams his fist into the stone pillar…clearly regretting it instantly as he clutches his bloodied hand to his chest, stooping over in pain. "That…really…hurt," he groans through clenched teeth.

"You are a dumb arse," Medusa tells him. "Of course he'd accept it. As far as the world is concerned you two were broken up before school started and she is a free woman. You can't expect everyone to know of your misogynistic need to cling to her. Alphard Black started out this year chasing me, when I didn't reciprocate I threw Beatrice at him. Now he's found someone a bit less inclined to grope him in the maze, and who is also Magijugend."

Lucian frowns at her. "There's nothing misogynistic about being in love with someone. I thought you were on my side in this." He looks at his hand, wincing. If it isn't broken, it's certainly sprained. "I'm going to see Madam Spleen," he grumbles. "I'll see you later."

"Sorry," says Medusa. "You're right, that was a cheap blow. Just don't be a dumb arse, Luc. No more punching rocks." She shakes her head and watches him stalk off from behind the standing stone they were standing near.

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