(1938-10-28) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Muddy Taverns
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - Hopeful in Hogwarts
Summary: October 23rd Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, were your host Brad Moody, speaks about the two Taverns in Hogsmeade.
Date: 1938-10-28
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade

After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Lets find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, today we are going to talk about something a little closer to home for me, as many of you know I live in Hogsmeade, I have since I started to work at Wizard Wireless Network, almost twelve years now, if you do not include my time visiting it while I was a Student at Hogwarts. I have for years enjoyed the Three Broomsticks. Though those days are sadly over, not just for me but for many of you who know me here in Hogsmeade. The issue is that women. She is not only trying to ruin the Three Broomsticks, but trying to destroy our history.

For those of you who are not familiar with that is happening at the Three Broomsticks, I will put it plainly. It is slowly becoming more and more muddy. They have recently added various weird new muggle drinks to the menu along with a piano to play muggle songs on. Also their has been rumors the owner has been keeping company with a Courtesan.

Let me share with you a letter I got by Owl from a concerned individual in Hogsmeade, it was signed Anonymously.

Dear Mr. Moody, I am very concerned with the recent direction that the Three Broomsticks is heading, Hogsmeade is suppose to be a safe Haven for our kind, for the Students of Hogwarts to visit. Slowly this pub is transforming into nothing much better then a common muggle pub! I am not only worried that such a place marker, such as the Three Broomsticks, which Witches and Wizards have been drinking at for centuries, is being destroyed but also the History it holds. That is not even begining to touch on the subject that, the students of Hogwarts are going to start believing this is acceptable behavior. Please Help us. - A Broken Broomstick.

Well Broken Broomstick, I completely hear you and your concerns I am sharing quiet a few of those myself. I would recomend Hogs Head, which is where the many patrons are going for drinks, however I am sporting a shiner from the owner, since apparently, he is not a Seeker of Truth and felt the need to sock me and told me never to come by his Tavern again.

So my Seekers currently I urge all of you to give neither the Three Broomsticks or Hogs Head Tavern, I know it sounds harsh, but as Seekers of the Truth, we have to avoid the taint of Muggles and those apparently who support this taint and have no care for our Heritage, such as the Owners of both Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head. I also urge those of you who have or are students, to avoid both these establishments and to write your children to avoid these Establishments.

Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head has drawn the line in the sand my Seekers, one has resorted to violence at me trying to Help!. It is becoming to be the dawn of our Battle Seekers, if they draw the line in the sand, prepare to be turn the other cheek and embrace your heritage, the History we have built together on the backs of Pure-Blood Wizards! My Seekers, fight the good fight.

Well my Seekers, My Friends and yes you my opposition, that is it for this installment of Cauldron Talk. But before I go, I would like to remind you, that here not soon My New show will be coming to Wizarding Wireless Network, Quizard! This is going to be a new type of show, with yours truly, Brad Moody! To put it simply it is a Quiz Show you will want to flick your wands at. We are still accepting entries, for it's premier. If you think you have what it takes and know enough about the Wizarding World, please send me an owl, you might just get one back with an invitation, to be on Quizard!

With that, I leave you to ponder the truth! I'll catch you next time, Around the Cauldron, for Cauldron Talk!

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