(1938-10-29) Ambushed by Snakes
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Summary: Morgana rushes back into the castle to escape a bit of rain only to find herself surrounded by Slytherin boys.
Date: 1938-10-29
Location: Entry Hall

It was a warm day today, warm enough that even though there was plenty of warning that the rain would come, it still appears to be catching a few stragglers coming in from outside. Dusk is nearly fallen, and the cloud cover makes what is left of the sunset coming in fromt the outside a grey, lifeless thing.

One of the final stragglers coming in from the rain is Silas himself, quite well-bedraggled and sodden from the weather. His almost-always pristine hair is plastered to his head by the damp, now almost raven-black from the effect. His white shirt and slacks under his robes are soaked through as well… not because he's out of his robes, but because two first-years — a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff by their own robes — are huddled underneath his up against him for warmth and relative dryness.

He appears to be cajoling them with a half-cocked grin as they enter, just before the two first-years scramble away toward much-needed Dorm Room fires, "…know I said I would draw for you, but I told you not until it's clearer outside…" He offers them both a chuckle as they speed off, "That's right! Run away you two!"

Morgana was one of the many that got caught in the rain, and is dashing inside with a satchel over her shoulder and a broom in her hand. It seems she went out to the pitch a little too late to actually get in that quick flight she wanted. Her robes are clinging to her, and once she is inside, she'll remove them and drape them over her arm. Her dark hair is braided and draped over her shoulder, though several stray strands are loose from her braid and matted to her hair.

For a moment she leans against the wall of the castle, catching her breath and wringing out the end of her braid. There is a hint of amusmement that crosses the Head Girl's face as she watches Slias and the drenched first years dash in, and once the younger ones are off and on their way to the dorms she pipes up. "I see that I was not the only one who was deceived by this warm October day. Honestly I should know better by now."

Cue the slight change in demeanor, the instant straightening of the spine and the instinctive, affected regal airs that are the desired impression Silias normally tries to give. The smile, however, he can't seem to dismiss so easily. With a slight flick of his robes he sends drops of rainwater flying — evidencing a bit of rain-proofing possible in the garment, not that it did him much good — although there's a clear contentiousness that makes certain no one is caught in the dismissal.

"No, you were not," He replies, that same chuckle coming back to his voice, "although I was not out there by choice today. Make one promise to a firstie, three days prior, and they'll hold you to it no matter how ridiculous the circumstances."

Morgana watches the change with a raise brow but doesn't call him out on it. "Well yes, I have found that first years have impeccable memories when it comes to promises, however it seems to fail them when it comes to where their classes are located." There is a hint of amusement in her tone ad she leans her broom against the wall and shakes her head. "What sort of promise had you out on a rainy day?" She asks with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

Silas runs a hand back through his hair in an ill-fated attempt to regain some control over the sodden mess, but eventually gives up with a slight look of disgust as it only manages to dampen his hand, "I had just gotten to our common room when I found the note reminding me. Little bugger wanted me to help him with a drawing for his mother — something to do with one of her favorite animals. We were going to do it outside… if the weather was fair. He forgot that part, and he and one of his Hufflepuff friends were out there waiting for me. They've been out there in this the whole time, waiting for me." Again the grin creeps back a bit.

Morgana shakes her head as she hears about the first years. "Well, I am sure they have now learned their lesson about promises and rainy days." Flipping her braid back over her shoulder she shakes her head, not even going to both touching her hair until she can fetch a comb. "You can't really blame them, I am sure he might have just been home sick and wanting to do something nice for his mother. I just hope that next time he checks the weather first. What sort of animal was he trying to get you to sketch?"

Zayn moves up on the pair slowly, his eyes moving across them. "Meliflua, Rashley." he says in greeting before looking outside curiously, "Raining huh?" he asks, sounding a bit surprised by this. "What are you to up too?" he asks his hands moving across his robes idly as if he was straightening them out.

"He hadn't said yet," Silas answers back, "I'm sure it never occurred to him to ask to meet me elsewhere, either." He casts a look over his shoulder where the Slytherin boy ran off to. "Serve him well to catch a cold, but I hope he doesn't. I just can't imagine what would inspire him to stand out there so long… much less his little girlfriend."

At Zayn's arrival, his affected coldness ratchets up another notch… again seeming almost instinctive in nature, although it never touches the smile on his face, "Ah, Mr. Shafiq," a little glint in his eyes at that, as if enjoying a private joke, "I've just finished ruining a perfectly nice shirt and slacks saving two very foolish first years from waiting out in the rain for me. I can't speak for Miss Rashley here…"

"Well I am sure that he will think of that in the future. Or he may go in the opposite direction and drag you out in the middle of a snow storm." The thought is amusing to Morgana, and the last part of it just makes him laugh. "I'm sure his little girlfriend thought it was romantic. If you could hear what those devious little minds are spewing out at each other during lights out you'd run."

When they are joined by another, Morgana nods her head toward him. "Shafiq." She says politely, letting her satchel side off her shoulder and setting it on the floor. "Me? I had this rare thing called free time, and I wanted to spend it on my broom. The rain had other ideas."

Zayn nods slowly, "Well I suppose they were lucky they had you to save them Meliflua." he says looking at Silas and offering him a smile, "Though I don't know if him catching a cold will help much, you know the underclassmen are a bit loopy, still trying to adjust and all that." he says nodding slowly, his hand moving and running through his hair with a sigh. "Yeah the rain tends to have a mind of it's own, though it is a lovely sight sometimes." he says with a small nod, "Though I agree, things never seem to work out how we intend, when free time is available." he continues offering her a smile.

"Silas, please," the young man offers back to Zayn, "although if you truly wish to use my Surname we could always throw the Mister in front of it. Much more official sounding, and I wouldn't mind having a Prefect calling me 'Mister'." The joke is easily evident on his face as he says it.

Silas then looks back to Morgana, rolling his eyes dramatically at the talk of romance, "May I be spared forever the chilling fright that is firstie romance."

"I don't believe there is a reason to be /that/ formal." Morgana shrugs one shoulder and watches the exchange between the two Slytherin boys. "They should be fine with a simple trip to the infirmary. Than they can have someone fuss over them and maybe miss a class or two. Perhaps that was his plan the whole time." She says thoughtfully before shaking her head at Silas. "Are you sure? You did rush out side to save a poor drenched Hufflepuff firstie. Maybe you're her first crush?" She teases.

Zayn chuckles softly, "Sorry, always forget you like to be called Silas." he says with a smile, looking towards Morgana, "Well I do hear all the girls are chasing after Silas." he says bring his hand up to his lip and tapping it thoughtfully, "I wonder if that was his plan though…" he trails off looking around as he thinks.

At both Morgana's and Zayn's suggestions, Silas lets out a laugh that's likely louder than he intended, although the honesty belied behind it likely covers up some of the potential embarrassment that could cause. Holding up his hands, as if in surrender, he retorts, "Now you're just being cruel. I see how this is." Then, the smile turns sly as he switches to French, "<If nothing else, I can be the hero. That isn't just for Gryffindor, after all.>" A slight wink goes to Morgana after that and then a grin to Zayn, "And I deny all knowledge of such attentions upon myself."

Alphard Pollux Black came breezed down from the Grand Staircase, glowing of his usual smugly aristocratic arrogance. His school uniform was as always immaculate, his Slytherin tie worked in a perfect winsdor knot. He was alone rather than with his usual crew of miscreants, with a couple of books tucked in under his arm. Seeing the group in the hall he didn't hesitate a second to stride over. "Hey. Whose eying Silas?" He'd only heard the very tail end of their exchange.

"Perhaps it was." Morgana responds to Zayn before raising her brow at his line of French. Granted, all she picks up is Gryffindor, so she'll shake her head at him. "Sorry, I didn't get around to learning French, I've been too busy with Russian and Italian." When Black arrives she looks between the three boys, and she starts to believe that it must be some sort of perfume she is wearing that is bringing all of these Slythrins around her. "Oh, some Hufflepuff first year he just saved from the rain."

Zayn nods slowly, as Morgana answers about Silas, "I suppose you could be a hero." he says with a small shrug, "Though you are right it isn't just for thr Gryffindors." he says with a smile, before Alphard approaches, raising his hand in greeting, "Black." he says with a small nod, his hand moving again idly and running through his hair, "So you have any other plans, now since the rain has come, Rashley?" he asks curiously, tilting his head a bit to the right.

Silas looks down again with something akin to disgust at his still-sodden shirt, tie, and slacks, and frowns for a moment, before looking back up. "I will let her down easy, then, I promise, if it the case. I will give no one reason to call a Meliflua anything but a gentleman. However," then turns his gaze to Morgana, "you have missed out on perhaps one of the greatest languages this sphere as to offer. I would encourage you to correct that."

He then looks to black, and his relative immaculate appearance compared to his own, and grunts, "If I'm not careful, however, I fear *I* may wind up being the one to catch a chill. I must beg leave of all of you for the nonce."

And with that, the boy turns to head toward the dungeons.

Zayn got a perfectly companionable: "Shafiq," in return. There was bemusement in his eyes as he looked over Silas' drowned appearence, and he outrigth laughed at the suggestion that some Hufflepuff first year might be having ideas. "Come on, Silas. You could spend your days playing dollhouse, wouldn't that be fun?" It would be the day that he ever saved some hufflepuff from the rain. "My House's motto is french." He ventured, even if he couldn't string along anything remotely coherent in the language.

"Ah yes, I'm sure I can find time between five NEWTs, being Head Girl and learning Russian. I'll get right on that." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "See you later Silas." She'll say to the soaked Slytherin as he retreats, not that she's in any better shape but she doesn't seem rushed to get back up to the dorms and fix that yet. Turning to Zayn, she'll shrug and reach up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "No idea, but I am sure there is something I should be doing." Looking to Alphard she'll frown slightly. "My mother married an Italian, and my father is Russian, so I'm mostly learning the languages so when my step-parents start insulting me I can retaliate."

Zayn chuckles a little bit, "I hear you, I think this year and next year are going to be rather busy." he says with a small nod, "Always something we should be doing, I am sure though that my night won't be as hectic as Abbott's with bathroom being down." he says with a small wave of his hand, before turning and looking at Alphard, "What are you up too right now Black?" he says with a smile, "Anything interesting?" he asks with a chuckle.

The Black boy unrolled one of his artfully dismissive teenage shrugs. "Why don't you just break them up?" As if that was such an easy thing to do. No hint of moral qualms, either. He did tend to be like that. "Has to be better than having to learning russian. I mean, who would ever want to go to -russia-? They have no class at all. Which they seem to take as something good." There was a wrinkle of distaste on his nose. His eyes might at some point have tried to assess just what advantages being drenched had done for Morgana. "Hrm? Ah, nothing. I've been studying with Rowle, but got bored."

"Last year was bloody easy in comparison to what they have us doing this year. I am going to be a head case until exams are over and than I plan on sleeping for a week straight. I heard about the girls bathroom, any idea what happened down there?" Morgana asks, glad that she doesn't have to escort anyone for bathroom trips. Turning to Black, she'll shake her head. "It's not worth my time. My mother is settled in Italy and out of my hair, so if she were to get divorced, than she'd right back in England, being useless and siphoning money from my grandparents. I'd rather deal with a yearly obligation than her constant presence." Morgana says passively. "Russia wasn't all that bad, but than again I visisted in July. I don't plan on going in December, I don't think I'd survive."

Zayn nods slowly, "Yeah that is what I keep hearing is that next year is going to be pretty intense." he says with a small sigh, "Though I suppose I will take it as it comes, I have five N.E.W.T.s so I am dreading it." he says with a shake of his head, listening as they speak of traveling, "Egypt was rather nice over the summer…" he says before trailing, "Though it was rather hot." he finishes with a nod, before looking at Black, "What subject? Just out of curiosity?" he asks.

"And this year is insane compared to last year," Alphard told Morgana with a bit of a knowing smirk on his face. "So anyone with a measure of intelligence would expect that the last year would be even harder. I'll be able to handle it." Cocky confidence in his own abilities, was Alphard, even if he was taking the complete Auror path, known to wear down just about anyone. "The bathrooms? I don't know. Perhaps the same pranksters who were bombing snoggers in the labyrinth? There are some underclassmen who need a good beating, if you ask me." And of course Alphard was always happy to beat up anyone.

"Transfiguration. I want my desk-to-pig transfiguration to end up in the Gryffindor colors. But it's tricky."

"Five NEWTs is a lot. I am just glad that my Monday morning classes are not History of Magic. That's just a cruel punishment that early in the morning." When mentioning Egypt, Morgana shrugs her shoulders. "I can't say that I have been there either, or anyplace with such a warm climate. I was going to go traveling after graduating but everything seems to be in a general unrest and I've decided against it." She says with a shake of her head. "Oh, is someone interrupting your snogging Black? Merlin knows we can't have that."

"History of Magic is an important subject," Alphard said casually, "but there just wasn't enough room for me to pick it up at N.E.W.T level." And even if there had been, he sure as hell would have rather stabbed himself in the foot than actually go through the misery of those kill-you-by-boredom lectures. But he wasn't going to say that aloud. With a chuckle he fixed on Morgana, leaning forward. "What, are you jealous you're missing out?" He asked with a brow-waggle. Showing his amateur acting credentials, he flourished the Head Girl his most overly dramatic - yet undeniably graceful - courtly bow, and made to take her hand in two of his. "As a gentleman wizard of impeccable pedigree, I would die before denying a sweet maiden relief from such terrible needs. You need but ask!" He was oh so serious. At least for a while. Every second he got closer to cracking up.

"That's what the Ministry wants you to believe, and if it wasn't a requirement it would have been left behind after my OWLs." Morgana says dryly as she shifts her drenched robe from one arm to the other. It's then that Black starts his antics and she slowly raises her brows as he gets all "gentlemanly". She'll let him take her hand, but she stays still, staring at him until he's finished with his little speech. She is silent for a moment as if she is trying to choose her words carefully before she speaks. "Oh? Is that all I needed to do is ask you? I have gone nearly seven years, wondering how I could be graced with such an honor and I only had to ask?" Removing her hand from his she'll cross her arms. "My life is complete." She says in a dry tone.

"You were dreaming of snogging me even before I came to school? Mhm. My reputation must have preceeded me. But yes. All you ever had to do was ask." With a lazy ripple of arrogant elegance, Alphard straightened back up again, his dark eyes still fixed directly at Morgana. Finally he couldn't keep his mask straight, though, cracking up with a pearly white grin. "But not in the Labyrinth. I try to be a bit less obvious about my dates. It's so plebian to all go to the same spot, like sheep in a flock."

Zayn had been standing idly by watching the transaction between the two, observing them and pondering quietly to himself about the conversation, his arms crossing as he thinks, then finally he says something, "Black I think she is being sarcastic." he says slowly, looking to Black then back at Morgana, "You are being sarcastic right?" he says looking back to Black now, "Are you being sarcastic?" he asks raising his brow slightly, "Did that come across as sarcastic?" he says blinking a few times, his hands coming up to his temples and rubbing them.

"No of course not, never in the Labyrinth." Morgana says in a matter of fact tone. For a moment, she watches poor Zayn, who can't seem to tell if she's being sarcastic or not. "Tell you what." She says, walking just close enough to adjust his tie. "Why don't I, head up to the dorm and get out of this dredfully drenched clothing. Give me about.. lets say an hour, than you can meet me in that empty class room in the fifth floor and we'll see where that goes." Is she being sarcastic? Possibly, but either way she steps away from Alphard picks up her satchel, and broom and walks toward the stairs.

Alphard didn't back up at all when Morgana started to adjust his tie, looking ever more sure of himself, his eyes fixed straight at hers. Even if it was Zayn he was talking about, drolly informing him: "Of course she's being sarcastic. But only because she's too prideful to say it straight out. It's a defensive mechanism." His head cocked slightly to the side when she made her offer, with no actual response coming. He watched her the whole time she walked away.

Zayn looks at Alphard, still rubbing his temples, "I don't have any idea what just happened." he says closing his eyes for a moment, "Though just make sure you are not out past curfew." he says sternly looking at Alphard with a small nod, before glancing back outside at the rain again, before pulling the doors shut, "I will see you in the Commons, Black." he says with a small nod, "Though good job, I suppose that is in order. Very good job." he says nodding slowly and offering Alphard a small wink.

One hour later, Alphard showed up to an empy classroom. He might have suffered a moment of disappointment, but soon enough rationalized that the Head Girl just chickened out. The expectations of getting to handle all that Alphard awesomness being too much for her.

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