(1938-10-29) Misplaced Apples
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Summary: Ria's method of attracting Alphard's attention nearly causes trouble thanks to Andromena's intervention. It turns out Ria and Alphard love each others' costume ideas.
Date: 1938-10-29
Location: Great Hall
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This lunch hour, Ria has an actual task at hand. The Great Hall is packed with students and smells wonderfully of warm sanwhiches and other delights. The prefect, has just stepped in through the entrance, eyes scanning the room until a fellow girl from her house passes by. With a firm and confident hand laid on the girl's shoulder, Ria stops her in her tracks, quietly asking the girl in the briefest way possible, "Alphard. Have you seen him?"

The dark crowned figure of Alphard Black was hunched over one of the great tables. Around him was a group of male students his own age, all of which were heatedly engaged in the most important discussion of their lives. Hands were waved, glares were traded, and one or two threats of pummeling and hexing both being hurled this way and that. They were talking about Quidditch, more to the point; Professional Quidditch, and which team was going to win this year. Alphard was arguing for the Falmouth Falcons, which shouldn't be a great surprise. A beater loving a team whose motto was: "Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads." Which pretty much summed up how Alphard played the game himself.

Andromena slipped into the Great Hall without so much as a peep. No real surprise, as the girl was often seen on her own, face buried in a book. One was even hugged to her side then, some big leather-bound monstrosity that likely hadn't been opened by another in ages. For once, her expression appeared…buoyant, pleased. Unfortunately, due to her daydreaming, Andromena very nearly runs into Ria and the girl she had stopped.

"Oh," she gasped, going red. "Sorry, sorry!" She had stopped herself short of just plowing into them both. "My mistake." Andromena mentally cursed, hating the feel of dreaded embarrassment.

And the girl, with her innocent braided pigtails, looks slightly terrified of the prefect's grip on her should. Warily, she points to the gathering of heads, heatedly shaking and moving about with all the passion their teenaged bodies can muster over sports. "Thank you," Ria nods to the girl, relinquishing her grip and walking over to a table to pickup and apple. In her other hand, she grips her wand, muttering the carving charm she learned in class to write something in the fruit. And with another swish, she says, "Wingardium Leviosa." The apple travels the distance toward Alphard and his posse with ease up until Andromena nearly topples her. "What on earth!" girl's move knocks Ria's floating apple off course and instead, it drops somewhere right above Alphard's head.

"Mph!" Alphard protested when the apple dumped itself straight onto the top of his head. "What the hell?! WHO DID THAT?!" In a split second he had drawn up to his full height by the table, and his dark eyes glowered with boiling malice. In one hand he had his wand, while the other was closed into a white knuckled fist that promised a thumping for who ever was responsible. Nobody threw food at Alphard Pollux Black and got away with it! House Points be damned! The boys he'd been talking with were trying to decide whether it was wise to laugh or not. A few of them chuckled behind their hands.

Oh how she cringed as Ria's apple went woefully off course to land squarely atop of Alphard's skull. It hardly had finished rolling from his shoulder and to the floor before he was towering above his now-silent group, face blackened by rage. For a brief moment, Andromena was the picture of a deer in headlights. She slowly, carefully, inched away from Ria, dark eyes darting in her direction while she pondered whether or not she should just slip away. A see nothing, say nothing policy seemed most appropriate. Yet there she remained, book now clutched tightly within her arms.

"I did," Ria throws Alphard a 'silly hothead' look before directing her scowl to Andromena, "And it should have floated in front of you until this one decided not to watch where she's going." She rests her wanded hand on her hip, looking expectantly over at the girl before asking, "Are you fully capable of controlling your limbs?" The question is asked with so much harsh sincerity that it can almost be considered insulting.

"You did," Alphard repeated slowly. All that malevolent fury slowly transformed into something different. His gaze shifted between Ria and Andromena, then belatedly blew out a bemused snort. The other boys went back to their discussion once they realized that Black wasn't going to explode on someone. "Well.. knowing Meanie she probably did it on purpose." The boy's voice was a different creature completely, now, a playful teasing purr of budding masculinity. "She likes to hide behind 'accidents' when she does her dirty work, then play the innocent. Don't believe it for a second!" A glance down at the apple, which had landed close by the tip of a polished italian leather shoe, brought his attentions to the carvings to its side. He leaned down to pick it up for a better look.

Almost? Was. Her eyes narrowed on Ria while she stood with hand on hip. Though Andromena subscribed to lofty ideas, she was certainly no saint. Worse, actually, she was a teenage girl. So she took offense, thought a great deal of nasty, mean-spirited things, and then attempted to let it go. But for Alphard. Giving up a faint groan, Andromena shifted the book in her hands to lean forward ever so slightly. "Just barely," she admits, voice a little too sweet. "Can you imagine where the apple would have landed if I had not managed to stop myself?" A deep inhalation through her nose. Had she just said that? Why, yes. "Look, I said I was sorry," she gestured to Alphard. "And he's survived his assault well enough."

"Meanie? Thought your name was Andromena," Ria quirks a brow and has a slight look of repulsion at such an odd term of endearment. But turning to the Ravenclaw she asks, "And you're not embarrassed by that?" The apple that lands by Alphard's foot has the word 'Done.' carved into it in neat script. Clearly, it refers to their last conversation, and his request to have one pesky red head rid of.

Alphard bounced the apple in his palm once, then twice, before casually discarding it onto the nearby table. It wasn't as if he was going to take a chunk out of something that had landed on the floor. Confidently he sauntered over to Ria and Andromena. "So I guess I should hear what you're going as..?" He inquired of Ria. "Oh, and she is embarrassed. But that's what makes it fun. I mean, she's trying to hide it and ride it out until I get bored.. but all those passive-aggressive frowns, glares and huffs give the game way." His laughing eyes fixed on Meanie as he taunted.

"I can't help what he calls me," and the emphasis on he clearly made it obvious that were it any one other than Alphard Pollux Black, then just perhaps Andromena could have put a stop to it. She considered sharing with Ria just what she called the youth when he particularly upset her, but was doubtful the information could be trusted - especially since they had gotten off on the wrong foot. To Alphard, she could only endure with a faint frown, staring at him as if he were some sort of bauble under glass she had yet to figure out. But since she didn't storm off or run away crying, it was clear she did not take things too badly.

Ria ughs at the name, how terrible it really was! "Then I believe I owe you my apologies instead," the girl says dryly to Andromena, "A pretty and respectable enough name ruined by the likes of him. Though you can hardly expect any different from Alphard. I hope you have something equally as ugly for him." Ria turns to Alphard saying, "Cleopatra. Though you're not required to come as Marc Anthony, given the short notice. I'm a very liberal date, so you're lucky. Did you have a costume planned already?" She's asks this in a slightly keen way, hoping that it won't be anything dorky.

"Hey.. what's that supposed to mean?" Though Alphard's grin said he not only knew what she meant, but that it was thoroughly earned. "Besides, it aught to be considered a mark of honor that I consider us friendly enough to have forsaken the formal Rowle." Though from his tone of voice it was in doubt whether even Alphard believed that. "Hrmm.. Cleopatra?" Asked with a scratch to his cheek and a thoughtful look-her-over-from-head-to-toe-while-visualizing moment. "I do. I'm going to go as Cornelius Fiddilus. You know, from History of Magic?" Cheerfully he expanded on the story, in case Ria had been asleep during that particular lecture. Merlin knew most students suffered that particular condition. "The wizard who heroically saved a poor little witch from the terrible mob back before the Secrecy Statue. He put her on his broom, but just as he was gonna climb up onto it himself he got hit in the back of the head by a thrown stone. She got away, but he was horribly hanged and burned! I'm gonna charm my feet with harmless flames, have a noose about my neck, and ask the evil muggle mob to have mercy." He added: "I've still not decided if I'm actually gonna hang from a tree. I mean, put some feet on it, and it'd be pretty funny to do the dance moves a couple of feet above the ground. But logistically.."

Andromena shrugged, giving Ria an obvious: what can you do? look. "You're not going with Mar- er, Beatrice?" Asked with a faint disinterest. "The girl will be crushed," she then mutters, plainly without sympathy. Beatrice Nott had supposedly been smitten by him, after all. Tired of holding her book, Andromena sets it down beside her upon the table - oh, it was cleared away. No one was sitting there! "You are already taller than most people, Alphard," Andromena tells him, pursing her lips. "So if you hung from a tree, then everybody would likely be talking to your stomach." But he'd likely have a bird's eyes view down every dress he choose to peek into!

"Crushed like a fly," Ria nods and confirms Andromena's statement and asks the girl, "What were you planning on going as?" Indeed, Ria wasn't paying attention to that lecture. Though the bits and pieces she remembers are certainly enriched by Alphard's account. And the idea simply spread a delightful, snaky grin on her face. "That is a brilliant idea," she snorts. "You should go around to all the muggleborn students begging them to not burn you. Better yet, I could go around dressed as a muggle from that era yelling 'Burn the Sorcerer!" Her cackling is entirely amused and the ideas float into her head. "Or I can simply come as Wendelin the Weird and we can just come as a burning pair." She can always trust Alphard to think of some good propoganda.

Alphard gave a completely unconcerned shrug in Andromena's direction. The boy might have a few gifts to set him above most of his year mates at Hogwarts, but he sure as hell hadn't been gifted with a particularly well performing concience. Nott being crushed wasn't on his list of important things to pay attention to at all. "Perhaps.. but you know, if they're already looking up to me, what's the difference with a couple of extra inches?!" Grin.

"Exactly! See, you get it!" And his look in Andromena said that she should've reacted exactly like this when he'd informed her of this plan a few days ago. "Mhmm!"

Andromena refrained from exhaling a long-suffering sigh. "Ria is clearly of a different breed," she informed Alphard. She turned to the girl in question. "He was most disappointed when Medusa and I weren't keen on being his muggle attackers - did you ever ask any of your guy friends?" This asked of Alphard in a tone that suggested she doubted he had. "I'm going as the Erlking's Daughter," said as she brushed her hair over her shoulder. "And lastly, Alphard," Andromena intoned, raising a slim finger towards him. "For some of us, the notion of craning our necks to a horizontal level is not quite as appealing as you may believe." She being one of those likely forced to do so.

"Oh that fails to surprise me. Medusa's all about doing her own thing and she wouldn't been to keen on being a part of a greater costume," Ria shrugs, crossing her arms. "I'm not averse to it though. It's my last year at Hogwarts, and I likely won't get to take part in silly amusements like this once I'm out. I might as well have my fun now." Turning to Alphard she grins excitedly, "So what say you then Alphard. A scornful muggle I shall be? Though you'll have to listen to Andromena, because dancing with you being slightly elevated will be nothing but awkward." Ria hmms at the Ravenclaw's costume idea, impressed. "That's fairly clever. Dark enough and creepy enough. You should go around asking people to dance and offering them bags of chocolate gold coins. And then blow dust on them that turns them pale if they reject you. I'm sure one of the younger students picked up something like that from a prank shop."

"Poor Erlking's Daughter.. always rejected.." Alphard murmured to the Ravenclaw with a wry little smirk on his lips. There wasn't any real venom to his tease, though. Alphard knew how to look down on someone the length of his nose to make them feel insignificant, and this wasn't one of those moments. After all, Meanie was a pureblood.

"I like it. A preacher's daughter? That way you can thump their book and make fire and brimstone quotes about evil magic." He chuckled as the visual of it floated through his mind. "And.. well. I suppose it would be a pain after a while. I could just ditch the tree after my dramatic entrance." Best of two worlds.

"Oh," Andromena exclaimed as Ria shared her idea. "That's just a perfect idea, isn't it," her voice lilting upwards happily. Even Alphard's notion of ditching the tree after his big entrance was met with an approving nod. "Then I can use my Genie for a wish - someone to finally dance with me without me resorting to murder." A winsome sigh, the over-batting of lashes as she clasps her hands together. Then she gives up the starry eyed look to chuckle.

Ria snickers at Andromena, "You should always kill someone who rejects you. That's how you earn respect." A wise, wise piece of advice from the Slytherin prefect and for free none the less! "A preachers daughter," she nods and confirms to Alphard. "If that's the case, I have some preparation to do. I'm not entirely sure if the library carries one of those bible-thingies so I'll have to check." Her wrist is pulled up and she checks the time on her watch. "Anyhow, I have to prepare for a class. I will see you both around. Rowle. Black." With a quick nod, she's back out of the the Great Hall and off to her next order of business.

"See you." It came with a companionable nod in return, before Alphard gave his attentions back to Andromena. "What're you talking about, Genie?" He asked her, because that just didn't fit anything he had ever heard about the Erlking or his daughter. Hrm. I suppose I should get ready for Charms class, too. Viridian hates purebloods. Give him a chance and he'll dock me a million points."

Andromena bids Ria farewell as she departs before turning to Alphard. "Well," she says with one of those little huffs he had earlier mentioned. "After an entire day of just about every creepy guy that attends Hogwarts, Zay Shafiq asked me to the Dance, and I said yes. He's going as a Genie. I'll walk with you to class?" Suggested innocently as she reached over to retrieve her book. "I mean, seriously Alphard, some of these guys today…" Andromena shuddered.

"Oh really? I wonder where they got the idea that asking you out was going to pan out well for them." It was said lightly, to cover up the brief bit of shifty-eye that had stolen across the Black boy. Not at all to do with something he might have spread through the boys' bathroom jungle wire. Not at all. "Shafiq, huh? I guess he's got the blood.." even if the wrinkle on his nose said he still disapproved of the other Slytherin. "Sure. Let me grab my books."

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