(1938-10-29) The Prettiest Girl
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Summary: With the advice of friends, Gage opens up a little more.
Date: October 29, 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room, Hogwarts

The Ravenclaw Common Room is one of the most airy rooms at Hogwarts. This wide, circular room's floor is covered in a deep, midnight blue carpet and the arched windows are hung with soft blue silk curtains. The high, domed ceiling carries a charm similar to the one in the Great Hall making stars glitter and move about on it reflecting the proper placements of the constellations according to the seasons. During the day, the Ravenclaw students have an excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The room is furnished with comfortable tables and chair upholstered in midnight blue with white pinstripes and bookcases stand along the walls.

Gage has just been frustrated since recent disciplinary measures, and so tired. The boy is sitting on the floor in front of one of the armchairs, back leaning against it while his head sags between his raised knees. While he’s currently wearing gloves, he’s slowly rubbing his thumbs as he winces. On the cushion behind him is actually the grey cat that is curled up, comfortably, in the middle, breathing deeply in her slumber.

Idrissa has been keeping to herself a good amount since being back at school. Some family problems perhaps though either way she hasn't spoken to many about anything going on at home. At the moment she is making her way into the common room hugging a few books as she goes. There is a moment though as she pauses catching sight of Gage and she curiously watches him a few moment. Half chewing on her lip she turns and slowly makes her way towards where he happens to be. "Hey Gage.." The wince is caught sight of and she frowns a touch. "Are you alright?"

The familiar voice causes Gage to freeze for a moment, staring down at the floor as his mouth opens. His hands fall apart from each other as he lifts his head, dark blue eyes looking around and locking on Idrissa. For several seconds he stares at her, forgetting that he can speak, and eventually solves this by bobbing his head hastily in an answer. There’s a tiny twitch of his lips and the boy shifts, lifting up from his position to stand. “H’oi,” he greets, suddenly finding his mood brightening.

Idrissa smiles as she watches Gage, a nod is seen before she moves to settle down upon the seat next to him. "That's good." She is glad to see that his mood has brightened at least. The books are set upon her lap and she leans over to give the sleeping cat a soft petting across her side. "Haven't really talked to you in a while. How have you been?"

Gage shoots a glance to the common room exit with a glower, and then quickly around the room before he brings his gaze back onto Idrissa. The exasperated look dissipates when his eyes are on her again, instead a smile flicking against his lips, if only briefly. “Oi don’t git ter go anywhere wi’ oyt an escort,” he mutters bitterly. “’Tis gotten worse ‘ere since…” he trails off, having been leading into Flint taking over as Headmaster. “But Oi- Er-“ He swallows heavily and reaches a hand out for hers, his eyebrows furrowing as he locks his dark blue eyes on her. “’Av yer been all roigh’?”

Idrissa glances towards the exit before she looks back to Gage with a curious look. A soft breath escapes her and she smiles before nodding. "I'm sorry…" This said softly at the movement of his hand she reaches out with her's to give his a squeeze and leave it there for as long as he might wish it. "I've been alright. Keeping to myself mostly…" Quiet like always. "Been worried about you. Keep missing running into you out of class, or.. from someone following you."

Gage lowers his head as he bites his bottom lip. For a moment or so his mind simply wanders with thoughts, chewing on his lip, until a smile flicks against it. His head suddenly lifts abruptly and he shoots a glance around the room at the few other students, and then is rising to his feet again and giving her hand a tug. “C-Can yer come wi’ me? Oi- Oi want ter- ter talk wi’ jist yer…” As he manages to get his words out he glances down to the floor, and then quickly towards the exit.

Idrissa blinks slightly as she watches him seeming a bit confused at first. There is a slight pause before she nods and stands up. "Sure." She offers softly, a bit unsure what he might want to well, talk about though. A soft smile is seen while she follows after him, a glance is sent towards the exit before she looks back to him.

Gage’s gaze returns once more on the exit, but as he starts to step in that direction there are tut-tuts as a few portraits in the room shake their heads. One man in the portrait says in a bellowing voice, “Doth thou thinketh that is a good idea, young lad?” Gage grimaces as the portrait announces his move, turning to glower around the room at the pictures, but then flinches as one of the students clears his throat. “I’ll have to stop you if you’re planning on leaving. I can’t allow you to lose any more points,” and the older boy gives Gage a frown. Instead, as Gage sets his jaw in frustration, he walks towards the staircases leading into the dormitories, intending to lead Idrissa part of the way up the stairs that leads to the boys’ dorm. There are portraits on the wall here, but at least there aren’t any other students. “No freedom,” he grumbles annoyedly.

Idrissa pauses as she looks to the pictures and she gives Gage's hand a squeeze to show that it is alright. "He won't though…" She starts before following after Gage with a slight glower sent to the portraits before she moves up the steps. Her gaze turns to Gage and she gives him a soft smile. "It'll be alright… Just give it some time alright?"

It isn’t like Gage is completely innocent, but being a child, well, he can’t help but feel like the school and its faculty are against him. For several seconds he’s silent, jaw clenching at the annoyance of it. After he swallows heavily his shoulders lift, and his eyes lift to focus on Idrissa. A sigh escapes from him and one corner of his lips twitches outward. “Oi ‘ad somet’in for yer,” he mutters, “but some kids threw it into de forest.” He scowls briefly at those words, but then closes his eyes, counts silently in his head, and then as he opens his eyes again, blurts out, “Do yer want ter go ter de dance?” His throat tightens as soon as the words escape him, and a small wheeze escapes him as he winces.

Idrissa thinks about it about the same as Gage does at the moment in all honestly. It isn't fair! Though onwards they go. "You did…?" There is a pause and she blinks before peering at Gage a few moments. "Who would do such a thing..?" She wants to ask what it was but doesn't push it seeing how it seems to have really bothered him. The dance… She hadn't planned on going, at the question well she smiles and watches him a few moments. "Of course I want to go to the dance… Are you asking me to go with you?" This questioned curiously as she leans a bit closer to him.

There’s a terrified look in his eyes, and with his throat tight Gage can’t even begin to get words out. He ends up nodding his head slowly to answer her, and his fingers close more tightly around her hand. Thoughts suddenly flood his mind, flashing back and remembering a few things that have been mentioned in the past. He swallows, and when he finds that he can get some words out, he says, “Yer de prettiest girl…” and he trails off, suddenly looking down at the step his feet is perched on.

Idrissa catches that terrified look that he has, a soft smile is seen. "It’s alright." She offers softly to try and show that all is ok, she knows how he can get at times after all. Her hand stays resting within his, and gives it a firm squeeze to show that it is alright. "I'd love to go to the dance with you Gage." She's not actually been asked to such a thing before. The comment makes her blink, and now she is left blushing while turning her head to glance off slightly. "Thanks…" She offers with a soft whisper, tone a touch unsure.

Gage lifts his head up quickly, focusing his dark blue eyes on her, his lips twitching lightly until a full smile slips across and he’s suddenly smiling toothily. Disciplinary actions pushed aside, the answer just causes a wave of delight to rise in his stomach. Of course, a weight of fear helps level it out a little bit. He stares at her for a silent moment, his eyebrows furrowing, until he lets out a breath and he mutters, “Look.” And his hand trembles slightly in hers as he watches her.

Idrissa doesn't look over at him just yet, it takes her a moment before she lifts her bright gaze to peer back at him curiously. Her hand rests within his still. "Look?" Is questioned curiously.

Gage bites his lower lip as he watches her nervously, his gaze slowly flicking downward. He’s lifting his gaze back to her when she speaks, and his mouth gives a small flick at the corner. With her looking at him again he utters out quietly, “Um-“ before breaking off and swallowing. His hand slips out of her hand, his fingers curling slightly as he holds his hand up in front of him, fingers twitching as he hesitates. His other hand lifts to pull the glove off from his hand, a mutter and a wince as he tweaks his thumb – which is raw and sore from the abuse of detention. But he’s not focused on that, because after hesitating a moment longer he reaches out, a worried wince flickering over his face, as he tries to place his fingers under her chin and his dark blue eyes are drawn to hers. “Please…” he utters as his heart throbs in his chest. “Can Oi kiss yer?”

Idrissa looks to his hand, a frown seen as she catches sight of his thumb. "Gage.." She offers with a soft tone, her hand moving to touch his lightly a moment until he goes about letting his hand move to rest under her chin. There is a pause while she lets her gaze settle on his once more and her blush deepens at the question. A slight nod is seen and she smiles which is warm. "Yes… You can." Her own heart is racing, breathing a bit quick at the thought.

“Oi’ve ‘ad worse,” Gage mutters simply about his hand. His heart feels like it’s going to burst as his eyes remain focused on hers, as if they were drawing him in. “Yer ‘re de one person who makes bein’ at dis school worth it,” he says quietly, but quickly, as if he needed to explain. His stomach lurches as she gives him her answer, also with a twang of guilt. But her answer is really all he needs before he leans close to her, not slowly lest he loses his nerve, and touches his lips to hers.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly while she lets her hand softly rest around his, still showing concern about his hand. She blushes more as she hears him, softly clearing her throat a bit nervously. "I'm sure there are other's that help out with that." There is a slight pause. "Though I'm glad to be that person for you none the less." She lets her fingers rest within his slightly entwined as he goes about leaning forward for that kiss. While she's nervous, and feeling a bit unsure over such a thing she doesn't pull away, once his lips are there her eyes close while she leans back into that kiss.

Gage does not pull away from this kiss for a good moment; it’s been something he’s wanted to do for a while. Then there’s a noise behind him as one of the portraits comments about ‘young love’ and Gage is suddenly looking nervously down at the step as he shifts on his feet, yet his other hand tightens to keep it locked within hers. He might be nervous, but a smile brightens his lips at least, and he eventually forces himself to bring his gaze back up to her. “Oi’m sorry,” he murmurs out, “dat Oi lost yer bracelet.” Apparently the gift that had gotten thrown into the forest was a bracelet.

Idrissa keeps the kiss just as long as Gage does, seems the two have wanted this for some time because she truly does not want it to end when it does. The voice from a portrait makes her blush hotly and she leans back slowly once the kiss is over and quivers just a touch with how nervous she is at the moment. Her gaze drifts up to his, a warm smile is offered while she lets her fingers curl across his once more. Once the bracelet is brought up a slight shake of her head is seen and she smiles. "It's alright, honestly… Don't worry about it alright?"

As Gage watches her he slowly nods his head, except that the incident isn’t quite so easily forgotten. However, his general annoyance or frustration to it is, because there’s really only one thought on his mind right now as a smile slants across his mouth. After a moment of thinking silent, Gage murmurs questionably as his smile fades, “Yer knu what me favourite creature is?”

Idrissa shifts slightly to lean back against the wall that is near them, her bright green gaze settled on him still as she curiously watches and listens. There is a few moments of pondering, her gaze lowering to watch their hands rests entwined. "I don't know honestly. What is your favorite creature?" This questioned with a curious look to him while she smiles. The little moment they are having is rather nice, one she'll think about often that is for sure.

It really feels good to have someone he trusts to talk to. Gage doesn’t feel like he has to hide anything. He gives a small tug with his hands as he lowers to sit on the steps, and he looks down to regard his feet. “Thestrals,” he says quietly. “Oi can see dem ‘cause…” he trails off and closes his eyes, but his fingers squeeze around her hand and he nods his head, sharing, “…’Cause av me mum.” He draws in a breath and on releasing it adds in, “Oi came ter dis school ‘cause Oi wus ‘opin’ ter git ‘er back… An’…” He swallows heavily, nervously. “Oi don’t want ter believe dat ‘tis impossible.”

Idrissa shifts to sit down next to him upon the step, her fingers slide slightly across his fingers while she shifts and leans a bit closer to him as a result. There is a pause and she blinks at that. "Thestrals?" She smiles a touch and nods. "I've heard of them actually… Read about them too." There is a slight pause as if she wants to say something but pauses on the matter and lowers her head while brushing a bit of hair back with her other hand. "I might have seen one, not sure." Her gaze flicks towards him curiously. "I… I don't think there is a way to do it. I'm sorry to say."

Gage is silent for a while as he stares at his feet, his mind getting taken over by his thoughts. He keeps his head bowed, but he turns it to shift his gaze onto her, looking at her curiously. “Yer can see dem too?” He frowns at that, closing his eyes as he shakes his head slowly. Why does something so awesome have to be linked to something so sad? Gage opens his mouth to say something, but then an older student is clearing his throat as he looks down sharply at the pair blocking the way down. Gage hastily stands up and moves to the side, but as his hand slips a little his fingers curl to keep from completely letting go. His gaze looks up and down the stairs, frowning as awareness of not being alone returns to him. “Oi wish dare wus one place we cud go an’ nae be bothered,” he utters quietly.

"I think it was one.. It was after my father went missing." Idrissa offers with a soft tone at the idea. "No one has seen my father since that day." A faint frown seen at the thought behind it all. Her gaze drifts up at the older student and she shifts to move out of the way, which means she moves closer to Gage and lets her fingers curl back against his once more. A faint nod is seen along with a soft breath escapes her while she glances to Gage and offers him a soft smile. "Can go sit at the top of the steps at the window?" At least they would be out of the way to some degree.

Gage regards her quietly as he listens to her. His own father has tainted anything about dads, so he doesn’t say anything, just studies her uncertainly. Eventually he asks in a low voice, “Do yer miss ‘im den?” His eyebrows furrow as he chews nervously on his bottom lip. The suggestion to sit at the top of the steps gets a snort, his shoulders lifting in a shrug. “Oi guess,” he decides. It’s not like he can hide from those roaming eyes from the portraits, not since he’s been watched like a hawk since the faculty doesn’t trust him any.

Idrissa glances to Gage a few moments at the question at her father. "Sometimes I do… He was nice most of the time, other times he seemed so different. Like under a spell or something." She frowns a bit and shakes her head before turning to wander on up the steps only once he agrees to come along. As for the top of the steps there is a large window in the tower that is there which offers a place to sit and that is where Rissa goes to once they are up the first flight of steps.

Gage follows after her, keeping her hand in his. He drops down next to her, but his gaze moves to look out the window. He’s not really looking at anything in particular, but he continues to stare for several seconds as he thinks. Eventually his eyes trail back to Idrissa, quietly watching her. “Sorry,” he finally utters out, and he lowers his head to look down at himself. “Oi hate mine. ‘E doesn’t care aboyt me or Kyte,” he mutters as his eyebrows crease.

Idrissa leans back slightly against the wall that is next to the window, a curious look offered to Gage and she nods a touch before a soft smile is seen. "It's alright.. I just sometimes think my grandfather did something to him." Her grandparents never did like her very much, she isn't even talked about if they have anything to do with it in all honesty. At the rest she watches Gage, a soft frown is seen and she gives his hand a squeeze before leaning a bit closer to him. "I'm sorry."

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