(1938-10-30) A Pair of Bastards
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Summary: Morgana goes looking for a quiet place to read, but finds yet another Slytherin boy.
Date: 1938-10-30
Location: Clock Tower and Cliffs

Rough cliffs of dark gray and black basalt rear up almost straight up from the depths of the Black Lake to support the southern walls of Hogwarts Castle and the Clock Tower Entrance into the castle's Third Floor. The cliffs form a natural wall almost a hundred feet high with many a crevice and hole dotting its face. The lower ranges of the cliff are constantly wet thanks to condensation from the lake, the higher reaches on the other hand house a few scraggly scrub pines and varied bushes stubbornly in their home cracks clinging against the pull of the winds.

Being Head Girl, Morgana does her best to help out the lower class men when they ask for it. However there are times that she just wants to herself, and hiding behind her bed curtains has gotten a little boring. So she's looking for a new spot to hide, since all of her old ones are easily found by people she does not want to see. So today she figured she'd try the Clock tower, even if it is slightly chilly outside. There is a satchel over her shoulder, since she intends to do some sort of reading. She has on her school robes and has a hood pulled up and over her hair, to try to keep her ears somewhat warm. Pausing outside of the door she'll look up toward the clock and chew on her lip, as if debating on going inside or not.

The area has become a favourite hiding spot for another member of the school leadership, as well. Lucian Proudmore is somewhat obfuscated by a cut of rock along the clifftop where he is sitting, staring out over the lake. As the sound of footsteps nearby, he peeks his golden-topped head out, wary of certain persons. But there is mild relief at seeing Morgana there. "'Lo, Rashley. Looking for Medusa? Haven't seen her up here today."

Morgana wasn't expecting anyone to be up here, nor was she expecting to be addressed by name, so she does jump slightly when Lucian addresses her. "Proudmore, I didn't expect anyone to be up here." She says, taking in a few steadying breaths. Nope, wasn't scared, not at all. "Actually no, I was just looking for a quiet place to study, but it seems I'm not the only one who thought of this place." She says quietly, looking out toward the lake.

Lucian nods, following her gaze for a moment. "Yeah. It's a good spot to get away from everything. I can go, if you want to be alone. I've been up here for ages." He swivels around, starting to climb down from his rocky perch.

Morgana shakes her head. "You don't have to leave on my account." She says, keeping her eyes on the water for the moment, before watching him climb down "Besides, if you know where I am, than someone can pester you to find me. It defeats the purpose." She says as she smooths over the robes, trying to rid it of a wrinkle that most likely does not exist.

Lucian chuckles, "I won't tell if you don't. The fewer people that come here, the better." He winces as he plants his bandage-wrapped right hand for the final step down onto the castle stones. He quickly tucks the weakened limb under his robes, crossing his arms. "So what are you hiding from, anyhow? Being Head Girl getting to you? Must be rough, not having a few years as a prefect to get used to it."

"Your secret is safe with me." Morgana says quietly, wincing as he does seem to be injured. "Are you okay?" Though when he hides his hand she decides not fuss over him, since he doesn't seem to be the type that wants that. "It's an.. adjustment." She says, shaking her head. "I don't know what I did to get the title, but I'm handling it." There is a hint of doubt in her tone, but she tries to hide it. "What isn't there to hide from? Everyone is scrambling for a last minute date to the dance, and I won't get asked if no one can find me." She admits with a shrug.

Lucian shrugs off the concern over his hand, confirming her assessment. "Ah, yeah. Medusa mentioned trying to set us up to go together. You and I. You know what a schemer she is, I'm sure." He chuckles, unperturbed by said scheming.

"She what?" Morgana asks, this news obviously being new to her. Reaching up she'll pinch the bridge of her nose and sigh. "Did she go partially deaf when I told her no, I don't want to deal with boys this year? Merlin, no wonder all these Slytherin boys keeps popping up out of no where." Shaking her head she'll look up toward him. "I'm sorry, I don't know what she's attempting to do, but she didn't need to rope you into it."

Lucian waves it off, shaking his head. "I'd pretty much sworn off of girls, too. I think that's where her head was. She figured we could just be alone together. Not that it would be awful going with you, or anything. But…there are complications." He shrugs apologetically to her. "Medusa means well. She just can't stop herself from playing games."

"You know, that is the second time in a week that I have heard the word awful used in reference to me. Do I have a reputation I don't know about?" There is a slight hint of jesting in her tone before she shakes her head. "I'm sure even if we went together, we'd both be brooding about other people in the room, I don't think it would of had the outcome she wants." Shoving her hands in her cloak pocket, she shrugs her shoulders. "Yes, I've begun to notice she likes to play her games. She is turning out to be a good friend however."

Lucian nods firmly. "She's a solid mate, once she decides to take you in as one. But no, you're not awful at all. You seem pretty level headed to me. That's pretty rare in this castle." He gives an indicative eye roll. Not that Luc is hasn't had his less than stable moments. Exhibit A: his bandaged hand.

"She is, which is why I suppose she is dragging us both to boycott the dance with her." Morgana says thoughtfully, hoping that that too isn't one of her games. "I should hope I'm not awful." Morgana says with a shake of her head. "And I am glad that I am still able to keep that level headed ruse going. Just eight more months to go." She says, trying to not seem like she is counting down the hours. "But you're right, there are very few who are level headed in this school."

Lucian snorts, smirking. "Well, you can be sure Dusa wouldn't be hanging about with us if her loser of a boyfriend hadn't gotten himself banned from the dance." Lucian clearly has a high opinion of Douglas…or something.

"No, instead she would be demanding our presence at the dance, and forcing partners on us." Morgana points out, shaking her head. Though her tone suggests that she does not mind Medusa's meddling too much. "Loser? I see that MacMillian is one of your favorite people." She says with a smirk.

Lucian rolls his eyes dramatically. "Who the hell bothers staying at Hogwarts to Seventh Year and still skips classes? That's bloody pathetic. I've tried to warn Medusa that he'll just end up riding her coattails after graduation. He hasn't got anything else going for him."

"Well, that's a lesson she'll have to if that's what ends up happening. He doesn't seem to be the type to be after her fortune, but I don't know a lot about him." Morgana pauses for a moment before turning back toward the lake and watching the water. "He does make her happy however, and that sounds to be important to her right now, so maybe he isn't all that bad." She says with a smirk.

Lucian sighs. "You know that Medusa and I dated, right? It was kid stuff, back in Third Year. But her family threw a fit, even back then, because of who I am. You think they're going to be that much more pleased about her being with some aimless bum?"

Morgana frowns and shakes her head. "I did not know that. However, Medusa is strong, and I have a feeling that if MacMillian is someone she wants to be with, she'll find a way." Turning her gaze back toward him, she'll raise her brows. "I suppose that's the downfall to dating a Slytherin hmm? It's not something I have had to think about."

"It's the downfall to dating a Malfoy. It doesn't matter what she wants. It's about what her parents will approve of. Ria's gone through the same thing over me." For a moment, Lucian's demeanour darkens. "I'm not saying I like it, but that's how it is with families like the Malfoys and Sykeses. Not that I'd approve of Douglas anyhow. He's nowhere near good enough for Medusa."

"I had wondered what happened between you two." Morgana says carefully, watching as his features darken. "You are right though, with families like that, it matters to their parents who their little girls are dating. As if every romance they were in were going to end in marriage. It's a wonder they don't arrange those things a birth anymore." Shifting her satchel on her shoulder, she'll let it slide down and rest against a rock. "I suppose that's a perk to being a bastard, no one will care who I end up with. Well, mostly."

"Some of them still d-…" Her last words suddenly strike him, and his eyes snap up in surprise. "You're a bastard, too?" He blinks, stunned more that he never realized it than by the fact itself. Had he lived so deeply in his own little world that he remained that ignorant of something that should matter to him?

Morgana slowly nods her head, watching his reaction as she settles back against a rock. "I am." She says quietly. "My mother had an affair with a Russian wizard while she was traveling after Hogwarts." A frown crosses her lips and she shrugs. "No one has really asked but, like I said I haven't attempted to date any Sykes or Malfoys. Is it such a surprise?" She asks.

Lucian shrugs, tucking his hands into his pockets. "I guess I never really thought about other bastards at Hogwarts." He shakes his head, squinting against the sky. "I've gotten a pretty rude awakening this year. I've spent six years wrapped up in my own problems, and there's a whole world out there I've been neglecting." He glances back toward her, grinning. "I wish we'd had this talk years ago. Probably would have bonded right away. Oh, blimey…is that why Medusa is trying to set us up?"

"I'm sure we're not the only ones here. I am a pure blood though, I found that out this summer, but I don't think it will really matter once I am out of here." Shaking her head at Lucian she gives him a rueful smile. "Welcome back to the world, I'm sorry it's mostly terrible." She says, letting a hint of the pessimism she so tries to keep hidden slip out. "I haven't really been all that social until recently. I had too much going on outside of school that I didn't want to complicate things by adding drama from here." When he makes his reviolation, Morgana snorts out a laugh and shakes her head. "Probably, she's perceptive like that."

"Right. Because obviously, bastards attract, right?" Lucian chuckles ruefully. "At least she means well. Well, in any case, I'm glad you told me. We should stick together. I don't think many others quite get why it makes life difficult."

"Did you know? I'm part of a secret bastard society so we of course stick together." Morgana says, unable to keep a straight face while she says it. "Are you sure we should stick together? It'll mean she was right about something and we may never hear the end of it." She'll uncross her arms and adjust the hood on her cloak before she nods. "But I could use more people at my back. This summer was hell and I know I won't make it through this year if I don't come out of my shell."

Lucian pointedly moves over to Morgana, leaning up against the rock beside her. "We'll just have to suffer through Medusa's smugness," he jokes. "Two bastards with hellish summers, trying to make it through the rest of Seventh Year. I think it could work. It'll be good having someone else at my back, too."

Morgana lets her head rest back against the rock and stares at the sky for a moment before she responds. "The things we endure for friendship." She says casually, watching as he joins her against the rock. "I think it sounds better than being alone together. But yes, I'll have your back and I promise it won't be at knife point either."

Lucian grins, nodding. "The same goes for me. Though perhaps we should pretend to hate each other, just to get Medusa in a twist." He chuckles, pushing off of the rock. "I'm going to head back inside. My house is probably falling apart without me. I'll see you around, Rashley."

"I think that's a fine idea. Shall we have an argument during our little anti-dance?" Morgana says with a smirk. Watching him push off the side of the rock she'll give him a wave, allowing herself to slide down toward the ground and settle in for a moment. She can at least get a bit of reading done before she has to head back in. "I'm sure they are." She pauses for a second, before she nods her head at him. "You can call me Morgana." Since she figures last names would be silly at this point.

Lucian pauses on his way inside, smiling back at her. "Lucian," he replies with a nod of camaraderie. As he makes his way back into the castle, maybe, just maybe, there isn't quite as dark a cloud over his head.

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