(1938-10-30) Common Concerns
Details for Common Concerns
Summary: A group of Slytherins have various different conversations and concern is brought up over perhaps some wrong doings.
Date: October 30th, 1938
Location: Slytherin Commons Room
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Zayn narrows his gaze at Cory for a moment, "Merlins beards." he mutters with a chuckle, "You are Uncle Radcliff's son aren't you?" he says sitting up with a smirk on his face, "Why last time I saw you, you were a tiny thing." he says with a chuckle, "If I recall we are second cousins, you remember Auntie Marie-Elise? That is my mother." he says looking at the boy wondering if any of this is making sense.

Cory looks up from his book again and nods. "I am, and I do, Mother has a picture of her on the wall, we been meaning to write and get a updated picture but we are very busy." Cory close's his book and places it in his lap for now. "Is everbody doing ok?"

Zayn waves his hand slightly with a chuckle, "Oh we are well enough, the Harpy Radio company has taken off, but you know how we Shafiqs are, we prefer to live just at a live to meet our needs and donate the excess money to charities and organizations each month." he says with a nod, "Mother is well, doing her typical hen house gossip with other ladies of society all that jazz." he says with a smile, "I will have Mum send a letter to Uncle Radcliff, I will also let her know that I will be keeping an eye on you."

Cory nods some as he listens to Zayn. "That's good, I'm sure he will be glad to hear from her. and glad somebody is watching me."

Zayn smiles softly, "Well feel free to ask me questions about things, I am always glad to help family." he says with a small nod, leaning back into the sofa a bit more, with a soft sigh, "How is Uncle Radcliff?" he asks curiously.

Alphard came down from the Boys' Dormitories looking quite pleased with himself. As usual the tall boy was immaculately presented; his shirt and grey blazer crisp; his tie a beautiful windsor knot; his pants uncreased and his dark italian leather shoes polished to a shine. He reeked of money, arrogance and disgusting self satisfaction. "Shafiq." It was a companionable enough upnod he gave the other sixth year, before his eyes passed dismissivly over Cory. Just another firstie, who cared?

Cory smiles and nods. "I will, he's busy as usual, I barly see him, but he was there on the day I got my letter and was happy for me." He looks over at Alphard and just nods to him before turning back to Zayn.

Alphard get a small nod in return from Zayn, "Black." he says, tilting his head curiously, "Was it sarcasm?" he asks his yearmate curiously, "Been trying to figure out that conversation, since then." he says running his hand through his hair, before looking back at Cory, "Well give your parents my regards when you write them." he says with a small nod, "Been too many years since we have seen you guys, living way out in the Country like you do." he says with a small shrug.

"What was?" Alphard asked Zayn absent mindedly. "I have no idea what you're talking about Shafiq. Though I heard you're going with Meanie," Andromena Rowle, "to the dance. How'd you manage to drag her out of her books long enough to give you an answer?"

Cory shrugs to Zayn. "He's ok, let's just say that, I will tell them, going to write mother tonight to tell her to aspect a letter."

Riddle licks his finger lightly over in his usal chair by the fire. The moistened finger presses against the top corner of his page to sweep it over in a well practiced droll flip. His gaze looks up through his lashes at the others gathered but then lower right back down to the text propped up on his lap.

Zayn chuckles, "Well I bumped into her in the halls, been considering asking her for a few days, just haven't had time between N.E.W.T.s and prefect duties." he says with a small smile, looking back at Cory, "Good to hear." he says with a nod, Shafiq meets Riddles gaze with a smile, before looking back at Black with a nod.

Alphard's gaze slid in Riddle's direction for a moment, considering something. Whatever it was, it didn't provoke him to approach for now. "Well, you do share that ridicilous opinion about pacificsm. I'll admit I was sort of hoping she would just give in and let one of those anti-social nobodies take her. I mean.. all that effort to.." he suddenly stopped talking, went shifty eyed, then coughed once or twice. "Anyway."

Cory figures he's not part of this so he open's his first year's potion again and goes back to working on his homework again.

Riddle's lips do curl in a returned smile towards Zayn. But he's just taking a bit of quiet time. Catching up on a chapter of Magical History he turns the page again. His head does tilt to angle one ear towards the conversation.

Zayn chuckles, "Well the path of a Pacifist isn't for everyone." he says coolly, with a nod, "She is seeking a noble profession in Healing and is of the right caliber, even if she does is a bit focused on education, more so then the average student." he says with a small wave of his hand, "I think we will look well enough attending the dance together." he says with a small nod.

"If you say so." Which wasn't exactly a glowing agreement. "Anyway.." Alphard nudged himself forward with a lazy ripple of movement, heading in Riddle's direction. Flop, he went, down into a teenage messy sprawl of limbs going just about everywhere. From inside a pocket he produced some wizochoc, offering one piece in the younger boy's direction. "Want some? And.. hey.. Riddle. You wouldn't happen to know anything about an old Hogswart atlas being all.. bloody, and missing some pages, do you?"

Cory Stay's in his own armchair, he keeps working on his homework but listing as he does, he looks up as the words atlas and missing pages. "Somebody tearing pages out of a book?"

Ria Sykes has been rather swift about getting from place to place lately, not stopping in between classes to talk to anyone or taking a stroll about the castle. It's merely been point A to point B. So when dinner ended, she immediately headed for the Great Hall exit and was on a mission to the common room. She intended for a swift retreat to the girl's dorms, however upon entering the snake quarters she runs directly into a rather hefty housemate and with an ACK! ricochets off the body and falls straight over the other way into the direction of Zayn on the couch.

Riddle lifts his gaze once again when Alphard offers him chocolate and a question. "I don't know what you mean. No, no thank you. Wouldn't want to get the book smudged." There's just something off to his dismissal, but maybe he's just really turned off by chocolate?

Zayn doesn't respond to Alphard comment, just offers him a small nod, his gaze though moves between the interaction between Riddle and Black, his gaze moving curiously between the two as he listens to their interaction, then out of no where, Ria starts to fall right towards him, standing up quickly he catches her, offering her a small smile, "I knew you would fall right into my arms someday Skyes." he says with a small wink and chuckle as he starts to help her gain her footing again.

"No?" Alphard wore one of his more easy going smiles, then shrugged dismissivly. "Must've gotten something confused along the way. And that's alright. I get the same way. Wanna keep things nice and clean." His eyes slid down towards the book Riddle was currenly reading, trying to gauge exactly what it is the younger Slytherin was so preoccupied with reading. Then Ria came barreling through. His eyes snapped to the commotion, then started laughing once he caught up on things.

Her priorities seem to be out of wack today because rather than apologizing or rather threatening everyone, Ria scans the room warily for someone as she's still in Zayn's arms. "Save it, Shafiq," she pouts at the boy as he helps her up. And on her ascent shoots eye daggers at Alphard, "Yes, yes. Very funny. Savor it, Alphard." Once she's fully back on her feet again, she straightens herself out and gives her helper a, "Much appreciated Zayn. I'll find a way to pay you back." And then again, she nervously scans the room like a wanted criminal. "If anyone asks … I was never here," she slowly backs away toward the girl's dorms. "And Alphard, you should take care and watch your back as well." Warning is given no explanation for now. "Riddle. Travers," she says as a quick goodbye before jetting to her final destination.

Riddle stares at Alphard, blank faced, until he's worked through his 'confusion'. Then he gives the older boy a rather pleasant 'it happens to all of us' little expression and smile. Returning to his book he slides another page over and there's a full page picture of Salazar Slytherin himself. So that's perhaps rather indicative of what or whom he's reading about. When attention is no longer on him, he gives a slow sighing sound that's rather hissy and the Founder of the House in the portrait in the book nods sneers at the debacle going on over at the couch before he turns and disappears from the inked scrolled frame on the page. That vacant space is then covered when Riddle flips the page once more.

Alphard met Ria's daggerstare with undiminished bemusement. "Come on, Ria. It was kind of funny." Though he warning on the follow up popped his little bubble of humor. Gradually his grin melted away and was replaced with a frown, his expression one of those: 'What the hell was that about?!' sort of griamces. With a grunt he heaved himself up to his feet again, but left the wizochocs behind. Offhandedly he told Riddle: "Keep them."

Zayn nods to Ria, "Don't worry about it Skyes." he says with a small nod, waving his hand as he looks back at Black, offering a shrug saying 'I have no idea' before looking back between Riddle and Black, his hand just moving up and rubbing his forehead for a moment.

Riddle tips his head in gratitude for the token of chocolates left for him after giving a little shrug. He has no idea what that was all about, right in sync with Zayn. A piece of chocolate is broken off and he offers it to the first year. "You get used to that after a while. Chocolate?" By 'that' he means Upper-Classmen kanoodling!

"Anyway, I'll see you around Zafiq." With that, and a passing glance at Cory and Riddle, Alphard started to head for the exit. There wasn't any hurry to him, but he did have some fairly long legs that could cover distance in no time at all.

Zayn offers Alphard a small nod, "Take it easy Black." he says as he leaves, giving Cory a small smile, before going over and sitting down by Riddle slowly, looking at him for a moment, "What was that all about Riddle?" he says nodding slowly, "Anything I should know about?" he asks tilting his head a bit at the younger boy, still smiling warmly at him.

Cory yawns as he put's the book back in his bag, he moves from his armchair. "Good night." Cory bows to you both before he moves to and up the stairs to the rooms.

Riddle gives a touch of a small sigh, he's not too annoyed, but he's just trying to get some reading in and since he's been spotted it's proven quite difficult to get through the few pages he had left. "What was all what about Zayn? I really am not sure what has happened in the last ten minutes. At all… Good night Travers."

Zayn waves to Cory as he leaves, Zayn nods slowly, listen to riddle, "Either am I, Riddle. Seemed like Alphard was talking about something, just curious what it was all about. If it is nothing, then not a worry, Riddle." he says nodding a bit standing up and patting Riddle on the shoulder, "But you would tell me if there was something I need to know, so I could sort it out properly, right Riddle?" he says still smiling at him.

Riddle takes a moment to put a bookmark in his book before closing it and putting it on his lap. "Something about some atlas that's missing pages and splattered with blood. It sounds to me like the Librarian needs to re-enchant some of the books. If you are wanting to aid someone, she could probably use the help." He offers as helpfully as a guy in the dark could. Really, not a clue. That Alphard, stirring up such trouble.

Zayn nods with a smile, "Good to know Riddle, you are a good Slytherin." he says with a nod, "If anything pops up that you need help with or that I should know, please don't hesitate to seek me out." he says with a smile, "Well then I will let you get back to your reading, sorry to have disturbed you over nothing." he says walking away heading out of the commons to make a few quick checks for lost First Years in the maze.

Riddle gives a friendly grateful nod to the prefect. "I do try, hope to wear that badge in my future." He looks pointedly towards Zayn's prefect badge. "It's no trouble. I would have done the very same in your position. Good evening Zayn." The text book is opened back up and the glossy embossed ink of the new chapter glimmers in the firelight. 'The Chamber of Secrets'.

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