(1938-10-30) Taunting in the Library
Details for Taunting in the Library
Summary: Douglas and Alphard are studying in the library, Medusa comes in and there is further taunting (of course).
Date: 30 October 1938
Location: Library, Hogwarts
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First thing in the morning after breakfast, and this is not a sight anyone would ever expect. Macmillan. In the library. With the candles— uh, wait, no. But Douglas is actually, genuinely here, not a mirage or a trick, and more to the point, he's actually reading a book and occasionally scribbling notes, and not just using the library as a quiet space to catch up on a nap.

"I wasn't actually aware that you knew how to write, MacMillan. A recent development? But what about all those poor little souls you bribed to do your work for you, what are they gonna do now? Taking the daily bread from the little people; that's how the riots start and the Emperors get torn limb from limb." The voice was hushed, barely audiable at all as it rode towards Douglas ahead of Alphard's own quiet approach.

"Evolution, Black," Douglas responds with a faint smile, lifting his hand in greeting. "Just like one day you'll evolve from the ape you are. I'm not holding my breath for any time soon, though, so I'll keep stockpiling bananas to keep you sweet. What's up?"

"If I'm an ape, what does that make you? A cockroach?" Alphard replied with a shrug, then thumped himself down next to Douglas as if he had a standing invitation. AS if his company was welcome, always, by everybody. "Anyway, what can I say? Seeing you here actually studying made my curiosity spark. Too much of a novelty to pass by in silence. What're you studying up on, anyway?"

Douglas tilts the book up for him to see. Sixth year potions exam practice questions. Thrilling. "If I actually have to pass this bloody class now, I'm going to have to do some stupid work," he admits. "See? Keeping out of trouble."

Alphard gave the book a cursory glance, before smirking. "Hey, you don't need to stay out of trouble on my account, MacMillan. Your antics might be stupid, but it's always fun to watch your housemates spit and curse and scream murder." His lean frame stretched out in his chair, making his legs take as much space as they possibly could beneath the study table. "Well. As long as it doesn't blow back on Medusa. Normally I'd say she deserved whatever came from her association with you.. but.." A shake of the head, a frown. "I'm still holding out hope she'll come around and shake off whatever spell you put on her."

"You can keep your sticky paws off her, gorilla-boy," Douglas tells him with an easy grin, shaking his head. "You know once a lady's sunk her teeth into a Macmillan, that's all she's got a taste for." He runs a finger down the list of ingredients in his book, wrinkling his nose before dutifully copying them into his notes. "Every girl wants a bit of Scots in her."

"Obviously she has absolutely no taste. But that wasn't what I meant!" That protest was the first time his voice went above a quiet hush. At least it was so early that there weren't a whole lot of students around to hush him. "And by the way.. that is frankly disgusting." Blink, scratched at his cheek, his mind churning through the implications of what Douglas had just said. "Wait, what?" Was there a hint of virgin teenage boy awe come to life for a second? No. Of course not.

A red faced chubby boy trails after Medusa as she enters the library. The poor kid is red faced because he is struggling under an arm load of books. "Stop your whinging," she tells the boy who actually was being silent. "Leave them there and go away. You exhaust me." Expecting that the boy will do as she ordered she walks away, her gaze lifting the books floating above head. Medusa follows one as it floats around the library, walking around one of the stacks she finds Douglas and Alphard. "Excellent. One of you grab that," she points to a book," for me." Then almost as an after thought she adds, "Please."

"Uh huh," Douglas agrees amiably, giving a smug grin. "I heard you've been breaking hearts, though, Black. Poor, poor Beatrice Nott. I bet she'd let you get your hands on her, too, if you asked her nicely. You never been curious about a redhead?" He shrugs, nodding to the book. "You get it, Black, I'm studying."

"No way." He shook himself free of any sudden ideas that might have been planted into his mind. Nott's mention drew a sourish grunt from him. "I honestly thought that was a sure thing," he admitted. "I mean, she's pretty, she listens well.." even when Alphard droned on for hours about whatever topic he felt needed to be voiced at the time. "It's just that after a while.. Well. You wouldn't understand." Even Alphard didn't really understand how having someone mindlessly dote on him could become boring so fast. It was really quite unnerving. It wasn't until Medusa added the 'please' that Alphard actually heaved himself up from his chair and went to snatch the book.

"Thank you Alphard." Medusa holds her hand out for the book he so kindly fetched for her. Sometimes being shorter is a hassle. She looks between the pair of them. "Male bonding?" She flicks through the book and then looks over at Alphard, "So Ria Sykes? Feel like you won big prize there, does it? Tread carefully."

Douglas snorts a laugh, leaning back in his seat. "Ahh, of course. You traded up a model. You and Sykes could make a good pair, I guess. Grow your hair, though. She likes that."

"Me won a big prize?" Alphard asked Medusa arrogantly, before giving Douglas a glower as well. "I don't know where you're getting your ideas from, but obviously it was the other way around." With him being the gold plated standard. After he'd given Medusa her book, he sank back down by the table. The only book he had with him was one on advanced Transfiguration theories. "Anyway, why would I need to thread carefully?"

Medusa drops onto one of the empty chairs and crosses her legs, smoothing down her too short skirt. "She does like longer hair. Floppy hair. The kind that gets in your eyes. Shaggy even." Her lips quirk up into a grin, "She asked you didn't she? Knowing all about Beatrice too." The Malfoy girl tuts. "Did you know that the three of us have our beds right near one another? I'm by the wall nearest the door, then Bea, then Ria. No way for Ria to not know you were going, or had been going with Beatrice. What with how Beatrice liked to wax lyrical about your charms."

"You did get your charms out for Nott, then, eh? Eh?" Douglas asks, nudging Alphard and grinning broadly. "Didn't think you'd be the sort to turn down the chance."

"I only did the Full Body-Bind Curse on her once," Alphard protested to Medusa, somewhat defensivly. Shifty-eyed he added: "Besides, she liked it. And the rest. I don't really see what the big deal about it is." He ran his fingers through his hair, which happened to be.. if not floppy or very long.. definetly the shaggy-in-your-eyes sort. "Like I told Ria, I was gonna take her to the dance, unless Ria convinced her differently. I'm not a beast, you know. I don't snog-and-ditch." No, he was a real gentleman! "I keep my word. Anyway, I still don't see your point. So what if she knew all that?"

Medusa sniggers at Douglas' jibe, "I love it when you're sarky." A picture of innocence the blonde idly swings her foot when she muses to Alphard, "Well I'd just be wondering what Ria's motives were if it were me. If I were you. Like say was she doing it because she fancied you or because she had ulterior motives."

Douglas scrawls out another item on his list of ingredients. "Don't be daft, Malfoy. Of course Sykes wants him. I mean, look at him. Hell, it's almost enough to turn me queer. What a guy. Swoon."

"Why would she have ulterior motives? Unlike you she doesn't need any tutoring.." That was said in a somewhat flat tone. He rolled his eyes at Douglas. "You try to hide it beneath your snark, but I know you're just jealous. Which is alright. I don't hold it against you, it's just natural."

Pouting prettily Medusa queries, "Are you going to dump me for Alphard or Ria? And here I believed you when you said I was the best looking girl in school. You're such a heartbreaker, Douglas."

Douglas grins easily. "Well, only if Alphard will have me, of course. I've been leaving little love hearts in my notebook over him for years. Heeey… Black, you know Thaddeus, right?"

Alphard rolled his eyes at their exchange, not having bothered to actually open his book yet. It sat there infront of him, heavy but patient. With a snort he asked: "Why don't you just tell me what you think her ulterior motives are, Medusa. The only two reasons I can see you bringing it up is if you know something.. or if you're just regretting going for the second best and feeling like stirring things up." The latter said with a lazy flick in Douglas' direction. "Ravenclaw Thaddeus? Yeah, why?"

Medusa taps her fingertip against the book leaning against her chest. "Now I could tell you what I think but it would just be speculation. And who am I to stand in the way of love?" She pretends to be considering it by drawing things out further, "Oh yes Thaddeus. I'm not sure Alphard is Thaddeus' type, he prefers red heads. Although again I could be wrong. Alphard is rather cute."

"Second best?" Douglas queries, then shrugs thoughtfully. "Well, could be worse. At least I'm second, and to be second in your little world's pretty good, Black. I'm touched you feel that way."

"I don't know.. meddling Medusa Malfoy who is always plotting and scheming and generally doing her best to put her nose into everything? That someone?" His tone was droll with mock boredom as he anwered Medusa. "If you were going to stand aside you would've just kept your mouth shut to start with. So pleaaaaase.." Alphard wielded his most thespian of expectant sighs at her, "do speculate." When he turned his attentions back to Douglas, he tried to hide a semi-bemused smile behind a haughty mask of detatched superiority. "I was going by a short-list. There were just two names on it. Second in this case also meant last."

"I get the sense he wants me to tell him," Medusa observes to Douglas. "Do you think I should tell him? Or would you like to tell him? Given that you are only second best." She gives Alphard a sidelong glance.

Douglas holds up his hands. "I don't know if I want to, I mean, I'm heartbroken right now. At this rate I'll have to settle for you, Malfoy, then where will we be?"

"If the two of you had any idea at all how annoying you get when you're in the vicinity of each other.." Alphard's comment came with just a twinge of impatience. He looked between them, arms folding across his chest as he waited. He tried to seem above it all, but wasn't really doing the world's best job at it.

Medusa reaches over to stroke Douglas' cheek, "I have such poor judgement that I'll be happy for you to settle for me." She bats her lashes at him. Alphard's comment makes her lips twitch and she leans back into her chair. "Since I hate to see a friend suffer…what do you know about Ria's past relationships?"

"We could be more annoying," Douglas muses, grinning as Medusa strokes his cheek and settling back in his seat to gesture to his lap, a brow raised at the Malfoy. "Look, Black, Sykes is using you to make Captain Floppypants jealous. So you're going to have to up your game if you really want her, is all. Flowers and stuff, probably. Malfoy? What flowers does she like?"

"I'm not a gossip girl. I don't know.. that she dated the farmboy Proudmore? So what?" It wasn't something that seemed particularly important to Alphard, obviously. His nose scrunched up at Douglas' words, his whole expression giving over to distaste. "Come on, you can't be serious."

Well since he asked nicely. Medusa smiles sweetly and slides from her chair onto Douglas' lap, snuggling up against him, just for Alphard's benefit of course. As she idly toys with his nearly constantly messy hair she look over at Alphard. "Ria and Lucian were a very serious couple. Deeply in love. They only broke up over the summer." Medusa wrinkles her nose. "Lucian hasn't taken it well. He broke his hand when I told him you and Ria were going to the dance together. Punched a standing stone."

"I don't get why he punched the stone," Douglas points out, looping his arm comfortably around Medusa. "I mean, if it was me? I'd have just come and punched you."

"Please, it takes couples about five days around here to declare they're deeply in love, Medusa. And I'm sure they even believe it.." And while he scoffed at the concept he made sure to give both of them his most judgemental look, so they'd be under no illusion about whether he thought they too fit that cliche. "But like you said, they broke up. So I don't really see how it's any of his business." "Please. You'd try. I remember you being the one with the bloodied nose last time. And that was after you cheap shotted me and jumped me from behind." Not mention of his bruises or how he'd grimaced in pain the whole way to the hospital wing.

All in the continued interest of making Alphard uncomfortable Medusa nuzzles Douglas' cheek and smiles into his eyes, "You smell so good." Then the boys are talking again. She rolls her eyes. "Lucian isn't like the others. I mean can you see Douglas punching a stone if I broke up with him?" She reaches over and pats Alphard on the arm, "Just be careful Alphard. You are my friend and I wouldn't like you to end up being afraid to sleep at night because a prefect might be after you."

"Lucian's a very special snowflake," Douglas decides with a hint of a grin, absently rubbing at Medusa's back. "Maybe he is in love. He certainly mopes around like it. Like something out of a Poe poem."

There was a cool glint in Alphard's eyes when Medusa patted his arm. "I am not like the others," he reminded her in a quietly sincere voice. "Lucian Proudmore does not, and will never frighten me. If you thought for even a second he could, you don't know me at all." Even if it wasn't that many years ago he'd wail his throat out if something didn't go his way, the spoiled brat. "Besides, I'm in the duelling club with him. I know he fancies himself honorable."

"It is rather like a gothic love poem," Medusa agrees with Douglas, adding in a nod just to show how much. "Woe. Lots of woe." She smiles at Alphard, "I am pleased you aren't afraid of Lucian. I wouldn't want it to ruin your lovely evening with Ria." She nuzzles Douglas' cheek as she looks at Alphard. "Wouldn't it be much more fun to be able to be together without worrying that behind ever mask worn by a boy is her enraged and jealous ex-boyfriend?"

"I fancy myself honourable," Douglas agrees, looking Alphard over. "But I would totally come and punch your face in. If it were me, I mean. I just wouldn't sneak into your dorm and shit in your bed behind your back. Why Sykes, anyway? Everyone knows she's not going to put out for you."

A small confident smile played over Alphard lips as he nonchalantly pushed his chair back and lifted up to his feet. "Don't worry, Medusa. Lucian Proudmore isn't someone I'm going to waste my time thinking about. He's a pretty fair duellist and all that, I'll grant him. But at the end of the day.." he shrugged, and didn't say the rest. "Nott was getting on my nerves. Besides, Ria is cute, smart.. and she's a true believer." He glanced down towards Douglas' Magijugend mark pointedly. "It's nice, you know? Someone who actually understands what you're talking about. Anyway. Since you're.. engaged, I think I'll be heading out."
"Oh. And she asked me." The latter added.

Medusa looks lovingly at Douglas, "Aww, you'd punch Alphard for me? I'll have to thank you later for that." Her head turns back towards Alphard. "I hope we're not driving you away Alphard," she smiles at him, "It is nice to have someone who understand you, you're right about that. I hope you and Ria have a lovely time together. Maybe she won't mention Lucian at all and you two can fly off into the sunset together." She reaches over to pat the younger boy's arm, "And don't worry about Beatrice, she already found another date."

"Good luck, Black," Douglas adds, giving a faint smile. "And I actually mean it. You're a dick, sure, but you're not a self righteous whiner like some. I still say go for flowers, though. Women love flowers. Right, Malfoy?"

The blond girl pipes up, "Yes, flowers are always a lovely touch. A nice corsage to go with her costume." Medusa smiles at Alphard, she's so helpful!

"I wasn't," worried about Beatrice. "I would've still gone with her if Sykes hadn't managed to convince her differently. She made her choice, based on.." well, he had no idea what exactly Ria had done to get Beatrice off his back. "Anyway. Thanks.. but really, it's just a bloody Halloween Dance. I'm not infatuated, and it's not a romance novel. But I'd have to be blind not to see her attraction. And a corsage really won't work with her costume. But thanks." He gave them both a lazy wave, stuck his book under his arm, and started to walk away.

Deciding Alphard is covering up his feelings Medusa says, "Of course, no infatuation what so ever." As he leaves she leans her head in close to ask Douglas, "Do you think it was something we said or did?" Her grin is decidedly wicked.

"Sometimes, Medusa Malfoy, you can be a really mean bitch," Douglas decides, dotting a kiss to her cheek. "No wonder Proudmore dumped you and moved on to Sykes."

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