(1938-10-30) The Hufflerin
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Summary: Zayn explains his pacifism to Medusa in basic terms. She is not impressed. Cory asks about the Magijugend.
Date: 30 October 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room

After classes means revision, as does after dinner sometimes. Tonight seems to be one of those times. Medusa has spread her books and parchment out over one of the tables near a portal window, giving up her throne on one of the couches for the evening. Why? Because she is studying Transfiguration theory.

After the day has drawn to the end, Zayn enters the Slytherin commons, his hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, muttering something or other in Arabic. His eyes scan the commons room slowly, spotting Medusa, he brings his hand up in a small wave, "Malfoy, looking lovely as always." he says softly to her as he sits down with a small sigh.

Medusa looks over at Zayn and nods, "Shafiq." Since Lucian isn't around to bother her about her transfiguration work she ignores it for a few minutes. "Why the sigh? Those dark brooding looks of your's finally getting you down too?"

Zayn waves his hand softly, "Just a couple of first years who seem to get lost more often then not." he says shaking his head, "You would think they would figure out how to get around by now…" he says rolling his eyes a little bit, "Though I don't mind helping, just sometimes, makes my day a bit harder then I would like." he says in a odd mixture of proper British and a Middle-Eastern undertone.

"Ah, the hassle of being a prefect. Everyone thinks you'll rat them out for doing anything even half way fun and decent in the stone prison we call a school and all the small people think it means you are their personal tour guide." Medusa clearly has never been prefect material. "Just give them lantern and tell them to follow the bread crumbs or something."

Zayn chuckles softly with a small wave of his hand, "Well it comes with the job, though I would rather show them the right way and hope and pray they let it sink in, rather then catching them out after curfew." he says his hands moving and rubbing his eyes for a moment, clearly looking a bit tired, "How goes your classes?" he asks idly his head tilting back as he stares at the ceiling.

"My lessons are fine, thanks." Medusa doesn't really want to focus on them just yet, she's heard something that makes her curious. "Are you religious then? Do you pray? Seems sort of a muggle thing to be. What with all the religious persecutions and what not."

"Simply an expression." Zayn says as he shrugs his shoulders slightly, "I believe only the actions of man can create effects for man." he says nodding slowly, "The thought of an being with divine power, is rather silly." he continues with a small nod, "Though those are simply my personal views, nothing more." he says nodding a little bit.

"I see, well those were what I was after so no need to quantify them," offers Medusa. She drums her fingers on the table top, considering something. "Have you thought about joining the Magijugend?"

Zayn rubs his chin slowly, "Personally as the tension seems high between the Magijugend and the Mud Club, I feel that, it would violate my path as a Pacifist to take either side in this." he says his head still tilted back as he stares at the ceiling.

"No one in the Magijugend has advocated violence, believe me. I am the Overseer. We are interested in learning things, protecting our heritage from further devaluation by those who would sully it and gathering together socially with other like-minded people." Which really doesn't sound much different than the Mud Club, only most of the people are wealthier and undoubtedly dress better.

"Well I would need to see a meeting or two I suppose and then also how certain members choose to conduct themselves." Zayn says slowly with a small nod, "I take my oath of Pacifism very seriously you know, not even playing Qudditch or Dueling." he says slowly with a nod, "Though congratulations on becoming the Overseer, I am sure it is a great honor." he says as his head moves up and looks at Medusa, "Also a fitting title for you." he says with a smirk.

"It is a great honour to have been selected by Headmaster Flint," agrees Medusa, nodding her head regally. "It is as you say, also fitting given my background. I feel certain that in time Abraxas will also be an Overseer." Abraxas being her cousin who is a third year. She cants her head at Zayn, "So this pacifism thing…what NEWTs are you taking again?"

Zayn holds up his hand and slowly moves his fingers counting as he names his, N.E.W.T.s "Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic and Potions." he says slowly with a small nod, "Though all the Professors know that I abstain from any act that can be considered an act of violence. Mainly focusing on the Theory and usefulness of nonviolent spells." he says with a small nod.

"Ahuh." Medusa looks over at Zayn from where she sits at one of the tables near a portal window. The look she gives him is sceptical, as if he might have grown a third head. "So what will you do if say a dementor attacks you?" Because believe it or not she has been asked that question a fair bit recently.

"Then he attacks me." Zayn says with a small wave of his hand, "If I perish there, that is fate." he says with a small shrug. "The stance I have chosen is not a path many would or are capable of taking, a life devoid from violence." he says with a small nod, "Often times putting a sword down, is just as powerful as using one." he says with smile to Medusa.

Not content to let this go, because it is terribly peculiar for a Slytherin, Medusa presses on. "What if a child were being attacked?" she questions Zayn. "One of those small people you like to usher around so kindly as if you were some sort of Hufflepuff."

Zayn nods slowly, "Often times it is more noble to fall on a sword for another then it is to wield one." he says tapping his nose slowly, obviously he has had this conversation various times while attending Hogwarts, "I wish no harm on another soul, though if required I would gladly lay myself in harms way to save another." he explains with a nod.

"So you're not a complete 'puff then," says Medusa with some amusement. "Just half a 'puff." She glances down at her transfiguration revision and then looks over at Zayn again, "You do know there are practical elements to the defense exam, right? That you will have to cast spells."

Zayn waves his hand slightly, "I am aware of this, though not concerned, I am taking the N.E.W.T.s for the knowledge not for a job placement, I will either go to work for my father at Harpy Radios or start my own business." he explains with a small nod, "Even if I get poor marks on certain subjects, by not partaking in the practical exams, it will do no harm to me." he says with a small nod.

Cory walks in late from Dinner, he looks around and nods to his fellow before he moves over to one of the armchairs near the roaring fire and plops down on it. Cory reach's into his back and pulls out his potion's book, a pen and some paper and starts to do this homework.

Ah the old nepotism chestnut. The Malfoy girl just nods slowly, this conversation isn't much more interesting than her revision work now. She gives little Cory a cursory glance and smirks, "There you are Shafiq it seems not all the first years get lost in the maze. That one found his way home." Not that she even knows Cory's name.

Zayn chuckles, "Well not all of them are hopeless causes." he says with a small nod, looking over at Cory, "Some of them can screw their heads on straight and actually figure out how to get home." he says with a smirk, "Though I am curious about the Magijugend, perhaps you could provide me with an additional information on a typical meeting?" he asks curiously.

Cory looks up from his book at the two talking, and blinks. "Magijugend? what's Magijugend?" He looks at the both of you with a curious look on his face.

"The Magijugend is a group started by Headmaster Flint. It is for those who are interested in exploring the historical purity of magic and preserving magical heritage. You need not be a pure-blood to join, but several Slytherin are members including myself." Medusa Malfoy, the Queen of Slytherin. "Ria Sykes, Alphard Black, also of course Calista Flint the headmaster's niece. There are Gryffindors and Ravenclaws that are members too." She begins to pile up her things, having lost the desire to study or perhaps just study here in the common room. "If you want to know more Shafiq, you need to speak to Flint."

Cory Oh's and goes back to his book. "Guess my family would want me to join that."

Zayn gives a small shrug, "Only inquiring because you brought it up Malfoy." he says offering her a small nod, "I will consider it though I make no promises." he says his head tilting back up and staring at the ceiling, "How goes your studies." he asks the first year.

"Meetings are for members only, Shafiq, otherwise I would say more." Medusa doesn't bother to lift her things she spies another first year and points at her, "You." The first year girl points to herself which earns her an eye roll from Medusa. "Yes you. Come put my things away." When the girl does her bidding, because well why shouldn't she, Medusa smooths out her over robe and looks at Cory, "Speak with Headmaster Flint, small person who's name I can't recall. He handles all applications to join." She winks at him, "But yes, I imagine your parents probably would want you to join."

Cory nods from behind his book. "I'm Cory William Jacob Travers, and I'll do that, Oh it's good, guess like all school there's classes I like and some I don't." And with he curls up within the armchair and goes back to his book.

On her way out Medusa grabs a couple of cakes from the table near the back of the common room, poor little Cory's name will be right out of her head in hardly any time at all.

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