(1938-10-31) Halloween Feast - 1938
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Summary: In the annual Hogwarts Halloween Feast for the 1938-39 school year!
Date: 31 October, 1938
Location: The Great Hall, Hogwarts

The Grand Hall has been altered in it's usual formation and the four tables have been arranged in a square on the main floor with a dance floor space at the center. Everyone is allowed to sit where ever they like tonight at the tables. Jack-O-Lanterns are everywhere. Black candles float a story above head level and bats flutter and dance in a bob and weave around the candles. Banners, streamers, and cobwebs spread and dangle across the wall. Junk food and candy are piled high in the center of each table. There are more nutricious foods as well; Pumpkin everything - pasties, pie, soup, roasted, etc. Pork Roast with Pumpkin Pie Spice rub. A stew that looks like it's actually got body parts in it. Typical ghoulish looking feast.

Dressed like a giant boiled sweet Fiona can't run and her walking pace is more of a waddle which given that she is still a bit sore from being beaten up earlier is no doubt a good thing. She waddles forward into the great hall and looks around. Unable to see behind her she has to actually make a three point turn so she can look and see where Grace is. "There should be loads of cake. Heaps. All flavours too."

Dressed like a giant cake, Grace waddles anyway, so the pair of them match. Grace has a huge, beaming smile on her face, after all the promise of all the cakes and sweets in the world is hardly something you get every day. "I like the roly poly cakes," she announces. "They've got jam in them.|

"Come on Grace," says Fiona. "Let's go find somewhere to sit." She takes Grace's hand and starts to waddle towards where the Hufflepuff end of the hall, assuming the best cakes will be there, and it just so happens to be the furthest from where the Slytherin and that meanie Tom with his purple marbled lips are. "I hope they have hundreds and thousands on some of the cakes."

Niko enters with of course Kimiko with him, both dressed in their Japanese armor, looking over at Kimiko for a moment he offers her his hand, "You look stunning." he says slowly with a warm smile, though part of it is hidden by his half mask. "You ready to this, should be some good fun." he says as he adjusts his Samurai armor slightly, still trying to get use to wearing it, though he is doing better then the first time he wore it, he stands there his hand lingering to take Kimikos.

Kimiko beams proudly up at Niko, who towers several inches above her tiny form. But somehow she seems taller today, and not merely due to the blocky wooden sandals she wears. Linking her hand with his, she grips her naginata in the other and lifts her chin. "Yes. It will be fun. We will earn much glory on this battlefield, and may the Fortunes grant us honourable deaths." She's trying SO hard to keep a straight face. The kabuki-syle makeup helps.

"Why are they called hundreds and thousands?" Grace asks Fiona as they clamber onto the benches at the lower end of the 'puff table, one chubby hand already shooting out to grab at a slice of battenburg. "Are there hundreds? or thousands? Or hundreds of thousands? Why don't they just call them millions? What do you call just one?"

Soleil Parkinson and Gerald Cornfoot are dressed as Morgan La Fey and Merlin himself, they keep to themselves mostly sitting at the southern most table, rather close to the door keeping themselves rather out of sight, because there's a rather large jack-o-lantern in the way.

Briar Crocker has enchanted her black hair so it's even longer than usual and it drags around her in a frayed loose style. Every inch of her skin has been greyed out and her eyes made to look sunken and make-up applied so she looks spot on like a Banshee.

Colton Higgins has dressed up like a cowboy and he even has dual pistols that have endless blanks in them. The fire off sound doesn't sound like a gun though there is a flash and a little bit of smoke, just to give him something to look cool blowing on the smoking barrel. The sound is simple a *bang* sound when it goes off, literally, it's someone saying 'bang'.

Entering the hall, Josie pauses a moment inside to look around, searching out fellow Pirates (whether dressed as such, like her, or not) in the crowd. With people sitting where they want tonight, she doesn't seem to know quite where to look. She does wave to Briar as she spots her, and Colton, as she starts in towards the tables.

Fiona looks around for the barrel of water filled with apples. "I don't know why they call them that. Maybe it's because you start counting and then lose count and just give up and say there are hundreds and thousands of them." Her little hand grabs a cake and she struggles a bit but manages to get it to her mouth over the bulk of her costume. "Grace, do you see the apple bobbing?"

Zayn enters dressed in his genie costume, his skin color changed to a soft red. Though on the corner of his vest, he still wears his prefect badge, as he makes his way over towards the Slytherin table, the shackles and chains clink and clank against each other as he moves, as well as the pendants around his neck.

Xander Tully gushes over his girlfriend's banshee costume, apparently finding it rather attractive, earning him a few looks of revulsion. But maybe he's just in character, as he has opted for a tattered, torn, and blood-stained Hogwarts robes, and makeup to give his skin a pale, desiccated appearance, complete with patches missing to expose bone underneath — the classic undead look of an Inferus.

Grace stuffs the piece of cake in her mouth so her hands are free to clap excitedly, then takes Fiona's hand in hers. "I'm not really good at dooking," she tells her friend excitedly, "but I bet you're the best. I always get really, really wet, though. It's like a bath with apples."

Niko takes Kimiko hand, nodding slowly "If we fail on the battlefield, we both shall commit sempku." he says hoping he says it right, offering Kimiko a small wink as he moves to guide her to the Gryffindor table, giving her hand a small squeeze, the two swords on his side shifting slightly and rustling against his armor.

Fiona grins broadly at Grace. "But Gracie, we already have bathing caps on, so we'll be even better this time." Matching bathing caps no less. "And," she stresses the word, "our hair will stay dry." She pops the other bit of cake into her mouth and licks her fingers. Tonight is a napkin free party zone. "Should we go look for the apple barrel or have more cake?"

Kimiko giggles, leaning in to whisper, "Seppuku" in correction. Then aloud, she hefts her naginata and declares: "To glory! And candy!" With a haughty gait, hand in hand with Niko, she strides toward the Gryffindor table to find a suitable place for Empress Jingu to sit with her consort.

Colton swaggers all bow-legged up to Josie, "A pirate anna c'wboy walk inta bar…" He winks to his friend and gives her an approving nod. "Looks guh." He tips his 10 gallon cowboy hat and goes swaggering over to take up a seat next to Solstice who's dressed up like a saloon girl.

Black cloak swirls around him as he walks towards the tables, keeping his face hidden from sight as he looks around. A rotting hand stretches out at the table for the sweets, and underneath the hood Angelus grins with delight.

"Seppuko" Niko says with a small nod as he says it softly to himself. He manages to make it well enough in the wooden block sandals, thanks to Kimiko's constant training to make sure he doesn't make a fool of himself. He guides Kimiko to their typical spot at the table, moving to help Kimiko into her seat, smiling at her softly, "The battlefield is ready for your observations, Empress Jinju." he says softly nodding to her as he moves to take his own seat.

"More cake!" Grace insists with a huge smile, reaching already for an iced bun. "I love halloween. Except sometimes it's a bit spooky for me. But some costumes are just older girls with not very many clothes on and I don't think that's spooky at all. They should wear a sheet and be a ghost." Knowledge and wisdom thus imparted, she chomps down on the bun, icing forming a smile up her cheeks.

Lucian Proudmore has apparently eschewed a costume — that, or he's dressed as an out-of-uniform prefect. Though wearing his badge, he's dressed in a simple loose-fitting shirt and slacks. Not fancy, but in favour of traditional wizard style over Muggle. For now, he lurks near the Slytherin table, patrolling up and down, keeping an eye on his house. Any Gryffindors that wander near get promptly sent back to their proper place (except Josie…because Josie is Josie).

"HELP ME! Is there not a single good Muggle amongst thee?! Haveth thee no mercy in thy soul?! Please, PLEASE! I am buuuuUUuUUuuuuUUUUuuurning!" Alphard Pollux Black hung from his tree, writhing in mock agony as harmless flames licked up from his air-dancing feet. That he was enjoying his own performance was obvious; it was filled with unbridled enthusiasm and complete investment in character. In particular it was Ria he was pleading with.

"Please.. just.. quick death! I lived with you for years! I healed your brother!"

The lone branched tree trudged forward, one labored and creaking step after the other. Thump. Creak. Thump. Creak. Thump. Creak. It was going to be hell to gobble up any of the actual delicacies of the feast hanging like this, but there were sacrifices to be made for art and necessary political expression. Read: Showing how bad Muggles were.

Cory wander's into the great hall, he's not wearing a costume just his normal school robe. Cory looks around and nods before taking a seat any where he can.

Artemis walks in and over to take a seat at the table, but her eyes wander over the students and their marvelous costumes.

Zayn moves up and down the Slytherin table, slowly making sure not to mess up the flowing fabric covering his legs designed to look like the mist of a genie. His hand moves to pick up up picks up a small pastry, looking over at Lucian, he offers him a small nod, "Proudmore." he says in greeting taking a small bite of his pastry, before his attention is brought to the sounds of Alphard entering.

Has hand moves up and rubs his forehead, chuckling for a moment as he looks over Black's costume, "Creative." he says to Lucian idly as he takes a few more bites, keeping an eye on his fellow Slytherins.

Fiona reaches for another cake this one a bit of ginger cake. "Oh look, that's clever. I know who that is." Fiona nudges Grace and points to Alphard's costume of the hanging tree. She then bites into her cake and looks around a bit at some of the other costumes before nodding to Grace. "You're right." She points out a few girls who's costumes they think are too clingy and nowhere near as awesome as their feast inspired costumery.

Lucian snorts in response to Zayn. "He's desperate for attention. It's pathetic." He moves on, muttering something about a 'whinging little worm.'

"LIEESS LIESSS!" A dramatic and enraged voice screams from a particular Slytherin prefect dressed in simple brown gown from the 1600s, trimmed with gold but with a dramatic poof on the skirt. "Burn the sorcerer! BURN THE SORCERER!" Ria Sykes cries with bloody vengance, a neckless of the cross around her neck and a black bible tucked under her arm. "That devil killed my brother, and he deserves the pit of HEELLLL!!" Compared to Alphard's awkward clunky tree movement, Ria moves smoothly and confidently, the look of rage in her eyes seems so natural.

Cory waves to his cousin zany from his spot at the table. " great costume, grant me a wish won't you?"

Zayn chuckles slight at Lucian's response, shaking his head looking back at Alphard, shaking his head for a moment, before hearing Ria offering her response a small chuckle, "You seem to be getting into it Skyes." he offers with a small nod, "I like your costume, it looks very fetching on you." he says offering her a small nod, before looking over at Cory, "Thanks Cory, hmmm a wish?" he says rubbing his chin for a moment, "What it is you desire?" he says with a chuckle.

Cory thinks on it for a moment. " How about the biggest piece of candy ever!!!!"

"NOO!" Alphard wailed as poor martyred Cornelius Fiddilus, trashing with extra fevor as Ria condemned him to hell. "Mercy, mercy! She was just a little girl!! I had too save her!" Creak. Thump. Creak. Thump. Creak. Thump. His act was momentarily broken to give Zayn and Andromena both some playful winks, but then he was straight back at wailing. Attention hogging?! Not at all! Ahem.

Andromena spies Zayn from where she has slipped into the Great Hall. To be sure, no one can miss Alphard, but as he is otherwise engaged in his dramatic affair with Ria, she saw no reason not to greet Zayn first. "Hey there," she chimes happily enough, what with looking like a very sad, severe fang-toothed maiden. Her hair and wisps of her dress float about her. She spied Alphard's wink, managed to send one his way.

Kimiko giggles again, "Jingu," she corrects Niko once more. "That one you have to get right. She's a great heroine." Settling in with Niko at her side, she bypasses most of the truly sugary treats, favouring the heartier pasties and stew…at least for now.

Zayn returns the wink to Alphard looking around for a moment and spotting Fiona, his hand moves to turn twist Cory's head to look at her, "And done." he says gesturing to the younger girl dressed like a gaint sweet, before Andromena approaches him, rubbing the back of his head slowly, glad the red tint to his skin can hide his blush, "Oh Hello, Andromena, you look as lovely as ever." he says with a small nod, "Oh quiet the display in Transfigurations, very well done." he says offering her a smile. "I love the costume." he says with a small nod.

Niko chuckles softly, "Jingu." he repeats looking at Kimiko, "I think we can both agree I am not the best at Japanese." he says with a small nod, fetching himself some stew, before his gaze drifts to Alphard, "Oh that Black…" he says with a sigh, "Always trying to show off, you know Kimiko if he just settle down a bit and wasn't so grumpy I think he would be quiet the sociable fellow." he says with a soft smile partly hidden by his mask, his hand moving to take her's in his once more.

Getting an idea Fiona says to Grace, "Watch this." With that she pushes herself up off the bench, wobbling precariously for a few seconds before she throws her arms out at her sides as much as possible in her costume and thankfully regains her balance. Giggling at her own genius the first year dressed as a giant boiled sweet waddles over to Zayn to rub his arm. "Djinn! I demand a wish!" declares the small girl.

Grace is nothing if not a brainless follower. Eyes wide, she giggles, then hurries over to join her friend. The giant cake rubs Zayn's other arm, deciding, "I demand a wish, too!"

Likewise, Ria momentarily break character to give Rowle and Shafiq a delightful grin of her own, whipsering quickly to Zayn, "Don't you know this was the role I was born to play?" A bible thumping muggle? Yes! "Hell! You'll go to hell for releasing your demon sister!" She waves around the good book at Alphard's direction. "The power of christ condemns you! BURN ALL SORCERERS!"
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Kimiko keeps her painted face firmly on her plate. "I don't even want to think about Alphard Black." She gives a little shudder and leans into Niko a bit…though the armour does make snuggles a bit of a challenge.
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Lucian sets his jaw and finally stomps over toward Alphard and Ria. "Enough!" he commands sternly, nostrils flaring. "We're here to celebrate, not start a bloody riot. Keep it down and just…eat." His eyes burn at Alphard, though to Ria his whispers, "For Merlin's sake, don't egg him on."

"You're the popular one here tonight," she says to Zayn, laughing as he finds himself surrounded by others. To Ria, she beams, inadvertantly causing her red eyes to glow all the brighter. "You really bring the character alive, Ria." And Alphard? Oh, how can she not throw him a bone? It was all he had talked about for days. Days! "Smashing job as a dead man, Alphard." But even as she offers the compliment then Lucian is scolding Black and Sykes. Glancing to Zayn she offers, "Wish everybody didn't always have to be so uptight."

Zayn smirks at Ria, whispering back, "Very clever, I like it." he says to her softly with a nod. Then he winks at Cory as Fiona approaches, "Careful what you wish for, one wish has already come true." he says nodding to Fiona, crossing his arms slowly over his chest, "Allow me to hear you wish, young mortal." he says to her nodding slightly. Looking over to Andromena offering her a small wink. As Lucian commands that it stop, he looks over at Alphard, moving his hand a bit as to say 'Bring it down a notch.' Listening to Andromena, he smiles, "Everyone loves a genie." he says with another wink.

Niko chuckles softly taking a bite of his stew, "Sorry Kimi." he says wrapping his arm around her the best he can, letting her snuggle into him a bit, "It is going to be an interesting Feast." he says with a small shake of his head, "Though it of course will be amazing, since I am here with you." he says with a small nod.

Lo…what light in yonder windows, yeeeeah nevermind. There's a certain individual who might be a tiiiny bit late, but in his defense, he was probably doing something important. Like peeing. Its Calico Jack…or maybe baby Calico Jack, or some other sea captain with piratical leanings. Cillian enters the hall, resting a hand on the golden hilt of the cutlass at his side and a small chest tucked under his other arm as he scans for other familiar faces and hmms to himself, grinning and shaking his head. "Oi! Ye lot of scurvy bilge turnips! Dun tell me the party's started with the captain on deck!"

Josie has found a place to sit, picking a spot within conversational distance of Hephaesta, Gabriel, and some others of her friends. She mostly digs right into the feast, though she does grin as she looks over towards Alphard and Ria as they play up their costumes.

Gage is dressed up as a gargoyle. He walks in keeping his head down and his face hidden, a long tail trailing behind him that ends with a wide fin. Large ears flop against the dark hood, and the wings are tucked in, partially furled. The boy gives the sweets on the table a grimace, but he doesn't yet sit. He stands nervously back from the Ravenclaw table, chewing on his lower lip as he looks around for someone in particular.

"I DONT WANT TO DIIIIIIIIEEEEE!" It was the very last of Alphard's wails, as he spied Lucian stomping over to put an end to his glorious performance. Beneath the wide brim of his pointed hat, his dark eyes sparkled with wry bemusement. And perhaps a bit of arrogant challenge, too, lurking beneath the surface. "Oh come on, Proudmore. It's Halloween! It's supposed to be about monsters and evil. Can you think about anything more fitting than a vicious bit of wizard burning? Lighten up!"

"Hey Ria, throw me one of those candies?" Because.. well. Until he actually ditched the tree, reaching for anything was a pain in the ass, and he was already exerting effort to keep the walking tree in line. Otherwise it might walk off anywhere.

Fiona had missed that whole bit where Zayn tried to tell Cory she was his wish come true, which is a good thing because the small girl would have gagged and sputtered and disagreed wholeheartedly. She's a feminist in the making. Now, however, is wishing time. "I wish for there to be a big barrel full of apples so me and Gracie, and others too if they want, can do some apple dookin' or bobbing." She looks at Grace then to see if her fellow foodie costumed firstie has anything to add to the wish.

"And water," Grace pipes up, nodding firmly. "You can't dook for apples if there isn't any water. Then it would just be… eating apples. And that's not very halloweeny."

Josie looks back and waves energetically to Cillian and says, "Aye, Captain, but there's lots of food left!"

Ria pauses when Lucian snaps, putting a lid on her dramatic witch-burning muggle act with a pout. "Honestly. Our last year and all you can do is brood," she frowns at him before throwing a very pleased smile to Andromena, "Why thank you, darling. It turned out all so well at such a last minute. You're looking quite terrifying yourself, a spot on Erlking's Daughter. Are you equipped with your coins?" When Alphard pulls his final line, she snickers and applauds his acting, digging her hand into a bowl of sweets and handing them over to her partner. "For a job well done and an idea well executed. We may bow now," she says offering to take Alphard's hand and give a theatrical bow to everyone in the Great Hall.

Lucian glares hard at Alphard. "You've made your point, Black. Now shut it and let me do my job." He whirls back on Ria, clearly ready to fire back at her. But he shuts his eyes for a second, taking a deep breath. "You're still a prefect, and so am I. Let's try acting like it and keeping the peace, alright?"

After some time has past and ample time has been given for the students to get hopped up on sweets a ring of troughs appear in the open 'dance floor' space. Within the troughs are floating apples of festive colors: Black, Orange, Red, oh look Alphard's favorite: Purple! Flint sounds rather strained, like providing the students with a fun game is painful. "Those interested in bobbing for apples please gather around the troughs. You have three minutes to bob as many apples as you can and place them in your designated basket." He makes a limp wave for them to begin.

Cillian tosses a wave at Josie and tilts his hat before he glances over towards Ria, waving towards her as well. He does open his mouth to speak though, but quickly has to shut up, lashes fluttering, slowly closing his small chest that he was starting to open.

Kimiko twitches excitedly at the notion of bobbing for apples, then frowns. "My makeup…" She sighs, resigning herself to her food. Perhaps it wouldn't be dignified for Empress Jingu to dunk her head in a trough anyhow.

Zayn looks over at Alphard with a smile, before looking back at Fiona and Grace and nods slowly, closing his eyes he looks like he is concentrating hard for a moment before raising his head slowly, his eyes opening, "Done, young Mortal." he says looking around, "Your wish has been granted." he says wagging his finger slowly, "Remember to careful with your wishes young mortals." he says with a chuckle, looking back at Cory for a moment. His gaze moves between Lucian and Ria, as they talk for a moment, "Also remember we are down a Prefect, with Abbott being suspended, so lets try to work together too." he offers both of them with a smile.

Niko looks at the Apples then back at Kimiko, "Make up is one thing, but if you want to have fun, we can you know." he says with a small nudge, "How often do people get to see a Samurai and Empress try and snatch apples out of water?" he says offering her a small wink.

"So I do" she reveals them to Ria with a flourish. At her waist is a little pouch, full of the dust she intended to blow on her unsuspecting victims should they refuse her. As for the apples…well, she wasn't about to dunk her face into water with a bunch of other children. She hadn't created this dead, pallid face for nothing! Instead, she chooses to watch the antics of others.

Alphard started to suckle on one of the candies, all the while doing one of his 'you're-such-a-terrible-bore' eyerolls at Lucian. Then belately he reached up the length of the rope that attached his thick noose to the tree's lone withered branch. With a sudden give, he dropped down to the floor. The noose now hanging around his neck, the rope flowing down until it brushed against the floor between his legs. Taking Ria's hand in his own, he performed the bow it would have been impossible to do hanging, all mock-thespian flourish and lithe natural grace. "Thank you, kindly! You were the perfect mix of beauty and terror yourself." Wink.

To Andromena he said: "Good stuff, Meanie. Hrm. So. Can't have Halloween without a bit of apple bopping. You in?" This asked of the fellow costumers, him ignoring Lucian completely.

Cory moves over to the trough to bob for apples. " I want to try!."

When the apple dookin is revealed Fiona grabs ahold of Grace's hands and jumps up and down in excitement, the edges of her cellophane costume wafting air enough air to kill butterflies and start monsoons in Tokyo. "Apple dookin Grace! Quick, let's go get in the queue." She tugs on her friends chubby hands and starts to waddle over towards the troughs. "Our bathing caps are so worth it!"

Josie grins to Cillian as the apple bobbing is announced, and taking off her hat she says, "I have to try this. She quickly moves over, stepping into line and waiting for her turn.

Grace cheers happily as the apples show up, eyes lighting up with sheer delight as she sees the purple ones. "Only first years can see the purple ones," she tells her friend with a sage nod. "Because they're just for us. So we have to have all of them."

Ria does her wonderfully deep bows with a proud grin on her face and reliquishes Cornelius to the festive whims of the evening. "Being a prefect doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have fun," Ria shoots at Lucian and places her bible hand on her hip. Gesturing to the ever so pacifist Zayne, "See we've got Shafiq around too to help. Untwist your knickers, won't you?" There's an amused cackle to Andromena as she spies the coins and the waist pouch full of dust, "Perfect! I know who I shan't be rejecting this evening." There's also a brief wave to Captain Cillian in the distance, and she notes to avoid him should he do anything funny with that cutlass.

Oh! Artemis smiles brightly and head over to bob for apples, though she does look around and gestures fervently for Elspeth and Noalan to join.

Lucian leans in toward Ria, hissing. "Stop. Just stop. We will talk. Later. For now, do your bloody job and keep your sad little puppet over there on a short leash." He jerks his thumb toward Alphard.

Gage glowers warily over at the apple bobbing, giving a nervous look around the hall before he snorts and keeps his head down.

"Oh Gracie," Fiona shakes her head and laughs at her friend. "Okay, you go for the purple ones Grace. Extra points." She rolls her eyes and when it is her turn tries to get as many apples as she can. The first one…well it doesn't go well and she comes up sputtering and with no apple. Undetered, Fiona tries again and manages two apples but only because she can find stalks on them. Finished and wet now, although the cellophane has kept her dry, she steps aside, apples in hand so that Grace can have her turn. "Go on Gracie!"

Caretaker Pringle roams the room in his sociopath costume…oh wait, that's the same thing he was wearing yesterday…and the day before…and…ahem. He stops at each student bearing some sort of blade prop, jerking it away and testing the edge for sharpness.

Ria blinks, a scowl slowly starting to embed itself onto her features. A deep groove wrinkled between her brows. "Puppet? What do you mean puppet?" The 15th century wringles on her head seem to shake with a pending eruption.

Grace leans for her first apple, taking her time but finally getting a mouthful of purple. Proudly showing it to her friend, she giggles, spitting it out into her hand before leaning for the next one. Leaning. Leaning. Face full of water, no problem. This is to be expected. What she doesn't quite expect, however, is how unbalancing that cake costume is, and how once leant over the trough of water to reach that furthest purple apple, she's suddenly stuck, balanced on the rim with legs pointing one way, chubby arms out the sides waving frantically, and head bobbing about in the water, while bubbles pop up around her face.

Andromena grins mischieviously to Ria, extending her hand for the other girl to take. "/Shall/ we attempt to show the kids how bobbing for apples is done? Or should I just prove to you with a dance that I'm not really as clumbsy as the other day would otherwise attest." She felt no differently about the apples, except that part of her did not want to let Alphard tease her for being a chicken later. Damnable peer pressure, that's what it was. "We can tell Zayn…" But she lets her voice drop, as Ria was busily, uhm, hashing things out with Lucian. Awk~ward.

"Gracie!" Fiona drops her applies and tries to pull Grace back from the trough. She pulls but Grace is bigger than her. Planting her feet on the trough she pulls all the harder. Who knew that fabric would weigh Grace down even more. Fiona's eyes widen as Pringle comes by with his kiddie chopper. "Mr Pringle," she squeaks out and then gives a mighty heavy pulling Grace back and falling over backwards on the wet floor in the process, knocking her head on the stone floor.

Lucian was going to leave Ria in peace, but it seems this is happening now. He barks a light laugh. "What do I mean? Are you serious? Seeing him dangling from a rope was an appropriate choice, seeing how you're pulling his strings and making him dance."

Looking a bit annoyed now, Zayn looks between Ria and Lucian, "Have your spat when we are not trying to do the tasks we are suppose too." he says to both of them his brow furrowed a bit, he looks at Andromena for a moment, rubbing the back of his head, "Show Zayn what?" he asks her curiously looking at her, "I would be happy to bob for apples with you if you would like." he says offering her a smile.

Cillian stands still and lets Pringle test his sword, even though the initial jerking causes his own hips to jerk to the side quickly before he gahs and quickly unsheathes the blade, its a prop…really and he exhales shakily before looking up and noticing Grace is going…swimming and his eyes widen as he takes of running or the trough before…Fiona seems to have everything in hand and he's moving closely to where Fiona and Grace are tangled up and fallen, taking/jerking something black out of his inner coat and shaking out the large black flag, spreading it over/draping it over the two girls. Yes, the colors have been flown…or something, HE's just focused on the water.

Alphard returned from his apple quest with just a single apple, much to his disappointment. It wasn't, apparently, one of his great talents. Returning, he gave Lucian a cool glare, overhearing the last part of his little back-and-forth with Ria. "Great Prefecting, Proudmore. Let's go to a party and then do our best to ruin it. Don't you have someone else to pester?" One single apple in his hand, bouncing, before he tossed it towards Ria. "Hey, there's some fun stuff over there, wanna check it out? Can't be less fun than right here."

Coughing and gasping in a puddle on the floor, costume sodden through, suddenly Grace has a jolly roger as well as Fiona for company, and she just gives Cillian a look of absolute trust and loyalty, like some sort of retarded puppy. "Ohhhh. Fee!" she manages. "He saved us!"

Josie was diving for an apple further down the trough when Grace had her accident, so she doesn't notice until she's wiped water out of her eyes, and Cillian's already draping the flag over them at that point. She starts to step over as well, only to be stopped by Pringle. Neither her sword nor axe are actually sharp, though the blade of the axe is charmed to make a chopping sound as the 'sharp' of the blade is touched.

At the *CHOP* sound from Josie's axe, Mr. Pringle arches an eyebrow. But, it's technically not in violation of the rules, so he hands the prop back to her and moves on. He has a couple of Japanese warriors to harass.

"You should know, this costume was Alphard's idea. So no one's making him dance. And I thought it was a brilliant idea, so I volunteered to join in." There's something taunting in the way Ria lets the word 'volunteer' roll of her tongue. "Apologies that it's no daytime and night time, but certainly loads more entertaining." She could go one with her jabs, but Zayn steps in bringing some sense back into her head and she backs off. "It most certainly does look better over there," she nods to Alphard, choosing to join his group instead. Hiking up her heavy skirts she moves alongside the Ravenclaw girl with not futher look to Lucian. "Andromena, I believe I'll need your help in the girl's room later. There are far too many bloody layers to this thing."

Fiona sputters as the flag gets dropped onto her wet face, she brushes it aside and looks up at Cillian, confused. "I ain't dead ye know." She wriggles out from underneath Grace and her giant cake costume only to realise she is stuck like a turtle - on her back. "Gracie, I can't get up." Fiona's arms flail like a muppet and her little feet kick. She tries to rock from side to side in the hopes she can flip over if there is enough momentum, but all she does is roll on half of her candy shell.

At Alphard's return, Lucian moves threateningly close, inches from the other boy. Growling low, under the general din of the Great Hall, he warns, "Watch yourself, Black. Give me an excuse. Any excuse."

"It's…it's nothing," Andromena says to Zayn, somewhat distracted. "Look, I have to step out for a bit." To Ria, the Ravenclaw gives an affirmative nod. "Certainly!" And then she skittered out.

Madame Patil is in full traditional Indian garb, in black and oranges. She smiles to the latest student that is casting their vote into a cauldron she's supervising. "Ghosts and Ghouls, children, please remember to cast your vote for your favorite Costume here." She gestures to the provided orange bits of parchment and the pen that looks like it's a dementor's finger and writes in dark brackish blood red ink.

Cillian just smiles kindly down to Grace and nods slowly, offering a hand to her. "Aye…dun worry luv, the captain's got ye…" He gestures towards Josie to join him. "We've got y-" Then he just blinks at Fiona. "Nah, but yer lookin' might tasty the both of ye, and well we wouldn't want anybody else claimin' ye for booty." He teases softly before he winces at Fiona's plight. "Ahh…c'mon then luv…Josie, 'elp me wit um. Oi…c'mon Magpie, stop yer spinning…" He's trying not to giggle. "Cake and Sweetie…I tink we 'ave new names for yer both…" But he is trying to help both Grace and Fiona to their feet.

Josie smiles as she accepts her axe back, hooking it to her bandolier once again. Turning, then, she hurries over to Cillian, Fiona, and Grace, joining in in helping get the latter two to their feet. "Cool costumes," she comments, as she does.

Zayn lets out a soft sigh as people start to leave around him, returning back to what he was doing before all this start, starting to make his wave up down his House's table. His eyes moving across his Housemates, making sure no other commotions come from the Slytherin table, stopping and stealing a few bites to eat here and there and chit chatting it up with a few of his House Mates. Also playing the part of a Genie and granting a few wishes along the way, playfully having fun with some of the underclassmen.

With Ria having moved on, Lucian deliberately tears his attention away from her and Alphard. Seeing a bit of fuss by the apple troughs, he hurries over to Josie's side, lending any aid necessary. "Everything alright?"

The only thing that keeps Angelus from chatting and having loads of fun with his fellow students is, in fact, that he's in polite, formal mode. Despite the costume he's cloaked in, Angelus stands now after loading his tummy with sweets close to the Gryffindor table. He simply watches, gaze sweeping over everyone while also passing over to the faculty's table. Oh, he's quite aware of the staff, and he's quite well-behaved and quiet because of it. In fact, as his blue eyes scan the hall, he pipes up whenever there's someone who's causing problems, loud enough for the nearest prefect to hear.

Grace turns to Fiona, admitting none too quietly, "He speaks funny, Fee. What did he say?"

Andrew has been here for awhile now his nose buried quietly in a book and trying to blend into the crowd. He is not dressed in a costume and seems to be doing his best to not attract attention to himself. Aparently the shy boy is not fond of parties. Turning the page of his book he glances up and around the room breifly before he looks back to his book once more.

Drolly, Flint stands and strides to place a cauldron of golden coated chocolates shaped like apples down before Artemis. "Congratulations. 20 points to Hufflepuff." A cauldron of large gummy bats is placed before Jose. "Don't choke. 10 Points for Gryffindor." Finally he separates a basket of random candy into two and gives them to Cory and to Fiona. "5 points to Slytherin and 5 points to Ravenclaw." With that the Headmaster turns and returns back to his throne. "Madam Patil will now host the Costume Contest…" He sounds quite relieved that he doesn't have to associate himself with that frivolity.

With a oamphf sound Fiona is back on her feet. "Thanks," she says to Josie, eyeing the unknown girl's weaponry, and to Cillian. "Uhm, here's your flag back." She thrusts the black flag at him. "He said we look like nice food, he likes our costumes and…some other pirate sort of stuff tht doesn't much matter." She looks at Grace and then at Cillian and then back at Grace again, "Gracie, did you agree to join the pirates? I told you they don't like families like ours. Think our parents have no character or honour because they don't want us hanging around muggles."

Kimiko decided against the apple-bobbing. That makeup took hours, after all! When Pringle comes around and snatches her naginata, she squeaks in protest, but quickly ducks her head when she realizes who it is.

Colton is being good, but after his weapon check and Pringle's back is turned he demonstrates 'fanning' and there's six quick *bangbangbangbangbang* pointed at Pringle's back before he swirls the gun around on his finger before holstering it.

Grace frowns a little bit as she tries to take in the fact that somebody might not like her family. She thinks. It's clearly difficult for her. "But my daddy is really nice," she reasons slowly. "I can't be a pirate because you don't like my daddy? That's… that's not very nice!" She sniffles a bit, wiping her nose with one chubby hand. "I know! I will ask him to send you cakes, then you'll like him!"

Niko looks up at Pringle with a smile, "Mr. Pringle." he says warmly, looking between Kimiko and the Caretaker, curiously. "Everything okay Mr. Pringle?" he asks curiously, the warm smile still on his face, that can be seen through his half masks, before he picks up his cup and takes a sip of his apple cider. His bluish green eyes still looking at the Caretaker with that warmth and innocent, Niko always seems to carry around with him.

"Oh, thanks, Professor!" Artemis beams delightfully at her 'reward.' Which she immediately sets on Slytherins table. She likes to share, what can she say. She does scan the room until she catches sight of Noalan, gesturing towards the cauldron much the same way she does when she spies Alphard.

Lillian sweeps into the hall fasionably late and glances around the room as she makes her way to where the Slytherins are sitting. The short blonde is dressed in a elegant pale blue and white gown and has even used some sort of dye to turn her hair snow white for the evening. A spiky tiara made of what looks like real ice is worn on her head. Its not excatly a costume but she certainly looks striking. As she glides into the room and takes a seat she glances around and a look of disapointment crosses her features for a brief moment.

Pringle shows surprising care when he unsheathes Niko's blades…certainly far more tenderness than he's ever shown a student. Verifying that they are, indeed, dull, he snaps them back into their sheathes and nods. "Fine, Denholm. Carry on." Niko has never made it onto the caretaker's List, so Pringle doesn't address him with the usual sharp edge to his voice.

When Fiona has a basket of candy thrust at her, now that she is on her feet again, she looks bemused but calls over her thanks to the headmaster. "Look Grace, we got some sweets." Not I, but we. She looks around, wondering where her other bestie is but having not know what Angelus' costume was going to be she doesn't spot him.

Cillian just blinks and takes a deep breath, just eyeing Fiona for a moment. "…why are ye tellin' this pretty girl that nonsense?" He just blink blink blinks. "I never said anyting of the sort, the pirates be lovin' any and everybody, no mater what their blood may be. I was givin' ye some personal advice because its important to remember to follow yer heart and be kind to people. Not that yer Da doesn't have /honor/?" He pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment. "Grace, luv…I dun know yer daddy, but I'm sure to raise such a smart, and beautiful young girl he has to be an amazin' man." He looks to Fiona. "Fiona, I also do not know yer father, so I cannae make a judgment about somebody I don't know. Yer wonderful. The pirates have every sort of blood save for chocolate blood because I'm still working that out…and I don't think its actually possible…but the important thing, about being a Pirate, is knowin' that no matter what happens, you'll always care for those in need." He bows his head respectfully before backing up and away from the two, draping a flag over his arm.

Josie nods quickly to Lucian and says, "It's ok, I think." She blinks as Flint presents her with the gummy bats, but smiles, "Thanks, sir." After the professor is gone she says to Fiona and Grace, "Your dads don't have anything to do with it, it's what you do. Staying away from muggles is smart, muggles can be dangerous and you can't use magic around them, but staying away from muggle-borns is stupid." She nods emphatically then to what Cillian says.

Grace giggles as she wrings out one arm of her costume. "Fee, he said I'm smart! And beautiful!" She pauses, then claps her hands excitedly. "Sweets!"

Niko smiles at Mr. Pringle, "Thank you Mr. Pringle." is all he says softly with a small nod as the swords are returned, offering a smile back to Kimiko, "I am having a good deal of fun with you." he says nudging her softly with a smile, moving to cuddle closer to her, despite the armor, "Though I am rather excited about…" he says leaning in and whispering in her air, "Dancing with you." he says with a soft nod.

Fiona looks after Cillian, not sure she buys his act yet, too much charm maybe. She's suspicious. Then Josie is speaking to her again, "It is not stupid," she argues. "My brother went and left us for that…that…STRUMPET…and now he's not my brother anymore so it is not stupid and you don't know anything because you….you're like a boy girl!" Which is the best insult ever. She shoves her basket of sweets into Grace's chubby little hands and waddles for the door, sniffling because she got water up her nose.

Thank goodness for heavy white makeup to hide Kimiko's blush. She beams up at Niko, her hand going to slip into his. "Think you'll manage in your geta?" She's mentioned the Japanese name for the blocky sandals before. "You seem to be getting around alright, even if you're still a million times taller than I am."

"Feeeeeee!" Grace calls after her friend, hurrying to catch up. Which in itself is amusing, little legs poking from her giant cake costume, wobbling back and forth as she waddles after Fiona, but with the basket of sweets held out in one hand it's truly comical. "Fee! Where are you going? We were going to have lemonade!"

Cillian just blinks and watches after Fiona with a slow blink as he looks over to Josie and then back after Fiona and sighs, rubbing his forehead and taking a deep breath. "…Grace dear, after the feast come and see me. My fathers sent a delicious chocolate cake, and I want to make sure you get a slice." He speaks slowly and clearly in an accent that's much unlike his normal one, polished and crisp and British before clearing his throat and slipping back into his normal accent. "Oi! Sweetie!" He chases after the two girls, gesturing for Josie to follow. "C'mon then…also, I be tinkin' 'stupid' is be a bad word…when talkin' to girls."

Patil gracefully swishes to the center of the open area once the troughs have all disappeared again. She is finished with counting the votes. "Would Alphard, Kimiko, and Niko please come to the center here and display your costumes. Fiona, Zayn and Josephine if you would come forward as well. There is a tie for third place. When I place my hand over their heads students, please cheer for the one you like most."

Josie doesn't seem at all bothered by the 'insult', but instead just confused at the mention of brothers and such. She blinks a few times, then nodding to Cillian when he says stupid is a bad word with girls, "Maybe, I guess, yeah." She may be a girl herself, but she seems just as confused as Cillian as she starts to quickly follow, detouring slightly to retrieve her hat from the table where she was sitting.

Grace's jaw drops. "You can speak normally! I thought you had a nasty disease or something so you had to speak pikey but you don't! Yay!" She claps her little pudgy hands again, sweets falling from the basket tucked over her arm as she does. "Oo, Fee, you've won!" she decides when Patil speaks. That's exactly what the teacher meant, right? "Good, because you've got the BEST COSTUME EVER! It's a sweet!" She turns to tell Cillian, "Fiona's a sweet." In case it wasn't clear.

Briar's been keeping surprisingly quiet, that's because she's drank Volubilis Potion so then she cheers, "JOSIE!" It echoes through the Great Hall like a thunderous Banshee's wail.

Lots of people seem to be calling her name, but Grace is the loudest and the one Fiona knows the best. She turns around with a heavy sigh and nods to her fellow foodie costumed first year. "Lemonade," she agrees. But then Mrs Patil, that nice lady from the library is wanting her to come forward. "But I voted for Gracie, her costume is loads better." She seems confused and now has to waddle all the way back over to the middle of the Great Hall, it's not called great for nothin' you know. "I'll be right back Grace." She pats her friend's hand, "Hold onto the sweeties. Don't let nobody have them." Cillian gets the eye, because she means he can't have her sweets. Then it is waddle waddle waddle over to the middle near Mrs Patil.

Niko takes Kimiko's hand and moves towards the stage, holding her hand close as they walk, towards the center of the stage. Niko leaning in, "I told you we would be stunning." he whispers in her ear softly, with offering her a smile. He makes sure to not slip on the wooden block sandals, as he walks, whispering in her ear softly, "And on dancing I will manage anything for you." he says offering her a small nod.

As Zayn is called up, he looks a bit surprised he wasn't expecting to be called up at all. He stops chatting with the Second Year, who has asking him more about Middle-Eastern mythology, moving on his way to come up, though he manages to trip a little bit, obviously a little bit nervous, almost loosing his step causing a few people to laugh. Waving his hands a bit, be takes his place were he is suppose too.

Angelus offers a smile politely and a bow to others. His blue eyes flick about, watching and taking notes. He frowns when his eyes land on Josie, Cillian, and Fiona, and is immediately half walking, half running after the Ravenclaw. But he slows down when he passes Josie, whispering, "Watch what you say, Davies." His voice raises as he calls out, hood being pulled off to reveal his white, skeletal painted face. "Fiona!"

"Both ways are normal, luv. I 'ave two fathers after all." Cillian explains to Grace with a small smile before he turns his attention to the new voting tie thing and he has to look between Fiona…and then back to Josie and then back to Fiona and then back to Josie, and then over to Angelus with a squint and then back to Fiona and back to Josie and then back over to Grace and then back over to Fiona and then back over to Josie.

Kimiko gasps lightly when she hears her name. But for once, her excitement doesn't bubble over into clumsy antics. She raises with all the grace of an Empress, her every movement controlled and elegant. Her hand tenderly in Niko's she smiles demurely at him. "Now don't go making me light-headed in front of everyone."

Fiona does her three point turn, required by the costume, and waves to Angelus. "Gel!" She grins seeing her other best friend and points to Grace. "Go wait near Gracie. Guard her and the sweets!" She looks up at all the older students, realising she is the only first year up at the front and tries to remember to be calm. Chest out. Chin up. She's a puffed up boiled sweet.

Josie stops following as she hears Patil call her name, and she stops, glancing to Cillian a moment, and then moves quickly to take her place. She glances up to Angelus at the whisper, but then since Fiona's coming to the middle too she says quickly, and softly, to Fiona, "Sorry."

Gage is way too nervous and afraid to speak loudly, let alone cheer. But he does eye Josie hopefully.

Fiona looks over at Josie and her chin dips as the older girl inadvertently reminds little Fiona of what she had been upset over in the first place. "'s fine," she mumbles, her accent thickening. Her blue gaze falls to the floor, her red bathing cap head dropping as she becomes a dejected sweet. Fiona turns her head and spies her brother sitting with some other Gryffindors. She smiles when Gilroy winks at her and makes a silly face, her comfort if not her confidence returning slowly.

Grace turns to Angelus, informing him, "Fiona's got the best costume EVER. I love sweets. Do you like sweets? Sweets are great! And Fiona's a big sweetie with a wrapper on!" She beams, clapping again for her friend. "I hope nobody eats her up."

Patil gives Fiona a little side hug that makes a crinkly sound as she lightly squishes the wrapper around Fiona. "If you get it you can share as much of your prize with her as you like sweetheart. That would be very nice of you." When the cheering indeed turns out to be in Fiona's favor it's a large basket of sweets for her! And, "5 points for Ravenclaw!" Patil is rather girlish with her excitement for Fiona. "Samurai Denholm. Without you, the effect would not have been the same, I have asked you up her so that you may present your Empress with her prize." She offers Niko a cauldron of sweets and on top of the sweets is a scroll gift certificate for one galleon at Twilfits & Tattings! "Miss Saito…forgive me…Empress Jingu, 20 points for your most honorable House." Patil gives Kimiko a bow. Then she turns to give Alphard his prize of 5 galleons at Twilfit & Tattings and a large hollowed out pumpkin filled with sweets.

Kimiko even manages to contain what should have been a squeal of delight. Instead, she bows deeply to Madam Patil, her dark eyes thrilling at the librarian's own perfect bow. "Thank you, Madam Patil. You honour us."

Grace bounces around in a little circle, cheering. "Fiona won! Fiona won!" she whoops, oblivious to little things like factual accuracy.

Niko follows in suit giving Madam Patil a small bow before accepting the cauldron, turning and bowing a little bit offering it to Kimiko, "Empress, your prize for taking the battlefield." he says softly, "You have brought great honor to our House." he says standing back up after she takes it.

A hug AND more sweets. Fiona is in heaven. Points? Well those are nice too but sweets she can eat. "Thank you, Mrs Patil." She reaches into her basket, her second basket of the night, and takes out a handful - albeit small because her hand is small - then offers them to Josie. "For you. I like your costume, it is pretty." Then she is waddling back over to her two best friends. "Grace! Angelus! Look more sweets!" It is as if the world is paved with sweets today.

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