(1938-11-01) Alternative to the Dance
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Summary: The youngsters get a little costume party / hangout in the club room while the upperclassmen get to dance.
Date: November 1, 1938
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts
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Angelus leads her up the staircases first, stopping by the Gryffindor tower to grab a bag before he makes his way down to the club room. No one else is in the room, and there is a single table set up there, which the boy walks to and sets the bag down on its surface. He turns to Fiona, and hums softly at a thought. “Hey, Fi,” he says. “Do you know which bed is Elspeth Rosen’s? You /have/ to get hers.” A grin, though a slightly bitter one, flicks against his mouth. Of course, if it had been him, he wouldn’t just stop at a harmless little prank. There’s a clearly some dislike for Elspeth.

"Not really but I'll do as many as I can. I'm on my own so I don't know what I'll be able to do." Fiona kneels on a chair as she watches him set up. And she really watches Angelus, trying to look for clues which will answer the question that is puzzling her. "Who is she? Do you fancy her or something?"

Out of the bag Angelus pulls out a bunch of snacks that he tosses on the table, plus some games that is set at the end of the table. What’s in the bag is definitely more than what the bag appears to be able to hold. A loud laugh is suddenly let out as he leans against the table with a hand, and he turns to her. “Not with my standards,” he says as his laughter slowly fades. “I just want her to be taken down a notch.” For a moment there’s actual hate in his eyes, flickering there as his lips twitch with a bitter smile. “She’s the reason my cousin joined the Mud Club, and she’s trying to taint our family by latching onto my brother.” That’s his perception, anyway. He lets out a sigh, and turns to the table. He plucks two pieces of hard chocolate from a bag, popping one into his mouth and holding the other out in his palm to Fiona.

Fiona reaches over and takes the chocolate. "Oh," she offers eloquently before eating the confectionary. "Do you fancy anybody?" She's like a dog with a bone that girl. With her other hand she sets her slim piccolo case down on the table between them.

Megan steps into the club room and quickly surveys it to see who else is milling about. In her arms are a couple games of her own that she thought someone might be interested in playing.

Grace has brought cake. This is probably not a massive surprise, nor is the fact that one of the cakes has a suspicious chunk missing from the corner of one slice, and there are a few stains of dropped chocolate curls down Gracie's front.

Fiona flips open her piccolo case and puts the ends of the small woodwind instrument together. "Gracie!" she exclaims seeing her other best friend arrive. "And Meg!" There is a new addition to her school uniform, a silver Magijugend pendant that hangs to the middle of her chest. "We should've had you bring your bassoon Grace, then we could duet."

Angelus raises a hand and waves it lightly, forgetting about Elspeth. He sucks on the chocolate, one side of his cheek pouching out as he pushes it to the side. A short chuckle escapes him, arching an eyebrow as he watches Fiona. “Why are you curious all of a sudden?” A grin flicks out against his lips. “Hey, May,” he greets when his blue eyes flick to his sister. And then he looks over to Grace, his smile that he offers her a little more reserved, but he dips his head politely to her. He steps away from the table, which already has a bunch of sweets and snacks on it – and games. Things to entertain!

Grace carefully sets the cakes down on the table, beaming a huge smile over at Angelus and Fiona both. "Shall I go and get it?" she asks, incapable of making these decisions for herself. "Oo! I like your necklace!"

"Hi everybody," Megan replies, before adding her games to the pile on the table. The cake quickly gets her attention.

Fiona thinks about it and then nods to Grace, "Go get it. It will be amazing. We can play Amazing Grace!" She giggles at the idea and thinks there is nothing at all comical about a duet between a bassoon and a piccolo, the two were made for each other. Like Grace and Fiona. Complimentary. She holds her piccolo in her hand.

Invited? Not? Who knows…Cillian who did spend some time crying has taken the time to wipe his tears and he comes carefully tugging along a chest with two large chocolate cakes balancing on it, and he has to enter backwards of course, heaving and hoping.

Grace claps sticky hands together, giggling as she disappears for a moment, trundling off only to return a few minutes later with a bassoon case swinging in one hand.

Glancing over at Angelus, Fiona shrugs in response to his question, "Just wondering is all. I'm supposed to protect you remember?" As she waits for Grace to return Fee sets her piccolo in the case and hops down of the chair she was kneeling on to move over to Cillian. "Want some help?" Visibly resting against the front of her jumper is her Magijugend pendant, a new addition to her uniform since the last time he saw her.

Angelus is soon crunching into the candy in his mouth, and swallowing it. “I’m so fortunate that you do,” he says softly to Fiona, giving her shoulder a squeeze as he flashes a grin. He lowers his head closer to hers and says more lowly, “I’ll tell you later,” and offers her a smile. Now there’s people, and he’s done with the private chat. “Peele!” he greets, and his eyes light up at the desserts. “Can always trust the pirates to have more sweets.” He grins.

Cory wander's into the Club Room and blinks. "Did somebody say something about Sweet's?"

"Not at the moment luv, but thank ye…I've got it, but here, ye can…" Cillian reaches over to carefully pick up one of the cake plates and turn to offer the platter of sorts to Fiona. "Can ye put that on the table over there…I'll get the other one." Then he looks over to Angelus and flashes a grin. "…seein' as we kinda have a monopoly on 'em in the School, tis a bit easy to provide."

Fiona takes the platter and looks at it curiously as she sets it on the table. She frowns as Grace leaves, thinking maybe she ought to follow the Hufflepuff and make sure Grace doesn't end up in the wrong corridor again. But then something Cillian says gives her pause and her attention turns back to him. "How can you have a monopoly when people get them in the post?"

Megan takes a slice each from two of the cakes and sits down at the table, eyeing the moist confections eagerly. Fortunately her skin has returned to normal overnight (she appeared to be a life-size wooden doll the previous day).

Cory is still standing at the doorway, seeing nobody reply to him he begins to cross his arms until somebody notices him at last.

"On more sweets, not on all the sweets…besides, they be a good commodity…remind me one day to show you ah, the stash we may or may not 'ave…" Cillian grins and shakes his head before sighing softly. "Me Da makes me Father order the special chocolate for these cakes, and then he sends me them on special holidays, sometimes…they be spiced, or coffee but these are nothin' but chocolate. I mean, there's flour but mostly…just chocolate, in the middle? Just pure gooey chocolate and the frostin' is chocolate and the cake is chocolate but I tink one has white chocolate inside…" He trails off and looks over towards Cory. "Oi, c'mon…aren't ye going to party, can't be 'avin grumpy gusses."

“That’s brilliant, Peele,” Angelus says, dipping his head. Every time that someone new enters the club room, Angelus turns his gaze towards the door and steps off to greet them. Just like his father would at one of the parties hosted at the Eibon manor. “Travers,” he says in greeting, his easy smile friendly. “You can come all the way in, you know. Everyone is welcome. There are snacks over on the table.”

Cory gets a little nod from Fiona, she doesn't really know the Slytherin but has seen him around and in classes. When Cillian explains about the chocolate and his dads sending sweets she nods, because parents should send sweets if nothing else. The girl chews on her bottom lip as Cillian talks about showing her commodities. "Maybe some day," she says noncommittally and makes her way over to her piccolo and its case. Giving Megan, Angelus and Ahnaliese a knowing look the Ravenclaw packs up her things and yawns exaggeratedly. "I'm beat. I think I'm going to go to bed."

Cory nods, he notices the Piccolo case and smiles. "I play the flute myself but left it in my room, do you know if there's a club or something for us musical inclined people?"

Ahnaliese, having slipped in at some point and having kept more or less to herself, returns Fiona's brief attention long enough to say, "Get a good sleep." More to herself she says, "Maybe I should get some sleep too." She stands and reaches for her unicorn-on-a-stick, leaning carefully against the wall nearby, and glances at some of the treats once again.

Cillian just chuckles lowly to himself and nods to Angelus. "Ye know how I do…" Then he turns to look over to Fiona and quirks an eyebrow at her yawn, head tilting before he just ahhs and bows his head for a moment. "Well." A pause. "I'll make sure to be savin' some cake for ye and Grace."

"There is the arts club," Fiona tells Cory. She thinks about her earlier conversation with Angelus and slips over to kiss Cillian on the cheek, whispering to him before she heads out, waving to everyone else.

Cory nods. "I will look to join the Arts club then." he moves over to the table to get something to snack on, any sweets if he can grab some.

Grabbing her unicorn-on-a-stick, Ahnaliese slips back over to the treats, and hesitates near the cake. After a moment she groans, and then turns, swings her leg over the stick, and play-gallops her unicorn-on-a-stick toward the doorway. "Bye!" she calls.

“Ahnaliese,” Angelus suddenly pipes up as he notices her. He tries to step in front of her to stop her, a smile flicking out at her. “I didn’t even notice you entering. Did you get something to eat?” His blue eyes glance around and falls on Fiona, quirking a curious brow as he watches her with Cillian. The frown is brief, clearing his throat as he returns his gaze on Ahnaliese, smiling kindly.

Cillian turns slightly to blink as he receives a kiss on the cheek and then the whisper just makes him blink again before he smiles a bit and shakes his head watching after Fiona and then blinking before taking a deep breath and moving a hand to his cheek, eye wide. Dear god…Cooties. Deep breath and it’s time to serve cake.

Ahnaliese acts like she has to reign in the unicorn she rides. "Woh, there," she says, pulling the stick off to one side so she doesn't smash Angelus with it. "Maybe," she says as her oxford booties clap to a stop on the floor. "Actually, I'm sick of sweets right now. I want them, but they make me feel bad inside." Smirking a little she whispers, "Did you see Donnelly just there!?" She shrugs a shoulder back at Cillian while giving a little nod that way as well.

Cory is standing by the table stuffing himself with sweets like cake and candy, he's not caring what's happen. Cory begins to stuff his robe pockets with some wrapped stuff for a later snack.

“Too much, huh?” Angelus says on a nod. “I guess Hufflepuff is used to having a buffet table set up.” He hums thoughtfully, arching a brow before he shakes his head and lifts his shoulders. “What about her?” he asks, rocking back casually on his feet. “Did she do something?” His eyes lift and flick over to Cillian, which Angelus casually lifts his head to him, before he looks to Ahnaliese. “There are games over at the table. You want to play?” He gestures with his head, stepping around her and starting towards the table. “Peele, Travers, up for a game of exploding snaps?”

Cillian pauses in where he's cutting into that extremely rich chocolate cake and he just gives a small nod. "Aye…don't see why not…"

Cory looks over to Angelus and nods. "Sure, I'm free for a game or two." he stuff's another handful of sweets into his pocket before heading over to the table with the games.

"Hufflepuff makes me not like food so much, actually," Ahnaliese says. "It's always everywhere." Pulling her unicorn-on-a-stick up and setting it on its end like a walking staff, Ahnaliese looks back at the game table. She smiles a little. "I'll play," she says, glancing at Cory and Cillian as she moves back that way.

Angelus grins and bobs his head. He grabs a deck of cards before he flops down comfortably onto the floor, one leg raised so that he can lean an arm on top. “Okay, then,” he says cheerfully. He glances over the each as he shuffles the wizarding cards.

Cillian is dressed in his costume btw still as he settles down at the table to Angelus, setting a plate of cake in front of him before placing two more plates on the table as well, getting ready to do this thang.

Elise has a costume, which she'd gotten ready when she'd thought she was going to the Feast. But the older student who'd promised to take her had found his date at the last minute, leaving her high and dry. So she's here now, dressed in the very loveliest dress, the very picture of a fairy princess, with ephemeral butterfly wings and a soft white dress that seems to almost float around her ankles. Her hair's been curled and there's a subtle perfume about her - something like new spring grass and lemons. She looks the prettiest she's ever looked. "Hello!" she sing-songs as she comes through the door on silver slipper-clad feet.

Ahnaliese drops down onto her knees on the floor with Angelus and Cillian, dressed in her usual Hogwarts uniform, and rests her unicorn-stick beside her. Glancing from Angelus briefly, she finds her eyes on and asks Cillian, "Is Donnelly your —your girlfriend?" Her eyes narrow briefly as she studies him, presently unaware of the pretty Elise and her entry.

Cory takes a seat to and watch's you shuffle the cards. "No cheating now."

Cillian gets to his feet when Elise is arriving and his eyebrows raise a fraction as he bows deeply, ever the elegant uh pirate captain and he removes his hat before bowing once more and he offers a hand. "Oi! Lookit the site of ye! Yer like a princess, come and 'ave a seat and some cake. Me Da sent it. It pretty much mostly chocolate…more chocolate than flour I tink and in the middle is just gooey chocolate…and that other can has gooey white chocolate in its middle…" Then…Ahnaliese asks THAT question and Cillian's good eye just widens as he blinks. "…I hope she wants to uh, be me friend…but I'm only /12/."

"Cillian doesn't want a girlfriend," Elise says quietly to Ahnaliese as she takes a seat, after curtseying elegantly to Cillian with a little grin. "Thank you, Captain," she tells him, happy with the compliment. She glances at the shuffling cards before looking with interest at the cake. "Yes, please, I'd love some." She settles, wings fluttering.

Angelus is quick to look up as Elise enters, but he’s not so quick to greet her. He hums thoughtfully, regarding the girl and her costume as a smile slips softly against his lips. He is not in his costume, not since the feast, simply in his school uniform with his Eye of Truth pendant dangling in front. “Harper,” he greets as he lifts his hand in a wave, which ends up beckoning her over. “We’re about to play exploding snaps.” A snigger suddenly escapes the third year a moment after Ahnaliese’s question, but he quickly clears his throat and offers a sweet, toothy grin. “Aren’t into girls yet, Peele?” A smirk touches his lips, but his tone has a bit of relief to it.

Ahnaliese takes all this in quietly, save for a, "Hi, Harper. You look really pretty." Distracted with this sentiment, Ahnaliese looks over her costume for a bit. The half-scowl on her face is perhaps due to the information she's just taken in, however. At length her eyes turn to Cory, and she watches him, still scowling with her thoughts.

"Oi!" Cillian tsks as he sets a plate in front of Elise with a fork before looking back to Ahnaliese. "Remind me to get ye somethin' special, that's not sweet…mebbe somethin' stuffed or fruity…" He trails off before quickly shaking his head. "And I be /12/. I 'ave lots of friends who are girls and they like me and I like them…none of 'em be interested in me like that they just like bein' wit a boy who will protect and care about 'em to his dyin' day."

"Angelus," Elise says, greeting the boy by his first name - there are just too many Eibon's around to bother with the family name. "I've never actually played that," she confesses. "Thank you," she says for the compliment. But she catches Ahnaliese's scowl, and mistaking it for some sort of disapproval, Elise self-consciously reaches up to adjust the dainty little circlet perched in her dark hair - just the right touch for a fairy princess. "Is something the matter?" she asks, almost timidly. She looks at Cillian when he talks about how none of his female friends are interested in him like that — and it's quite clear that she disagrees with him, and in fact likes him, herself. And from the way she lowers her eyes after a moment and picks up her cake and starts gently poking it with her fork it's also clear that she's not about to correct him.

Angelus lowers his eyes to the floor as he sets the deck down, turning over the top card. He smirks, but he doesn’t lift his eyes. “So keep an eye out for pairs,” he says aloud. He lifts his gaze as Elise asks if something is wrong, and he arches a brow, looking between Cillian, Elise, Ahnaliese, and Cory. Angelus smirks as he regards Ahnaliese. “Are you interested in someone, Ahnaliese?” he asks with a grin. “Or did you want to pick up tips?”

Ahnaliese shakes her head quickly in response to Elise's question, and glances at her circlet before meeting Cillian's gaze as he begins talking, but as he continues she looks to Elise and the cake Cillian has given her. Seeing as Cillian seemingly knows her much better, what he offers she assumes is for Elise's ears.

Ahnaliese laughs a little and repeats Angelus' question: "Tips? No, I just —Donnelly kissed him!" she says, gesturing at Cillian. With a little smirk she asks, looking between Angelus, Cillian, and Cory, "Do lots of girls kiss you boys?" To Elise she turns and asks, "Do you kiss lots of boys?"

As if to reiterate it, to Cillian Ahnaliese repeats, "She kissed you!"

Cory looks sicks at all this talk of kissing and stuff, he stands up at last. "If all you’re going to talk about is Kissing then I'm leaving."

Cillian's lips part as he just blinks slowly and he looks from Elise and then to Angelus and then to Ahnaliese and he carefully forks some of his chocolate cake. "…she did? Well imagin' that…" He drawls softly. "Tell me, 'ave you ever considered bein' a Pirate?" He asks, chaaange the suuubjeeect.

Elise goes a little pale at the news that Fiona kissed Cillian. "What?" she whispers. She looks a bit lost at sea, truth be told. But at Cillian's return question - she did? - Elise's gaze sharpens and she stares hard at Ahnaliese. "Who told you that?" she asks. "Was it Fiona? Surely you didn't see it with your own eyes."

Angelus locks his eyes on Ahnaliese as he frowns disapprovingly at her. “Things aren’t always as they appear,” he quips. He clears his throat and places a hand on the floor behind him, shifting his position and standing up. His eyes flick over to regard Cillian, quirking a brow curiously, but then trailing his gaze towards Elise and to Ahnaliese. “You’re going to set the wrong idea about. Drop it.”

Cory turns to leave but stops at the door. "What are Pirates?"

Ahnaliese watches Cillian closely for a moment, listening to Angelus' words before saying anything. "No..I-" She looks aside at Elise and shakes her head, looking a little annoyed, and glancing up at Cory at his announcement. Her eyes narrow at everything going on because of her and she shrugs more or less to herself. "Nevermind, I won't talk about it then. I just -apparently it doesn't matter. Kissing—" she trails off. "It's just like she's a little sister or something," she mumbles. If her expression looks a little dark as she reaches for and grabs a card from the stack, what of it?

"Pirates be somethin' very important, ahhh Mousie dear, here…eat some cake." Cillian offers the forkful of cake to Elise and then looks over to Ahnaliese. "It’s alright luv, just a tiny bit of sugar…it does it to us, this holiday sets us all on edge." He looks to Cory. "See me later, I'll talk to ye about tings."

Elise stabs her cake with her fork a little viciously for such a daintly little fairy princess costume. "Spreading rumors, that horrid little thing," she mutters. "I should have a very stern talk with her." She looks at Angelus and raises her eyebrows. "What?" she asks him. "Who's going to set a wrong idea — about what?" And then Cillian's offering her a forkful of cake. She blinks at it, then leans forward and takes the bite. And she blushes, just a bit, flicking her dark eyes up to his face and away again quickly. "It's good cake," she murmurs.

A soft chuckle escapes Angelus, and he lowers a hand to tap Ahnaliese’s shoulder, as if comfortingly. Before he says anything, however, the boy is arching a brow and shifting his gaze over onto Elise. “I’d warn you to watch your tongue, Harper,” he says, quite polite despite the fact that his eyes give her a cold look.

Ahnaliese flips another card, and then another, continuing to flip cards aimlessly for a bit— she's obviously not playing the game as it ought to be— she's playing by herself for one, and not following any apparent rules. "I should go," she remarks, giving Cillian and Elise a glance, and then Angelus another.

Poking at one of the eyes on her unicorn-on-a-stick, Ahnaliese retrieves her ride, and pushes to her feet. "Goodnight," she says at large.

Cillian just looks to Angelus for a moment, narrowing his eyes. "Ye look after yer own and I'd look after me own…no need to be warnin'." His own voice is quite polite as he turns to cards, pausing only to get to his feet to bow to Ahnaliese when she takes her leave. "We'll be in touch, 'ave a good night."

Elise frowns at Angelus. "I beg your pardon?" she asks. "What did I say?" she asks Cillian quietly after he goes all protective and cute.

Angelus arches a brow as he regards Cillian, letting out a soft hum. He dips his head, his lips twitching lightly as he gestures with a hand. “I’m just pointing out that her comment was unnecessary.” Her eyes shift onto Elise, watching her for a second longer before he lets out a breath. “I’ve got to get to the commons. I’ll see you back there, Peele.” He lowers his chin politely to Cillian.

"Just blame it on me," Ahnaliese mumbles. "If only I had a hovering charm on this thing," she says, throwing a leg over her unicorn-on-a-stick. Looking back at Elise, Angelus, and Cillian she says, "Would you believe that the make-believe really annoys me?"

"Hyah," she says, turning back about and play-galloping out of the club room, her oxford booties stamping along as she goes. "Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop goes the first-year," she says as she departs.

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