(1938-11-01) Congratulations in Order
Details for Congratulations in Order
Summary: Angelus is thrilled that Fiona got into the Magijugend.
Date: November 1, 1938
Location: Empty Corridor, Hogwarts
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Fiona climbs slowly down the stairs from the headmaster's office and then breaks into a run only to collide with Angelus and end up sprawled on the floor. "Ow," she says as she slowly gets to her feet, rubbing her elbow. Her silver Magijugend pendant hangs in the middle of her chest, visible to anyone and everyone.

“Fi!” Angelus says out in surprise, quickly lowering to her and offering to help her up. Both his hands are held out to her, wincing a little. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

She accepts the help up and then brushes herself off. "It's just an elbow," says Fiona. "I fell on the stairs yesterday." Which is not what happened but she's sticking to that story. "Look Gel, he let me in." She thrusts her chest out proudly so he can see the pendant. "He got your letter."

“Still,” Angelus says, shrugging his shoulders lightly and stepping back once she’s back up. “I’m sorry. That was my fault; I should have been paying more attention.” A smile slips across his lips as he watches her. It widens into a grin as his blue eyes flick to the pendant, and he dips his head in confidence. “Of course he did,” he says undoubtedly. “That’s great, Fi.” He’s quite thrilled, the grin tugging against his lips as a delighted look flickers in his eyes.

"Yeah," says Fiona but the word trails off as if she isn't so sure now. "He said he didn't think Gracie would be good in it and she's my other best friend. I don't like having secrets from Grace. I have to make her clever enough so that Flint lets her join." The Irish girl frowns, trying to imagine how on earth she can make poor dim-witted Grace Thurkell clever.

Angelus lifts a brow and tilts his head a slight bit. A hum escapes him as he considers, his eyes trailing off a ways before he brings his gaze back to Fiona. “Does she want to?” he asks curiously. “Oh, by the way, your costumes were great, you know.”

Maybe Grace doesn't want to, but Fiona shrugs, "She will." Because Grace will do whatever Fiona tells her. Putting that aside for now she grins, "Thanks. We worked hard on them. I thought Grace's was better though. She was the best cake there."

A hum escapes him, nodding his head. A soft and brief smile twitches against his lips. But then Angelus lets out a sigh, and he asks, “Why doesn’t he think she’d be good?” A brow arches lightly, suspiciously. “Is something wrong with the Thurkells? I have,” he starts, but pauses for a second as he glances around the corridor before he leans automatically closer to Fiona, voice lowering, “my cousins. And you, your brother. What could be worse?”

"She's a bit thick. Haven't you heard them call her Thick Thurkell?" Fiona looks around to make sure Grace isn't around to hear it. "But she's really nice and a good friend." Her hands slip into the pockets of her skirt. "I think Cillian maybe fancies her. He was upset when he thought I made her not like him. He looked sorta upset when we left last night."

“Uh-“ Angelus lifts his shoulders and gives his head a shake. It’s probably better that he doesn’t comment about that. His gaze is drawn along the corridor as he lets out a soft hum, considering while he watches the corridor. When he returns his eyes onto her, a smile twitches softly against his lips. “She sounds rather loyal to you.” He hums, bobbing his head as he thinks. “That might make Flint decide to accept her.” He shrugs easily.

"Maybe," but Fiona isn't so sure. She chews a little pensively on her bottom lip. "Or maybe he fancied me. I don't know. Not sure how to tell if anyone fancies anyone really. 'Cept if they tell you." Her chin lifts and she looks up at Angelus. "What would you do if you fancied a girl? Like how would you show her?" Her eyes widen a little as a thought occurs to her, "Do you fancy girls? Cillian has two dads and there is a boy in year seven who fancies other boys."

Angelus shakes his head and lets out a soft breath. “Well, as long as she doesn’t turn to the Mud Club, right?” He steps up close to Fiona, around to her side, and reaches out to lay a hand on her shoulder. “Just because she isn’t in the Magijugend doesn’t mean she’s not your friend. Don’t you think she’d understand if you couldn’t tell her something?” A smirk touches the boy’s lips at her questions. “I would tell her,” he says simply enough, shoulders lifting as he lets out a chuckle. “And give her gifts. And give her affection.” A grin slips across his face and, as if to demonstrate, he leans closer to Fiona to kiss her cheek. “It doesn’t matter, if Peele isn’t a pure-blood then why even consider it?”

Fiona rolls her eyes, "Don't be silly. You don't fancy me." She purses her lips. "Well, no I suppose it doesn't matter no. I mean I don't fancy Cillian. He's…he does make me feel funny though. In the book Mother gave me it says when you start to go through puberty you might feel funny about other people." She looks up at Angelus, "Do you think because Cillian makes me feel funny it means I fancy him but don't know it?"

Angelus smirks and lets out a soft chuckle. But he doesn’t comment anymore, a little twinkle flashing in his eyes. A hum escapes him as his amusement fades, a brow arching thoughtfully. “Funny?” he queries with a tilt of his head. “I don’t know what girls feel,” he says and reaches out to smooth out a strand of her hair in an idle gesture. He lets out a hum, and then grins, lifting his arm to drape around Fiona’s shoulders. “I’m going to say no,” he starts, letting out a ‘heh,’ “because every girl, when they fancy a boy, fancies me, too.” He nods confidently. “It’s a known thing. They just can’t resist.” His head lifts proudly, even as a playful grin snakes its way out across his face.

"Well that's just silly Gel," Fiona says solemnly. "Not every girl is going to fancy you. Some girls don't like blonde hair and some don't like ginger and some don't like short boys or tall boys or boys at all." Shaking her head she adds, "Logically it just won't be true. Some girls will like you, sure, but not all of them and probably not girls that like Cillian because he's very different to you and if you like one type of boy you probably aren't going to like another type of boy who's totally different to the first type of boy." Following that?

“They just can’t resist,” Angelus echoes and arches a brow. “Everyone wants to be with a Star.” He clears his throat before letting out a smirk. But then he lets out an, “Okay,” on a resigned sigh. “You’re probably right. Oh well,” he says, brushing it off with a shrug and a wave of his hand. “I hope you will, though. Fi,” he adds in, tapping a hand gently on her shoulder. “I have to get to the club room and set up. I’m glad Flint accepted you.” He offers her a sincere smile.

Thinking maybe she hurt his feelings Fiona reaches out and grabs ahold of Angelus' hand. "Gel. Gelly Belly." She tugs his hand to pull him closer to her. "Being with you is loads better than being a pirate or being around Cillian." Her mind races trying to think of the ultimate compliment. "Being with you is like having a never emptying pocketful of sweets."

Angelus quirks a brow at the name as he looks at her, tilting his head. He smirks and rolls his eyes, but he also just shrugs dismissively. A grin widens when there’s a glint in his eyes. “Well of course it is,” he accepts, letting out a ‘heh.’ “Because I’m fun to hang around with.” His grin grows and his eyes flash enthusiastically. “And an Eibon is loads better than a Peele,” he adds in with an arched brow. Angelus lets out a chuckle and his arms cross in front of him. “That’s because I’ll keep buying you sweets so that your pockets don’t empty.” He winks at her. “I have sweets I’m going to take to the club room tonight.”

Fiona rolls her eyes when he doesn't get her compliment. "I didn't even know that was his surname," she confesses. "He talks like a pikey by choice which I find silly. Even if I was a pikey I wouldn't want to sound like a pikey." To Fiona there is Irish and then there is Irish trash. "I'll come to your party, bring my piccolo. But remember we have to do Operation Bedsheets tonight too."

Angelus bobs his head in a nod. “I thought he was weird when I first met him in Diagon,” he says thoughtfully. He lets out a sigh and rolls his shoulders back. “It’s hard to remember a surname when it’s just a small thing,” he comments, and then smirks and shakes his head. “He didn’t really bother me before now though.” He shifts his shoulders and smiles at her. “We’re definitely pulling off ‘Operation Bedsheets,’ he says with a grin. “Come on, I want to set up.”

Fiona nods and lets go of his hand then shoves her own into her pocket as she follows.

As they walk Fiona sneaks glances at Angelus, unable to shake a certain suspicion that has her just…well mind boggled.

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