(1938-11-01) Halloween Dance - 1938
Details for Halloween Dance - 1938
Summary: It's the annual Hogwarts Halloween Dance for the 1938-39 school year!
Date: 1 November, 1938
Location: The Great Hall, Hogwarts
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As evening falls, so does the light in the Great Hall. The high ceilings of the giant room is surrounded in creepy dripping candles, casting a foreboding and dim gloom over the room. Spider webs are scattered here and there on decorative head stones, charmed dancing scarecrows, and pumpkins with terrifying faces on them. All this fright is in good fun though for a live group of saxophones, trumpets, and trombones is playing exciting big band jazz as students begin crowding the room in costume. All the musicians seem to be live skeletons, and the upright bassist is really letting it rip. Tables have been cleared and instead what remains is an open "dance area" lightly covered in fog so that no one can see each other's feet. Every now and then, a crash of lightening flashes and illuminates the room for just a split second, but it doesn't seem to be coming from mother nature. Someone must have created it for decorative purposes. Already a group of shy students are surrounding the refreshment table and punch bowl, but their conversation overall adds to the exciting atmosphere of the evening.

Back in her ridiculously poofy 1600s dress, Ria picks up her skirts alongside Alphard when they show up together through the Great Hall doors. The bible has been ditched, but the wooden cross necklace remains. "How does it feel like to be Halloween king?" she smirks, arm in the crook of his because that's how she expects to be escourted by everyone all the time! A group of students around their age come up to the boy giving a pat on the back or a 'Congrats Alphard!' 'Clever idea, pal.' etc etc

Andromena, with Zayn at her side, entered the Great Hall. Things were already under way, though it was plain to see that they were fairly early in arriving. Just before them was Ria and Alphard, so Andromena nudged Zayn lightly in his side. "Let's go greet them," she tells him. "I have to give my congratulations to Black." He had won, perhaps to the shock of others. It /had/ been a fun idea, and the walking tree was worth a hoot. The Rowle girl is also back in her costume, which, aside from being too restricting in certain places doesn't prevent her from easily grabbing a drink or a snack if she wanted. However, those locks of hair, floating on a non-existent breeze, well, they tended to float right into Zayn's face - or anyone else's that drew too close to her.

Zayn enters with Andromena his side, he offers her his arm, "Still looking lovely." he notes with a small nod, when she mentions Alphard and Ria, Zayn nods, "It was pretty cleaver." he agrees, once she has taken his arm he moves towards the other pair, "Congratulations, Black." he says offering him a small nod, "Very clever, I certainly found yours and Ria's performance, to be a lighthearted air in the party." he says offering Ria a small nod, before leaning in and whispering something to Andromena.

Alphard had ditched his walking tree, and he'd trimmed down on his noose so it was more of a stylish neck accessory (The number One must have, as declared by Hanged Man magazine), than a way to trip up on and be made a fool out of. What was left was a stylishly archaic wizard's robes, all in black, and tailored to look good. As much as one could in a clumpy robe, anyhow. That the Black boy liked to be stylish wasn't exactly a great secret at Hogwarts. "Mhmm.." he all but purred, a smugly content tomcat licking up the praise like it was cream. "It feels.. quite nice, actually. I suppose running riot really is the best way to do Halloween, hrm?" His dark eyes slipped towards Ria beneath his wide brimmed hat. "And I guess that makes you the Queen." And every time someone came up to him, he dipped his head with regal acknowledgement. "Thank you Zafiq. Hey Meanie.. you voted for me didn't you?" It wasn't really a question so much as a thank-you!

"Its the the best way," Ria nods in agreement, and relinquishes Alphard from her arm and ponders over the title, "Queen Halloweeen. I rather like it." And she really want to revel in it for a while, until she feels the tingle of something grazing her arm and then her neck. Turns out, it's human hair! And it makes Ria EEK in surprise. "Merlin, Andromena! That hair's impressive it's just…I just, can't handle it," she compliments the girl gingerly and takes just a half step away to avoid its range. A smirk is thrown to Zayn, "Muggle tendencies always tend be rather light hearted and entertaining, no? By the way, I apologize for my near outburst yesterday Zayne. It was good of you to do a little extra stepping in while I had my fun. As you can see with King Halloween here, it was well worth it." She points a thumb at Alphard.

Yes. Very good at giving thanks, wasn't Alphard Black? Andromena gave him and Ria an amused grin before she nodded her affirmative. What else was she to do? He was her friend! Right!? Quickly, she leaned over to Zayn to whisper back, eyes momentarily darting to Alphard as she did. Ah, but it wasn't an entire conversation kept in secret. Whatever she had to say was but a few words, and then she was addressing Ria. "Ah, yeah," she replies in exasperation. "It wasn't /this/ lively when I first applied the charm." She too, took a step back, arms crossing as she considers the roaming tendrils of hair.

Zayn nods softly at Andromena, before smiling at Alphard, "Anytime, Black." he says with a smile, before looking at Andromena with a chuckle, letting the two girls talk about such things. Then as Ria addresses him he tilts his head a bit, still dressed as a Genie and his skin still red, "Anytime Skyes, no sense in that right now, we are already short handed, it was just a little bit of poking, no harm or such done." he says offering her a small nod, "Been a good evening, Alphard has not only managed to show up Gryffindor in Transfiguration, but also at the Costume portion." he says nodding again, "Did you get your choco charms out of Denholm yet?" he says with a chuckle.

"Thank you," and actually sounded like he was genuine in his gratitute. Who would have thought?! "Means a lot that I could depend on friends to balance out the.." his dark eyes slid with cool cutting derision in the direction of a couple of Hufflepuffs who had not been cheering him on. No great mystery why, either, considering their parentage. "Bias." Unlike Ria he didn't seem bothered by Andromena floating hair. If anything there was a darkly delighted grin on his face as he leaned towards Meanie and -blew- as hard as he could, sending those tendrils into a chaotic whirlpool. "I think it looks creeptastic! Sooo.." as he leaned back again, his posture nonchalant. The sort of teenage nonchalance that said he was way cooler than just about everybody in school. "Whatchu whispering about? And.. no. Honestly I forgot all about it with the.." and there his mouth twisted in a grimace as he remembered being covered in pig's blood and gore. Ick. Subconciously he scrubbed his hands together as if trying to get some invisible ichor off them.

Alphard said and did all that!

Ria acks, waving away Andromena's hair from her face. The girl has so much of it! "You don't say…you think it'll start attacking people later on?" And following in her date's example, she too can't help but swirl around the Ravenclaw's hair in silly shapes and forms "No such harm done indeed, but still appreciated," she throws her fellow prefect a grateful look. Ria too is highly curious about the whispering and listens in for an explanation, while still creating hair sculptures.

Andromena's hair, for a brief moment, swirled about in a mad dance - as if she were caught in a right maelstrom and not just a strongly puffed breath. Her eyes squeezed shut, mostly because Alphard /blew/ right in her face, but locks of that dancing mane did slither across her cheeks, forehead and chin before quietening down. "Thanks," she managed after a moment, and then she began to laugh; it was funny on its own, but as Ria began to twist and curl the errant locks into fanciful shapes, Andromena positively beamed. "Zayn was only curious about Alphard's name for me," she says smoothly. "What do you say, Ria, think we can grow me a pair of horns? To go with Zayn's red skin."

As for the poor Gryffpigs, Andromena cares not to revisit that horrible scene!

Zayn chuckles softly, looking at Alphard, "I was just making sure the nickname wasn't offending my date." he says offering Alphard a small nod, "However she assures me that it is perfectly acceptable." he continues offering a small chuckle, "Also good job handling that odd beast." he says slowly with a nod to Alphard, before looking at Ria, returning the greateful look, before his attention turns to Andromena, "Hmmm I considered horns, but was concerned it would confuses a few people." he says with a chuckle, his hand moving up and rubbing the back of his head.

"Wizard slays a knight!" Alphard declared, as he added his own little touches to the creations being made in Andromena's hair. Because obviously the knight wasn't supposed to slay the evil wizard. The proper way for that story to end, was for the wizard to burn the monsterously fanatic iron clad murderer. Of course it took some real squinting and heavy touch of imagination to make out any such scene from the the wirl of the girl's hair.

"Oh. Well. It's simple.. really. Meanie looks all innocent, but once you get to know her you realize she's got a bite to her. Dontchu, Meanie?" With a grin he withdrew from his hair-doodling, leaving it entierly in Ria and Meanie's hands if they wanted to make horns. To Zayn he said: "Well.. Yeah. I mean, I'd already knocked it out before those other two idiots tried to be heroes." His version of the events was delivered with flippant arrogance.

Ria snorts to Zayn in regard to Andromena's pseudonym, "Don't worry, I wondered the same thing when I first heard it. Rather embarassing, but I still haven't heard her nickname for Alphard." And when the girl puts in the request, Ria is immediately on it with a smirk. Twist, twist, twist. Round and round the girl's hair spins into a tight bundle, until the prefect forms two Miley Cyrus-esque hair cones a top the girl's head (only longer). "There. You can put a sealing charm on that if you like," she steps back, green eyes scanning her work for approval. Sykes never half asses anything. "Anyhow, I need to head to the girl's room again. And I also need to stop imbibing liquids this evening because going in this thing is such a bloody pain. Zayn, if you would please save a dance for me, I would be very grateful. And Alphard, feel free to galavant around don't wait around for me." She gives her date a pat on the shoulder, hikes up her skirt and double times it for the loo once again.

Alas, wizard-slays-knight was requisitioned in order for Ria to transform Andromena's hair into mighty horns. "It's true what he says," Andromena says teasingly to Zayn. "I'm a real terror to behold when the bloodrage comes upon me." Naturally, anyone who knew even the slightest bit about the Ravenclaw would realize she was hardly capable of harming a fly. Well…maybe a fly. But certainly not any cute, fluffy animals. She waves Ria off as she scampers towards the girls' room, calling after her, "I'll have to tell you when we're alone!" She throws Alphard a wink. "Meanie is bad, sure, but it could be a lot worse." To Zayn, "So I'll survive."

Zayn nods slowly, "Just wanted to make sure is all." he says looking over Andromena when she is done, offering her a small nod and smile, "Lovely." he says to her, with a smile, before Ria goes to scamper off, "Of course I will save you a dance Skyes, how could I refuse?" he says slowly with a nod, looking back at Alphard, "Yes simply seeking glory those two." he says with a shake of his head.

Passing Ria on her way out, Lucian appears in the Great Hall with Morgana Rashley on his arm. Neither is in costume, though both are spruced up in party-worthy clothes. Laughing at something Morgana said, Lucian doesn't so much as look Ria's way as they pass. The Head Girl and Slytherin prefect make their rounds through the dance, drinking punch and greeting a few friends. Their stay isn't terribly long. By the time Ria returns, Lucian and Morgana are on their way out, having made their obligatory appearance, and apparently having somewhere else they'd rather be.

Technically he had been given permission from a Prefect to do magic, right? So Alphard saw absolutely no reason not to have his wand out and then aim it at the Ravenclaw. With an incantation he sealed her hair in the current position. As always, he looked insufferable smug about his magic. As if nobody else could ever have done the like. "Alright, Ria." To the others he gave a helpless shrug. What could you do? Girls were always vanishing off to the girls' room for the oddest rasons. It was something a gentleman learned to just accept and live with.

"Well.. Shafiq, old boy. If you're going to steal my date later for a dance, then I'm going to steal your date right now for one," Alphard told Zayn with a playful grin dancing over his lips. Briefly his gaze had touched on Lucien and Morgana, the former earning a sneer of dislike.

An obviously not thrilled Kaiden finally makes his way to the great hall after a few minutes of putting it off. He, also, is not in costume and is instead dressed in a nice grey suit with a black shirt. Sans tie, of course. His long hair is pulled back out of his face and has been put into a small bun at the back of his head. The older Hufflepuff stops upon entering the room, flashing Lucian a wink and looking around to see if there's anyone he'd want to talk to.

The next couple to arrive ought to be announced by a massive gong. Niko Denholm — encased in his crimson and gold samurai armour — accompanying Kimiko Saito bedecked in her own warrior attire as the legendary onna-bugeisha, Empress Jingu (which she has to explain over and over). Kimiko has had the good sense not to bring her pole-arm prop, as it would make dancing rather difficult. She does, however, have a pair of folding tessen, or war fans, painted with ornate dragons in gold paint. She beams up at Niko through her white kabuki-style facepaint. "Domi arigato, Niko-san, for the escort." She's trying awfully hard to teach him some common Japanese phrases.

Andromena looks to Zayn, offering him a helpless smile when Alphard informs the other boy he'd be stealing her for a dance. Naturally, she had no issue with Alphard sealing her hair into its current state, even offering him a curtsey for his effort. "It's only fair," she tells Zayn with a laugh. "He's been left all alone, after sacrificing his life for the greater good." Cornelius Fiddilus, that is. She spies Niko and Kimiko as they arrive, appreciating their costumes if nothing else! She extends her hand for Alphard to take.

Zayn chuckles at Black, "Well do take care with her, I am rather fond of her." he says offering Andromena a small wink, "She is a rather lovely thing, you know Black." he says with a small nod, before his attention is brought towards Lucian coming and going, rolling his eyes, "I certainly hope that things stay calm… bleeding prefects…" he says with a chuckle, his hand moving and rubbing his forehead for a moment. Looking at Andromena, "I certainly don't mind, Black I consider a friend, and I certainly hope the feeling is mutual." he says offering Black a nod.

Niko smiles at Kimiko for a moment, trying to repeat it, "Domo Arigeto Kimiko-kun." he says slowly, knowing he got the suffix atleast right his time, taking her in by the arm, he offers a few Yearmates some smiles and nods, "I told you would would look smashing, Kimi." he says to her with a warm smile, "Second place, I am certain you are happy." he says giving her a playful nudge with his hip.

Alphard was in a gregarious enough a mood - being the winner of the costume competition had done wonders for his general disposition - that he easily accepted Zayn's decleration of them being friends. "Of course we are, Shafiq!" He even ignored Kimiko and Niko's arrival, rather than coming with any of his usual nasty comments. Instead he took Andromena's hand into his quite delicately, like her fingers might break at the least pressure. "Your Highness" Because the Erlking's Daughter had to at least be owed that courtesy, right? Smoothly he dipped her a bow, then escorted her towards the smoky dance floor.

Kimiko giggles, shaking her head in amusement, especially at Niko's certainty. She tugs at him to whisper to him, "Try Kimiko-chan. Kimiko-kun sounds like I'm one of your male buddies." Poor Niko. He couldn't have picked a girlfriend who speaks an easier language for a Westerner to learn? Aloud, she says, "I'm very happy. Though, honestly, I thought you were going to win. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upstage you."

Andromena follows Alphard to the dance floor. To say she isn't at least a little flustered from the attention would be wrong; she has one fellow calling her lovely and another lavishing titles of royalty upon her. What girl doesn't like that sort of thing? "Your majesty," in reply to Alphard. He /is/ the King of Halloween tonight. "I trust you're good at dancing," Andromena says lightly. "After all, there's /so much/ you're already good at." Yes, yes, go on Andromena, feed his already preposterously huge ego. Just what everybody needs. But it was all in good fun. "I learned a bit of dancing this summer…" But the look in her eyes says she didn't just learn 'a bit' but considered herself quite good.

Zayn smiles softly between the pair, "Well then both of you have fun." he says warmly with nod, as they go off to dance, he moves to make sure that the other Slytherins were behaving, moving and chit chatting it up with a few, his gaze does though move back to Alphard and Andromena a few times.

Niko chuckles, "Chan, Kun." he says wording them both a bit, "I will figure it out someday." he says with a warm smile. Waving his hand a bit, "Nonsense, you certainly got my vote." he says with a small nod, "I think you look absolutely stunning." he says pulling her a bit closer, "You ready though to show everyone how amazing we are dancing together?" he says with a chuckle.

Was Alphard good at dancing? It had to be said that he was severely deficient in the technical aspect of it. On the other hand he had (over)confidence in spades, and an inherent grace that lent itself to the dancefloor. And with that enormous ego came a lack of constraint, too, allowing him to do the sort of moves that might be silly, but were also -fun-, without any real fear of ridicule. In short, while he a particular good dancer, he was an engaging one. And with Andromena he threw loose completely. There was the Wizard-Surfs-On-The-Frizbeee, and there was the Goblin-Climb. Oh, and let's not forget the Dragon-Coils, the latter involving being quite close, some arms twined around, and a bit of spinning about. All while keeping his eyes locked with hers, and his wizard robes swirling around!

Kimiko smiles, lifting her eyes with modest pride. "Are you ready?" She'll certainly do her best to keep Niko's part simple, but when Kimiko dances, she dances. Once on the dance floor, she pauses to bow to her partner, then brings out the fans, snapping them open with a surprising loud metallic *CLACK*, and begins a complex, flowing fan dance with Niko.

Dare Andromena look away? No. Because there is a challenge in a gaze, and though the young woman appears quite timid and shy, she possesses /something/ of a backbone, if not a need to prove herself. Throughout the dance, such as it was, Andromena keeps pace. There are times when she cannot help but laugh - some of the moves are just too funny not to laugh about! The truth was that Andromena enjoyed the whole thing. Luckily for the pair of them, her charmed hair meant he could twist and twirl her about any just way he wanted and needn't worry about getting a mouthful of it! "Dragon-Coils?" She repeats, having asked what he called the latest dance, arms slinked around him. "You've made that up," said playfully as opposed to accusingly.

Zayn continues to chit chat it up with a few House Mates, letting the pair have fun, his gaze moved to them every so often but he certainly didn't look cross, a smile played on his face, one of his fellow Slytherins asks him, "Doesn't it bother you, them acting like that when she is your date." Zayn just waves his hand a bit and response, "Not at all, the point is to have fun and they are certainly having fun." His hand moves and runs through his hair slowly, "Also they certainly look cute together." he says nudging the other boy with his elbow, "And Black is in a good mood, hopefully this will help keep the peace tonight, I am certainly hoping for an easy night." he says with a chuckle.

Niko had been practicing with Kimiko, so that he wouldn't make a complete fool of her when they went to dance, since he only really knew the one two three step. As she starts to move to match her movements, doing rather well despite his Samurai armor. That warm smile on his face as he stares out at Kimiko, with his bluish green eyes.

That was alright, because Alphard was laughing as well. "You mean you've never done the Dragon Coil before? Which rock did you hide under last year's summer parties? It was alllllll the rage!" Even if Alphard didn't manage to perform it perfectly, his recollection hazy and again, his technical prowess not the greatest in the world. Still, it looked semi-legitimate. He spun her around until she had her back to him, and his hands were on her sides. "And now you do the Dragon-Wriggle-Down!" He told her, his face hovering over her left shoulder. Was there such as thing as the Dragon-Wriggle-Down? No. That one was entierly taken from his own imagination.

Kimiko has to be careful to make sure she and Niko have plenty of room to dance. Her fans aren't sharp, but they are metal and rather heavy. But on the dance floor, she is a thing of grace, and remains very aware of her surroundings. So far, nobody's lost an eye. She offers Niko demure smiles as she moves, drawing close to him, touching hands, then away, then back into him again. It might seem as if she is using him more as a prop in her dance, but a trained eye would note the moves he is using are deliberately solid and firm — more masculine to her airy and flowing feminine agility.

"Let's see," she began, tilting her head back to gaze toward the ceiling in thought. "There were several rocks, actually." So she told him quite a hefty list of the books she had supposedly spent the summer reading. Yet even if she knew not all of Alphard's dance steps, Andromena had to have learned to dance from someone! Or just maybe she was a sad, lonely little sou that tried to learn to dance on her own the past summer. It was anyone's guess. "D-dragon-wriggle-down?" She repeated innocently, glancing over her shoulder to spy Alphard. "Would that go something like…" And she began to, well…wriggle down, down, down. "This?" Goodness gracious, Andromena, if your parents saw you now! Was it any wonder Zayn had people asking him if he was alright with his date dancing with another guy like that? She wriggled her way back up, pleased with herself.

It was hard not to eye Andromena slightly differently after that sort of move. Especially since it looked like something she had done enough times to get it down perfectly. He coughed, cleared his voice, a finger going for his robes' collar to shed some sudden and unanticipated heat. "Yeah, that was.. exactly right," he told her finally. "I see you've, uh, done it before." This non existant move he'd just made up. Shifty-eyes. With a languid motion he seperated, and offered her a playful bow. "Thank you for the dance, Your Highness. Time to slake the thirst, I think." Briefly his gaze slid towards Kimiko and Niko. He said nothing, again. Probably just as well.

Niko chuckles softly looking at Kimiko as she dances, when she comes close he asks, "Am I do okay?" he asks softly, the warm smile on his face as he continues to match her moves the best he can, while not as fancy as Kimiko's he does indeed know that if he does try something more advanced it will end up horribly. So he just keeps up with the practice stuff Kimiko had taught him, with a smile. "You look wonderful Kimi." he says with a smile, so focused on her that he doesn't even notice Alhpard's glance at them.

"Not at all, I just made up what it sounded like," she informs him, quite chastely. As they separate, Andromena returns his bow with an exaggerated cursey. "Your Majesty," she chimes before they part entirely. Yes, a drink did sound rather refreshing to her, but Andromena figured she would find Zayn first and ask if he'd like to share one with her. The looks that may or not be exchanged between her former dancer partner and the still-dancing Niko and Kimiko goes, of course, unnoticed by her.

Kimiko glows as she moves; she's never so happy as when she dances. Though she gets a glimpse of Alphard's eyes upon her, she is too lost in the flow to worry. "You're doing wonderfully," she assures Niko. When, at least, a time for a pause comes, she ends with a complex folding of her fans, bowing in a crouch before her samurai. When she rises to her feet, she is once again the bouncy, bubbly witch, and excitedly reaches for Niko's hand as she hurries toward the refreshment table. "Let's get something to drink."

There was suspicious glint in Alphard's eyes when she claimed to have just made it up on the moment. But at length he let it go with a shrug, then drifted towards one of the punch bowls, pouring himself something Halloweeny to drink down. While he stood there he traded a few words with other students. Mostly anyone who congratulated him on his costume victory. "The idea just came to me." "I know, the best horror stories are the ones with a message, not just cheap thrills. Art and social commentary come together." Because, yes, he was definetly comparing his Halloween costume to art.

As Andromena approaches, Zayn raises his hand offering her smile, "Have fun I hope?" he says with a small nod, "I will certainly have to steal a dance with you now." he says with a smile, "Though I don't know if I will be quiet the partner Black was." he says letting out a small chuckle, his hand moving up and rubbing the back of his head, still certainly a good think his skin is red and can hide a blush.

Niko smiles at Kimiko as she finishes, "I love the way you look when you dance." he says before she takes his hand and starts to take him over to get a drink, leaning in and whispering something in her ear before, chuckling, "Something to drink would certainly be nice." he says warmly.

Kimiko is once again grateful for her white makeup to hide the blush when Niko whispers to her. But she rewards him with a kiss to…well, to his half-mask. The chaperones can't get upset about that, can they? When they reach the refreshment table, she catches the tail-end of Alphard talking about his costume. Taking a deep breath to gather her courage, she chimes in. "It really is a brilliant costume, Black. The design is quite extraordinary. Was it your own craftsmanship?"

Artemis, wearing the purple and green robes that she wore last night for her costume, steps into the Great Hall close to Arian. She's smiling delightedly as her bright blue eyes wander around the hall, a giggle escaping from her.

Alphard gave Kimiko a long and dismissive look, weighing brushing her off with the fact that she was giving him compliments, and asking the sort of questions that the boy was dying to answer. After a thoughtful sip of his cup, and then a reluctant sigh, he allowed himself to be dragged in. "Thank you. I was quite pleased with it myself. Yes and no for craftmanship, though. All the magic was mine: I made the tree, and put on all the Charms.. but.." his hand swept down to take in his stylish wizarding robes. "This I had custom tailored and delivered from London."

It's a good thing Arian's decided to dress himself in the dark cape and tails of a muggle magician, because he needs the dark color to hide all the sweating he's doing. But for now, he's at least not too uncomfortable as he escorts Artemis into the Great Hall. A hand dips into his sleeve, and he produces a flower, which he hands to her before turning to scan the room. When Alphard is spotted, he does a bit to steer the girl away from him.

Did Kimiko just get Alphard to speak to a Muggle-born like a human being? She'll take it! She ooohs over the tailored robes. "They're quite fashionable. I assume that's the style from the time of Cornelius Fiddilus?"

"Sometimes I think no one can be quite like anything /he/ is," she informs Zayn, her breath still somewhat heavy from all that exertion. Hey, it's not like she did this sort of thing every day! "Have something to drink with me?" She jerks her thumb towards the refreshment table where other students have begun to gather. "Then after if you're still up for a dance, I should be recovered!" Andromena chuckles, smoothing a few ruffles out of her dress.

Niko smiles warmly at Alphard, "Indeed it was a very clever Black." he says offering him a small nod, as he gets something to drink for him and Kimiko. As he offers it to Kimiko, he continues, "It was certainly worthy of first place." he says offering Black another nod and a warm smile, through his half mask.

Zayn smiles and nods, "Indeed Black is a very interesting fellow." he says offering his arm to Andromena with a nod, "Certainly be glad to escort you to the drinks and I would love a dance after you recover." he says offering her a smile.

"While we can't know exactly what Fiddilus was wearing at the time of his horrific murder," which was just as well, because Alphard migth have had to wear some kind of country side hermit's attire. Which just wouldn't have done at all. "This is the court style of the time. It takes abit of getting used to the different cuts.. but at the same time I find it lends a certain.. regality to a wizard, don't you think?" His hand brushed down the front of his robes, pressing them flat against his chest. "And since he had such a noble spirit, it struck me as fitting to dress him with nobility, too."

Kimiko takes the drink from Niko with a grateful smile, careful not to smudge her makeup as she sips. She nods to Alphard, "Symbolic license is an artist's prerogative. I think it's very fitting, and it's true that it's awful what happened to him. Ignorance and fear are dangerous and indiscriminate weapons." She smiles to herself, quite proud of her loquaciousness.

Overhearing Alphard discussing dead old Cornelius, Andromena poured herself a glass of punch from the seemingly-never ending source upon the table. She glances to Zayn. "How many wishes have you granted so far, hm?" If last night was any indication, he had likely found himself besieged. She peered into her cup, thinking he spied something swimming within its murky - yet pleasantly fruity depths! Absently, she pours one for Zayn as well, passing it to him with a merry smile.

Artemis gives a beaming smile to Arian at the flower. Though the delight comes from how it's produced, and she giggles, tilting her head a she pushes a strand of hair that's escaped her braid. "Thanks," she says, blushing when he hands to her. Pausing where she is, she works it into her braid while her eyes idly look around the room. She follows Arian, but she speaks matter-of-factly, "Some people have amazing costume ideas, don't you think? Incredible! I like yours." Her eyes wander off, pursing her lips thoughtfully.

Zayn takes the cup and takes a small sip, offering Black a nod first, before giving one to the two Gryffindors. Looking back at Andromena, "Hmmm wishes, I would say I am close to around fifty or so." he says with a chuckle, "Though I don't know if all of them have come true yet." he says with a slow nod giving Andromena a small wink.

"That's quite right," Alphard said, then seemed almost surprised to be agreeing with Kimiko. That troublesome thought was banished almost immediately, though. "Representing a moment doesn't always have so much to do with all the right facts, as with the spirit." He had barely looked at Niko at all, truth be told. Even his uncharacteristically amiable mood couldn't bridge that chasm of dislike. "It's a standard condition for some people, unfortunately. But I'm glad the message reached even you." And if his tone was patronizing, the half smile he gave Kimiko was one of those rare moments where his features werent' so warped with arrogant contempt they obscured the fact he wasn't a bad looking boy. "You put quite a bit of thought into your costume, too, I see." It was as close to a compliment he'd get.

Kimiko looks down at herself, beaming a smile back at Alphard as if he'd just gushed over her. "Thank you! I really tried. But yours was definitely the most creative. You deserved to win the contest. You really seem to understand the purpose of art — to inspire. Educating is fine and all, but inspiration is what sets art apart. You should come by Arts Club. I think you could bring some wonderful ideas to the table."

Andromena chuckles at Zayn's admission. "People make their own wishes come true, you know," said oh-so-sagely. Rather rich coming from the girl who spent the majority of her time pining away in fairy tales. "Take those two," Niko and Kimiko. "Their costumes are fantastic. You can tell they put all kinds of thought and effort into it. And she placed after Alphard." Deserved it, too.

Arian nods, continuing to take a good look around. The detail and grandiosity that have gone into some, if not most, of the costumes make it impossible for his eye not to linger for at least a moment. "Yeah, they're great," he says. "But you look… beautiful." The young Ravenclaw's face turns a bright red as he gets the last word out. "Would you like to get something to drink before we dance?" Arian's not really looking forward to the second part of that. Dancing is not a favorite pasttime.

Alphard gave Kimiko an 'obviously' look, when she pointed out that his costume had been the best. Still, like a king acknowledgeing his peasant supplicant, he let her continue on. He even held his cup like a scepter, absently waving it around as he talked and considered. "You know, I considered it when I was younger. I've done a few Young Merlins in society plays, you know. Bringing history to life has always been a pleasure of mine. But.." he made a shrug. "There's only so much time. I have the pre-Auror courseload, you know." He paused there, letting it sink in for emphasis. "Plus my other clubs. I've been forced to just settle for what's really important."

Niko doesn't seem to be bothered by Alphard at all, he takes a sip of his drink the warm smile still on his face, he listens between the conversation between Kimiko and Alphard, looking to Kimiko he nods slowly, "See Kimi, I told you Black was a good Chap if he would just calm down a bit." he says softly offering Alphard another warm smile. Before looking at Andromena, "Truth be told it was all Kimi here, she really has an eye for things like this." he says nudging his girlfriend slightly.

Zayn smiles at Andromena, "Yes they have done a great job with their couples costume." he agrees with a small nod, before taking a sip of his drink, "Though if we are speaking of making dreams come true, you still owe me a dance." he says to Andromena with a smile, thankfully his blush still hidden by his colored skin, "I would certainly be a very happy Prefect." he says finishing off his drink.

"Oh, but art is really important," Kimiko insists. "Just look at the reaction you got yesterday. It's like you said, the message is more important than accuracy. It's about raising awareness, and drawing the eye to what will make a person really think. Not that Auror work isn't important. But…well, who knows. Maybe you can find the time to stop by. Professor Beery loves seeing new faces in the club." She got a bit wrapped up in her conversation with Alphard, so the nudge from Niko earns a lifted brow of concern. "Hmm?"

Andromena finishes her drink and sets the empty cup upon the table. "I haven't forgotten. Let's just hope those slippers of your can keep up with me!" She teases him playfully. Reaching out for his hand, Andromena leads Zayn towards the still-foggy dance floor. "The red skin is really a nice touch, Zayn," she comments, eyeing him over. "But…it doesn't rub off, does it?" She checks her hand to be sure, then pats his shoulder with another laugh.

Alphard flicked a venemous look in Niko's direction, the sort that went: 'who asked your opinion?!' Which proved to be the end of his brief moment of playing nice, because when he looked down at Kimiko next it was with a sneer painted over his features. "I very much doubt it." There was no farewell, just him turning away from the two of them with abrupt and absolute dismissal. Instead he went to mingle with a group of Slytherins.

Zayn chuckles at Alpharda as he leaves, "Personally I rather enjoy art club…" he says with a small shrug looking at Kimiko, offering her a wink, "You do wonderful art also." he says before Andromena pulls him off, he chuckles softly at her concern, "No I considered that, when I was thinking about asking you to the dance, it is done with a potion, I have another one to take it off back in the dorms." he says, while he might not know all the cool kid dance moves, he can dance to the slow song that is playing, his hand moves and softly lays on her hip, the other one coming up to take her hand.

Kimiko was so excited to be having a real conversation with a boy she was, quite frankly, afraid of. Perhaps the fear is dispelled, but his sudden dismissal leaves her cold, bring a frown to her face. Zayn's compliment earns a weak smile. "Thanks. Did I say something wrong?"

Slow dances mean the faint of heart desert the dance floor. Only those who are bold, such as herself, or those who are desperate in the affection for their dance partner remain. "When I was a girl," she begins. "One of my uncles taught me how to slow dance at a cousin's wedding." Ah, memory lane. Everybody likes to take a stroll upon it now and again. "He was a real dashing fellow." Andromena smiles for the briefest of moments before it withers right up. The problem with memories: they can just as easily be bad as they can good. "What about you? How did you learn?"

Niko leans into Kimiko a bit, "No Black is just a grumpy chap." he says with a small nod, "Not a bad guy, just naturally angry." he says with a small chuckle, as the slow music start to play, he looks at Kimiko, "I know it is not raining, but would you like to dance again?" he says offering her a warm smile, looking over her for a moment, "You really are stunning." he says softly.

"Zayn listens to her nodding slowly, letting her finish as she asks her question, he continues to lead but gives her soft twirl, as she comes back towards him his hand moves back to her hip, "My mother has be taking dance lessons every summer." he explains, as he dips her slightly, the smile on his face as he leans in looking into her eyes, before bringing her back up, "So sadly, because it is only in the summer, I am not very good at this." he says with a nod and wink to her.

"How can I turn down an offer like that?" Kimiko smiles brightly. But before they head back to the dance floor, she reaches up inside Niko's helmet, unhooking the mempo, letting that half-mask dangle down around his collar. "There. I want to see my handsome samurai's face."

Andromena shrugs after the twirl is complete, a silent: it's no big deal. "I'm certainly not the greatest, either." And that was true, but as long as one could maintain a semblance of grace and knew the steps to at last a few moves, then Andromena found one could generally pull the whole thing off. "I used to think dancing was a pointless, if not embarrassing act forced upon humanity. Then she got a little older, and attitudes changed.

Niko chuckles softly, "I don't know about handsome." he says leading Kimiko back onto the dance floor, his hand moving to put his hand on Kimiko's Hip and taking her hand, he does just hat he knows to do, one two three step. Smiling warmly at Kimiko, he knows he is not as graceful as she is, but he does his best to lead, looking over her soft features, "So two weeks." he says with a small nod, "I have something for us to do tomorrow." he asks offering her a slow nod, his voice soft and warm.

Zayn smiles at Andromena, "You like him." he says slowly, as he continues to lead her, "You should let him know, you know." he says his gaze moving towards were Black is standing, "I am not the only one who noticed how happy you looked when you were dancing with him." he says with a small nod, a smile on his face. Though many would take the words for jealousy, it is rather clear that no malice of jealousy is in Zayn's voice, he sounds genuinely happy at this observation.

Artemis is pink faced as she looks down at herself. She lifts a hand to fiddle with the curl that untucked from her braid, and murmurs a soft, "Thanks," to Arian. "My mama made it for me. She's really at at it." Her eyes scan the Great Hall, looking upward and around at the decorations. She squeaks at the magical lightning flash, and giggles sheepishly at her start. "Come on, let's go dance," she decides, reaching down to take hold of Arian's hand and pull him onto the dance floor.

Kimiko gladly lets Niko lead. She can tone down her moves for a while. She perks up excitedly at the promise of their two-week celebration. "Oooh? Is it a surprise? Or do I get to know what's in store?"

Niko chuckles softly, counting in his head with his steps, "Well since our last date was kinda less then romantic, I figured there is a certain tea shop, that tends to attract couples." he says he says slowly with a nod, "Then I also thought we could share a malt at a sweet shop." he says offering her a small smile as they continue to dance, Niko beaming rather happily at Kimiko.

Arian doesn't really have much of a choice as he's pulled onto the dance floor, coming to a stop somewhere near Niko and Kimi. Oh, man oh man oh man… here comes the sweating again. Hastily he tries to wipe the clamminess from his hands before Artemis can notice. By the time he's taken a deep breath and gathered the nerve to place his right hand on her hip and take her hand in his left, he's near shaking. Maybe she should lead. At least until Arian has his feet under him.

Kimiko turns beet red under her white facepaint. She giggles softly, nodding. "It sounds wonderful. What time should I be ready by?" She's already planning her outfit in her head, after all.

Alphard was by the refreshment table with something small to eat (teenage boys, when was ever a bad time to eat?) and something to drink. Though he was making small conversation, his eyes were on the dancefloor, watching the various couples. "Are you seeing that?" He asked someone next to him, voice mocking as he directed the group's attention towards Arian. Yes, trust Black to be the one to make people snigger at someone's dance nerves. "What's your bet he'll faceplant between Meliflua's legs? Poor girl."

Andromena, due to the lull of the music, found herself lost in thought as she danced with Zayn. Unfortunately for the red-skinned Shafiq, his 'observations' drew her back to the present with a splutter. "We're friends," she retorts firmly. It was not as if she could play dumb and inquire as to just whom he was referring; there had been only one other for Andromena to have danced with that evening. She forces a smile, to reassure herself if not Zayn. "Just friends." Please, please, please never utter that to Alphard Pollux Black, who knows what he would say, oh my- runs her mad thoughts, before Andromena stuffed her mind's mouth with mental knuckles.

Zayn chuckles softly, "Says the girl who was smiling and laughing and having a quiet the time when she danced with him." he says slowly, with a nod, "Not that I am offended, I completely understand." he says twirling her one more time as he draws her back in the music lulling, "Go ask him for another dance, I am sure he will accept, how could he not? You are lovely." he says with a nod, his hand moves up and runs through his hair slowly, his head jerking towards Alphard, giving her a small wink.

Niko chuckles "First thing in the morning, we have a lot to do after all." he says softly, as he moves to hold Kimiko a little closer, "I hope I am doing okay…" he says in reference to his dancing.

Kimiko finds herself rather swept up in the romance of the slow dance, and soon she is pressed up against Niko, carefully resting her cheek against the chest piece of his armour. Thankfully, her makeup isn't so fragile that it will smudge with a simple touch. But it doesn't last long, as soon Madam Patil is there, putting her wand between them and incanting some sort of repulsion charm to put appropriate distance between their bodies. Kimiko dips her head bashfully. "Sorry, Madam Patil…"

Artemis loves to dance, certainly, but she's not particularly good at it. Unless it's one of the more historical dances. She lowers her hand to his at her waist, as if to adjust it just a little, before she moves her hand to his shoulder and takes his other hand in hers. "Ready?" she says as she tilts her head. "Here," she says before she starts counting. "One," and she moves her foot experientally.

Andromena gives Zayn a look that says she does not understand. You see, she would feel just terrible if she had hurt his feelings in some way, but since he appears so at ease Andromena cannot discern whether he's putting up a front! More to the point, however, it is true that she has no romantic inclinations towards him, and it would be the adult and appropriate thing for her to tell Zayn that. As a date for the dance, he was a right swell guy, and naturally she wanted him as a friend…but that did not mean she bloody well had been mooning over Alphard. "Ye gods, man," she huffs. "Even if that were true /I/ cannot be the one to ask for a second dance."

Zayn snickers, "So you have thought about a second dance?" he says offering her a wink, Zayn really didn't mind the whole situation, he walks over towards Alphard, offering Andromena a small wave, tapping him on the shoulder, "Ah Black." he says with a small nod, "Seem I need to do a few of my Prefect duties, would do you me the kind favor of insuring Andromena is well taken care of?" he asks curiously to Black, but doesn't wait for an answer, patting him on the back, "Thanks Black, I owe you one." he says before heading over towards another Slytherin and starting to talk to him, looking back at Andromena with a nod.

Niko to say the least had also been caught up in the moment, when the charm happens, his hand moves up and rubs the back of his head slight, "I apoligize Madam Patil…" he says softly, looking at Kimiko, "Suppose I got lost in the music." he says warmly with a small nod.

It's not the smoothest motion, exactly, but Arian's able to get the dance going without tripping or falling or having to stare at his feet (which was, after falling, his biggest fear). As the song plays, and Arian 'guides' Artemis through the steps, there's a few awkward moments, and one brief appearance of Arian's two left feet, but for the most part the dance is respectable. At one point, Arian even chances a smile the girl.

"Aww.. they're counting out the steps. How cute. We really should help them, just incase the kid loses track." Alphard's voice rolled out with a detatched tone, hiding the cruelty of his words beneath faux boredom. "Two.. three!" And the only part which the boy was directly involved. Subtly he withdrew a few steps into the background while he proudly surveyed the effects of his actions. And so he could avoid Faculty or Prefect backlash.

"ONE.. TWO.. THREE!" A chorus to the musicians, shouted out by kids who needed someone to take their minds of the fact they weren't dancing. All the while sniggering and heckling, pointing at Arian.

Perhaps thankfully, Andromena is left alone for the time being, what with Zayn going to be all prefect-like and Alphard making himself into the dance instructor. She finds the poor couple in questions, winces for them, and then seeks out for herself another glass of punch. Actually, a snack sounded pretty good to Andromena just then, too, and so she goes to inspect whatever goodies are on display.

Back when Zayn had come to ask his favor of Alphard, the boy had made a vague nod in pseudo-agreement. So while his pack of bullies did what they did absolutely best, Alphard drifted over in Andromena's direction. Which was just as well for everybody concerned, probably, since an Alphard with nobody to entertain him, tended to make up his own entertainment. The results being.. well.. obvious. If anyone was to blame, it was Ria for taking so long a time in the girls' baths! The tall boy leaned in over Meanie's shoulder while she scourged for goodies, and asked her playfully: "So were you as bored as you looked?"

"I was not bored," Andromena informed Alphard, thrusting a cupcake fancifully decorated with a skull up towards him for him to take if he so chose. "It was a slow dance. You didn't see anybody else acting any differently from myself?" She now regretted bringing up her uncle to Zayn. He probably assumed she found him dreadfully dull. Andromena did not, apparently, possess the most tact herself. He watched her dance, did he? Hmph. Whether or not he took the proffered treat, Andromena had one for herself.

A warm smile flashes to Arian as Artemis follows. Her gaze wanders off though, looking around as she lets out a soft hmm, until her eyes find Alphard. She can't help but let out a giggle as her head lowers, her cheeks suddenly burning brighter. The hand on Arian's shoulder taps him gently, her blue eyes twinkling as she looks to Arian. "He's such an entertainer, Alphard Black. If you guys got along, you could do a show together."

Arian doesn't really notice the attention he's drawing until Artemis actually points out Alphard. After all, he's concentrating as hard as he can on dancing. And his date. When he DOES notice the Black boy, though, he frowns. "I don't really care for him," Arian says, trying to hide his contempt and only managing to take the edge off of it. "He's not the friendliest person." He gestures to the refreshment table. "Um, you want to grab a drink?"

A glance touched the cupcake for a second, before he belatedly accepted the offering. Delicately he pealed back the wrapping and then took a bite. From the sound in the back of his throat to judge, it was quite good. "You tell me. Are most of the kids out there sleep-dancing while gazing distantly into nothing.. like they're daydreaming about being somewhere else with someone else?" He made a vague gesture towards the couples still going through it. "I almost," but only almost, obviously, "feel bad for Zayn. How quickly he fled. The polite thing, you know, is to at least pretend you're enjoying yourself."

As the night goes by, Niko and Kimiko, just continue to dance staring into each other's eyes, small cute and lovely comments seem to come from the two, though they make sure they keep the acceptable distance between them, as to not to get corrected again. As time passes they simply fade into the background of the dance, another nigh to remember for both of them.

Andromena chewed her bite of a cupcake thoughtfully. Had Zayn actually fled? Was she such a terrible person? No…no, couldn't be! "He said he…" Oh, but what was the point? Alphard wasn't going to buy it in any case. "Do you do a lot of that?" She decided to ask of him instead. "Pretend you're enjoying yourself, that is." Oh, but the cupcake /was/ good. There was just enough frosting on it, too. Not too much like cake sometimes had, which left you feeling queasy. Early signs of the diabetes, that. Did the wizarding world even have diabetes? Licking a finger, Andromena gave Alphard a pointed look.

"I try not to go to be escorted by bores," Alphard replied with a grin. "So I don't actually have to." Though there had been a reason why he'd tactically supported Ria usurping Beatrice Nott as his date. Not that he was going to admit as much. He took another bite, then watched as Arian and Artemis closed in on the refreshment table. "Maliflua. Nice outfit.. but terrible accessory." The latter was said as he sent Arian one of his most contemptious looks. It was the sort that had been tried and tested over the years of making kids feel like nobodies. One look, and then he'd proceed to ignore the fifth year. "I'm pretty sure you could've done better. A bit more ambition wouldn't have hurt you. Enjoying yourself, though?"

"I was- am happy to have come to the dance with Zayn," Andromena says, somewhat forcefully. Surely Alphard would accept what she told him was truth if she said it long and loud enough. "And anyway, with the way things were going, no, I could not have done better!" Flashback to the library, some pallid, asthmatic kid wheezing down her neck and watching her with his pale, watery eyes and never - not once! - speaking a word to her! Where was good ol' Marshmellow Nott, by the by? The younger students Alphard addresses receive a cool appraisal from Andromena. She's a nice girl, really, but she has some facial expressions that are decidedly /unfriendly/ in appearance. "I was hoping for a dance with Ria, but being stuck with you has been fun." Oh, of course she's teasing. Andromena wouldn't dream of actually mocking Black.

Artemis says, "Arian," Artemis says softly with a shake of her head. He smiles softly to him as she tilts her head. "He's really not so bad. Okay," she says in agreement, nodding her head. She lets out a little sigh as she follows him over to the refreshments. "My mama made it!" she says proudly as her bright blue eyes turn onto Alphard, offering the sixth year a warm smile. Her hand lifts to her hair ornament, blinking, as if taking his accessory comment literally until she purses her lips and frowns. "Uh uh uh," she suddenly utters, and she reaches out a hand to tap Alphard's arm. "Come on"

"Arian," Artemis says softly with a shake of her head. He smiles softly to him as she tilts her head. "He's really not so bad. Okay," she says in agreement, nodding her head. She lets out a little sigh as she follows him over to the refreshments. "My mama made it!" she says proudly as her bright blue eyes turn onto Alphard, offering the sixth year a warm smile. Her hand lifts to her hair ornament, blinking, as if taking his accessory comment literally until she purses her lips and frowns. "Uh uh uh," she suddenly utters, and she reaches out a hand to tap Alphard's arm. "Come on, Black, be nice. I don't want see you getting in trouble." She tilts her head, offering a smile.

If Alphard thinks that dirty look is going to make him go crawl under a table, he's wrong. Arian's received enough dirty looks and mean comments in his three years at Hogwarts — and from Ria, more often than not — that he's used to it. "Don't try talking any sense into that one," Arian mutters, half to himself, half to Artemis. "You can't talk sense into a rock." Two cups of punch are filled, and one is offered to Artemis. "C'mon, let's go dance some more."

The only response Alphard had for Andromena's protests was a bemused - and infuriatingly knowing - look. As far as Ria went, he threw a languid and unconcerned shrug out there. "She'll be back." Because the alternative wasn't a possibility. One did not snub Alphard, not for any excuse in the world.

"In trouble? Why on earth would I get in trouble, Meliflua?" His dark eyes fixed on the younger girl, locking eyes for a moment. Then slowly his attentions transfered to the hand she'd put on his arm. He reached over, laid his own over it and quite gently plucked it off. "I don't think we're quite at the point where touching me is appropriate. With your current company, I wouldn't know where your hand's been. So, until you find yourself some better company.. perhaps enjoy yourself elsewhere." He let go, then waggled his fingers in a 'ta-ta' gesture to the two of them.

Andromena folded her arms in a cross manner at that look, her lips quirking in just such a way as to exude her displeasure. She continues to watch the interplay between Black and the two younger students. There was nothing she cared to say, and whether that was a slight against her character was for others to judge. But the boy could handle himself, could he not? It was not as if Alphard was beating him up!

Zayn moves up to the table, after chit chatting and softly correctly a few people who were acting out of line, before one of the Professors caught them. Picking up a cup he fills it with some punch and looks between everyone, "Wonderful dance so far no?" he asks the gathering offering Andromena a gently nod, "Certainly been an interesting one." he says with a small nod.

A sigh escapes Artemis as he lifts a hand to touch her head, closing her eyes briefly. "Don't," she says, her tone taking on a rather stern tone. When her eyes blink open again, giving a look to Arian, and one to Alphard, it's disapproving. "No insulting one another. All it does is make the other one feel bad." She shakes her head. There's a blink and a blush when his hand removes hers, and Artemis quickly spins around, nodding his head to Arian. "Yes, dancing. Let's go." She shoots a look over her shoulder at Alphard, chewing on her lower lip, and then quickly back ahead of her.

"Well, I'm going to go have some fun," Alphard declared with a shrug. His dark gaze had followed Artemis and Arian long enough to have caught the former's backward glance, though his features remained detatchedly blank. Superior and arrogant. CAsually he looked to Zayn and Andromena, then said: "Either of you with me?" And if not, well, he was still going to go out to cause a bit of hell on the dancefloor, with them or with someone else! Hopefully at some point Ria returned, or he was going to be a real bastard to someone.

"Follow him out?" Andromena asked of Zayn. "We can start a train or something like that." Because who didn't like silly group-style dances? In any case, it was a lot more appealing than hanging out at the refreshment table and talking about a big bunch of nothing. "We can tell him he's the leader. He'll lap that up for sure." No matter what the pair of them wanted to say, Andromena was truly enjoying herself. As for Ria? Well, she had said that dress had been a bitch to get out of.

Zayn just smiles at Andromena, his hand makes a motion towards the dance floor, "Rowle." he says slowly, "I already got my wish, I got to dance with the prettiest girl at Hogwarts tonight." he says with a small nod, "But I have dated and certainly flirted enough to know when a girl isn't interested in me." he says slowly, taking a sip of his punch, "I am also not blind, go join him and have some fun." he says gesturing around, "Got a lot to look after and seems most of my fellow perfects have left it in my hands." he says, though it sounds like more of an excuse then anything, "You wanted a second dance with him, here is your chance." he says shooing her towards the dance floor.

Andromena huffs exasperatedly. Part of her wanted to reach out and shake Zayn. Just because he had all sorts of experience flirting and dating did not mean she did! And it did mean she liked Alphard Pollux Black, either! Briefly, very briefly, she considered ditching the whole scene to retreat back to her books (which did not argue with her, by the way), but instead stomps off after Alphard, little fists clenched into white-knuckled balls. She calls out for him to wait up for her. It's as they say: dance if you want to.

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