(1938-11-01) I Spy...
Details for I Spy…
Summary: Graham secretly invites Auror Initiate Rena Lee to meet in his home and discuss a troubling assignment.
Date: 1938-11-01
Location: Cohen Residence
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A chilly, brisk wind is sweeping down through the streets of London tonight, and sweeping Rena Lee right along with it. The young woman holds onto her hat with one hand, keeping her chin ducked slightly toward her chest as her heels click along the pavement quietly. A damp newspaper sheet blows by, brushing her leg. It causes her to jump a little bit, but also to laugh at herself softly when she catches sight of what touched her. She shakes it off and withdraws a slip of paper from her pocket with her free hand. Consulting the paper with a furtive glance in the lamplight, she then takes stock of her location.
"Seems to be the place alright," she murmurs to herself, glancing at a door nearby.
Approaching the residence that should belong to her co-worker, Graham Cohen, Rena steps up and gives the door a confident knock with a gloved hand.

Graham sits inside on the couch, believe it or not, reading (go figure.) His charm goes off at the approach, but it's not his dark-wizard alarm so it must be his visitor. The auror hops up and moves to the door; at the knock he's already there and opens the door: "Ah, Rena come on in." He says, stepping back from the door lightly to allow her to step in. "I'm sorry for the vague summons"

"Lord love ya," Rena replies with a chuckle, stepping hurriedly into the room to get away from the bite of the wind. "I suppose if anybody 'as a right to be vague at times, it's you. I'm not bothered!"
Once inside, she begins to take off her gloves and hat, revealing some pretty wind-tussled red hair. There's just no controlling it in weather like this, and she's not even going to bother trying. "Now, what's all this about, ey? I read the files again - what little information I was allowed to 'ave - just to refresh my memory."

Graham turns back and shuts the door lightly. He smiles: "Sorry about that, before I start I have to give you a choice. What I'm about to say could go horribly, horribly wrong… the mission requires secrecy to myself and to the chief Worthington ONLY." He seems serious in this matter.

Setting her gloves inside of her hat and laying them to rest on a nearby table, Rena seems to weigh the matter in her mind for only a moment. Smiling faintly, she begins to undo the buttons of her coat: "In for a penny - in for a pound, I always says," she replies, locking her eyes with Graham's confidently to prove she is not being flippant.
"If I wanted a safe job, I'd 'ave gone on working on the stage, and probably become a chorus girl," Rena smirks, trying to put Graham at ease. "Come on now," she urges. "We're both of us Aurors… well; I'm going to be, someday. I'm determined to do my job well - and there's no doing the job without risk. So, you might as well tell me what I've got to know so I can get on."
"I believe you, but I had to be sure."

Graham motions towards the living room and begins walking that way himself. "Yes, but this is not the usual danger we face." He says plopping down on his couch. He motions to a chair cross from him and two files which sit there. "If you are interested, those are my reports on a recent investigation."

Hanging up her coat, Rena follows Graham’s lead into the living room. Having a naturally curious nature, she can’t help taking in her surroundings quickly with a sweep of her gaze as they go.
Moving quietly to the chair indicated by Graham, the younger Auror carefully takes both files in hand and primly seats herself. Resting them on her lap, she opens the first file and begins to look over the details written within.

The Auror sits lightly in his chair. Graham looks across, waiting for the other to read through the files, figuring she will have questions afterwards. "Would you like some tea in the mean time?" He says after a little bit of waiting. He stands up to go to the kitchen for himself at least.

"Mm?" Rena replies distractedly, not glancing up from the file as she turns a page. However, after a moment, the question sinks in and she glances up, just long enough to reply: "Oh, yes please. Any way you like it."
When she has finished reading the reports, Rena sinks back into the chair. Resting her elbow on the arm, she then rests her chin on her upraised hand and stares off into space with narrowed eyes. "Well," she says at length, "If this ain't a tangled up mess, sure as sure."
Shifting a little in her seat, Rena calls out to Graham: "So, what exactly is it that I'm supposed to pursue 'ere? Given 'ow the case seems to 'ave more bloody angles than a dodecahedron."
Sometimes, Rena's muggle words can be decidedly startling when coupled with her butchery of the English language.

Graham makes the tea quickly and returns, setting it down in front of her lightly: "I have to know if that auror is turned against us all; however my looking into her would raise questions and, well, create a firestorm we cannot stand. But if you look into things quietly - VERY quietly - we may be able to find the information we seek."

Thoughtfully, Rena takes up her tea and nearly pours it into the saucer provided before she remembers her manners. Old habits die hard, but she takes a ladylike sip, nonetheless.
"Rather unfortunate, ain't it?" She muses aloud. "Never sits right when you 'ave to spy on one of your own, so to speak. But, if it's got to be done, there's nothing for it."
There is a momentary lapse in conversation as Rena takes another sip of her tea. Finally, she looks over her cup at Graham and asks: "Well then, what's my assignment exactly? Am I to try and look into 'er movements previously? Am I to follow 'er now? I mean there's always the direct approach of trying to befriend the woman, but she's probably pretty wary of initiates by now…"

"It's very unfortunate, and not something I would ever want to do were it not important." Graham says with a regretful sigh. "I don't think making friends would work. She's not a very nice person atol. I think looking into her contacts would be a good start. Maybe some spy work to see if she's consorting with any connection to the vengals." He smirks slightly "Really she should be ashamed I as an initiate got the jump on her so easily."

Across the room, Rena quirks an eyebrow and flashes a half-smile at Graham: "'Ey, let's 'ave no ego now. 'Ere's 'oping that I'm as lucky as you were - if the situation decides to get 'airy on me, that is. And, I suppose it's likely to."
Finishing off the remainder of her tea, Rena sets down the cup and saucer and takes up the files once more. Thrumming them thoughtfully with her fingers, she purses her lips slightly before saying: "I've a lot to do and a lot to think on tonight. Need to formulate a plan, as it were. But, I've taken up enough of your time, I think."
Rising to her feet, even as she speaks, Rena tucks the file folders securely under her arm: "Might even be for the best if I don't stay in your 'ouse any longer than necessary. You never know."

Graham shakes his head "No ego at all. I've always been humble. It's likely a fluke, but please be on your guard, Rena I cannot allow you to risk life over this it's not worth it." He is more serious now knowing that things get sort of sketchey. "She's not made any move that I've seen other than the attack on me and the ensuing file. She's resistant to truth potion and likely an occlumens too."

Rena is already by the door, ready to put her things back on. Casting a somewhat quizzical glance at Graham, she sets the files on the table and shakes her head. "You wizard folk. You always think in terms of spells and magic. Sometimes, a good old fashioned dose of Muggle watchful sharpness and quick wit is what's needed. A lot of you don't ever use it, so you don't expect it. Could be that's the only way I'll get anywhere in all this."
Slipping into her coat, Rena runs her fingers along the collar to straighten it out and situate it correctly. "Or," she chuckles, wryly, "It could go 'orribly wrong and I wake up in St. Mungo's the next week."
Suddenly, as if recalling something, Rena narrows her eyes and turns to fix a sharp gaze on Graham: "If I do though, a certain young 'ealer is going to 'ave a nervous breakdown." She points accusingly at her fellow Auror here. "And I strongly suspect this whole thing is YOUR fault."

"I agree some do rely too heavily on magic, but you’re not looking at one of them. I don't use magic for easy things I'd rather do it by hand. I'm half-blood myself." Graham says, grinning. Though, the next part brings out a chuckle: "Oh, yes well I can’t take all credit. He asked if you thought he was un-smooth and I advised you'd not judge him and that he should talk to you is all."

Still with mock suspicion in her eyes, Rena does up her coat buttons: "Bloody match-maker." She grumbles, but there is an obvious smile hidden behind her dark eyes.
Plunking her hat onto her head at a jaunty angle, she gives a haughty glance down her nose and takes up the file folders: "I bid you goodnight, sir!" And with that, she opens the door. A gust of chilly wind whips around her as she looks out into the night. Another cold walk.
Doing a half turn, the redhead flashes a warm smile at Graham from over her shoulder: "Didn't say so before, but you got my word. I'll be watching myself."

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