(1938-11-01) Magijugend Interview - Fiona
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Summary: Though he initially spurned her letter of interest, Headmaster Flint has reconsidered Fiona's interest in the Magijugend.
Date: 1 November, 1938
Location: Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts
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When the tinest student in Hogwarts arrives in the big imposing office of the Headmaster, well she cannot help but look around in awe. She squeezes her hands together to keep from twiddling her hair, trying to ensure she looks as neat as possible.

As Fiona enters, so does one of the Headmaster portraits on the wall. The thickly bearded gentleman, identified as "Fytherley Undercliffe - 1531", clears his throat to draw Fiona's attention and gestures with his staff toward one of the staircases. There, the current Headmaster steps into view, descending the staircase at a leisurely pace. "Donnelly," he says in his flat, gravelly tone. "Sit."

Fiona beams at the portrait. She likes portraits, especially ones of old dead people. Her little feet carry her over to the craggy faced current headmaster and she dutifully sits, hands going to her lap. Fiona' keeps her gaze leveled on Flint's chest, not brave enough to look at his face, which would be disrespectful anyway.

Flint takes his time getting to his own seat, apparently in no hurry. His appraising gaze never leaves Fiona. He props his elbows on the arms of his chair and laces his fingers together in a regal pose. "It seems you have a friend in the Magijugend, Miss Donnelly, to your benefit." He adds bluntly, "Your letter of interest was not a priority. But seeing as Mister Eibon feels that you would be a good fit, I have decided to reconsider, in spite of your elder brother's public shame." He reaches forward to a large tome on the desk before him, creaking it open to a marked page. Hunching over the book, he takes up a quill from a stone inkwell, hovering the tip over the paper. "Why do you wish to join the Magijugend?"

Mention of Aidan's shame strikes at her like a whip causing the small girl to flinch. Her knuckles whiten, straining against the tension of not twiddling her hair. "Because I believe it is right that we preserve our ways, Headmaster. My father is a scholar of ancient magic and he raised me to believe that the only way we will survive as a society is if we hold with our own. My brother Aidan is my kin no more. He has been disowned and we're trying very hard to put it in the past." She looks up a little then but back down again just as quickly. "It's also why I don't want to be one of those pirates anymore, because they don't understand that muggle borns are a danger. They lure good witches and wizards into a dangerous path. Just like that…" her voice warbles a little with anger, "woman did to my brother."

Flint simply nods, scripting a few notes in his tome as she speaks. When she mentions Muggle-born being a danger, he glances up, his brow lifting ever so slightly. "And what dangers do you see in teaching magic to the Muggle-born?"

Fiona thinks about this one carefully, unable to not picture poor little Adam. "I think you have to be very careful, Headmaster. They can't be left to be a danger but they need to watched. What if they tried to abuse magic after we taught them? And part of me thinks that if we didn't let them learn it, or if we only let them learn to control it and nothing else then…well then my brother would still be my brother." And poor little Adam get's lost in her hatred for Diana. "So I guess what I am saying is that it's dangerous and I wish we didn't have to and maybe somebody smarter than me will find a way so we don't."

Flint taps his finger on his desk thoughtfully. He stares hard at Fiona, his gaze boring like a drill through her. "There may be hope for you yet, Miss Donnelly." He opens his desk drawer, withdrawing a parchment edged with runic script. He slides it across the table to her, instructing, "Read it. If you choose to sign, hand me your wand."

The contract reads: I, the undersigned, hereby assert that magic is, and always has been, the sole purview of wizardkind. Furthermore, I promise to stand by my assertion and defend true witchcraft and wizardry against all that would corrupt and dilute it. I swear to always act to protect my fellow Magijugend and promote our mutual interests, and never to reveal our secrets to those not among us. May my wand break with my word, should I prove false. I do this for the greater good.

Fiona scoots to the end of the chair but is too short, she has to get up onto her feet so she can read it properly. Her father might be a bit of a zealous nutter but he didn't raise his daughter to be a fool, regardless of what happened to Aidan. Her eyes widen a bit at the mention of her wand breaking. "Can I tell Grace Thurkell, Headmaster? I mean tell her about what you asked me? She's a bit dim sometimes but she is pure-blood and a good person and I think would like being in the Magijugend too?"

Flint pinches his lips disapprovingly. Grace Thurkell in the Magijugend? "Let us take things one step at a time. Miss Thurkell often lacks your…clarity of thought." He holds out his hand expectantly. "Your wand? Or have you lost the spirit we look for in a new Magijunde?"

But…Gracie is her best friend. On the other hand so is Angelus. Fiona squares her shoulders and pulls out her wand with its Celtic knotwork on the end. She sets it gently, reverently down onto the table.

Flint takes up the wand, and slides the stone inkwell and quill over the desktop. From his open drawer, he produces a slim iron ring, which he slides down the length of the wand until just above the grip, where it settles loosely. "Sign your name, and restore honour to your family, Miss Donnelly."

Fiona takes up the quill and signs her name, her signature still that careful tiny writing of a young person unused to signing their name. She sets the quill down and watches her wand and what Flint does to it. "Thank you, Headmaster."

When Fiona finishes the final stroke of her name, the ink glows like molten gold before fading back to black. In that moment, the ring around her wand hisses as it contracts, gripping the wood firmly. He takes one last item from his drawer — a chain, from which dangles a silver pendant in the shape of the now-famous Eye of Truth. Offering the wand and the pendant, he nods firmly. "Welcome to the Magijugend, Fiona Donnelly."

She glances at the parchment, curious about the magic but doesn't ask. Fiona will be looking that one up in a book if she can. Her little hands reach out to take the offered pendant and her now altered wand. "Thank you for the opportunity to rebuild my family name, Headmaster." Her wand is put away. When the necklace is put on it falls to the middle of her chest, making it far more obvious than it is on some of the older members. Only then does she look up at his face.

Flint offers a tightening of his wide lips that passes for a distant cousin of a smile. "Remember well that the other Magijugend are now your brothers and sisters. Stand by them, and they will do the same for you. We will soon be meeting to discuss matters of importance." Then, curtly, he adds, "You may go now."

Rather old fashioned and probably unnecessary but Fiona drops a curtsey and then walks in a slow measured pace away from the office, waiting until she is well out of sight before running off.

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