(1938-11-01) Raising Concerns
Details for Raising Concerns
Summary: Phil lays out her concerns about Rhyeline and talks them over with Graham.
Date: 1 November 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Having had a lot on her mind lately Phil hasn't really spoken to Graham properly. She decided to ask him to meet her for lunch in the hopes they could catch up. So she sits now in a table in the back, drumming her fingers on the table as she waits for him to arrive, a pot of tea and a cup and saucer in front of her.

It seems that the young man here had no work today as he wears his suit instead of wizard robes. Graham enters from the London side of the world coming from home perhaps he pauses looking about before spotting the one he came to see. He smiles making his way through the place "Hey Phil. Not sure if i'll get used to you looking so rested all the time." he grins over to her but he pulls up a chair and sits lightly down.

She smiles at that, "I'm not rested all the time. You'll still find me a bit disheveled and a bit worse for wear after a few drinks." Phil picks up her tea and takes a sip. "We haven't really done this in a while. So much has happened and…there are some things I want to ask you about too." Setting her cup down again she rubs at her forehead, "Things I am a bit concerned about."

Graham chuckles slightly "Fair enough." he says he'll order just cider not hungry at the moment it would seem. He looks across the table and nods "I agree it's been a while and yes much has happened indeed." though his smile falters it's only because he's a bit more serious looking "Of course Phil, you can ask anything well not about my case but personally wise."

Phil shakes her head, "No, this isn't about work. It's about Rhyeline. I'm…I don't know Graham. She just gives me an odd feeling lately. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I have started to think some of it - not the curse, but her behaviour is…well it's part of an act. A ruse to pretend to be sweeter and innocent and naive while being none of those."

The auror accepts his drink and takes a sip though he sets it down after this would be a topic Graham's not missed the change in reaction at least the few times it's been breached. He looks to Phil properly at her questions one of his closest friends. "Well she is many of those things, but you are correct in that I've seen the strength she has and the intelligent.. hm plan for a lack of a better word. She is a wounded-guppy swimming in a world of sharks and so I think needs to not be seen as a threat."

"I don't think she is wounded, not really. She is making decisions to put herself into situations where she knows the curse may well be strengthened." Phil leans forward, resting her bent and folded forearms on the table as she looks over at Graham. "I am not a jealous person, but she has told me she is and I think she likes bringing it out in others. She finds it amusing to try and taunt me with little knowing or coquettish looks when we discuss Thomas, or with odd phrases dropped here and there. And now…she has asked me to keep something secret, but I worry that the choice she is making in her personal life is going to bring out that darker side of her even more."

Graham nods listening to her words "Sorry not speaking properly by wounded-guppy I mean that she is playing a very dangerous game in trying to shape the unity movement." he continues listening actively. "Yes she has told me likewise with being jealousy one of the reasons she didn't accept Thomas's offer. Did I tell you I was there? At Rhyeline's house. When he asked I mean." he chuckles shaking his head. "I've not noticed this taunting but i'll keep closer eye on it Phil i'm not blinded though I do see reason that she needs protecting if not myself than someone." he takes another drink of cider but after leaning in so he can speak lower to her "Would this secret have anything to do Cassius Malfoy? If so I may share this knowledge of a um bond." he's a little vague just in case.

"It might do," hedges Phil, unwilling to break a promise. She picks up her cup and takes a sip of her tea. "I sometimes wonder if she isn't playing us all for fools, Graham. That there isn't something more than she lets on. Fair enough being one of those types of women who throws herself into each new relationship so deeply that she is reborn each time but…I don't know. I feel like…" The reporter can't quite put her finger on just what she feels other than to convey to her friend a sense of unease.

He didn't make a promise "I was told, about her courtship with Cassius." Graham says in the same lowered tones at least somewhat sure that it has something to do with this. He watches her still nodding at her words "It's possible, I mean really i'm not legilimens and she does have a way of drawing people to her. Brie, Astoria, Cassius, Thomas. Even a muggle in the service of the army. She rode on his motorcycle and went to the cinema. I'm not a romantic interest of course but she seems close like family is the only way I can put it, but i've known you longer and if you don't mind me saying I think of you the same way. More so even than with her. I never said it outloud but it's true."

Phil sighs and nods slowly as if processing everything he is telling her. "She asked me for advice about it several days ago. Ultimately it is her decision. Her agreement is not tantamount to marriage, just for the possibility of exploring that as an option between them." Her mouth thins into a line. "I don't know if it is something magical, but there is certainly something manipulative about it. Like one of those men who comforts vulnerable women by telling them how lovely they are or pretty. Perhaps that is her game?" Phil leans back in her chair, her expression one Graham knows well by now. This is her mind piecing things together. "When I met her it was before the curse had worsened and she was not quite so needy, so desirous of people to cling to, but there was still something about her that screamed for people to cosset her and shelter her from life's darkness. And yet when you ask her about it she says she has seen the darker side of life, that she knows how cruel it can be and love doesn't exist. Maybe we should be more worried for Cassius Malfoy."

Graham nods "I don't understand it, other than what she's said that she can stop the unity movement turning into what I fear of it." He is trying to process things a bit now as well, he takes another drink of his cider listening "I've heard her use those same phrases, now you mention it. She kept saying that she didn't deserve or see her self as having a love, but still accepting Cassius's courtship." he shakes his head "If that is in her plans she has him fooled as far as I can see, since Cassius had a verbal confrontation with that muggle I was telling you about, he has two guards following her. They showed up after you left to rest that night I found out about your wedding. I mean Rhyeline and those guards. By the way not to get the poor by in trouble, but did you know he was going to ask me to be his best man? I accepted."

"She thinks his marrying her will prove he isn't a purist, but then he also knows any children they have will be pure-blooded, so that isn't exactly proving he isn't a purist." Phil props her chin on her upturned hand. "What is it you fear the movement will become? That wizards will rule everything and muggles will be their servants?"

"Maybe I'm too sappy, I know we've spoken about arranged marriages and the like, but I just see that as political movement not a reason to marry. I speak on both parties in that case. If Sorcha and I marry i'd want it to be because we love one another." he shrugs slightly the other question gets more thought. "That would be absolute worst case scenario, but I see more likely that if any see this guidance of ours as rulership there would be revolution. Cassius and I've learned Rhyeline seem to believe there may be acceptable losses but I don't see it that way."

"I'm not so sure he knows her as well as he thinks he does," muses Phil. "Maybe she has played him the same way she has played us. Maybe it is about her wanting to get into control of the movement." She sighs and shakes her head, "I don't know. I am spinning in circles. All that I can be certain of is something about her lately has me unsettled."

The auror sighs nodding he reaches out and pats her shoulder lightly "It's too much to sift through in one sitting plus, you have a rather lot going on yourself at the moment I want you to enjoy that and to be happy, i'll keep an eye on things though I admit I cannot simply stop protecting Rhyeline myself i'd feel awful if something happened. Especially seeing how rubbish those guards are." he winces than takes another drink.

"Thanks." She reaches up and pats the hand on her shoulder. "I am sorry for putting all of this on you Graham, but I didn't know who else to speak to." Phil lowers her hand. "Rhyeline thinks she has seen dark things because she's worked for men who like power and loose women. You and I, we have seen real darkness. Believe me when I say something about her unsettles me."

Graham squeezes the shoulder reassuringly before he lets go glad that she doesn't mind. He looks across the table "Never worry about coming to me for anything like I said, consider you family I mean that really. I wasn't lying when I said you could stop by my place either if you cant find me i'm usually there or at the ministry. Or here apparently i'm a regular." he sighs nodding "I fear it's all about choices and she's chosen to see the dark side of humanity's nature based on bad examples, I do hope it's not the case as i'd like to see the best in people, but I know you have good instincts."

"If we stop looking for the good in people we are never going to see it," says Phil. She starts to get up from the table. "Thank you for listening." She leans over and kisses Graham's cheek, "And for agreeing to be Thomas' best man." Phil grins at Graham, "Just stop calling him Mr Carrow will you?" She laughs. "His best man should at least call him Thomas."

"This is quite true." Graham he grins a the kiss and nods at her words about being less formal "I think I can manage, you can always kick me in the shin if I start to say Mr Carrow." he grins over to her and says pushing his chair back seemingly he will leave at the same time she does for whatever else is planned today.

Phil laughs, "I'll try to get him to stop calling you Mr Cohen as well." She pulls on her velvet robes. "I need to get back to work. I'll see you later. Give my best to Sorcha."

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