(1938-11-02) The Anti-Puberty Space
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Summary: Fiona catches up with Ahnaliese after hearing some gossip and the pair decide to start a new club: the anti-puberty club. No dumb boys allowed.
Date: 2 November 1938
Location: Trophy Room

If there were a trophy for managing wizarding space, it would be in this room. There is no such trophy here, of course, but this normal looking chamber nevertheless collects every trophy ever earned by a Hogwarts student during his time at school. Closer inspection, and perhaps a knowledge of the finer points of artifice, reveal that the trophy cases themselves are the enchanted element here, bewitched as they are to hold so many shiny examples of the manifold definitions of success on display amongst the Hogwarts classes: accomplishments in Quidditch, victory in Gobstones, exceptional achievements in Transfiguration and Potions and many more deeds are remembered here in silver and gold … and other sorts of materials, as well. Of course, all the House Cup winners from the very first year of the award all the way to the present day are present here, as well.

After speaking with Angelus earlier Fiona has decided to find Ahnaliese before dinner. She is looking high and low in the castle for the first year Hufflepuff. There was a rumour, which given that it came from a Slytherin could be wrong, that the Brown girl was in the trophy room so Fiona makes her way there. "Ahnaliese?" She raises her voice enough to be heard in the big and busy room.
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Ahnaliese sits on the floor beneath a section of trophies that could be vaguely defined as accomplishments in Quidditch. When she hears her name she closes the yellow-bound book she's reading and glances up toward the source of the voice when she hears her name. "Yes?" she calls back, getting to her feet quickly.

"I was looking for you." Fiona crosses the distance between them. "You and Grace did a great job with the beds. I wanted to say thanks. And," a little frown turns her mouth upside down, "Angelus thinks you may think I fancy Cillian the pikey pirate boy because I kissed his cheek."

"Thanks," Ahnaliese says slowly, after hearing Fiona out entirely. "The cake thing wasn't my part," she adds a little quickly, a smirk touching one side of her face. "I like Thurkell," she whispers.

As the sudden rush of her smile wears off, Ahnaliese finds herself looking at the trophies, but not as though she's really interested in them. "I kind of made a mess of that, didn't I? I made my mind up to stay out of it." Her eyes are narrow as they dart back to Fiona. "I felt bad for you after what I heard Harper say, that she wanted to talk to you—that was my fault. Did she talk to you yet?"

Fiona shakes her head, "No. But I'm sure she will, since we're in the same house." Her robes clack as she drops to the floor to sit down. That same click-clack they made when Ahnaliese saw her in September. "He was crying at the feast because I don't want to be a pirate anymore and he doesn't understand that. I felt bad and after chatting it over with a friend thought I'd be nice and apologise and treat him the way Gel treats me. Gel's always kissing my cheek but he doesn't fancy me. We're just friends."

Ahnaliese's cheeks flush at this admission. Exhaling a bit despondently, Ahnaliese drops onto her knees beside Fiona, not to make any formal apology or anything, but just to face her as she sits down. "I'm sorry," she mumbles, looking down at her hands, and fumbling her thumbs together.

Swallowing, Ahnaliese asks, unable to help herself, "What is that noise: the click-clacking?"

"Don't be sorry. Elise will be fine. She just fancies him, proper fancies him. I just didn't want him blubbing." Reaching into her pocket Fiona pulls out a couple of smooth, flat, round stones. "Skipping stones. Want one?" The tiny girl drops a stone into Ahnaliese's hand. "For the lake. Angelus and I skip stones, only he's in Hogsmeade today so I went on my own." Fiona leans over so she can see Ahnaliese's downturned face and she grins, "Don't be upset. You were just asking questions. It isn't like I showed him my fanny or something stupid. I gave him a granny kiss. Besides, between you and me, most boys are pretty dumb anyway."

Ahnaliese peers at the stone in her hand, and soon cannot help but smile, and then laugh as Fiona encourages her. "I agree," she admits, smirking a little again as she agrees, "most of them are pretty stupid."

Looking up at Fiona, Ahnaliese says, "Still, is there anything I can do to make…well, what I missed up…better? Say, if Harper tries to talk to you? You can tell her I was being daft and even apologized to you for assuming things, and pretty much making things up. I'm sorry I was asuming things, and pretty much made things up. Would you forgive me?"

"Of course I forgive you," says Fiona with a laugh. "Everybody makes mistakes. Don't worry about Elise. She's odd and obsessed with death but she isn't daft. I'll tell her what happened and she'll be fine." Shifting on the stone floor Fiona sticks her legs out in front of her. "Will you maybe do me a favour, though?"

"Sure," Ahnaliese agrees, "even though my Pa' says it's bad to say 'yes' to that before you know what you're saying 'yes' to." Fumbling with the stone in her hand, and peering at it, Ahnaliese waits to hear what she's agreed to.

"Sensible," agrees Fiona. "It's an easy one though. I just want someone to keep an eye on Grace when she's in the Hufflepuff common room or the dorms. I know what she's like and how people pick on her for being Thick Thurkell, but Grace is really sweet." She'd also spend two hours hunting for a tree with purple apples on it that only first years can see.

Ahnaliese places the stone on the back of the yellow-bound book resting in her lap as she listens, and spins it in a circle on its fulcrum. She looks up to meet Fiona's eyes and nods once she's explained, smiling easily as she says, "I can do that, yeah. I kind of try to keep an eye on her anyway, but I can do that.

"Last night," Ahnaliese continues, "I probably should have left when she did." Smiling she says, "It would have kept me out of trouble."

Fiona watches the spinning stone. "What kind of trouble did you get in? Angelus just said you thought I fancied Cillian and asked people about it." Maybe there was more to it than the Gryffindor said. "Not that I won't forgive you, but I don't want you to be in trouble over something I did."

"Well, that's pretty much what happened," Ahnaliese says, continuing to distract herself with the stone, as if it is helping her thoughts unwind. "I said that in front of Harper. I didn't know she liked Peele until then, and then she asked who I'd heard that from, that you'd kissed Cillian."

Ahnaliese pauses briefly, her eyes absent and elsewhere even as she stares at the stone. "She asked if you'd told me that, and that she wanted to track you down and make you stop spreading rumors. That made Eibon mad. And then Eibon and Peele told each other off a little bit, I guess; because of" -she smiles here slightly and looks up at Fiona- "me; because I couldn't keep my mouth shut. See?" She laughs a little.

"Gosh," says Fiona. "It sounds like I left at the right time." The girl shakes her head, "Silly thing. This is what puberty does to people. My mother gave me a book about it. I'm not sure I want to go through puberty. It sounds daft." Even so she pats Ahnaliese's knee, "You just were asking questions. It's not your fault they're all in puberty."

Ahnaliese cannot help but smirk again. "See, you understand! That's what Malfoy called it too when I asked her some questions about it." Having briefly forgot about the stone, she asks, "Do you think there's any way to avoid it all with a spell or something if you're smart enough to realize what it does to you before it happens? Because that would be brilliant, and we're smart enough to know it already."

"I'll read the book again and see what it says. Knowledge is power." Fiona purses her lips then looks at Ahnaliese "Professor Mopsus is always telling us that observation is the corner stone of all good research. If we know what to look for we will be in control of it and ourselves. That way we won't become stupid like the rest of them." A frown draws her brows together, "But we will have to keep an eye on Grace. She'd probably let some boy see her knickers if he told her he was a knicker inspector."

"I'll start writing down my observations then, and I'll look in the library for anything else I can find," Ahnaliese offers. The part about Grace puts tension on her brow though. "I'll keep a close eye on her, especially whenever she's around boys, or mean girls."

Fiona nods, she appreciates the effort Ahnaliese will be going to. "You can always lure her away from them with cakes or sweets." Looking around she says, "Maybe we can use this as our space. The anti-puberty space. Like how Cillian and the pirates use the armour gallery?"

Ahnaliese nods to the part about sweets being a good diversion. "That sounds good," she says, repeating, "the anti-puberty space is where all the accomplishments are at." She smiles easily and laughs a little. "Should we let Thurkell know about it, or just try to keep an eye out for her? I don't want to confuse her about things."

Ahnaliese picks up the skipping stone and tosses it once, looking at it as if the way it lands has some meaning to her, that or she's already lapsed into thought on something. "What will we do if she starts liking boys!?" Ahnaliese blurts, looking at Fiona worriedly.

"I think we can tell her. She doesn't fancy boys right now. If you explain things carefully," and often enough, "Grace will get it. Besides we can ask her to be our cake monitor. Then she'll be really excited. And she wants to be in a special club." Fiona grins at Ahnaliese, "Accomplishments are much better than puberty and stinky stupid boys."

"I'm glad I'm in this club," Ahnaliese says. "There's hope! Malfoy made it sound like there's nothing you could do, but now we have our observations, and smarts at least." Ahnaliese's smile flourishes as she adds, "And we get our own cake!"

More seriously Ahnaliese asks, "What if we run into other girls that don't like boys, or before it's too late for them? Should we try to find out what they think and then maybe invite them too?"

Fiona strokes her chin thoughtfully in a way she has seen her bearded scholar of a father do. "Observe them carefully and if they seem to be sensible about it invite them too. But we don't want flibbertigibbets who will get all swoony over boys two days after we let them have cake with us."

"True!" Ahnaliese agrees. "We'll be really discreet about it, and then talk about it first before inviting anyone. I don't know of anyone else yet though; you're the first I've run into that isn't a … flibbertigibbets," she repeats slowly, smirking a little as she does. "That's a funny word. It sounds like a puberty flip-flopper."

Fiona giggles as Ahnaliese points out to her just how funny the word sounds, "It does! That will be our club word for silly girls who fancy boys."

Ahnaliese smiles contentedly as she twists enough to scoot her back up against the wall. "Yay," she says, slipping the skipping stone into her hand and opening her book again.

As she gets to her feet again Fiona says, "I'll see you later. Maybe we can make Saturdays before tea our meeting time."

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