(1938-11-02) The Handsome Stranger
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Summary: A handsome stranger walks into The Three Broomsticks and is surrounded by pretty girls and a not so pretty valet-turned-barman.
Date: 2 November 1938
Location: The Three Broomsticks

Adding fuel to the gossip fire Medusa walks into the Three Broomsticks with Eibhlin Shine at her side, although neither of them seem to have a boy with them. "Hopefully we can find a table." Medusa looks around the crowded tavern. Even if the idea of an eccentric new owner, muggle cocktails and jazz might be sending adults away it clearly doesn't matter to students.

No boys might just be a blessing. "There's one," Eibhlin replies, standing on tiptoes for a moment in search of a table, pointing towards an open table in the corner.

"Go grab it," instructs Medusa. "I'll get the drinks. What do you fancy?" She starts to make her way to the bar, weaving through the crowd of students.

"Thanks," Eibhlin replies letting the Slytherin know what she'd like before parting ways with the other girl to snag the table before someone else does. Making her way through the room, around a group of students, she's able to save it just in time, an apologetic "Sorry," offered over to a pair of fourth year students who are just a minute too late.

Being who she is often has perks, Medusa would be the first to admit this. One such perk is that people get out of the way. Sometimes it is because of fear, other times it is because they want to see what she is up to. The end result is the same, Medusa gets through the throng of students and reaches the bar. Even in the somewhat crowded pub her pale Malfoy looks make her stand out, as does the confident and haughty way she carries herself. "A butterbeer and a lemonade," she tells the girl behind the bar.

Eibhlin settles into a seat at a table in the corner that was, until a moment ago, open for the taking. A pair of fourth year students move on in search of another seat. The redhead slips the strap of her satchel over her head, leaving the bag to rest on the seat beside her as she waits for Medusa to join her with the drinks.

The door to the Three Broomsticks swings open to admit the rather tall figure of Lilith. Dressed in a deep green sweater and black skirt with a pair of matching black flats with dark green beading she looks rather pleased about something. The rather cheerful looking woman with her golden-red curls slips inside and marches for the bar sidestepping several students as she goes. Settling down on a bar stool she orders firewhiskey and taps her sharp manicured nails on the counter while she waits.

Almost immediately after Lilith enters, in walks Cyril Malfoy. The biggest and prettiest of all the Malfoy siblings pulls the scarf from around his neck and wraps it slowly around his hand as he has a look around. He spies Medusa and gives her a 'one moment' gesture before he heads to the bar to order a drink.

When Medusa is given her order she slips a few coins onto the bar, exact change in fact, then carries them over to Eibhlin. There is a faint narrowness about her eyes as if she were pinched with a headache of sorts. The butterbeer gets set down before the red head and then Medusa moves the satchel and sits down with her lemonade. Lowering her voice she confides, "My head is pounding. I really need -" her mouth stops as she spies her eldest brother and gives him an upnod of recognition. "Don't say anything to Cyril, last thing I need is a letter from home about the dangers of drinking."

Lilith gets her drink promptly and sips it slowly her head turning to spot Cyril who gets a faint smile and a breif incline of her head. "Hello." Is said to the man in a soft tone. She continues to observe those in the room with a calm blue eyes gaze sipping her firewhiskey in a thoughtful manner.

The door flies open hitting the wall with a bang as the whirlwind of black clothing that is Brei Montauge storms into the pub. The dark haired witch is muttering a string of very creative Italian curses as she stalks for one end of the bar sitting down on an empty stool and fixing the barkeeper with an icy glare. "Firewhiskey….and if I where you I would get it over with and give me the entire bottle now and save yourself some time." She looks around the room breifly before turing back to her main concern of the moment…getting drunk.

"Thanks," Eibhlin offers the younger Malfoy as she arrives at the table with their drinks. A sympathetic look is shared with the other student, "Sorry, maybe next time," she leaves it at that, blue eyes following the Slytherin's look towards the young man at the bar. "Of course not," she agrees, "I take it that means that you did have a good time at the festivities?"

Cyril's golden gaze falls on Lilith and she gets a brief incline of his head in return. He takes up the double shot of whiskey that's been delivered to him and he moves over to stand next to Medusa's table. Cyril quickly sizes up the young redhead sitting with his sister and she gets a nod before he looks to Medusa, "Hello, sister."

Young man? Pshaw. Cyril is old! Well to his nearly eighteen-year-old sister anyway, since he recently skated into his early thirties. "Thanks for coming, Cyril." Medusa doesn't offer him the kiss on the cheek she would Cassius or the hug Edwarlinda would receive, just a nice civil nod. "This is Eihblin Shine." A sip of her alcohol free cloudy lemonade and then Medusa is looking her brother over properly, also taking note of just how many girls and grown women for that matter, are looking his way. It is the curse of the Malfoys to be so attractive and have such a commanding presence. "I wanted to talk to you about what it's like working for yourself. You're the only one of us who has, so far."

The door marked Staff Only swings closed, that being the only indicator that Frid has just passed through it. The man is uncanny. He appears at the end of the bar, looking Brei over as she demands firewhiskey. He reaches up for a tumbler, spins it in his hand, then places it down on the bar, before pouring a shot into a jigger and tipping it in. "I'm afraid I can't do that, madam," he insists politely, gaze never leaving Brei as he quotes the price and holds out a hand expectantly. "One at a time, I think."

After Brei bursts into the Three Broomsticks, making a bit of commotion, it's easy for Morgana just to quietly slip in. She'll find her own spot at the bar, away from the rest since it seems she is gearing up for some serious people watching. "I'll just have a butter beer." She says quietly. However the Malfoys catch her attention so she'll turn her eyes over to them, curious to see how this meeting is going to go.

Cyril slides out of his long coat and hangs it on the back of a chair at the table before he slides it out and has a seat. The old, decrepit Malfoy rolls the sleeves of his shirt up to his forearms, revealing the myriad of tattoos. "Well, what would you like to know, sister? Anything in particular?"

"You know you are just setting yourself up to be pestered right? Oh well I'm not going to argue with you, you have the alcohol after all…" Brei snarks and hands over the requested money already having it in hand. Apparently she is perfectly aware of the price of firewhiskey. After she has her drink she takes a long drink almost emptying the entire glass in one go. Her ice blue eye study the man who gave her the drink a moment before they wander the room as she finishes off her glass and offer up the money for another with a faint smirk and an 'I told you so' look.

Eibhlin regards Cyril as he joins her and Medusa, a simple nod returned as greeting. Fingers curl about the butterbeer in front of her, lifting it to take a slow sip as the siblings talk.

Frid dips his head towards Brei, barely glancing to Morgana as he sees to her butterbeer. "If you enjoy that one, madam, can I suggest the Islay malt, 16 year old, we have in?" he offers, even as he slides the pint mug to Morgana and takes payment for it. "It is slightly more expensive, but I assure you, well worth it."

Medusa glances briefly at the marking on Cyril's arms, she's seen a few of these things before but you never know when a new one might appear. "I want to open a business. I have an idea. I even have an idea on the location of the office. But what I don't know," she admits, "is how to go about it." She sips her lemonade and in setting it down notices Morgana at the bar, the Malfoy girl sends a smile over to her friend before looking back at Cyril. "Or how to get investors should I need them."

"Well, what exactly is the idea? I can't really tell you how to draw investors if I don't know what they're going to be investing in." Cyril takes a sip from his glass before returning it to rest on the table. His golden gaze flickers around the bar as his younger sister collects her thoughts for a response.

"Thank you." Morgana says quietly, leaving the enough coin for a tip and the drink on the counter before she pulls away. Smiling at Medusa, she will approach the table and quietly nod her head to everyone. "Do you mind if I join? I don't want to interrupt anything." She'll even nod to Shine, apparently the head girl is actually in a decent mood today.

Brei studies Frid carefully considering for a moment. "Well I have become rather predictable in my drink choices lately. A change might be a good thing…alright. I will try it. Who knows I might like it better than the fire whiskey." She decides with a faint smile and fingers her black purse that holds her money as she waits for him to state the price.

Eibhlin returns the nod to Rashley, even reaching over to move her back from the chair beside her to hang it over the back of her own and make room for the other girl. "I don't," she answers, turning to the Malfoy's for their response.

Twisting on her chair Medusa reaches into her furcoat and removes a piece of parchment. She came prepared for this casual not so casual meeting of the siblings. "Of course, Morgana, sit down," she says to the Head Girl. "Morgana Rashley, this is my brother Cyril Malfoy. Cyril, this is my friend Morgana. She's Head Girl this year." And now lucky Cyril is surrounded by attractive nubile things, only one of which he is related to. Spreading out the parchment on the table she explains. "The business is type of aquisitions company. Providing the right service to the right people. It's an adaptation of what I do now. People come to me with problems, desires…maybe they need to meet someone or maybe they need to know something. I make the introductions or secure the item for a fee. But of course I need more than that, I need something consistently going. A way in. My friend who will be my partner, provides the other end. Excursions for gentlemen of means who aren't as capable as you, Cyr, of maintaining their masculinity." She grins a little, "Weekend warriors." The parchment lays it all out again, but in greater detail including what Medusa thinks will be needed for intial outlay and start up costs.

Frid turns to a small stash of various single malts, reaching with one practiced hand to a slightly dusty bottle to the back and to one side. Popping the cork, he measures out a dram and tips it into a tumbler for Brei, nodding once. "One of my favourites," he admits, "although I'm partial to the Lagavulin."

Morgana settles into the table, making sure to smooth over her grey skirt and make sure her warm grey cloak stays out of the way. "A pleasure to meet you Mr. Malfoy." She'll say politely, but than get out of the way of the conversation, she knows how much Medusa was looking forward to the conversation with her brother.

"Acquisitions, ey? Sort of akin to what I did in my younger years." Or a few months ago, depending on how much one is in the know. He crosses one leg over the other and looks over the paperwork. "And you hope to start his up while you're still in school?" he asks as he takes another sip from his glass. He offers a nod to Morgana as she's introduced to him, but continues to say nothing to anyone who isn't his sister.

"No, after." Medusa sips her lemonade. "I'm just in the planning stages now. My partner is more of a," she pauses trying to think of a way to explain just what Douglas is, "doer and I'm the planner. He's got the knowledge to do his end of things, I just need to meet my end of the obligations." Leaning over towards Cyril she taps a finger against the parchment. "I was thinking of an office in Diagon Alley. Hogsmeade is still a bit too quaint for my tastes and that's where the money is: London." Her blue gaze lifts to Cyril's face. "What do you think?"

Morgana will nod her head back polietly, but seeing that Cyril is focused on his sister, as he should be, she'll grow quiet and just listen to the conversation at hand. Besides, that is what she does best, listen. After all she is interested in how this business is going to work.

The door opens and Serena makes her way in carefully stumbling slightly as she tries to avoid a group of students. Looking quite bashful she settles at a table near the wall and waits paitently and calmly for service. She spots the group of students and Malfoy's nearby and smiles nervously in that general direction before her eyes drift away elsewhere.

Frid takes a moment to watch Serena, giving her time to settle. When she remains seated, he clears his throat, raising his voice just enough to carry over from the bar to her table. "It's service at the bar, madam. Can I get you something?"

"I think it has potential." Cyril's noncommital additude shines bright as always. Upon Serena's arrival, Cyril offers her a tip of his head and half a smile. The young Malfoy gentleman always remembers his dance partners. His eyes return to Medusa and he says, "So, this Douglas boy is capable?"

"I think it has potential." Cyril's noncommital additude shines bright as always. Upon Serena's arrival, Cyril offers her a tip of his head and half a smile. The young Malfoy gentleman always remembers his dance partners. His eyes return to Medusa and he says, "So, is this partner of yours capable?"

Serena looks up at Frid and smiles softly rising from her seat with care she starts twoards the bar stumbling a few times before she reaches her destination. Settling onto a stool she offers Cyril a breif shy smile before turning her attention onto Frid. "Black tea if you don't mind please? And some sugar to go in it if its not too much trouble?" The timid looking blonde studies the bartender with a shy smile.

Eibhlin sits quietly, listening to the conversation between the Malfoys as she sips at her drink. Curious as to the business proposal if nothing else.

"Of course, madam." Frid dips his head politely, giving Serena a small smile before turning away to find tea. Surely there is tea. Of course there is tea. Not being the usual pub fare, however, when it is served, it is in a dainty porcelain teapot, with a cup and saucer, sugar bowl and milk jug (in case she changes her mind, presumably), all set out with exquisite care on a silver tray, which the valet-turned-barman brings over and presents to the young lady.

Noncommital is better than committed, which some of them sometimes think might be good for Cyril. Medusa follows her brother's gaze and smirks. She might be well over a decade younger than both of her brothrs but she knows they have cut a swathe through eligible (and some not so eligible) women. When Cyril's attention returns to her Medusa nods. "Yes, he is capable. He knows the area inside and out, knows how to survive in the wilderness. Even I'm learning things." Which is undoubtedly more telling for Eibhlin and Morgana who know her better than her oft absent eldest brother.

Morgana raises her brows as this seems to go well, and decides to try and help her friend out as best as she can. "He has a good head on his shoulders." Most of the time. Morgana continues with her butter beer, looking over at her friend with a grin.

Serena's eyes drift through the room spotting the younger Malfoy's smirk and turning away with aslight blush to her pale cheeks. The tea tray is set in front of her and she smiles gratefully to Frid and pays for the tea before pouring herself a cup and adding a moderate amount of sugar, enough to make it sweet but not too sweet and gently stirs the cup with a spoon. The milk is not touched. Placing the spoon aside and lifting the cup to her lips she takes a slow sip smiling happily at the taste.

Cyril smiles at Medusa and says, "I'm only going to say this once, so listen closely, alright?" He clears his throat and rests a hand on Medusa's arm, "I'm proud of you, baby sister. For the longest time, I was worried you'd follow along in your other brother's footsteps. Politics is no place for a learned individual. Not enough money in it." One more half smile and a pat of her arm, and his hand returns to clasp the other in his lap. "I suppose now is the time where you ask me for help in covering your startup costs?"

Frid tidies glasses.

Medusa preens under the compliment. "Thank you, Cyril. I agree wholeheartedly about politics." She could say more but Malfoys don't delve into family issues in public. Her gaze drops to the business plan she set out in front of him and rather than looking chagrined that Cyril has sussed her intent Medusa just laughs. "You would be right. If I can tell the realtor I have a backer to help with start up costs she will hold the office I want. But I need some discretion. You are the only in the family one I have trusted with this." Eibhlin and Morgana are given a glance before she looks back at Cyril. "Even amongst our friends it is just a select few who know." Medusa leans in to whisper to her brother.

Morgana makes the motion over her lips, like a having a key in a lock and tosses it away. It seems this year she is dealing in secrets. Granted, getting them out of her might be a little tough, but she is having fun with it for now. "Well, at least she's honest." Morgana says to Eibhlin.

Eibhlin nods silently, "There's that," she replies to Morgana. To Medusa she assures, "My lips are sealed."

"When do you need the money?" Cyril, being probably the wealthiest of the Malfoy siblings, obviously has no qualms when it comes to supporting a family member. He scratches at his fine amount of stubble and looks to the other girls at the table, "So, both of you are supporting my sister in her causes, then?"

"Not until June," says Medusa. "Unless you want to pay for the offices to sit empty until then and have the contract be in your name?" Real estate in Diagon Alley is prime after all. She picks up her lemonade and takes a sip, smiling at her friends over the rim of the glass.

"It certainly seems like a well thought out plan," Eibhlin replies when the question is posed to her and Morgana. Supporting might not be the right word for it, but the Ravenclaw isn't trying to talk her out of it by any means either.

"I am, however, a bit insulted that you aren't even thinking about taking me on as an employee. Lord knows I could do with some sort of work." Cyril grins and pulls something from his pocket before turning it over in his hands and setting it down on the table. "Consider this a small donation. You won't be able to get much use out of it until you can get it appraised, so it's not like you'll be spending it on loose men and whiskey." He pulls his hand away revealing a solid gold coin emblazoned with the head of Anubis.

"Well if you want me to flog your findings to the highest bidder I'd be happy to," Medusa offers with a broad grin. She reaches over for the coin and picks it up carefully. "It's beautiful. I didn't realise you went back to Egypt this time. I thought it was Palestine." She reaches into the pocket of her skirt and pulls out a fine linen handkerchief which she transfers the coin onto, not wanting the natural oils in her hands to damage it. "What fabulous detail." Medusa looks up at Cyril and smiles. "Thank you. Both for the challenge and for the opportunity." Maloys do love a good challenge.

Eibhlin is content, for the moment to sip at her drink, though as the coin is produces she does lean in just a bit to try and get a better look. "It's very pretty," she agrees quietly.

Morgana does look at the Anubis coin with some interest, unfotunately that is also when she catches the time. "Oh, I must be going. Please forget my quick disappearance, but I have an appointment!" With that she'll gather her things and wave good bye to those at the table.

Cyril smirks at his sister and says, "Try South America. You get the coin because I've got a lot of them just spread about my apartment." He leans back in his seat and says, "I don't really feel like parting with any of my recent acquisitions just yet."

Medusa slides the handkerchief over on the surface of the table so that Eibhlin can look at it. When Morgana rushes off her head turns to follow the girl, whatever it was she will get an answer later. "South America? I used to have an atlas and I'd put little circles around the places your postcards came from. I remember I got to the post once before everyone, I must have been about seven or eight, and you sent a postcard of a naked woman. I thought it was really funny but Mother wasn't quite so pleased." Her gaze lifts up and off to the left as she tries to remember where the postcard had come from. "No, I can't remember anything else about it, just the woman and her really long neck."

"Thank you," Eibhlin says, pulling the handkerchief over a little closer to her to examine the coin. Her drink set off to the side, out of the way for the moment. "Later," she calls after Morgana, turning a glance after the departing girl. "Really? You sent a card like that to your mother?" she questions, pushing the coin back to Medusa.

"Yes, well, as much as I'd like to sit here and reminisce, I need to get going. I've got a dinner date with a woman who I've heard is fairly liberal, so, you know how it goes." Cyril begins to roll down his sleeves.

At that Medusa laughs. "Not really but I have an idea." She looks at Cyril and grins, "Try not to get the clap." Nothing like practical safe sex advice from the little sister. The coin is carefully wrapped up and slipped into her pocket for safekeeping. "Thank you, Cyr. Maybe I'll see you during the hols. Cassius wants to show me his fancy new house."

Eibhlin offers a smile to the man as he readies to be on his way, "It was nice to meet you Mr. Malfoy."

Cyril offers the two girls a nod and stands up, sliding his coat on. He pats Medusa on the head as he passes her and says, "I'll try my best. Stay out of trouble." With that, Cyril slips out of the door.

Medusa reaches for her drink, glancing at it as her brother leaves. Her gaze lifts to Eibhlin's face. "Well now you're in the know too. I wasn't sure if he would show up, truth be told. He's the most eccentric of the lot of us."

Eibhlin nods slightly in understanding, "I appreciate that you entrusted me with the idea. I'm sure you'll be good at it." She looks back to her own drink, pulling it back to her, "Its nice that you have family you can call on like that though."

"Actually this is the first time I have ever asked him for anything," confesses Medusa. She sips her drink and looks at Eibhlin. "You have your mum and she sounds amazing. The kind of mum who would do anything for you."

"Oh," Eibhlin states simply, "I just meant if you needed to." Her gaze lingers on her glass, "She does her best I suppose," she replies as to her mother. "But its not always easy."

"Sometimes family isn't just who your blood is, sometimes it is the people who you make your family." Medusa reaches up to tuck a strand of pale hair behind her ear. "Your mum might not understand this world, but you have people in it who do and who care about you. Gerald being one of them."

"Yeah?" the redhead replies, question in her voice, though she offers a bit of a smile as she turns back to Medusa. "I suppose you have a point there," she agrees, a touch of hesitation at the mention of the Gryffindor. "He is a good friend."

"He is and he'll be there for you if you need him." Medusa drains her glass, drinking the last of her lemonade. "And I'm sure others would be too once they get to know you."

"I'm sure he would be," Eibhlin replies. "And I'd like to think that you and Douglas would be too," with them however she's slightly less certain.

"We would," says Medusa. "We're both fond of you." She gets to her feet, pulling her coat on. "I am hoping he's out of detention and this news will cheer him up. Thanks for coming with me." She gives Eibhlin a smile and then apparates away, presumably to the castle gates.

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