(1938-11-02) The Question of Kissing
Details for The Question of Kissing
Summary: Elise asks Fiona if she really did kiss Cillian.
Date: 1938-11-02
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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It is after dinner and Fiona is curled up on one of the chairs, a tiny figure reading a book. There are a couple of other books on the table near her chair and all seem to be a variation on the same theme: health and human biology. She twiddles her fingers in her hair as she reads. For once her older brother Eniri isn't sharing the table with her, probably because he's annoyed that she made him be Cuchulain's wife when they acted out the tale of the Giant's Causeway earlier.

Elise comes into the common room from the corridor outside, sees Fiona, and makes a beeline right for her. She sits down in the closest chair, rests her crossed arms on her knees, and regards the girl intently. "Hello," she says. "I have a question for you." She pauses. "Actually, probably more than one. Can we please talk?"

Looking up from her reading Fiona nods, "Of course. I heard you were looking for me. I spoke with Angelus and Ahnaliese earlier." But then obviously didn't make an effort to seek out Elise herself. She pulls a cloth bookmark from her pocket and sets it in the book then closes it. "What can I do for you Elise?"

Elise frowns thoughtfully for a second. "I just want to know the truth," she says. "You see, Cillian is my very best friend, excepting Luci. I am fond of him, and I suppose I feel protective. Firstly, did you kiss Cillian?" She clasps her hands together tightly. Her knuckles are a bit white, but her voice is calm and her gaze steady. She's being very polite.

"Like a granny," says Fiona tapping her finger against her cheek. "The same way Gel kisses me or my brother. I was trying to be nice. He'd been crying at the feast. I think he was crying because we didn't want to go to the pirate party with him. We decided to go do our own thing." She drops her hand to her lap as she looks at Elise, "So I said sorry that he cried and told him he had a nice costume and kissed his cheek."

"Oh," Elise says. Relief sort of washes over her face. "Well, that was very sweet of you, actually." She sits back in the chair, slumping somewhat, and closes her eyes for a moment to breath a sigh of relief. "He did have a nice costume, didn't he?" She smiles at the younger girl. "Did you have one? I don't think I saw it, if you did."

Fiona looks at Elise a bit funnily. "I won third place in the costume contest." Maybe Elise was too busy eyeing up Cillian to notice. "I don't fancy him. Which I guess would have been your second question. I'm just an acquaintance really, but I didn't want him to cry."

"I wasn't at the dance," Elise explains. "I had someone who would have taken me as a favor, but he ended up getting a date, instead." She shrugs. "Congratulations on your costume, then. What was it?" She blushes a bit at Fiona's guess, nods a little. "I never want to see him cry," she agrees.

"Me either, but the costume contest was at the feast." Poor Elise is just digging herself a deeper hole. However Fiona lets it go, she's magnanimous like that. "I was a giant sweetie. My friend Grace was a giant cake. We thought it would be fun to look like we were part of the feast." Her hands reach over and lift the book from the table. "Ahnaliese said to tell you that she didn't mean to upset you, she just misunderstood. She didn't know I was just trying to be nice. I told her you'd be fine once I explained."

Elise shrugs. "I didn't enter the contest, either," she tells the girl. "I was…" she trails off. "Well, never mind. It doesn't matter, now, does it?" The truth was — and the other second-year girls might have gossiped about this — Elise was crying in her bed through most of the feast, clutching a letter and blubbering into her pillow. At Fiona's last words, she blinks. "Er… alright, then," she responds after a bit, looking rather awkward about it. "Seems like everyone knows but him," she murmurs half to herself.

With a quiet sigh Fiona hugs the book against her chest and as if it were against her better judgement says, "If you don't want him to know you should maybe get some space between you. I've been doing a lot of reading and it says in the book," she doesn't elaborate which book, "that sometimes fancying friends ruins friendships. But it also says that if you both fancy each other it can be nice." That last bit comes out as if Fiona is highly doubtful of it, but then she is only just eleven.

Elise looks down at her hands and ponders how much to say. "Well, you see… there's my curse. So… I just shouldn't be anyone's girlfriend." She shrugs. "It would just be too cruel." Her mouth twists while she thinks for another moment. "And he doesn't like girls yet, anyway. I thought… until he does, I can have him. Just that much. And once he starts liking girls, well… I suppose I'll find him a girlfriend and sort of just… fade into the background. So it won't be so bad, you see, when I die."

Fiona reaches over and pats Elise's hand. "Maybe you'll be lucky and he'll be gay like his dads." Because that has to be better, right? She sits back in her chair and offers, "Or he could be like Cathal and find it all revolting and never like anyone. Then it won't matter."

"I suppose that's possible," Elise agrees. "Then I'll find him a boyfriend, instead." She sighs at the thought. The corner of her mouth twists up in half of a faint smile. "Cathal is rather unique, I think."

"I like his analytical approach to things," which is Fiona's way of agreeing with Elise. "You never know, you might decide it is worth it after all. Any of us could die at any time. Fall off a broom. Have a cauldron get stuck on our heads. I have a great-uncle who was drunk and impaled himself on his own wand. He lived but died a few days later. Slipped and fell down an old tin mine. He liked to drink a lot."

Elise winces at the story about Fiona's uncle. "That's horrible, I'm sorry to hear it," she says. "I could tell you all about how people in my family have died, but… it's rather morbid." Her face gets a little crumply for a second, like she might cry again.

"Every living thing dies, some sooner and some later." So says the girl reading up on human biology. "But it's your life. Anyway, I need to get back to my research." Fiona opens up her book. "You can tell Cillian I don't fancy him, but I'm sure he knows anyway."

"Yeah," Elise agrees with a bit of a catch in her voice. She stands up. "Good luck, I hope you find what you need," she says. And off she goes.

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