(1938-11-02) The White Knight in the Dragon's Castle
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Summary: Graham comes to Berylwood to discuss the matter of Rhyeline's safety with Cassius. Once that's settled, the conversation turns inevitably to politics.
Date: Saturday, November 02, 1938
Location: Berylwood

Never let it be said that Cassius Malfoy is not a gracious host. In preparation for his visitor, he has had a small table arranged in the solar, where they can have a beautiful view of the back gardens. A silver tea tray is set out, along with covered dishes containing scones, biscuits, and lemon cakes.

Cassius sits patiently in the solar, perusing a copy of the Pure-Blood Directory, that anonymously published book responsible for the identification of the so-called "Sacred Twenty-Eight."

Rhyeline drifts into the solar, warming her hands against the sides of her own little cup of tea. She pauses, gazing over at Cassius as she takes a long, slow sip. Lowering her cup, she offers him a soft, warm smile.

The young man walking down the street, covered in a cloak against the cold. He pauses a moment shaking his head, but then continues onwards. Graham might be looking for a darkwizard to fight rather then head to his current destination. He does reach the gates which open he takes that as a good sign making his way to the door and pressing the bell. He'll step back and wait than to be shown in or to where he should be.

The door is answered by a diminutive being with large ears and a long nose dressed in an ornately wrapped scarf; a house-elf. The little creature gestures in welcome, stepping aside for Graham.

Cassius looks up at Rhyeline, greeting her with the same warmth. "I suppose our Auror Cohen will be arriving any…" He pauses, hearing the bell and instantly rising, setting down the book. "That must be him now." He moves to stand beside Rhyeline, waiting for his guest to be shown into the solar.

Rhyeline seems pleased at the sound of the bell. Taking another small sip of tea, she drifts a touch closer to Cassius when he comes to stand next to her. This morning, Rhyeline's dark gaze shines warm and cheerful. Peeking up at Cassius, she murmurs, "I'm glad you get to meet each other properly now…"

Like Graham knows what to do when a house elf answers the door. "Hello, I came to see Mr Malfoy." yes this wont go well as he steps lightly inside wincing internally. He moves through as he's shown looking about as he does so finally face to face with the two "Ah, good day Mr Malfoy." he gets a respectful nod turning to the other who gets a smile "Rhyeline."

Cassius nods in affirmation to Rhyeline. "Indeed. Our past meetings have been entirely too brief…and the last was in rather unfortunate circumstances." When Graham appears in the solar entry, Cassius smiles, stepping forward to offer his hand to his guest. "Mr. Cohen, welcome. Please, won't you sit and enjoy Berylwood's hospitality." He move to the tea table, where three chairs await them, one of which he pulls out for Rhyeline.

"Hello, Graham!" Rhyeline offers Graham a bright little smile and her eyes positively shine when Cassius greets her adopted brother with such hospitable warmth. Drifting to the chair Cassius pulls out for her, the girl peeks up at him with a quiet adoration before taking a seat.

Graham accepts the hand and shakes it "Thank you, it's very nice from what i've seen of it so far." the auror says he looks to Rhyeline and in role-reversal takes comfort from her presence seemingly more than her with his he chuckles though moves to sit lightly in the offered seat. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me." he adds once he's done this.

"I'll gladly give you the tour later, if you've the time." With Rhyeline settled, Cassius takes his own seat opposite Graham. The teapot lifts into the air seemingly of its own accord — though in actuality thanks to the house-elf — and fills each cup. The lids lift from the plates, hovering away to a rolling tray by the wall. "I will always do my best to make time for a man Rhyeline has claimed as a brother. In fact, I'm curious about that relationship. The two of you must have quite a bond."

Rhyeline holds out her cup for the teapot to refill it. After taking a small, appreciative little sip, she peeks over at Cassius. "Neither of us had siblings growing up… and… I think we both felt that absence." She looks over at Graham to confirm.

"I should, luckily i'm free from work today, after the birthday party. I knew i'd need a small break." Graham says with a chuckle he listens looking between the two though as Rhyeline speaks he nods "I agree, it's an odd thing we met once new years last year and than not again for the whole year but when we did for lack of better words we bonded quickly, and than realized at some point we were like to siblings." he grins.

"Marvelous," Cassius comments. "Growing up with three siblings of my own, I know well the varied relationships that brothers and sisters can have. I'm delighted to see that you've found such a positive bond. I admit, somewhat selfishly, that I am also quite pleased to know that my dear one is looked upon so fondly by an Auror. You have seen for yourself how her beauty and innocence can attract an unsavoury element."

Rhyeline seems as pleased as can be with how well the encounter between Cassius and Graham is going. She brings her teacup to her lips for a small sip, just im time for Cassius' last comment. Her cheeks grow rather warm as shyness returns to her manner. Looking rather self-conscious, she peeks over at Graham from over the brim of her teacup as she hides behind it.

Graham nods catching the look from Rhyeline he gives a relaxed grin assuring her still when he's out of his bounds here. "I have seen, yes though the scene with the man from the army I believe is simply pride and bravado on his part. He is army trained and so cannot see why he shouldnt test you a misunderstand and quite unfortunate i'd agree." he pauses "In fact though it's this Rhyeline's protection which I asked for the meeting, one of the first times we saw one another she was accosted in Diagon Alley, by a rather intoxicated wizard. I acted in her self-defense, to remove that threat."

Rhyeline's dark gaze darts to Cassius when Graham mentions that particular incident in Diagon Alley. It's something she has failed to mention.

Cassius arches an eyebrow at Rhyeline curiously. "Is that so?" He reaches a hand to hers, giving it a comforting squeeze. "You see, Rhyeline and I are still learning a great deal about our personal lives. We have been colleagues for so long that much has gone unsaid in the interest of professionalism." He nods to Graham, "I am eternally grateful to you, Mr. Cohen. My faith in your care for her has already been rewarded, it seems."

Rhyeline seems to calm, reassured by Cassius' gentle squeeze. Gazing up at him, she murmurs a rather soft tone, "Forgive me for not mentioning it. Graham had dealt with it… ensured he wouldn't go unpunished and- and I wanted that to be the end of it…" Cheeks still glowing with warmth, she peeks over at Graham.

"Ah, well yes I can understand that, but i'm sure that distance will be quickly be bridged." Graham says assuredly to each in turn though his focus moves back to Cassius "I am glad you approve so far, before I make my proposal I would like to get say as so we're all on the same page not to deceive." he pauses "Rhyeline may or may not have told you, I don't support the aims of the unity movement though I don't actively publicly speak against it." he chuckles "Rhyeline is quite skillful in debate and as siblings we've argued a bit of it but neither is willing to back down from our points."

Cassius gives Rhyeline's hand another squeeze. "It's fine, dear one. As I said, things were more professional then. I'm sure you would tell me now if something like that were to happen again, wouldn't you?" He gives Graham his attention, nodding with a quiet smile. "Even if you did actively speak against it, I would not take it personally, Mr. Cohen. Every man and woman is entitled to his or her opinion."

Rhyeline nods at Cassius from behind her teacup. "Yes, of course. Now, things are different…" Lowering her teacup at last, a warm smile returns to her lips. It lingers as she looks to Graham. "And… and your concerns are quite valid, Graham. And I believe that with the /right/ methods for bringing about unity, the dangers could be avoided… or- at least mitigated to where the benefits far outweigh the costs of inaction… But- we don't have to agree on every point." Her eyes shine with an impish sort of mirth as she grins over at her adopted older brother.

Graham nods to his words "I appreciate that and a wise outlook, but I thought it important to mention, i've learned to attempt to avoid misunderstandings in my line of work." he says turning to look at Rhyeline her words bring a smile to his face and it looks like in other settings he would do something childish like stick his tongue out at her but instead he pulls a face before looking back to Cassius. "I thought with the announcement of your courtship it'd be appropriate to more officially request to protect Rhyeline. I will of course in her personal life protect her as I ever have she's family, but I fear that with her more active involvement in the movement and as things." he pauses to ponder his words "Heat up? In discussions that she may need an extra wand."

Cassius nods slowly, his pale jade eyes intent upon Graham over the rim of his teacup. "An interesting proposal. Naturally, as I've expressed, I am thrilled to have you looking after her. But I'm sure you'll understand that I may have a few concerns. The first and foremost being that your Auror duties would not permit you the time to act as a full-time bodyguard."

Rhyeline blinks, looking a touch surprised at Graham's offer. Her dark gaze lingers on the young auror's face a moment before it flits to Cassius' eyes. Warmth lingers in her cheeks and as the conversation turns to such matters she looks a bit cautious.

"A fair point, my duties do keep me busy at times, my appologies but I have noticed the detail following her currently." he grins "It's sort of comes with the job to be nosey, so maybe in addition to that when I am able." Graham catches Rhyeline's look trying to read it but speaks further "I'll admit, that if word reached me that she needed my help just like any friend or family loved one, i'd drop things to be there. I think any of us would."

Cassius nods deeply to indicate his understanding. "Of course, and I appreciate that. But as you have pointed out, she has constant protection. Not that I wouldn't want you there. I suppose what I would like to know is what you are asking of me, exactly? If you are offering to leave your position and enter my employ as her bodyguard, I would accept without hesitation. Though I would be remiss to poach one of the finest young Aurors in the M.L.E." He chuckles lightly, lifting his teacup in a little toast to Graham.

Rhyeline seems a bit cautious about Graham putting himself at risk to serve as one of her guards. At the mention of Graham leaving his post to serve as her body guard, her eyes widen in alarm. "Perhaps instead, Graham could- could train me in defensive spells?" she suggests.

The young man's face falls but it's ever so slight and gone hopefully before it could be seen. Graham his face turns to Rhyeline again reversal needing help but he knows he cannot simply wait. "I am honored Mr Malfoy, but I could not do so. I would be glad to teach her defense and dueling, I suppose I must be content to protect her when i'm able that wont change though. On this matter if there is a threat I offer to assist anyway I can." he adds simply.

Cassius nods encouragingly at Rhyeline. "An excellent notion. Shall we arrange for after hours training sessions, then? I hope you won't be offended if I offer you payment. I believe firmly that a man's good work should be rewarded. No, no, don't tell me you'll do it out of the kindness of your heart. I know you will. Consider this my gratitude."

Rhyeline calms when Graham does indeed accept that he wouldn't be able to leave his post as an auror. A soft smile even returns to her lips when the two accept her suggestion. "I'm not half bad at those spells either…" she adds, grinning.

Rhyeline calms when Graham does indeed accept that he wouldn't be able to leave his post as an auror. A soft smile even returns to her lips when the two accept her suggestion. "I got decent marks at Hogwarts… but, I'm a little rusty…" she tells them with a bit of a grin.

Graham nods "I believe that will work fine, no offense taken but I couldn't accept money though it's not necessary." He looks to Rhyeline nodding "Yes I am sure you will pick it up just fine, and likely will enjoy stunning me repeatedly." he smirks regaining some of his good mood at least he will be of some use after all.

"Now don't insult me, Mr. Cohen," Cassius says with good cheer. "Payment is the least I can do to show my gratitude. You are seeing to the well-being of the woman I am courting, after all. Please, allow me this trifle. The money will be yours to do with as you please. Donate it to a favourite charity, if you like."

Rhyeline's laughter is soft and impish at the thought of sending Graham heels over head with stunning spells. "Graham, you should accept the money… so that afterwards we can go for malts at Sweet Temptations."

The auror looks back to his host "I will accept, for the good of Rhyelines sweet-tooth. Well and to buy a soft mattress for me to land on once i've been stunned. He throws a wink her way "Funny enough the hardest thing to learn with dueling club was allowing yourself to be struck quite unatural in a class room or otherwise" he grins at the thought of the school days.

Cassius smiles with satisfaction. "Superb. I shall see that a cheque is issued to you weekly." He takes a sip to tea, pausing for effect, before adding. "I hope you'll both forgive me if I turn the topic toward politics. But my curiosity has the better of me. Mr. Cohen, you've expressed that you disagree with Unity's stance — and, again, let me stress that I do not take offense to this. But I should very much like to hear what you propose as a solution to the problems we are trying to address."

Rhyeline sets down her cup of tea and helps herself to a biscuit (or as Americans know it- cookie). Nibbling on it lie a rabbit with a carrot, her dark gaze flickers from one to the other. No longer does the girl seem cautious or apprehensive. Her dark eyes are filled with unguarded warmth.

"Not at all Mr Malfoy, I might have been a bit vague in my words before." Graham says in response though he looks to Rhyeline and is glad she seems relaxed. "I am rather bookish, being a Ravenclaw in school it comes with the territory, my concern is that though I believe you mean no real lordship over the muggles how people perceive things is powerful. I am concerned if this happens they will revolt, the France, The America's and long it happened. I would not have us raise a wand against any." he says pausing a moment "I suppose I may be an idealist given many would resist helping at all, but I would if given the ability in much larger scale help from the shadows as we are now."

Cassius nods without judgement, noting, "A fair concern. But consider this. Not only are we well situated to be the launching point for exposing the wizarding world to the Muggles — due to Great Britain's position as the head of a vast Empire that few wish to risk taking action against — but also, the Muggle government most inclined to take action is already doing so. I keep a close eye on Muggle affairs, and the events in Germany are boiling so hot that an explosion is imminent. I do not believe that we can prevent the coming storm from the shadows."

Rhyeline remains quiet, nibbling on the biscuit until taking a sip of tea. Her dark gaze flickers from Cassius to Graham as each speaks. Her eyes shine bright and hopeful as she watches Graham. Perhaps now his concerns will be alleviated.

Graham listens and is clearly not beyond reason and logic which really are key points for him. "Yes, but we have thought ourselves superior before, and come up short. Could anyone have thought the colonies would win their independence? I mean at the time I believe we all thought them farmers and peasants." he chuckles "I know I ask for the impossible, and things in Germany seem dark i'd like nothing more than to calm things, but my question still stands, what happens if we're seen as rulers even when we only wish to help and they do launch a revolution, do we fight them? I fear in my eyes foolish as it may seem no amount of losses on either side are acceptable."

"Again, a justifiable fear," Cassius concedes. "I encourage you to read transcripts of some of my speeches. The issue of fear is a major part of my platform. Fear of what might occur is precisely what has placed us in this powerless position. We are afraid of being persecuted. Afraid that the Muggles won't understand us, and that they will fear us in turn. But when we understand fear, and where it comes from, we can banish it. Education is the key. This is why my plan involves a gradual integration, starting with the Muggle government. With their cooperation, we will begin an education program that will show the Muggles precisely what we are and how we can improve their lives. I fully intend to do the same in reverse. So many of us find Muggle technology baffling…stifling, even. Goodness, put me in the driver's seat of an automobile, and I would be hopeless." He chuckles. "But the alternative is to do nothing…and doing nothing means risking the same destruction that threatens our Muggle neighbours."

Rhyeline's eyes shine as Cassius explains his position with far greater eloquence than she has ever managed. Her focus has always been the pressing need for reunification, but she feels she has always fallen short when trying to express exactly what Cassius Malfoy proposes.

The auror smiles ruefuly "I must also accept your argument has it's points, perhaps more thought into a second or even third solution on my part is needed, and perhaps i'll even be able to play my part, but the doubt weighs heavily on me at least. I truly hope you are correct and all can be avoided. Nobody would be more happy than myself." Graham admits

The platinum haired politician smiles warmly. "I always welcome alternate opinions, and especially alternate solutions. Unfortunately, my political opposition has shown little interest in finding solutions, and would much rather simply try to block mine. I encourage you to give it thought. The right idea can come from any source. But also give my proposals thought as well. I hope you'll find greater merit in them than you originally supposed."

Rhyeline lowers her cup of tea and speaks up at last. Her eyes shine with passion as they always do whenever she speaks of unity. "It's true that unless reunification is done in the right manner, it could cause a great deal of harm… that's why here in Britain, we must be unified among ourselves… so that we can stand strong and influence solutions being proposed abroad…"

"I would like to think I am stubborn as Rhyeline will tell you, but i'd like to think i'm reasonable about most things. I will give both a thought if nothing I enjoy research and reading so it's right up my alley. Perhaps if I do some up with something i can bounce them off of you sometime." Graham says giving a shrug he looks to Rhyeline "You know the one thing that I am not reasonable on it's that which will stop us being united." he sighs slightly

Cassius smiles and chuckles. "I look forward to it, Mr. Cohen. You obviously have a keen mind. It's no wonder you have become such a valued member of the Auror's Office." He raises his cup respectfully to Graham.

"I hope at least you better understand what Cassius is advocating… and you understand why I work as hard as I do for it…" murmurs Rhyeline, watching graham with warm smile. "There are so many rumors, so much misinformation…"

The three continue on that high note, chatting and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the solar. The conversation no longer lingers on politics, but instead drifts to other pleasant topics. The house elf is attentive to their tea cups, making sure they never quite empty. Eventually, duty calls and Graham must return to work. There is a broadcast on the muggle wireless that Rhyeline wants to hear and Cassius goes back to whatever machinations he was working on earlier that morning.

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