(1938-11-03) Sweet Temptation
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Summary: Corina visits Michel's sweet shop, and both find themselves drawn to one another's arts.
Date: 3 November, 1938
Location: Sweet Temptations, Diagon Alley

Its a rather slow day for Sweet Temptations today and Michel is currently sorting and taking inventory of his various types of chocolate. He has hired several people since he first open and though he no longer has to clean the shop or ring up customers he is still the only one allowed to bake or take inventory. The short blonde finishes his counting and after recording the number on the clipboard he carries smiles happily looking around the shop. Walking over to put the clipboard behind the counter he then looks around for a customer to help should someone need assistance.

Taking a day for herself to roam Diagon Alley and do some shopping, Corina Silver finds herself drawn by the delectable smells of the sweets shop. As the corseted young lady enters, she inhales deeply of the scents, eyes going half-lidded. As if in a trance, she glides toward the displays, almost floating. In her cream-and-white Victorian dress, topped with a veiled hat trailing long ribbons, she almost resembles some elegant cake that might be baked in this place. "Oh, my…so many choice," she muses aloud.

Michel spots the woman as she enters. With a bright smile he approaches her looking both amused and delighted by her reaction. The blonde's soft-toned voice is heard from behind Corina. "Indeed there are quite a few choices and more all the time. I make everything here myself…Its one of the many reasons I love my job." He laughs softly. "Now did you want candy or pastries? There are many kinds of each to choose from. In fact I just finished a batch of chocolate and vanilla coated cherries this morning. We also have malts and other drinks if you are thirsty." The cheerful blonde explains his wares eagerly and quite happily.

Corina turns around to greet the gentleman addressing her, and immediately adopts a smile of utter endearment. She is tall for a woman, and her heeled boots lift her even further, giving her a few inches on Michel. She arches a slender eyebrow, her mouth forming a delighted 'O'. "Those cherries sound positively irresistible. You make all of this yourself, you say?"

Michel doesn't seem to mind that she is taller than him and smiles brightly nodding. "Yes. The candy, the pastries all of them are made by me. I recently added the malt counter and have hired someone to help with that but the other things are all done by myself." He stuides her a moment and then continues. "And yes the cherries are rather popular and I am also rather fond of them. But then I am found of almost anything sweet so I will admit to being biased in that area." His smile turns slightly playful now as he looks up at her.

Corina smiles coyly at the shop owner, clasping her hands in front of her, which has the unintended (yeah, right) effect of pushing her ample bosom up. "Then I shall do my very best to be sweet. Mmm…might I try one?"

Michel is breifly distracted, his grey gaze going down to Corina breasts just for a moment before he looks up blushing slightly. He is still smiling though and laughs softly. "You are already doing quite well I think. I have a few of those particular sweets that haven't been boxed and put on the shelf yet…Still very fresh as well. I suppose you could try one." He turns and makes his way over to the back room. He is in and out rather quickly pulling out a tray of small rounded chocolates. He carries the tray over to the counter and sets it down lightly with a soft smile to Corina. "Its chocolate on the outside then vanilla then a cherry in the middle."

Corina eyes the cherries, letting the tip of her tongue touch her upper lip. "They look delicious." She starts to reach for one, but then withdraws her gloved hand. "Oh, I don't want to stain my gloves. Would you?" She folds her hands behind her back and gives Michel a cheshire grin. Clearly she knows she's laying it on thick.

Michel raises an eyebrow and then he smiles playfully back at her and nods deciding to play along. "Of course miss. It would be terrible if you ruined those lovely gloves." Selecting a cherry he steps forward and lifts it carefully to her lips. His cheeks are a pale pink now and its clear he is effected at least somewhat by her teasing. Placing the chocolate to her lips he smiles and waits.

Corina parts her plush lips, taking the candy into her mouth. As she closes her lips around it, there is the briefest moment of contact with his fingertips, and she cannot help a little giggle. Of course, that's when candy strike her tongue, and it's her turn to be caught a bit off guard. Her hand goes to cover her mouth as her eyes roll back. "Oh…my…" she says, mouth full of an exquisite blend of flavours. A hand goes to Michel's arm, as if to steady herself.

Michel blushes even more as she giggles softly and those lips touch his fingers. At the rather dramatic reaction he allows her to hold his arm as he looks up at her with concern. He waits for her to finish the chocolate before he asks softly. "Are you alright? I have never had such a extreme reaction to my sweets before…." He looks up at her with an expression of curiosity and a hint of concern.

Corina's alabaster cheeks flush with colour, and she giggles again after finally swallowing the sweet treat. "I'm so sorry. You have a singular talent for this, obviously. Do you make your own chocolate? It is extraordinary. I love truly fine chocolate." She release his arm, gently brushing out the fabric of his sleeve in apology.

"Its no problem at all. I'm quite flattered that I got such a reaction in fact." Michel smiles happily at her as she praises his skills. "Yes I make my own chocolate and I would be happy to supply you with as much as you need or want." He offers with a soft smile as she brushes out his sleeve.

Corina smiles warmly, her blue-grey eyes sparkling enchantingly. "If you keep talking like that, you'll surely never be rid of me." She offers her hand to him, palm down. "Corina Silver. Over whom do I have the pleasure of gushing?"

"Maybe I don't wish to be rid of you?" Michel states softly with a playful smile. Carefully he takes the offered hand lifting it to his lips to place a soft kiss on it. He holds it for a moment before he reluctantly lets go. "I am Michel Morrison and it is a pleasure Miss Silver." His smile is warm and his eyes shine with that same warmth as he studies her for a long moment.

Corina's laugh is as silvery as her hair and name. "You charming, beautiful man. We shall see whether I put that wish to the test. I can be terribly pushy, you know. Quite demanding of attention and awfully spoiled."

Michel chuckles softly. His eyes are bright as they look up to meet hers. "Miss Silver some things deserve to be treasured and I have found that the more work you put into something the better it normally is. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy after all…" He smiles sweetly at her and there is a sort of determination in his eyes.

Corina puts a hand lightly to her bosom, as if catching her breath. "My, Mr. Morrison. Such a way with words, as well. Is there anything you don't do?" She moves to his side, boldly sliding her hand into his arm. "Shall we sit and talk some more? Or will I be keeping you from your art?"

Michel just laughs softly. "Well I am rubbish at offensive magics….and there was that incident with the animated chocolate panther. But that story is old news I'm afraid." He smiles warmly at her and nods. "We can indeed sit and talk if you wish. Its actually almost time for my lunch break as well." He leads her over to a table and pulls out a chair for her with a soft smile.

Corina moves with practiced grace, sliding into the chair like a falling feather. "An animate chocolate panther? That does sounds quite exciting. Are we in danger, here?" She flashes a bright grin, brow lifting at the notion of such adventure. Not really waiting for an answer, she goes on. "You opened just a few months ago, did you not? I must say, I adore what you've done with the location."

"A life sized chocolate panther, Fifteen candy birds of varying colors and sizes and a life sized white chocolate monkey…suffice to say I am not experimenting with animation charms anytime in the near future." Michel admits with a slight blush. Settling in the seat next to Corina he smiles and nods. "Yes I opened just this summer. Thank you, I am rather pleased with how it turned out myself."

"It's truly lovely," Corina says in her soft, airy tones. "But it's your creations that sell it the most, I think. Of course, I've only had the cherry. But if that is any indication, I fear you've acquired a new regular customer."

Michel smiles softly that light blush returning to his pale cheeks. "Well you are welcome to visit as often as you like and try as many new sweets that catch your eye and I'm always coming up with new ideas. I always do my best to make my customers feel welcome"

Corina tut-tuts playfully at him. "Now you've done it. I told you I'm spoiled. I shall come by every day now, demanding something sweet for my tongue." As if to emphasize the point, she again touches her tongue to her upper lip. "I rather like your colour when you blush, Mr. Morrison. It suits me."

"If you do then I shall do my best to deliver each time you come by Miss Silver." Michel smiles playfully and then she mentions his blushing and it deepens even more. His eyes are locked on her tongue for a moment and then look up to meet her eyes once more. "You seem to be very good at making me blush as well…which is not a bad thing at all. I find myself enjoying your company in fact."

Corina laughs softly, eyes lighting up at the deepening blush. "Mea culpa. You have your art, and I have mine. But I should be careful. If I overdo it, you might grow too accustomed and it won't be as effective. That would be a tragedy."

"Or maybe it will become even more effective? Some things don't fade with time but only grow stronger as time passes." Michel replies softly with a playful smile at her placing his hands on the table between them.

"Oh, you think so?" Corina smirks challengingly. She leans forward, enhancing the view of her decolletage, and drapes her fingers lightly over the back of his hand, gently tracing invisible lines. "If I didn't know better, I would think your intent was to trick me into trying harder."

Michel's eyes want to drift lower again but through an amazing show of willpower he keeps them lock on Corina's face. He smiles softly at her. "Do I look like I wish to trick you Miss Silver? If so please let me assure you that is the last thing on my mind at the moment." His eyes drift towards her bosom once again and he blushes once more trying to keep eye contact and be polite.

Corina's catty smile could melt ice. Her free hand finds its way to the swell of her bosom, feathering along her own flesh as lightly as she does his hand. "I cannot help but wonder…what the first thing on your mind is?"

Now Michel's eyes do drop down watching that hand intently. Glancing up he seems a bit lost for words for a brief moment and then he smiles. "The first thing on my mind at the moment? Its you Miss Silver and a question….would you allow me to take you out to lunch at some point? I find myself wanting to get to know you better." His smile is genuine and warm and he slowly moves his hand so the it touchs her own hand clasping it in his gently.

Corina's gloved hand molds against his, fingertips still gently caressing his skin. "Are you certain about that, Mr. Morrison? I get the distinct impression that you don't know who I am. I would hate to bring unwanted scandal to your door." Her continued smile might suggest otherwise, but at least she has the decency to vocalize it.

"I have never heard of you before today Miss Silver but I am very certain about what I want and that is currently sitting across from me." He gives her a considering look before continuing. "Besides anyone who judges me harshly simply for the company I keep would likely find another reason to dislike me anyway…"

Corina regards Michel with a kind of quiet bemusement. After a few moments, she nods slowly. "Well, if you aren't just the most darling man. I would be delighted to let you take me to lunch. I should very much like you to get to know me better." She laughs lightly, "And, of course, I should like to know you better as well."

Michel smiles brightly and inclines his head still blushing slightly once again. "Very well then. We shall go out to lunch. When is a good time and day for you? My schedule is rather flexible as I pretty much set my own hours." He looks at her curiously waiting patiently still holding her hand in his.

Corina tilts her head, shrugging her bared shoulders. "My schedule…varies considerably from day to day. But with some forewarning, I can make time. Like you, I can usually set my own hours, barring special circumstances."

Michel nods in understanding. "Very well let me know when you have time then and I will make time for you. I really should get back to work though….I still have to make another batch of chocolate caramels sweets and several types of pastries. " He rises from his seat and smiles warmly at her. "It was lovely meeting you Miss Silver and I look forward to having lunch with you."

Corina rises with him and approaches, stepping just inside a typical man's comfort zone. "Very soon. I promise. Until then, something to remember me by." Quite boldly, Corina leans forward to feather the lightest of kisses upon his cheek.

Michel goes very still as she approaches him. The kiss causes an eyebrow to raise and his face to turn an even brighter pink. "A fond memory and hopeful more to look forward to as well." With those words he takes a slow step back. Turning he heads for the back room trying to keep what is left of his composure. He closes the door behind him and lets out a soft breath. Touching the spot where her lips pressed to his cheek he smiles softly and then goes about his work once more.

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