(1938-11-03) The Breakup Drama
Details for The Breakup Drama
Summary: Lillian finds Augustin after receiving his breakup letter
Date: 1938-11-03
Location: Kitchen Passage
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Its late evening a few hours before curfew and Lillian is wandering the halls much like a ghost. The blonde's expression is carefully blank as she reads over the note in her hands for what must be the hundredth time. She is careful and silent as she walks avoiding people so no one can see the tears that silently fall down her cheeks. Turning a corner she sighs softly wiping the tears away. "Father was right….I'm not good enough and never will be…" The words are filled with defeat and the Slytherin girl doesn't seem to be paying attention to her surroundings at all.

Augustin is actually just stepping out of the painting that leads into the Hufflepuff common room when he sees Lillian crying and overhears her defeated words. A flash of pain crosses his face. "That's not true, Lil. You /know/ that." He sounds like he's this far from crying, himself.

Lillian turns to see Augustin and gives him a sad and slightly confused look. "Do I really? I have tried almost all my life to prove myself to prove that I'm not the useless waste of space he claims I am. I never succeed so since then I have always tried to do what I want…but I'm not even sure what that is anymore….another failure I suppose." She lowers her head and looks away. "But then that's not your problem is it?"

Augustin stays a few feet from her. "Lillian, I… I should /not/ be the measure of your success. I'm just a boy. You're a brilliant, lovely girl, and you can do so much better than defining yourself on your relationship status." He hugs himself. "You love Quidditch. Like, a lot. More than you love me. I'm not going to be that bloke who forces you to choose." He gives her a gentle, sad look. "Be amazing, Lillian. And when you're ready to find someone, hopefully he'll love the sport as much as you do."

A few more silent tears escape down Lillian's cheeks. "Maybe I wanted you to make me choose? Maybe Quidditch is just another mask I wear? Yes I love the sport but its not everything….my life should not revolve around beating the crap out of people with a bat and ball. I am sorry it took so much for me to realize this…that there are more important things to me even if they are now out of reach." She starts to walk around him trying to get past.

"Was I supposed to read your mind?" Augustin asks, suddenly very upset. "I did what you wanted. I respected the boundaries you set. This — this wasn't supposed to be /real/, you and me. And then it suddenly was, and it seems like out of nowhere you started putting in all this distance and — I have feelings /too/, you know!" he shouts. "I was patient and loyal, Lil, and you just weren't /there/ any more!" He lets her go.

Lillian turns to look at him with a soft smile her expression is calm. "That's better. Be angry with me I can take that…that's familiar to me. Its my fault I wasn't there enough after all….I made a mistake and now I must live with it." She studies him a long moment with that calm expression of hers as if she understands his anger and accepts it.

Gus rubs his face a few times. Maybe there are tears under there. Probably. "I don't understand you. I'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, Lil. I just wanted to be happy together." He bites his lip for a moment. "I don't think we can do that, any more. I'm really… really sorry." His voice breaks and he turns abruptly and lurches through the painting, back into the Hufflepuff common room.

Lillian watches him go. A few more tears escape and then she slowly turns and winds her way trough the halls back towards her own dorm just as silently as she came.

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