(1938-11-03) Wicked Charm
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Summary: Adromena takes a peek at Ria's reading choice, and Zayn shows he's not entirely the innocent snake people believe him to be.
Date: November 3, 1938
Location: Lakeshore, Hogwarts
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Hogwarts Lake Shore Hogwarts
Sun Nov 03, 1938 ((Sun Nov 03 18:58:43 2013)) (O,6)

This narrow crescent of grainy sand and smooth small beach stones spans east to west between the cliff face to the east and the large fortified stone campus perimeter wall to the west that runs north to south until it runs many yards into the water of the Black Lake itself and further off to the north. The only spot along the shore that isn't given completely to a topography of rocks and roots, the latter of which extend right out into the lake, it's a commonplace sight to see students hopping about on the rocks or skipping stones across the water.

The weather isn't unbearable enough yet that warrants everyone to be shut up inside the castle. And so taking advantage of this lovely Sunday afternoon, Ria's been sitting on a log by the lakeshore, book propped up in front of her. Though it doesn't look like the dust jacket matches the size of the actual book, leading one to wonder if its the actual cover at all. There's a picnic basket on a stump next to her, while a jar of blue bell flames burn next to it keeping some matter of warmth in the area.

Andromena spies Ria with her book and goodie basket. For a moment she considers leaving her be, given that if she was by herself and reading she would take interruption with mild annoyance, to say the least. But despite that thought, Andromena finds herself approaching the the other girl anyway. "Hey Ria," she greets pleasantly enough, hands clasped behind her back. "What are you reading?" Because she wasn't the greatest at striking up conversation, and also because books were about the only thing she could talk comfortably about at length. Nearing her, Andromena remained standing…on the off chance Ria did not invite her to stay.

Whatever it is she's reading, it has Ria completely engaged. Her green eyes barely blink and tip of her thumb is wedged between her teeth. Upon hearing another come join her, she's automatically startled and with a quick gasp she fumbles with the ill fitting dust cover and manages to shut the book. "Oh uhm hello Andromena," she clears her throat and greets the girl. "Yes. I am reading … the Diary of … Horatio H. Ulixes … early magical explorer." There you have it. The enticing read that had Ria so captivated. She tried her best to try and tuck the book away as quickly as possible but this damn dust cover it making it difficult. "How long've you been here?" The Slytherin prefect scratches the back of her neck.

Her dark brown eyes narrow at Ria's answer, but she does not question it - aloud. "I just walked up," she tells the Slytherin girl. Andromena casts her gaze out across the lake, somewhat wistful. "I have read a little about Ulixes before," said quite nonchalantly. "Anyway, I had a break between classes and wanted to take a walk. Before too long it will be too cold to come outside." And how wretched would that be? It was already chilly enough, and Andromena was less than fond of the chill.

"Of course you have," Ria says dryly. Expect a Ravenclaw to have read about some boring, obscure wizarding explorer. That only encourages her to hide her book in her lap, so that Andromena doesn't see what she's really reading. It's a fine autumn afternoon. The Ravenclaw girl has stumbled upon the prefect as she was engaged in a book. A picnic basket and jar of blue bell flames sit atop a stoop next to Ria. "Yes well it's a fine day for it. I brought some food though all I have are biscuits left if you'd like some." She opens the flap of the picnic basket so that the girl can partake. "How'd the rest of your evening at the dance go?" Ria had disappeared to the loo and eventually made her way back but it wasn't until much later. She ended up missing Andromena for the rest of the evening.

Zayn can be seen moving towards the picnic, though it is a Hogsmeade weekend, it seems for those who pay attention that Zayn doesn't leave much. Still dressed in his Hogwarts Robes, he moves towards the two, when close enough and reconnection sets in he raises his hand, in greeting, "Rowle, Skyes." he says, with a small nod. His hand moving to rub the back of his head as his brown eyes stare out at both of them, stopping now comfortable distance from them, "Hope I am not interrupting." he says slowly.

"No thanks," Andromena replied, shaking her hand in the direction of the biscuits. "The dance was lots of fun. I'm afraid I made Zayn feel like he must be a bore, though." Her expression grew chagrined, only to flush red when who but Zayn Shafiq himself should come strolling up. "Hey, Zayn." Had he overheard her? There was no way for Andromena to know for sure just then. And of course, with his arrival, her inquest concerning Ria's curious book was shoved aside.

Herself, Ria, and Zayn were situated before the lake shore. The Slytherin prefect is seated upon a log with a book she had been reading before Andromena's arrival, and there's also a basket of biscuits and a jar of blue bell flames. It's chilly, but not frigid. "Did you get to dance with Alphard?" She asked of Ria, hiding her hands within her robe. "He did not say as much, but I could tell he was getting antsy." To say the least.

Ria pushes the blue bell jar forward instead then, offering warmth if not refreshments to the Ravenclaw girl. "Well what makes you say that? Did anything in particular happen?" says the Slytherin prefect curiously. Enter Zayn, making Ria grin delightfully at Andromena's slip up. "Not at all Zayn. We were merely talking about how wonderful of a genie you made. Have a biscuit." She pushes the open picnic basket over to her fellow housemate. She fuddles around with the book in her lap, trying her best to keep the ill fitting dust cover on. "Was he? I feel bad for making him wait. That's the last time I wear a bloody dress like that. The line itself was already long and it took me forever when it was finally my turn. All for the sake of costume, eh?"

Chris is ambling from the castle, with a couple of books under one arm as if he had the same idea that Andromeda had, to come here for an afternoon of reading. However, when he spots the group of people chatting near the shore, he slows and calls, "Hello!" Then he sees one girl urging others to share the contents of a basket, and he frowns. "It's lovely weather and you should enjoy it while you can." He looks around the area, and then he shrugs. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt your outing. I'll be off, then, and find another spot."

Zayn chuckles softly at the two, "Well I am glad I am not interrupting." he says with a small bow of his head, "I was obviously not that good of a Dijinn." he says with a wave of his hand, "Though it was a good dance, you both looked absolutely amazing." he says with a small nod. His eyes move across the title of the book, then he offers Ria a small wink, "One might even say, that Ria looked a bit Wicked." he says with a small nod, before his gaze moves to Chris, offering him a small nod, "Greetings Weaver." he says offering him a small nod.

"You know how he can be," Andromena tells Ria with a careless shrug. "As for Zayn…" She eyes Shafiq squarely, her lips curling upward as she considers what would be best to say. "I'm sorry you had to hear me prattle on about my uncle. I hope I didn't come across as disinterested." No, she was just rather socially inept when it came to others peoples feelings. Or was that called self-centered? Something caught her eye, then, and she began to point to Ria's book. "That's…" But Chris had approached them, and while he and Zayn greeted one another, Andromena took it upon herself invite him to their little gathering just before plopping herself down beside Ria to whisper in her ear.

There's a narrowing of Ria's eyes when Zayn uses the particular term wicked. And then the corner of her mouth crinkles into an unsure half frown - did he perhaps…no. "I do know how he can be and yet we continue to allow ourselves into his presence," she nods sagely to Andromena in reference to Alphard. But she continues, "What about your uncle?" There's no 'if you don't mind my asking' attached. If Ria wants to know something she'll ask. When Chris comes about, she looks confused as to who the boy is, only recognizing his face. "You know each other then?" she asks more toward Zayn, since he acknowledged the new arrival. Andromena's whisper makes Ria's eyes go wide and she immediately hugs her book close to her, shoving it in the inside of her robes to obscure from view once and for all. "No. It is not," she says tersely to the girl, "You would know of course."

Chris nods to Zayn when the prefect spies him. "Hello, Shafiq!" he calls, still remaining at some distance from the thrio and eyeing the shoreline. Then he directs his attention to Andromena and Ria, and he nods to them as well. He bites his bottom lip briefly when Andromena leans to whisper something private to Ria. Then he looks along the shore again. "Rowle, Sykes," he greets. "As I mentioned, I simply thought that I should enjoy such fine wether while we have it." When Ria hides her book, he fidgets nervously with the books under his arm, and then transfers them to the other arm. He looks down at the volumes. He offers again, apologetically, "I don't mean to interrupt anything," He glances toward the castle. "Now that I've thought about it, I probably should study in the library in case I need to check on some other books for reference. I'll leave you alone to your afternoon, then." He starts to turn from the group.

Zayn chuckles, "Not at all you did not offend me one bit Rowle." he says slowly with a small nod, "Your mind just seem preoccupied with someone else." he says slowly with a nod. "Though I dare say, missing a dance with you Skyes, was…" he says looking up at the sky for a moment tapping his lip, "Sorrowful." he says his gaze back on her, "You owe me at least one, I mean you already fell right into my arms once." he says giving her a small wink, though when he notices Ria actions he says, "Nothing wrong with being a bit wicked." he says reassuring to Ria, "Some may find it an attractive feature." he says, before addressing the question in regards to Chris, "Not well, though I am rather good with placing faces to names." he says with a small nod. Looking at Chris he says, "Well I just joined Weaver, I am not sure myself if I am truly interrupting. Though, how can someone stay away from two lovely flowers, blooming in Autumn?" he says with a smirk.

Andromena looks rather smug, but chooses not to press Ria for an explanation. Instead, she answers the other girl's earlier posed question. "While Zayn and I danced, I blathered on about how my uncle taught me the steps when I was little." She gave Zayn a friendly smile. "He was kind enough to ask me to the dance and I was a dreadful bore." Lightly, teasingly, she goes on to say, "Zayn says he is alright with it, but that won't stop me from apologizing." As for Chris, she knows him not at all, which is not entirely surprising. Andromena has spent five years being 'diligent in her studies.' "I was the one who originally interrupted," she informed the boys. "And Ria hasn't run me off yet. Stay awhile, chat." But to Ria she gives a look that says she really /would/ like to know what she had been…reading later.

Ria rolls her eyes when Chris takes off to leave, and calling after him she gestures to the picnic basket, "You may as well stay and have biscuit. It seems rather pointless to trek all the way back to the library." There's also her jar of blue bell flames to make everyone warm. Disappointed, she purses her lips at Andromena and admits, "Is that all? Here I was thinking it was going to be a delicious piece of information." As for the book, she will indeed prefer that the conversation be brought up later. A smirk is thrown in Zayne's direction when Ria tuts, "Silver tongued as always, Shafiq!" Standing up, she tucks the book behind the log and out of view before straightening her skirt and smoothing her hair. "So be it then. Time to place your galleons where your mouth is. Weaver, or anyone, if you can sing or hum familiar a tune please do." She holds her hand out expectantly to Zayn awaiting him to lead her in to a dance. "Was Zayn any good Andromena? I will be severely disappointed if he wasn't."

Andromena snickers, gesturing to Zayn as Ria suggests he take his dance. "He's bashful and won't admit it, but he can dance."

Although he seemed certain that he would return to the castle, when Ria calls to him, he stops again, looks at her, nods, and then smiles. "A song?" he questions. "I've learned a few songs from visits to the States over the years. It depends on what style you want, and I'll warn that I'm not a very good singer." Then he glances to Zayn, and comments, "Dancing by the lake - you could give someone an idea for a party." Then he turns to Andromena and quips, "You never know what reading teachers will assign for extra credit."

Zayn chuckles softly, obviously looking nervous now that he has been put on the spot, he looks at Ria for a moment and a small blush hits his cheeks, he moves to take Ria's hand though he manages to trip on his own two feet and simply falls to the ground, laying there for a moment, with his eyes shut, "Or perhaps I just really can't even walk…" he says with a chuckle looking up at Ria and Andromena.

"Perhaps there was a stick, or rock?" Andromena suggests, getting up from her place on the log to assist Zayn to his feet. "Try again, Chris has ventured to sing a song for he pair of you." As far as reading for extra credit went, well…Andromena would know all about that sort of thing, wouldn't she?

Putting people on the spot is what Ria does best. And clearly she's good at it, erupting into a fit of laughter when Zayn loses his balance over his two feet. "Your review doesn't seem to be trustworthy so far," she snickers to Andromena, and makes her own effort to also help Zayn up from his feet. "Look who's falling for who now," she winks to the Shafiq. Once he's settled, her hand is still held out expectantly and to Chris and the Ravenclaw girl she shrugs, "It doesn't have to be good singing. Just a familiar tune enough for us to follow along."

Zayn brushes himself off slowly, rolling his shoulders a bit now, "Well I told her I was not a very good dancer." he explains with a small nod, making sure he manages to clean off his robes. "Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, Skyes." he says with a small nod to her. He moves to take her hand slowly, his hand moving to her hip, though he pulls her a bit closer then he normally would as Chris starts to sing, he moves to the rhythm of the music, leading Ria. Quickly moving to twirl her pulling her back in close, his brown eyes staring into hers, as he takes a few more steps, dipping her down and whispering something before pulling her back up, all of it done rather flawlessly.

Andromena tries to clap out something of a beat along with the song Chris chooses to sing. It's hardly comparable to the band that played the night of the Halloween dance, but they haven't the benefit of any instruments so it's not really a fair comparison. She watches the pair of them dance with a smile, noting how Shafiq goes from bumbling to suave in the blink of an eye. Privately, she suspects him of putting on an act, but couldn't imagine a plausible reason as to why he would want to do so. Her eyes stray to where Ria has hidden her book. If Andromena was possessed of lesser morals, she just might have tried to sneak a better look while the seventh year was distracted. As it was, Andromena Rowle would never do such a thing, and she puts the book out of her mind and refocuses on the twirling pair.

"Oh!" Ria exclaims in surprise as soon as she's pulled in. And immediately she's laughing at how wrong her expectations had been. He's leading her so well she feels that she's not even dancing by her own will. "Apparently I asked the wrong snake to the dance," she simpers, unafraid to have her sharp green eyes stare right back at Zayn. But with a gasp, she's dipped, suspended there for second and comes back up with a flush across her freckled cheeks. Yikes! Shafiq made Ria Sykes blush! What on earth did he say? "I have no idea what you're talking about," she replies defiantly with her chin up in pride. Meanwhile, a weak gust blows across the lake, causing the book behind log to open up, its pages flipping invitingly at a curious Andromena.

Zayn continues to lead her in the dance, pulling her a little bit closer, "Of course you don't." he says with a small nod, "Just know that some would act differently." he says with a nod, before twirling her again and pulling her back in, "Perhaps, but there is plenty of other affairs, I am certain I will be available for." he says offering her a small nod and a wink, again he twirls her, this time bringing her back and immediately dipping her, though this time, he leans in so he is inches from her face, his brown eyes offering her a small wink, and for a moment it would seem like he was going to kiss her, before he brings her back up, "Some would gladly be there to catch you, if you were to fall." he says with a nod.

Was Andromena being taunted? Tested? The pages flapped noisily, and the Ravenclaw found herself torn. If she turned to close the book, make it more secure, then Ria might misconstrue her intentions! However, should she leave it to just blow about willy-nilly with every breeze then…what if Chris saw it? It was clearly something Ria wanted kept private, so in a snap decision Andromena grabs the basket of biscuits and moves to secure it against the book - obscuring it from view. "Wouldn't want these old pages to get damaged," she exclaims, loud enough to be heard. Would she be, though? After all, Zayn was certainly pulling out all the stops. Ria Sykes even appeared to be blushing! The book, safe from tempting her to seek out its…secrets, remains wedged by the basket while Andromena considers the two Slytherin. Zayn Shafiq, you naughty boy, was there a girl you didn't greet with flowery speech? Rather than spur her to jealousy, however, Andromena felt relief.

Ria certainly isn't in control of her own body at this point, preoccupied with the things Zayn was saying to her and coupled with the sure twists and turns he was pulling her in. And they seemed to work out perfectly with Chris's voice serving as makeshift music. A final dip and she's held there blinking and nervous as to what exactly he'll do less. But Zayn's kind enough to let it be nothing more than a tease, for a real kiss certainly would have been her undoing! Once he's pulled her back up, she has nothing more to say. Seems the boy has been the only one successful in completely silencing her so far and she merely nods. "It's much appreciated," she clears her throat. She's not just blushing anymore; she's beet red! "Andromena, I believe its you're turn now." And now the book sits beside the basket, expectantly looking at the Ravenclaw girl for a pair of eyes to read it. "I should … attend to something inside. Please help yourself to some biscuits. You can return the basket to me later. Zayn, thank you for the dance. Chris, wonderful music." Pulling her hood over her head to hide her cheeks, she makes straight away for the castle leaving the book behind for eager hands.

Zayn nods slowly releasing Ria, "It was my pleasure." he says with a soft nod, "While I do not think I will partake in biscuits, I will certainly make sure you get your basket back." he says as his hand runs through his hair slowly, his brown eyes still locked on Ria, "I am certain I will bump into you at one point in time or another." he says, nodding to Chris for a moment before continuing, "Excellent songwork." he says to the Gryffindor with a nod, "I certainly look forward to our next conversation Ria." he says offering her a wink.

Oh, for the ever-loving…Ria dashes off without her book or basket, and as soon as she is out of sight Andromena snatches up the damnable book and holds it close to her chest. "If you've got the basket, Zayn, I'll get her book back to her." Her smile is all good cheer and certainly not in any way duplicitous! "And yes, Chris, you've a better voice than you give yourself credit for."

Zayn chuckles softly, "Certainly Rowle." he says picking up the basic, "Though I am pretty sure that one though will not be much help to you in Charms." he says making sure he has everything, "Try not and become too Wicked, I think your innocence fits you." he says with a small nod before heading towards the castle, "I will see you in class, Rowle." he says as he moves away.

Chris's performance was not spectacular, but good enough for an impromptu dance. When he has finished, he nods to Ria and Zayn. "You're quite welcome!" he answers, but he blushes when Andromena compliments his voice. "It wasn't much, but if they enjoyed it, that's worth something, I suppose." He leans down to retrieve his own books from the ground. Then he looks at the basket and reaches into it to take two cookies. He grins to Zayn and then Andromena, and adds, "Payment for the song, although I'm sure that I've overcharged." Then he shrugs. "Back to studies for me." With that, he tucks his boosk under his arm and heads toward the castle while he munches the cookies.

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