(1938-11-04) Bully Who?
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Summary: Alphard and his goonsquad have their fun interrupted by the Head Girl. There is a cat, some pirates, a girl who loves cake and some weasling around.
Date: 1938-11-04
Location: Entrance Hall, Hogwarts

No one likes Mondays, aside from those mental people who enjoy going to classes and learning after a weekend of slacking. Since the dance had everyone in an uproar, Morgana felt as if she's been constantly running around all weekend with very little downtime, so she may be moving a little slower today than she normally is. Pausing in the great hall in between classes, she'll pull out a few pieces of parchment and look them over, trying to decide where to go next, or what to do. There is a cat that is following her, hoping that she has some sort of treat to give him, but thankfully he remains quiet.

Grace skips along after Morgana. Well, it's less a skip and more a sort of wonky lope. And it's less after Morgana than it is after her cat, the chubby first year fixated on it until she skids to a halt, making obnoxious 'cute' noises at the animal and stooping to rub her fingers together. "Here, Kitty!"

Alphard's voice cut in from the corridor to the north: "Watch where you're going, you ugly little gnome!" There was a loud squeal, before a fourth year boy with a bit of a height challenge came running into the Entrance Hall, sniffling, shirt come loose from his pants, clinging to his books. Looking at nobody, just fleeing. Soon after Alphard himself appeared, along with a couple of fellow Slytherins, all of them bumping each other with elbows and laughing. The sort of cruel and petty laughter that said they'd just been up to no good.. as if a fleeing victim didn't point it out already.

The cat, who figures he's being address because he sees no other kitties here, turns around to look at Grace. For a moment he looks her up and down, before walking over and sniffing her fingers. Finding no chicken or other meat, he just sits and yawns at her. Morgana is about to comment when the fourth year comes running and she sees a gathering of Slyterin boys following close behind. Sighing, she'll shake her head and look them over, trying to catch just who it is in the group, in case she needs to bother Slughorn later. "Well if it isn't Mr. Black, and his.. what are they, lackeys?"

Cillian arrives from Castle Corridor.

Grace claps her pudgy hands together with delight as the cat comes over to her. "Hello, mister cat!" she greets the animal solemnly. "I don't have any mouse pieces for you." She looks up, blinking as a fourth year goes running past. "Ooh! He's running. You shouldn't run inside," she informs the cat. "It's naughty."

"Whaddaya want, Rashley?" one of those boys aggressivly sneered out. The other looked about to do the same, too, when Alphard put a mollifying hand on his shoulder. Smiling his most 'innocent' smile, which let's face it, nobody who actually knew Alphard ever really believed, he took a step forward. "Hey Rashley. No reason to be rude, now. My friends and I are just minding our own business. Talking some subjects, trying to be good and attentive students." The other two bobbed their heads in agrement, even if they were still snickering in the direction of the running fourth year, especially after Grace's little comment. "Yeah, totally naughty. He should get docked points!" one of them laughed. Alphard threw a disapproving look over his shoulder. Damn them for undermining his act!

There's a shorter Second Year who makes his way into the area, counting out a series of peppermint sticks much like a person would count cash while counting, biting his bottom lip in concentration before moving a hand to idly scratch above his eyepatch, slowing to a start as he see somebdy running and then he narrows his eyes towards Alphard and his gang, eyebrow raising in suspicion before he notices Grace and waves his hand, Cillian the little Pirate captain just folds an arm over his chest, his other hand busy holding on to his latest payment.

The cat, lets out a low meow when he hears that there are no mouse treats for him. However, Graces instructions to not be naughty fall on deaf ears to the cat. Instead he just leans his head forward to butt against her hand, giving permission to pet him. Morgana however turns to the boys and crosses her arms over her chest. "Oh yes Black, I am sure you and your 'friends' were completely minding your own business. Oh? Was he being naughty? Shall I chase him down and ask him just what it is he is running from? Perhaps than I could make an educated decision about just how many points I should suggest being taken?" There is an amused smile on her lips as Alphard's poor little cronies are not taking his hint.

Grace cheerfully claps the cat, looking up and giving Cillian a wave. "Arr!" she greets him, that being traditional, one assumes. "Look at the pretty cat! Oo, you've got lots of sweets. Are you going to share them with everyone? I don't have any sweets today." She frowns at that, the concept rather abhorrent as a whole. "But I have got cupcakes?"

"Why don't the two of you go ahead. I'll catch up," Alphard hissed at his cronies with obvious annoyance. Especially when that little threat of running after their victim to find out what really happened was made. The two boys just shrugged, snickered again, and said something about the 'fatty' when they passed Grace on their way off. Morgana got some ugly glares, too. Alphard pretended like nothing, still smiling in Morgana's direction. "Come on, Rashley," he told her all buddy-buddy like. There was something way too familiar in the way he nonchalantly moved closer to her, still smiling. "No harm, no foul. You should leave the poor boy alone. Perhaps he had some wardrobe malfunction and had to get to the bathroom in a jiffy."

There a fond smile offered to Grace as he fans out the peppermint sticks and offers them as he approaches Grace. "Arr." He returns good naturedly. "Aye, it be a purty kitten indeed, and oi…he seems to like ye." Cillian grins before nodding slowly. "We always be having sweets, and you're welcome to them whenever ye like…" He trails off. As he catches the fatty comment and just quirks an eyebrow. "Ye know, I tink its sad…Gracie, they 'ave so much pent up anger because they don't know the reason why they're so ugly is their mums had a wee bit too much fine wine before they got married and ended up at the altar with a couple of trolls and it was a whole forenight before somebody saw them to the proper weddings with their proper hubbies." He coughs softly and tsks softly. "Here, 'ave a peppermint stick, have ye any cupcakes on ye? Did ye make 'em yer self? I know Madam Patil tinks yer a sweet cook indeed."

Elise arrives from Castle Corridor.

Grace peers back at the boys, tilting her head. "They're not very ugly," she tells Cillian after a moment's careful consideration. "Do you think they're really trolls? Have they got troll feet? That's how you can tell, you know." A pause. "That and they live under bridges. Those boys don't live under bridges, do they? They'll get wet when it rains." She beams, accepting a peppermint stick and nodding. "Thank you! But all my cakes are in the dorm. I promise I will bring you cakes later on," she assures the little pirate solemnly.

Morgana takes a moment to keep herself from hexing the errant Slytherin boys before she returns to her conversation with Alphard. Does eh mind the glares? Nope, she's getting used to them, especially when people start stepping out of line. Raising a brow as he steps closer, trying to act all buddy buddy, Morgana shakes her head. She doesn't move, but does keep her arms firmly crossed over her chest. "Should I know? Are you saying that I should be shirking in my duties as Head Girl, just because you asked me Black?"

The black and white tuxedo cat, who was slightly miffed that his attention was taken away from him by mere sweets, decides to pad over to Cillian, getting up on his hind paws to sniff whatever it is he is offering. THe smell however, causes him to flinch and back away, finding the scent to be paired with an unacceptable food source.

Elise has been good about not walking the corridors alone, usually, but sometimes she just can't find someone to walk with. So when she rounds the corner at a run, it's for good reason - she's fleeing shadows. She manages to stop herself just in time to avoid knocking over Cillian and Grace, barely, but there might be a gentle nudge if they don't take a step back. "Sorry!" she gasps out. "Oh, hello." Cillian gets a brilliant smile from her, Grace a polite one. The other two are regarded with polite curiosity. "What's going on?" she asks.

Alphard's smile momentarily wavered when he heard Cillian talk about his friends. Briefly he flickered a a look in the younger boy's direction, a cold promise that it would be remembered. But of course he was also trying to act like he wasn't.. the bully he was.. and so kept his reaction that one look. "I'm saying that a bit of humanity and understanding goes a long way. I mean, who are we to judge?"

Cillian is quiet for a few moments as he looks to Grace and just smiles softly. "I look forward to tastin' them indeed." Then he purses his lips. "Mebbe jest the brains of trolls, it be hard to tell these days. Trolls aren't bad ye know…just…" He gestures towards them. "Little boys who be trolls inside dun know how to be nice usually." Then he looks over his shoulder to Elise and flashes a grin. "We're watchin' an older student mimic a weasel." He offers Elise a peppermint stick before looking down apologetically at the cat. "M' sorry, I left the sardines in me chest…"

Grace gives Elisa a reproachful look. "You shouldn't run. It's naughty." She turns back to chewing on her peppermint, beaming a happy smile around at everything and everyone. "Sardines are smelly."

Elise blinks at Cillian, accepts the peppermint with a smile and tucks it into her pocket, and then looks at the older student in question. "He doesn't look much like a weasel," she half-whispers to him. "What happened?" She blinks a bit at Grace and replies in a very gentle tone of voice, "I have a perfectly valid reason, young lady."

"Humanity and understanding?" Morgana says with a raised brow. "Oh yes of course, I believe you are all about humanity and understanding. And of course you would never judge anyone for any such reason. Forgive me for making that assumption." She says in that same sarcastic tone that she has been using a lot of lately.

Alphard's buddy demeanor was suffering some more cracks. Mostly it was in the eyes it showed; that cold Black fury bubbling up from the darker recesses of his soul. That fake smile was faker still, now. But he still clung to it. "Anyway, Rashley. If you really want to pounce on someone for breaking the rules, you've got that ugly one there to deal with." His thumb jerked in Elise's direction. "Listen, it was nice bumping into you. Always is. But I've got some classes, you know? We should hang out sometime. No reason to be scared." Which was obviously his conclusion regarding their last little not-ever-going-to-happen moment. "All's forgiven." He reached out to give her a little pat on the shoulder, then was going to make his departure.

"Runnin' is good Gracie if somethin' is chasing ye that could hurt you. Then running isn't naughty." Cillian quickly assures Grace before nodding. "Smelly, aye. But cats love 'em. Do you have a cat, Grace?" He asks curiously before looking to Elise. "We're only /12/ we can't start young ladyin' folks until we're at least 16 and all grown up." He sticks out his tongue bfore looking back to the older students and he quirks an eyebrow as notices a thumb jerked towards Elise and he steps forward a bit protectively in front of the young girl before hmming with a concerned expression.

When Alphard calls her ugly, Elise's eyes well up with tears and her lip quivers. "That was mean!" she states, her voice all wobbly. She half-hides behind Cillian, more than willing to let him do his hero thing.

Grace shakes her head. "I wanted to have a cat but we had one and it scratched me and I cried," she explains solemnly, rocking on her heels and idly tugging at her skirt. "And that's why you don't pull tails."

Morgana smirks as she sees that Black is loosing his cool and raises her brows as he insults someone in her house. "Careful there Black, I would hate to see any of your little prize from your well thought out Halloween costume lost for hurting the feelings of a young girl." She doesn't move when he pats her on the shoulder just shakes her head. "Oh yes, I will definatly clear a spot in my schedule for you Black. Perhaps next time I won't be too busy to meet up with you." With that however she'll let him go, raising her brow just a bit before giving a rueful smile to the younger class.

The cat however, does his job, and he walks over to Elise and starts to nuzzle around her ankles, purring for her, even if she doesn't have tasty treats.

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