(1938-11-05) Magijugend Bonfire Night Party
Details for Magijugend Bonfire Night Party
Summary: The Magijugend and guests celebrate the most uniquely British of holidays: Bonfire Night.
Date: 5 November 1938
Location: Training Grounds

In the centre of the training ground there is a large pile of wood to be used later for the bonfire. Broken pieces of old desks, chairs, stools and whatever else Ogg decided could be burnt up have been chucked into the pile. Effigies of witches and wizards dance merrily and morbidly in the wind as they hang from bits of wood in the pile.

At a safe enough distance are the refreshments, self warming cauldrons of hot chocolate and non-alcoholic apple cider as well as a bloody gruesome looking soup that has a meaty tomato taste. There are jacket (baked) potatoes and a variety of toppings ranging from the mundane cheddar cheese to the more fantastical (smoked fish) and for the sweet tooth ginger cake, apple crumble with custard and toffee apples on sticks.

Medusa ties another effigy to the unlit bonfire then looks around to see who has arrived. She pulls a slip of parchment from her coat pocket to check over the list of guests and club members.

Douglas ambles along, wrapped up warm in a duffle coat, with his house scarf tucked in around his neck. One hand is shoved deep into a pocket, while the other drags with him a life sized straw stuffed man. Those paying particular attention might note a similarity in the dummy's face to a certain school caretaker.

"That's rather impressive," Medusa says to Douglas when she sees what he's packing. She hooks a thumb towards the unlit bonfire, "Find a place to hang it." As she walks past him on her way to check on the refreshments she swats her boyfriend's backside with the rolled up list.

Morgana wasn't sure how large her effigy should be, so it's rather small in comparison to Douglas. Since she is his plus one, she shakes her head, watching him lug the thing down there. "No wonder you didn't get any homework done last night." She says quietly. Bundled for the cold, she has on a grey cloak and her Ravenclaw colored scarf around her neck, and a pair of warm gloves on her hands. "I think mine is a bit small." She'll say to Medusa as she passes.

"You don't have to be ashamed just because yours is smaller than mine," Douglas insists, carefully propping his Pringle-dummy on the woodpile. "Otherwise everyone in the world would be walking round ashamed."

Alphard had planned on being fashionably late, but sadly seemed to have hit it pretty close regardless. The tall youth wasn't alone, either, but was dragging with him another Ravenclaw (Andromena) to do his part to make this a multi-house party. "You know," he told his companion, "it's all about making better world." There was not a hint of irony or sarcasm to detect anywhere in his voice. Here came a true believer! Alphard Pollux Black, savior of Witches and Wizards everywhere! His effigy was face down, over his shoulder. Made it hard to see exactly who it was.

"It's the thought which counts," Medusa tells Morgana, but then leans in and whispers to her before raising a hand to wave to Alphard and Andromena. "Alphard…I see you've brought an intelligent guest, such a step up from one of your cronies."

At Alphard's side, Andromena listened with a serious expression. He had been haranguing her since practically the day before, though she would have accepted his invitation even without the lesson teaching her just what the Magijugend was all about. For all of that, the Ravenclaw never once made a snide comment or sarcastic remark. Alphard was too animated over the subject to risk it. She glances up when Medusa speaks, unable to keep herself from chuckling.

"Do you really have room to talk, Medusa?" Alphard asked with a lazy shrug, his gaze briefly flickering in Douglas' direction for emphasis. His expression turned murky as he sent Andromena a look, too. "Though perhaps you might considered not talking shit about my friends, when they're not here to defend themselves. Because then I have to, and there goes the bloody party spirit. But whatever, glorious leader." With a grunt he heaved the effigy onto the pile. Turned face out, it showed itself to be yet another Pringle. He frowned at Douglas' one as if the fact his wasn't unique was an insult!

Morgana shakes her head at Douglas. "I'm going to hope that you're still taking about your straw doll." Whatever it is that Medusa whispers to her, Morgana snorts out a laugh and nods her head, leaning in to whisper in return. Afterwards she will move over to where the rest of the effigies are and puts hers with the rest of them. "I'm going to get myself a beverage, want one?" She offers.

"I have no idea what else I would possibly be talking about," Douglas insists, wholly innocent. "Oo, go on, then. Get us a cup of soup, would you, Rashley? Hey, Malfoy, when do the fireworks start?"

Little Fiona huffs and puffs as she drags the rather oddly shaped effigy with her. What is a nice Irish girl doing at a Bonfire Night Party? Why she's planning on burning an effigy of her disowned brother's muggle girlfriend, that's what. Since Fiona has never seen the real Diana the straw and papier mache version is an exaggeration of the girl's bitter anger and has ended up looking more like the Venus of Willendorf than the actual junior apprentice. It is also half the size of Fiona.

Pleased to have annoyed Alphard even just a little Medusa grins and turns her attention to Andromena, "It is nice to see you. If he's a grump all night you can ditch him and hang around with me since it looks like Proudmore stood me up." Her pale head turns when she hears Douglas call out her name, "After everybody has a bit of something to eat. So eat!"

Andromena did not see much of a reason to be pissy about a second Pringle; it was not as if plenty of others did not have a reason to, well…want to see him consumed by the hungry tongue of fire. Naturally, Andromena had never had an unpleasant encounter with the man. "Nice to see you as well, Medusa," she chimes, looking towards the refreshment table for a brief moment. "You aren't going to be a grump at all, are you Alphard?" It was asked innocently enough.

It has taken a great effort to find the part of Angelus that deals with older students. It is a stealthy arrival on his part, or at least, he tries to be sneaky. Were he able to just appear, listening, he would. It's what he tries to do, walk in next to an upperclassmen and masking his own arrival so that he's barely noticed, at least until he spies his age group. "Celes," he murmurs as he passes and intends to loops his arm with hers, to drag her over to the other girl. "Fi," he says in similar greeting.

Fiona looks at the sneaky Angelus and frowns, "You're too short Gel," she tells him. "I need someone bigger." And then she spies Alphard, heroic wonderful Alphard and looks up at him. "Could you put mine up for me please?" she twists and dumps the rotund and overly endowed un-Diana near Alphard's feet. "I'm too small to reach."

"Are you sure, that soup looks. Unsavory." Morgana says with a shake of her head, but she will walk over to at least fetch herself a bit of cider and a bowl of that soup and bring it back over. She'll nod at a few other people that are gathered, but for now is going to be a bit quiet. She seems to just be observing all of those who are here.

"But it's warm," Douglas points out, then grins. "Hey! Black! Nice Pringle! Ugly old sod can burn twice!"

Alphard gave a distracted nod to the little firstie with her ugly harlot effigy. "Sure." He picked it up and then threw it up near the top of the pile. Position of honor. Without a second look he turned back to the older girls. "No points for guessing which one," of the Proudmores, "class not exactly being y our thing." Apparently grump was exactly where things were going as far as the Black boy was concerned. And he had arrived in such a party spirit. With a sneer he dismissed Medusa and Andromena, turning his back to them and drifting over towards the refreshments.

She might be the hostess but Medusa doesn't seem to feel that means she has to keep everyone happy. "Good luck," she tells Andromena with a grin and then moves towards some of the others, stopping near the blond haired third year Gryffindor. "Eibon. Didn't fancy bringing your brother or his little friend?" Snide reminder of Noalan's blood traitor crush delivered she moves on glancing at some of the effigies.

Andromena gave a huge and obvious roll of her eyes. "Thanks," she mutters to Medusa before she slips away to tend to her other guests. Heroic, wonderful Alphard better not have brought her here just to ditch her while he brooded. A grin cracked her features as she took a better look at Fiona's effigy. She knew not who it was, but its features (such as they were) proved humorous enough. Eventually Andromena drifted over to the table to get herself some cider.

"The jealous little shit is the worst sort of peasant nobody who tries to feel good by harassing his betters," Alphard muttered to Douglas in regards to Pringle. Looking at the drinks, he got himself some apple cider. After a couple of seconds he also poured one for Andromena since she had showed up for the same thing. It was a mechanical courtesy, no real effort behind it. Finally, as if surprised to find her there, Alphard also gave Morgana a: "Hey." But it was distracted by the fact he was brooding.

Douglas glances to Morgana, finding himself a spot to perch, a little way back from the potential bonfire. "You should have brought your fiddle, Rashley. Can you play it in the cold?"

Happy to have her effigy up near the top of the pile Fiona rubs her mitten covered hands together with fiendish glee. Contemplating the burning of someone is hungry work. The first year skips her way over to the table of goodies and when nobody is checking slips a cake into her coat pocket to give to Grace later. Ignoring the healthier food she grabs sweets and then heads back over to Angelus, who isn't too short for company even if he was too short for effigy flinging.

Medusa gives Celes a little nod but leaves the girl alone otherwise. Her full circuit brings her back to Andromena. "I'm sure Alphard told you all about the Magijugend, so how about we get something to eat before the fireworks start?" She offers an arm to the Rowle girl. "How was your dance date with Zayn the Hufflerin?"

"Are you that cold already?" Morgana questions Douglas as he takes the soup and she too finds a spot to settle into and nurse her cider. "That would require me to have the desire to play for a gathering of people. And as I said before, it's a violin, not a fiddle." She'll let Alphard brood, but does return his greeting with a returned, "Hey." Before getting back to her own thoughts.

"Sounds like a good idea," Andromena agrees, her cup of cider held aloft in a free hand. She moves toward the soup, arm-in-arm with Medusa. "I think Ria had a better dance than I," Andromena provides airily. "I mean, I thought it was nice, but I think I robbed Zayn of a good time." Her shoulders lifted in a shrug. It was a damned slow dance - what else do you do during one of those but talk? "I apologized for it but Shafiq insists it wasn't a problem." But how could anyone, even Zayn, be that even-keeled /all/ the time?

"Well, if you're offering, I'll warm my hands up on you, Rashley," Douglas insists, grinning. "But I get the feeling I'd get slapped, or worse. So I'll wait for the bonfire to warm up, or I'll wait for Malfoy to come and offer her warming services. And fiddle, violin, same thing. You play tunes on it, right?"

"He's so placid he makes porridge look exciting." Somehow in Medusa's head that made sense. "Even if you had kneed him in the nethers he'd still have smiled and said thank you for a lovely time." She releases Andromena's arm when they reach the table. "Just smile and nod at him, thats what most of the rest of us." Medusa opts for a jacket potato and adds cheese and bacon to it as she stands near the refreshments table with Andromena.

"A slap, at the very least. I am sure anything more and I'd have to take points away from myself." Morgana says with a smirk as she holds her hands around her cup to keep them warm. "Occasionally. But you are right, it is a bit cold, and that would effect the tuning on the instrument, and cold fingers don't help either." It seems she always has an excuse not to play her violin.

Andromena spies those potatoes…then looks back to the soup. Back to the potatoes. Okay, no, she's having one of those instead. Medusa's comments illicit a laugh Andromena clearly had tried to repress. Poor Zayn. He was the nicest chap, it wasn't really nice to laugh at his expense, yet Andromena imagined that, if he were there, he would have laughed too. At least smiled. "That seems to be the best option with /most/ people," Andromena replies after taking a sip of her cider. "Boring? Smile and nod. Confusing? Smile and nod. Whining, griping, complaining? You guessed it." Bleeding smile and nod.

Medusa looks pointedly in Alphard's direction and then back at Andromena with a grin, "Smile and nod?" Since eating the potato is going to require two hands she makes use of the table while they are near it. "You have more dances, I'm sure you'll have a better go of it next time." She glances over at Douglas and Morgana and gives them a little wave before turning back to the sixth year girl. "Or you might find a good reason to boycott them."

Lucian is running a bit late. But at last the prefect appears, emerging from the castle. Seeking out his gracious host, he approaches Medusa with a wave. "Hey, Dusa. Sorry I'm tardy. I had to break up a row between a couple of Third Years."

"Can you even take points away from yourself?" Douglas wonders, tilting his head thoughtfully. "Wow. I'd have made a great prefect, me." At Medusa's wave, he raises a brow, giving a half wave back with a look of puzzlement. "She's plotting," he informs Morgana. "I'm sure of it. She's got that 'I'm plotting' look on her face."

Ria is also a tardy arrival to the party for different reasons, the hood of her robes pulled over her head. "Apologies, I got caught up in a project," she says not too long after Lucian introduces his presence. It's then she realizes he was late too. Awkward. She clears her throat and gives a cordial nod to her fellow house prefect before slipping off to the refreshments table. "Excellent setup, is there any chocolate?" Potatoes … cider…crumble…toffee apples…hot chocolate! Success! Ria makes her way over there immediately, putting her satchel down by the fire she asks over to Andromena, "What have I missed?"

When Lucian turns up Medusa gives him a close lipped smile as she is eating. Chasing down the mouthful of potato with some of her cider she says, "And here I thought you had stood me up." Gesturing between the long haired seventh year and Andromena she says, "Lucian Proudmore, Andromena Rowle. Andromena, this is Lucian, the most prefecty prefect you'll ever meet except as you likely won't see him again since you're polite and well behaved. Unlike me." Ria's arrival so soon after Lucian might make her brows waggle but Medusa refrains, just this once, from saying anything.

Morgana will wave back at Medusa, and also Lucian as he arrives. Better late than never she supposes. Shaking her head at Douglas she shrugs. "I suppose there is one way to find out right? But honestly I really don't think it's possible, or if it is, why anyone would actually do it. Unless they're feeling really guilty about something." Hearing Douglas' guess about Medusa and her plotting, Morgana shakes her head. "When isn't she plotting? I believe she plots even in her sleep, even if it is just to her blanket and pillows." Sipping from her glass she'll smirk. 'Are you any good at reading lips?"

It was not as if Andromena had really attended dances before this year, so to her, the notion of never attending another would not actually be surprising! Taking a seat, the Ravenclaw begins to blow gently on her potato as Lucian approaches their host. If there is any plotting going on, Andromena herself is blissfully unaware. She's actually thinking about having herself a toffee apple if she's not too full later. "Hello, Lucian, pleasure to meet you," greets Andromena as politely as the Gorgon says she is. When she spies Ria, she gives a happy wave. "You've not missed much, Ria. Things only just seem to be starting."

Alphard was lurking by the refreshment tables, still, his hands wrapped around the cider as he brooded. Lucian's arrival drew him out of his distracted thoughts just long enough for him to deliver a look of contempt. And dislike. And more contempt. With a grunt he drifted towards Douglas and Morgana, catching the tail end of their little chit-chat. On the way he glanced at Ria's also belated arrival, giving nod in greeting. "Can't say I really expected to see you here, Rashley," he murmured absently in Morgana's direction. It wasn't a hostile comment, just curious.

Lucian nods to Andromena. "Rowle, a pleasure as well," he says politely. He's not exactly unfamiliar with her, having seen her around school for the last five years. Though this may be the first time they've actually spoken. His eyes drift toward Ria, but he manages to maintain merely a friendly smile and a nod, as if greeting a colleague. Though in his distraction, he manages to completely miss Morgana's wave and Alphard's glares.

"Never tried, but I'll give it a go," Douglas decides, leaning forward and resting his chin on his hand as he peers towards his girlfriend. "I think she's saying… 'I… am a snarky bitch… and I'm plotting world domination'?" He nods then to Alphard. "She's my guest, Black. Paws off."

Medusa licks a bit of butter off her fingertip and grins sweetly, not so secretly enjoying the tension around her. "Would you like something to eat or drink Lucian?" After eating another quick couple of mouthfuls of her jacket potato she pulls her handkerchief from her pocket and daubs at her mouth. "Did you bring a guy to offer up?" She slips an arm through his and turns him so he isn't quite so able to glower at Alphard.

Morgana coughs as Douglas does his 'lip reading' and has to take a second to clear her throat. "Right." She says, shaking her head. "I am sure that is exactly what she is saying." Seeing that Alphard has arrived she'll nod her head to him before shrugging. "I heard there would be refreshments." And burning an effigy of someone you dislike wasn't unappealing either. "Besides, I hear it's good to get out of the castle once in a while." She'll chuckle at Douglas' words and shake her head.

"Perfect," Ria settles in a seat next to Andromena, looking blissfully pleased with her mug of hot cocoa as it steams before her. Alphard gets a happy wave as well. Good to see the gang all here. Ohhhh sweet sacred chocolate. She takes a sip looking over to the Ravenclaw's delight of choice. "Oh a potato," she nods in acknowledgement, but then pauses before exclaiming in realization, "A potato!" Ria pops back up on her feet, remembering the "project" she got caught up with. A hand fishes around in her satchel to withdraw the very vegetable they were all indulging in. "Where do I hang this thing?" she smirks to Medusa her effigy - a potato wearing long, fine bluish-green robes that have a fine rainbowy sheen to it that it shifts with each flutter in the breeze. It even has a matching hat, and if one looks closely enough devilishly pointy eyebrows and a goatee have been drawn on in ink.

"Sod off, Macmillan," Alphard muttered to Douglas without any real venom. He scratched at his cheek, then took another long sip from his cider. "If she's in danger of being pawed from anyone, it's you. I am a gentleman." His look slid towards Morgana, adding with the first hint of humor he'd showed since he arrived: "I wait for the lady to ask me first. And yeah, I guess the cider's not so bad. Wish she'd get on with it and light the fire, though. It's too bloody cold this time a year."

Fiona brushes cake crumbs from the front of her coat with one mitten clad hand then just as readily brings her toffee apple over with the other. A nice loud crunching noise can be heard when her little teeth break through the toffee and find the fleshy apple underneath. In between bites she speaks quietly with Angelus all the while eyeing the odd shaped effigy at the top of the bonfire.

Lucian lifts his brow in surprise when Medusa takes his arm, the act pulling him out of his Ria-daze. "Hm? Oh, yeah, I did," he says, offering no further explanation. "When it all of that happening?" Waiting a moment for an answer, he then pulls away, "Just a minute. There's something I need to take care of." His eyes turn toward Alphard, and he marches right on up to the dark-haired young man. "Black," he announces himself.

"Put it over there, Ria." Medusa points towards a rather peculiar looking straw effigy, one that is all white save for black lips. If it should somehow resemble a certain student well that might just be coincidental. Since nobody was here to see who hung it the creator will have to remain a mystery. As Lucian leaves her to go beat his chest in gorilla fashion she walks around the back of the unlit bonfire and disappears from view for a moment.

Naturally, Andromena had seen Proudmore throughout her school career as well, but yes…this was the first time she had actually spoken to him. Her attention is soon drawn away by Ria and her…shimmering root vegetable. Damn. It was decidedly creative, which meant the Ravenclaw was busily thinking to herself: why didn't I do anything fun like that? In fact, she was also wondering why she didn't go for the hot cocoa. It was determined to be Alphard's fault, because he was the one who poured her the cup - all golem like rather than because he was being nice or kind. In fact, Andromena was so consumed by thought she was paying no attention at all to fact Lucian had marched over to Alphard. "I love his little goatee," she informs Ria.

Alphard projected an air of dismissive nonchalance when Lucian approached, even though he also subtly shifted his feet for better balance. It was the sort of little detail anyone with a modicum of brawling experience might pick up. That earlier dislike flared up in his eyes again, laced through with a seething fury that had been allowed to build for a few days. He didn't try to be cordial. All he said was, quite loudly, quite sharply: "Excuse." As if he expected the older boy to know exactly what that meant.

Douglas draws in a breath between his teeth, nudging Morgana in the side. "I think now might be a really good time to be paying close attention to something else entirely. Wow! Look at the.. uh… stars!"

Yes, looking up might be a good idea. When the fireworks begin they start off simple enough - bursts of bright colours against the dark night sky; hues of purple, green, gold, red and blue. Soon, however, the fireworks become more spectacular as they whizz and scream through the air creating elaborate shapes. There is a hanging man complete with a dead man's drop. The red of the intestines spilling from the guts of a second man looks particularly gruesome. A quartet of horses quarter another figure made entirely of dazzling outlined light. There are other less horrific images of cheering crowds watching the executions. When the final firework goes up it emits a loud rattling bang and sends off a spark which ignites the bonfire.

Lucian chuckles, shaking his head and holding up a hand to Alphard when he adjusts his footing. Lucian is no stranger to fisticuffs. "Relax, Black. Look, I want to apologise for the feast. I saw Viridian looking like he was ready to turn you and your costume into kindling, and I got carried away. You put on a good show. I suggest a truce." He offers a hand toward the younger boy. So much for chest-beating.

Morgana had a speech, all ready to go. One of her famous sarcastic ones she enjoys using on Alphard. However, seeing Lucian come forward and his oh so friendly tone she nods to Douglas. "Perhaps, however if there is going to be a fight to break up.." She says quietly, keeping an eye on the two Slytherin boys. However when it seems there is going to not be any sort of fight, she turns her attention to the fireworks. "Shouldn't you be making some romance with your girl now? I thought that's what normal people did under fireworks."

Ria's lips purse with interest at the white doll, a slight smile shows she knows instantly who it may be. But instead she focuses on tying it to a stick with the rest of the effigies. "Well I hate it, which is why I thought it may be appropriate," she smiles cheekily to Andromena. That is, until Lucian stomps over to Alphard and that's when things get awkward. She makes no sudden movements, even if the fireworks are so inviting she can't help but watch on in the distance. What are they talking about? Why is he chuckling? These fireworks are too damn loud, she can't hear a thing!

Her head tilted back Fiona ooohs and aaahs with each colourful explosion. She wrinkles her nose at the gut spilling then points, her hand following a firework horse as it drags off the arm of the firework man. "Look at that, Angelus!"

Andromena watched the fireworks with her hands clasped in her lap. "What? You mean it's /not/ the most fashionable thing you've ever seen on a man before?" Voice rife with sarcasm, Andromena graces Ria with a sly grin. She still hadn't noticed the confrontation between the two boys (if that' what it should be called). And why? Because she isn't looking over there. Hmph.

"Bullshit," Alphard told Lucian without a hint of softening to his arrogant features. "You being a stuck up prick wasn't anything more than I expected, Proudmore. You're that sort of prefect, after all. But you know what I think? I think anyone who hides behind excuses is a little coward. Especially when they're also hiding behind their neat little polished prefect badge as they make their threats. And now you're making excuses yet again. Blaming Viridian?" He made a derisive snort, looking down his nose at Lucian. It was a trick he could pull off even when someone was taller than him! "Whatever. Just walk away if you're gonna be a dishonest little shit on top of being a cowardly little shit." Cue cutting smile. "Because I don't want your fake apology. I don't need it. I was sleeping just fine before, even with Medusa playing her little games on your behalf."

Lucian chuckles again, withdrawing his hand with a sigh. "Your call, Black. But next time you get Viridian on a tear, you're on your own, and best of luck to you. Don't say I didn't make the effort." With a dismissive wave, he moves off to fetch some cider. As he passes Ria, he gives her a shrug.

"You're my date tonight, though, Rashley," Douglas points out amiably. "So I ought to at least make sure you're all right first, before I go sneaking off to tear Malfoy's clothes off somewhere."

Clothes on Medusa appears again in time to see the last of the fireworks. She's a little too close to the bonfire and lets out a little shriek then leaps back just in case. Realising she is near Morgana and Douglas she says to the two of them, "I think maybe I didn't get enough fireworks…they just all flew out of the box when I opened it."

Angelus is pretty quiet, his blue eyes taking everything in curiously. Of course he's helped himself to sweets, but now he's tilted his head back to look skyward with a big, amused grin crossing his face as he watches the fireworks. He bobs his head in response to Fiona, pretty much just listening with the simple responses to show that he is.

It doesn't take long for the conflagration to build given the dryness of the material. Some of the effigies have been charmed to scream with horror while others cackle madly the majority are silent save one made of potato - that one fizzles and sizzles then sort of pops. The heat from the bonfire is intense warming everyone within twenty paces of it. Thanks to the light breeze the smoke is lifted up and away as the flames flicker, merrily lapping at the wood and effigies.

Alphard remained quite obviously unimpressed by Lucian's advances. "Just what I thought," he spat out, that vicious smile growing by a small measure. "Can't even own up to your own bullshit." As soon as Lucian started to withdraw, Alphard flicked him off, his attentions going elsewhere. Anywhere? Finally the bonfire, perhaps, since he had ignored the whole thing so far.

Ria's blue-green effigy, emits a quite annoying mix between an amused laugh and a cackle. Its deep and resounding and extremely irritating.As it fizzles and sizzles and pops that is.

Morgana shakes her head at at Douglas as he makes his statement. "I'm a big girl Douglas." She says quietly. "Surely I am able to take care of myself or an evening." When Medusa arrives, she'll nod her head at her, watching as the flames rise. "Is this supposed to be cathartic, or do we need to wait until the thing actually burns?"

Cider in hand, Lucian approaches Ria. "I owe you an apology, too. Doubly so since I didn't do it before." For all of Alphard's taunting, he remains calm. There is a fierceness in his eyes, but it is stoic, not wild. "I'm sorry."

As she unbuttons the front of her coat Medusa grins at Morgana, "Went for Irish did you? It is cathartic if you let it be as are most things. Only you can decide if you are willing to let go." Her gaze searches the fire to find the place where she hung an effigy earlier, "I opted for humour more than catharsis with mine." She tilts her head back to see the direction the smoke is going. Lowering her voice so that only the pair of them can hear it she whispers something.

Ria quietly watched on at their exchange. Their body language doesn't bode well, and she throws Andromena a 'well this doesn't look good' look. Lucian's apology however, is met with a blink. Expressionless, she taps her mug of hot cocoa against his cider, looks him straight in the eye and nods, "You're forgiven." The ice queen will be icy, and after a polite enough time has passed she'll casually seat herself next to Andromena, whispering something in her ear, and then retreat with a smirk.

Douglas snorts a laugh at whatever Medusa said, holding out an arm to her. "Isn't there a spell for that? Somebody must know it. Rashley?"

Andromena, watching the fire, tunes out the rest of the group around her. At least for a short time. As Ria sits herself beside her, Andromena turns her head to regard the other girl. Whatever it was she whispered causes Andromena's eyes to widen and she looks to mouth 'gawd,' before giving a hasty reply.

"I decided Irish over Italian." Morgana says to Medusa and Douglas. "Though you know know by looking at it, it's what it's made of that counts right?" She'll shake her head at Medusa, sipping from her glass before she responds. "There is deciding it, and actually doing it." At Medusa's whisper she'll laugh lightly and shake her head. "You tell me Macmillian." She says. "Aren't you the one who has been brushing up on your charms?"

Ria snickers into her hot cocoa at Andromena's response before mutters, "You're right." And looking over to the fire, she observes the effigies, some strange, some clever, and some - mostly her own - down right obnoxious. The cackle of her potato is starting to irritate her. "I should have never charmed that feature in," she crinkles her nose in disdain. And then calling over to Medusa she says, "Isn't there supposed to be a prize for the best one?"

Medusa slips in to lean against Douglas' side and peers into his cup to see what he was drinking. "It totally counts, Morgana," she agrees with the Head Girl. "Clearly what Ria's was made of resembled the creepiest version of my jacket potato, but I liked it all the same." Turning her head over towards the other Slytherin girl she calls out, "Sykes, do you know a charm that can make the wind blow enough to say make someone's hair blow out behind them? Not too much force." The question of a prize makes her blink. "Oh, yes there is a prize. One for the most creative and one for the most lifelike."

"Not one for the biggest, then?" Douglas queries, wrinkling his nose. "Bollocks."

"Charms I've begun to notice, seem much more clever in your head than when they're actually put into practice." See: her hair for the Halloween Dance. "I do want a toffee apple, though," Andromena admits to Ria while watching the effigies as they were noisily consumed by the fire. "Should I grab you one, too?"

Lucian takes several deep breaths and approaches the bonfire, though keeps a respectable distance. He tries not to wince too much at Ria's screeching potato. From his pocket, he produces a roughly strung-together straw figure. He's no great artist. But among the details on the little guy are a badly stitched (but recognizable) Hogwarts robe with a green tie, and a mop of floppy golden hair. He tosses the effigy into the flames, watching it burn with quiet satisfaction.

Alphard picked up a couple of cups of hot chocolate from the refreshment table, as well as one of those baked potatoes. Cheese and ham was his topping of choice, mundane but good stuff! Slowly he made his way over to where Andromena was seated with Ria, firelight playing off one eye while the other was black as the abyss in contrast. Even if she really didn't deserve it, he offered Andromena a cup, then dumped himself down next to her. "Want some hot chocolate?" Since he had brought her along, it would've been rude to ignore her the whole party.

Ria ponders on that question, hearkening back to at time where an unfortunate first year sent a whirlwind her way, wrinkling her clothes. That first year was never seen again. "Arificus!" she swings her arm as if she were casting it, "That should do the trick, but you got to say it with more gusto. Are you trying to blow Mopsus' toupee off?" Was it really a toupee? Who knows? But now everyone will be wondering it. "I'm quite alright, thank you. You should enjoy some hot cocoa though, I quite recommend it," she says, cuing Alphard's entrance. "Evening Alphard. I see you're being as Black as ever." That's in reference to the earlier confrontation, but whether she's condoning or disapproving of it is unclear.

As the fat, frumpy and hideously over endowed effigy of Diana burns Fiona munches happily on her toffee apple and even considers getting a second. "I should have made her even fatter and uglier." She looks peers at some of the other effigies as she walks around the bonfire, giggling at the ones of people she recognises.

"It's okay MacMillian, size isn't everything." Morgana will give Douglas a sympathetic pat on the arm. "I don't think I saw it up close, but I can take a guess as to who it was supposed to be." She did hear the noise after all. Finally though, her smaller effigy starts to burn and she goes quiet for a moment to watch, not sure how she feels about it. "I suppose it would be different if the doll was actually screaming, and in pain." That's a bit dark coming from the Head Girl.

Oh, now he he wants to be sociable; for Alphard. Andromena accepted the proffered cup of hot chocolate whilst eyeing him critically. To be sure, she could have just taken the cup in sullen silence, but then where would that get her? And so, sigh, "It does sound appealing," this to Ria. "Thank you, Alphard." And it was good, too. Because when wasn't hot chocolate good? "If you mean being generous and considerate, Ria, then; yes." He looked towards the bonfire as he talked, eyeing the two burning Pringles. His hadn't been particularly elaborate, just enough effort put into it to make it clear who he thought deserved a torching. "You're welcome, Meanie. Enjoying yourself?" He brought up the hot chocolate to his lips and blew a quick little breeze down across the surface, before slowly slurping. Mhm. Next it was the potato's turn, which he dove into with a relish. There was rarely anytime that he wasn't hungry.

Angelus stands back a good, safe distance from the fire. Still, he can feel the heat of it, and he idly thinks about stepping back a little further. Except that he sticks close to Fiona, and he smirks at her. "Then you'd barely get it here," he says, a soft twitch of his lips in an amused smile.

Medusa snorts a laugh and pokes her tongue out at Morgana. She looks over at Lucian and frowns. "Pardon me," she tells the two and after dotting a kiss on Douglas' cheek slips away to walk over to the blond Slytherin. "Hey," Medusa says softly to Lucian as she slips an arm though his. "Did I see what I thought I did?" She looks for the burning remains of his effigy and then turns her gaze upon Lucian himself. "Are you alright?"

Lucian arches an eyebrow at Medusa's approach. This time he doesn't seem surprised by her arm linking with his. "Well, I suppose that depends on what you think you saw," he chuckles. "But honestly, yeah. I'm better than I've been all year." He gives her a warm smile. "But thanks for being concerned."

"I bet I could have made Gilroy help me. Then he could have come as my guest. He hates her too," Fiona tells Angelus as she drags him over to get more toffee apples from the refreshment table.

"A god among men you are, Alphard," Ria says, the dryness of her tone reaching the extremes. She takes a deep sip of the chocolate, eyes scanning the fire to set itself upon a burning floppy haired doll. Her gaze subtly looks over to Luc and Medusa before turning back to her company. "Speaking of Meanie," she says to the a-named pair. "What on earth does Andromena call you Alphard? So far I see no equivalent to such a terrible nickname."

"Of course." Morgana says, watching a Medusa walks off to speak with the Slytherin Prefect. Douglas has grown quiet so for now she'll sit on the ground, watching the fire. Her Cider has lost it's warmth, but she doesn't look ready to jump up and get another.

Inbetween mouthfulls Alphard responded: "Glad you've noticed." The only suggestion that he might, might have caught up to the tone of her voice, was a slight curling of his lips. He ate some more, before protesting: "It's not a terrible nickname. I mean it might have started out as a taunt, but I'm sort of getting fond of it. Meanie. Has a nice and easy ring to it. Anyway. If she has any for me, she keeps them to herself." He looked expectantly towards Andromena to see if she'd supply something.

"If you're sure," Medusa says somewhat uncertainly. Trusting Lucian to know…have a vague idea about what is good for himself she will lay off. For now. "Don't do anything stupid." Time's up. She flashes him a quick smile and then looks around for where those prizes went.

"I would have helped you," Angelus comments pointedly, a little smile flickering around his lips. He follows her away from the heat of the fire to the table, where he'd be happy to hang out for a while and help himself to some of the dessert food. "Did you make it yourself?"

Fiona beams proudly. "I did, well mostly. Grace helped. We used lots of papier mache because I wanted her to be really fat and hideous." Her smile falters a bit. "I have never seen the strumpet that stole my brother's good name and sense, but she clearly is a hideous creature so I made the effigy as ugly as I could." She bites her toffee apple and looks at Angelus, "You saw her before, what do you think? Did I do a good job?"

"My, my, my. Quite the successful gathering." The dry, deep voice of Headmaster Flint echoes across the training grounds as he approaches from the castle. "Congratulations are in order, Overseer Malfoy." As he approaches, his voluminous robes flowing out around him like the wings of some enormous vulture, Flint seems to be in good spirits. "Indeed, to all of the Magijugend, and our prospective recruits."

"Well, if I were her, I think the best name for you would be Alfart," Ria smirks on the emphasis, not shy to stoop down to new immature lows. And she raises her glass of hot chocolate in a toast to the name and pats Andromena on the shoulder, "Now that has a nice easy ring to it." Her throat clears throat upon realizing the head master had just stepped in and she unabashedly just used the word 'fart'.

Medusa moves over to Flint, pausing on her way to pick up two wrapped packages from underneath the table, "Thank you Headmaster. You are in time to see me give out the prizes for the best effigies. I think you will approve of my choice of prizes." Her head turns towards Ria, "Ria Sykes, you win the prize for the most creative effigy with your use of the charm to make it cackle even as it burned." And then she is turning to another Slythering, "And Lucian Proudmore wins for the most lifelike." A parcel is held out to him as well. Inside underneath the wrapping are the philosophical writings of a follower of Grindelwald translated and adapted for young people; in other words they have won a copy of 'The Truth for Youth.'

Douglas takes a sip from his rapidly cooling soup. "Glad I didn't win, now," he notes quietly to Morgana.

Morgana pushes herself off the ground once the Headmaster shows up, figuring she shouldn't slack off. Dusting the grass off of her robes she'll nod her head to Douglas. "Mine would not have one anyway, I don't believe they give a prize for the most symbolic." She says, keeping her voice low, as to not upstage Medusa.

"Really?" Alphard asked of Ria, rolling his eyes at that bit of immature. He was about to make his reply loudly when Flint appeared. So instead he just leaned in and whispered it. This time there was more than a bit of humor in his eyes. Afterwards he looked back to the Headmaster and the announcements Medusa made. He obviously wasn't in agreement, from the disbelieving snort he made.

Lucian blinks in surprise that his simple little straw person won him a 'most lifelike' award. "Uh…thank you," he says awkwardly, accepting the prize.

Fiona lowers her toffee apple when she sees the stern craggy-faced headmaster. She wipes her mouth with her sleeve hoping he doesn't see it and then just to show that he made a good choice in letting her repair her family's honour she calls over to him, "I burned an effigy of that nasty woman, Headmaster." She sneers out the name, "Diana." Pointing with her empty hand at the remains of the fat frumpy over endowed effigy near the top of the bonfire just in case he wants to see.

Flint claps slowly (and LOUDLY…by the stars, that man could shatter windows with that clap), announcing, "Well done, Sykes and Proudmore. Ten points to Slytherin for each of you. Another twenty for Overseer Malfoy's diligent work in putting on this affair. Each of you in attendance will receive five for your wisdom in supporting this effort." He gives Fiona an approving nod for her wise choice of effigy. "Now then, before I depart, there is one more matter to discuss.

The Magijugend is growing, and it is in need of leadership. Overseer Malfoy has shown herself to be up to the task, but there is room for more than one Overseer in our number. I am sure that many of you might see yourselves as suitable for the position."

Ria listens in to Alphard's nickname suggestion and shakes her head, muttering back, "No no, those aren't ridiculing enough." But then suddenly, her name is called that her potato doll was deemed most creative. Even if she didn't win, Ria would have been very pleased with her work and perhaps burned a cackling charms professor potato doll on her own spare time. But there's something nice about getting a prize. And so she accepts her prize, unwrapping the parcel and hmming in distinct approval. "Very nice. A rather good read, I must say." Okay, so she may have gotten this copy already as a birthday gift many years ago. But she's not averse to free stuff. To Lucian, she gives him a polite, "Good job." And then skitters off casually, avoiding too much interaction with the boy in front of the Headmaster, lest any information should get back to Arlo Sykes.

A brief grin tugs out to cross Angelus' face, bobbing his head approvingly. "I couldn't have done anything as nearly as well," Angelus comments. He rolls back his shoulders as he lets out a soft 'heh.' "Yours is better," he answers her with a wink. Then his blue eyes is trailing towards Professor Flint, and Angelus is standing straighter and dipping his head in a respectable bow.

Medusa stands near Flint and manages to somehow convey the impression she knew what he was doing, well she knew he wanted another overseer so she sort of had an idea he'd do something about that at some point.

"They would be in the right circumstances, don't worry about that," Alphard told Ria with a wry little twist of his lips. This was something he knew all about. "It's all about the timing." With a shrug he stood up when Flint praised both Medusa, the winners, and the congregation of students in general. He lifted his cup of warm chocolate in a polite 'hear-hear' toast.

Morgana is keeping herself rather quiet, since her decision has not been made on this whole matter, either way she will at least offer congratulations to those who did win. Looking to Douglas she begins to say something, but thinks better of it. Perhaps now is not the time for snark.

Flint continues. "There is one among you that has consistently demonstrated the determination, focus, and dedication to pure magic that every Magijunde should strive for. Even before the formation of the Magijugend, she and her family have been staunch supporters of the champions of our cause, and she has witnessed, first-hand, the tragedy that occurs when we forget our roots and spit in the face of tradition." From his robes, he produces a pendant — the Eye of Truth that all of the Magijugend wear. But like Medusa's, this one is wrought in gold, not silver. "Ria Sykes. Step forward."

Fiona looks over at Ria and does a little one handed clap as she holds onto her toffee apple, patting her free hand against her leg.

Ria is quite satisfied indeed with her book, she shows her prize to Andromena, saying something along the lines of, "Since you're quite fond of reading, this one is definitely worth your time." And once again, she's caught off guard when her name is called up once more. It takes her a second and few confused blinks to process, but it all comes together when she spots the gold pendant dangling from Flint's hand. Then there's a bit of ravenous hunger in her eye when Ria comes face to face with it. "I consider it an honor," she says with a stern look she's stepped forward and accepted the pendant. She glances over to Medusa before looking back to flint again.

Andromena was not about to say whenever Alphard made her angry she thought of him as Alfart, Assphard, or, if she were particularly mad, Assfart. That was just totally immature and not at all like her. She would never say such low, crass things. As for what Andromena was going to supply however, one would simply have to wait. Flint had arrived, was speaking, congratulating and all that jazz…What, books? Blast it, she really ought to be paying more attention! When Ria is named, Andromena puts on a suitable 'good-for-you' face.

"Congratulations," Alphard told Ria, doing his best to be gracious even if his eyes flashed with disappointment. His mouth was struggling to keep that smile from twisting into a sneer. With a grunt he lifted his chocolaty cup once more up in a silent toast, before draining its content completely.

When Flint chooses Ria Medusa's lack of surprise is genuine, she rather imagined it would be a Sykes and given that one of the twins is a lazy sod Ria was the best option. "Congratulations Ria. I look forward to working with you."

Flint lifts the chain and places it over Ria's head. "Congratulations, Overseer Sykes. Make us proud." He looks to the rest of the crowd. "Your Overseers speak with my authority. Obey them as you would me in matters regarding the Magijugend, and come to them with matters that concern us all. They are you link to me." He looks to his two Overseers, giving them a firm nod. "Well done, both of you." And as suddenly as he arrived, he whirls in place, and marches back into the castle.

"Likewise," Ria extends a hand to Medusa for a firm shake and then to Flint, "Thank you sir. I look forward to it." The pendant, is pocketed for now so she can return to her dorm and put it on a proper chain.

Cory saw the huge fire from one of the towers, he was up there studying seeing the fresh air is good for him, so he came down and walks over to the locating to see what's going on.

Morgana has watched the proceedings quietly, listening to what Flint has to say. Once it is all said and done, she quietly walks up to Lucian, since her 'date' has wandered off somewhere. "Congratulations?" She says to him. "Not that I saw yours but I hear it was life like?" Morgana relaxes as Flint leaves, not sure how she feels about the whole situation.

Once Flint has gone Fiona feels free to eat her toffee apple again. "I'm going to get some cakes and take them to Grace. I'll see you later, Gel," she says to Angelus. The little first year stuffs a couple more cakes into her pockets before making her way back to the castle, giving Cory an odd look on the way past.

Medusa shakes Ria's hand before the other girl takes off then moves over to the fire to check the charm put around it, making sure it is still safe. "You are welcome to stay and partake of the refreshments provided you were a guest of a member of the Magijugend or are a member. The fire is charmed so that it will not allow anyone to tamper with it. It will burn out naturally. If you do something stupid I will find out and you will be punished severely. Plus there is a prefect and the Head Girl here." In other words don't be a dumb arse. Lecture delivered Medusa heads out, probably to go find Douglas or maybe to ponder a life of crime.

Lucian looks up from his book, which he's holding almost at a distance from himself, as if trying to figure it out from afar. "Oh, hey, Morgana. It was…not lifelike at all. I think Medusa's been drinking." He chuckles, rubbing his neck abashedly.

Turning toward Alphard from where she sat, Andromena did not fail to notice his, shall we say, lowered level of enthusiasm. Setting her cup aside, she leaned forward to call his attention to her with a small wave of her hand. "Hey," she said, brows crimped. "Is something the matter?" Were Andromena a tad more savvy in the social scheme of things, then perhaps she need not have asked. As it stood, she had asked, and that meant she would have to suffer the consequences.

Cory moves into the firelight at last, he gives the girl who gave him the look one right back. "Hello, what's happing here, did i miss something?"

Morgana shakes her head and laughs quietly. "If she was, she wasn't sharing." Putting her hands into her pockets she'll look toward the fire and shake her head. "Mine was pathetic really, but there is nothing left to show it, which Medusa said was the whole point." Turning toward Cory, she'll raise her brow. "Is this he one of yours?" Meaning housemate of course.

Alphard rolled his eyes at Medusa's lecture and then departure. Snidely he murmured to Andromena: "Real impressive. She has an event to host, and goes running off nillywilly as soon as Flint is done praising her. No doubt to paw at Macmillan like a mindless cat in heat. She should've stuck with the mudclub." Someone was not taking being passed over very well. "No, nothing is wrong. But if the hostess isn't going to bother to stick around, neither am I. Want to collect some goodies then take a walk?"

Lucian nods in agreement with Morgana. "I think it is the point. Though…most everyone seemed to use this as an opportunity to be spiteful. Sort of a waste of the point, if you ask me." He glances toward Cory, nodding affirmation to Morgana. "Yeah, that's Travers. Firstie snake."

"Sure," Andromena answers, because let's face it, she would feel out of her depth if she remained behind. "I said I was going to have one of those toffee apples, so…" She ges up from her seat, shooting for said treats regardless of whether Alphard wanted one for himself. There were other goodies to collect. "You lead, I'll follow." Like that would be any surprise.

Cory nods to Lucian, he offer's his hand. "Cory William Jacob Travers, seeing everbody knows me I'll ask again what is going on here?"

"I attempted cathartic, instead of spite, but I don't think burning something is going to fix my problems." Morgana says with a shrug. "So it looks as if I have wasted it as well." When Cory speaks, Morgana raises her brow. "Oh yes, he is a snake for sure, a rather confident one at that. It was a private gathering, school sanctioned of course. Nothing all that fancy."

Lucian shakes his young housemate's hand. "Prefect Lucian Proudmore. We met briefly during your first day tour. But I guess you met a lot of people that day." The first day of school can be especially overwhelming for a First Year. He glances to Morgana, "Cathartic is good. Actually, I think you did get the point, then. Me…" he glances to Cory, then back to Morgana. "I'll tell you about mine later."

Cory smiles and nods. "Oh one of them clubs things, I've was ask about joining one not to long about, the Pirates I think it was that boy with the whited out eye, don't know if I'll join though."

Morgana will nod her head at Lucian when he mentions speaking about his effigy later. "You know where to find me, it's not terribly difficult." Hearing that she actually did get the point of the exercise, she smirks. "Than I am glad that I did something right today." Turning back to the young Slytherin, she nods her head. "Morgana Rashley, Head Girl. And I have heard of the pirates, though I don't know if they're official or not." She says thoughtfully.

Lucian shakes his head. "They're not. They're just a silly group of kids. But this," gesturing to the now emptying training grounds, "was for the Magijugend. They're sponsored by the Headmaster himself. Anyhow, I've got to run. I'll talk to you later, Morgana."

Cory nods. "Oh I've learn of Magijugend, my parents want's me to join but I don't know."

"That is a decision that you need to make for yourself, and not let it be influenced by your family, nor your friends." Morgana says to the first year. Nodding to Lucian she will give him a smile. "Yes, I will see you in class Lucian. I should start gathering up the rabble before curfew hits, and your housemates loose all of those lovely points you just gained."

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