(1938-11-05) Mother Said...
Details for Mother Said…
Summary: Silas and Morgana meet again, and this time talk eventually turns to love, and questions of its existence.
Date: 1938-11-05
Location: Entry Courtyard

A path leads from the Gates through to the huge bridge that travels across the lake towards the Hogwarts entry hall from here. The otherwise green hill isn't very steep, however, almost like it was designed for long walks and for the carriages. Another, steeper and well-trodden, path leads down to the lake shore and the groundskeeper's cabin, in a roundabout way to the west, while the lake itself is visible over cliffs hundreds of feet tall to the South.

Across the bridge and just outside the entry hall is the courtyard itself, a large rectangular area with roofed walkways along the outside, with benches to sit and arched open-air windows to give a view over the lake. Inside these walkways is a central open square just outside the doors to the castle, with a couple of larger benches to give students a place to sit.

While it may be a little chilly outside these days, Morgana still likes to get a bit of fresh air now and again. She is lounging on one of the benches, with a book open in front of her, and it seems that she is studying something intently. Near by is cat with tuxedo like markings, who is casually strolling about around the Head Girl, as if he was a patrolling guard. However his attention does occasionally waver to a random but or critter that happens to pass by.

One such 'critter' does pass by a few moments later, although he has no similar companion at the moment. Silas seems to be wandering somewhat aimlessly at the moment, a parchment in hand, reading from it silently as he walks along a nearby pathway. His lips move silently as he reads, although he pauses as he looks up, seeing the familiar silhouette. Deciding in that moment to be social, he angles his walk in her direction, "Bracing out today, isn't it?"

The cat pauses in front of Silas and gives him a once over, sort of sniffing the air before firmly planting himself between the Slythern and his Ravenclaw mistrss. Morgana looks up from her book to see who is addressing her and nods her head. "Yes, just a bit." For now she'll close it, and it is easy to see that the title of the book is written in Russian, or at least a language that looks like it. "And what brings you out today? Saving first years again?"

The parchment he was reading gets rolled up, and for a moment the young man takes a knee, reaching out toward the cat with the back of his hand, offering his smell to the feline. He knows the procedure, clearly. Only then does Silas look back up, grinning at Morgan's question, "Not today, sadly. You may be hearing about some heartbreak in Huffle-land soon enough, however. I'm afraid you were altogether too correct about the poor little half-blood's attentions toward me. I tried to be as kind and genteel as I could, but…" He lets the statement trail off as he stands back up.

The cat, leans forward to smell Slias' hand, and seems to consider it for a moment before giving his fingers a quick head butt and walking away. "It seems you passed his test." Morgana says with a shake of her head, watching as the cat jumps into her lap and settles in. "Really? More heartbreak drama? Thankfully, I won't have to deal with it directly. I have enough problems cleaning up messes in the Ravenclaw tower as it is. You boys need to stop breaking hearts." She says sternly.

"It's not our fault," Silas offers with a smile and a nod to the cat before he approaches closer to the young woman to take a seat on the far corner of the bench she's lounging on before continuing, "that we're all so roguishly handsome that they would pitch all their personal hopes and dreams on a teenaged dalliance. It's like trusting the whole your decisions to a single casting of the tea leaves before a first term occlumancy student." he places the parchment into the bag he has slung over his shoulder, and pulls out a pair of thick, leather gloves, putting them on deftly. "I've heard a few of the post-ball rumors but do not make an effort to keep too abreast of them. Is Ravenclaw truly as prone to such drama as Gryffindor or Hufflepuff? I assumed you'd hide it nearly as well as we Slytherin try to pretend we do."

"I suppose it is best that we agree to disagree on that subject." Morgana says, fixing her posture as he joins her on the bench, she'll even make a bit of space on the bench, by removing whatever books are laying there. "Well we do try to hide it, unfortunately there is only so much hiding you can do in your own common room, or in the dorms. And rumors are a nasty thing, if there were ways to get rid of them, I would. However this place seems to thrive on it." Which Morgana doesn't seem to pleased about.

Silas openly chuckles at the retort, although he can't help himself in the followup. "Are you maligning my personal appearance, Morgana? I fear I may have to be insulted if this is the case. I have it on good authority that I'm quite the catch, and I assure you, you don't want to be on the losing side of a disagreement with my mother." He then wrinkles his nose, considering, "I despise the majority of them myself. While they have their uses, simple truth is often far more useful a tool."

Morgana says, "Not at all, my disagreement was not at your personal appearance, just that it would be the only reason these girls are flinging themselves. Some of you happen to be charming." When his mother is brought up, Morgana will shake her head. "Of course I would hate to disagree with your mother, thankfully she is not here to counter any of my arguments." Reaching down to lightly pet the cat that is nestled in her lap she'll shrug her shoulders. "People will spread whatever they think they saw, even if it is false. Or they will elaborate on a story, just to get reactions out of their peers. Sadly, I don't think it goes away, even after we leave here.""

"I just assumed that, for one to be so crestfallen at the end of it for there to be heartbreak rumors, there must have been far too much emphasis placed on far too much of the other's personality," Silas offers back, "and far too little on their own value. I, personally, would hate to have someone so persistently focused on me to their own detriment." He listens to the rest of it, before responding, "I think you have the right of it. That is the world I grew up in. It never ends."

"I'm assuming you have never felt the pangs of love?" Morgana asks with her brow raised. "It can be all consuming. Your focus is lost, and you find your spare thoughts always turning to that person. You form a bond, earn their trust and in turn they earn yours. You make pleasant memories, that give you chills even days days after the event has happened." Her tone is light, but there is something heavier behind it. "It is when it is over and those memories still resurface, without your permission. All of those happy feelings return, just for an instant. You feel the thrill of a dance, or softness a kiss. Only to remember that no more happy memories can be made with that person. The pain of being deprived those emotions and feelings, I believe that is what has all of this girls so hung up, and yet, so ready to feel these emotions again with someone else." Morgana says thoughtfully.

"Mother and Father always said to me," Silas opens with a slight grin, "that young love was the province of those who live too much in a world of fantasy… that I should instead focus on finding a partner of equal wits and cunning, that I can stand to be around, and things like 'love' can come later. It's worked well enough for me in this life, and I'm certain spared me more than my share of unnecessary distractions." He leans back on the bench, still smiling, "So yes, I guess I have missed out on what you describe. It may have colored my interpretation of things a bit."

"I'm sure they might have also mentioned good breeding while they were at it?" Morgana questions before she shakes her head. "I believe it has. Come back to me once you've found someone that consumes your thoughts. Be it this equal of yours with wits and cunning, or someone that you did not expect. When your first and last thought of the day is that very person, than you can speak to me about how crestfallen we females get when it all ends." She may be teasing him a bit, but, she does sound like she is talking from experience.

Silas peers over at Morgana a moment, "But of course they did. And I agree wholeheartedly with them that, at least to a level of whom I would pair with, that breeding is quite important. I don't follow into much of the other folderol that many add to that line of thought, but I do think it important." He then frowns at the last bit, "I did not mean to suggest it was a failing limited to only one gender, by any means. I've witnessed far too many sulks to think otherwise." His mouth then upturns, just slightly, "I almost want to take this as a challenge."

"But of course." Morgana says with a raise of her brow, as he speaks about breeding and his thoughts about it. "Oh, I know the boys sulk just as hard as the girls do, I just have little pity for the ones who play with hearts, than move on to the next girl once they get bored." When he mentions the challenge, she laughs and shakes her head. "It is not something you can force on yourself. It isn't like learning a new spell, or a language. It will happen, when it happens and I doubt you'll expect it."

Silas twists his back a moment, a loud series of pops emitting as he resets his back. Then, without warning, she slowly rises from the bench, "Proof will be in the doing, I think. You've given me something to think about, at least. I have dallied long enough, alas."

"Yes, I suppose it will be." Morgana says as she watches him pop his back. She'll start to gather up her items, because even she can only stand the chill air for so long. "Again, don't force it, or you'll be the one all of the rumors are buzzing about." Morgana on the other hand is happy that the ones about her are finally dying down.

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