(1938-11-06) Cousins and Disagreements
Details for Cousins and Disagreements
Summary: Alphard and Esther have a pleasent discussion about the 'right way' to think and behave.
Date: 1938-11-06
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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It's not hard to guess which student has spread herself all over one of the common room couches instead of having breakfast like a 'normal' person. The bouncing mass of wonderful, untamable hair spills over the arm of the sofa, as the girl lays down across it with a heavy tome held high above her head, changing pages every so often. 'Potions: Medicinal Concoctions' - It seems relatively dreary, but it's taken Esther's full attention.

"Lowe, Lowe, Lowe.." Alphard's voice made its sing-song way over to where Esther had sprawled, the tall boy following right on the heels. As always he was immaculately attired, his fitted uniform spotless, his dress shoes polished to a shine so fine they would have done for a Princess' mirror. He had an aura of aristocratic superiority wrapped about him like a second layer of robes. "You know.." he mused, "I heard the oddest rumor the other day. I'm sure it couldn't be true. It said you were being all buddy-buddy with mudbloods."

Esther is perhaps slightly more well worn, but no less spotless. Old money doesn't buy often. The girl turns her head, and then rolls her eyes at Alphard. "Finally it happened; seems like the magijugend bonfire burned out what's left of your brain." She returns fire with the casual ease of someone who is used to being picked on. She returns her gaze back to her book, as if she's dedicated to the idea of ignoring him.

"Here I came in earnest innocence to clear your name, this is your way to thank me? Really, Lowe, with an attitude like that I'm starting to think they were right." He kept coming, too, his shoes clicking neatly over the dungeon floor until he was standing right infront of her. His shadow had grown in that time until it was layered across her, and blocking her reading light. With a nonchalant sweep, his hand went down to idly bat away her book. "I think you should consider an attitude adjustment. In these days, having the right sort of friends is the most important thing."

"Mn. I don't know about that." Esther frowns a bit when her light is occupied, and her book is rather 'forcibly' put down. She makes a mental note of the page, but doesn't get up from where she lays. "You thinking, that is. I know that the right friends are important, it's why I was so concerned to see so many of my fellow house-members playing with dolls and fire like energetic children last night." The slender girl shakes her head. "And in return for studying like an adult, I have to 'clear my name'?"

Alphard leaned in, his eyes cutting down like razor honed obsidian blades. "Keep going, Lowe," he hissed quietly. Though the boy was wearing a smile, it was the sort of predator expression that had nothing at all to do with friendliness. "I'm dying to hear what else you have to say about the Magijugend. Who'd have thought we'd have your kind in Slytherin."

Esther returns a cool, smokey gray stare that admits to absolutely nothing. "I'm not saying that your principles are wrong." Her voice tries to be equally calm and collected, but there's a telltale crack. "But I prove my ideals by example. Which is far and above making a mockery of the Lowe family by participating in childish games. It's something called 'Class', which you Blacks might not recall."

"Your example being hanging around mudbloods until the whole school thinks you're a blood traitor? That sort of example, you mean?" Alphard asked with a sneer. As he straightened out he gave the whole of her a dismissive look. One that swept across her messy hair and her features, and her uniform and her shoes. All of it, taken in with a wrinkle-nosed expression of distaste. "Class? Look at you. You wouldn't know class if it hit you over the face. And those 'childish' games, involved the Headmaster, several prefects," even if the word 'prefect' got his mouth to twist with dislike. Being the sort of bully that he was, they were usually trying to spoil his fun. "The sharpened tip of this school's pureblood potential. You're an idiot. Get a bloody grip already."

"So you say." Esther fortifies herself with a deep breath. "Does the status of those involved change the nature of what occurs? I don't think so. You'll find my blood is as pure as yours, Black, but your heart is as dark as your name. Do you really think I'm dim enough to open myself up to your attack by hanging out with a mud blood?"

"If that was true I would've written you off instead of giving you a chance to explain yourself," Alphard coolly delivered when she commented on the nature of his heart. "But you've chosen not to. And yes, I do think you're dim enough. I think every word you've said so far has done nothing but make that clear. It baffles me that we're related."

"What do you want?" Esther finally seems exasperated, "You come in here claiming that I am spending my time with mudbloods, provide nothing in the way of evidence, and expect me to precisely /what/?" She shifts her legs off the couch, and sits up, then gets to her feet. In no way /can/ she stand up to Alphard, but she does her best. "Would you like a list of everything I've done for the past two weeks? Transcripts of all my conversations? Or just to bring up, again, that I'm not a part of your silly club, so I must be a blood traitor?"

"Well, dear cousin Esther," he made his tone sugary sweet as she faced up to him. Of course Alphard was a fairly big boy for his age, lending his presence that sense of raw physicality he employed so effectively in his bullying tactics. "What I'd like you to say was something in the lines of: 'Those rumors are all lies', and then perhaps tell me how you're not going to be spending time around those impure nobodies who might taint your reputation. Rather than insult the one group of students in this school out to server the Greater Good of wizardkind."

"'Those rumors are all lies. I will not spend time around the impure nobodies who might taint my reputation.'" Esther repeats, word for word. "But we are far from agreeing what best serves Wizardkind." She runs a hand through her uncontrollable hair, and sighs. "And this discussion is a symptom of the problem. Where is the club for /that/?"

"The Magijugend is the cure," Alphard repeated, slowly, his dark malign eyes fixed on Esther's. From the sincerity of his voice, the kid sounded like an actual true believer. "And I'm not discussing with you, I'm telling you," and she obviously was meant to just obey her older cousin. With a dismissive snort he started to turn away from her.

"Conform, or die." Esther finishes the sentence with a terrible sense of dramatic finality. "Forgive me if I'll keep my options open." She packs the book into the heavy book bag at the end of her couch, clearly having the need to head to classes as well.

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