(1938-11-06) Scary Words!
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Summary: Lucian finds Morgana hidden in a fortress of books, and asks for her help with reading one of his own.
Date: 1938-11-06
Location: Library

Morgana has spent most of her day in the Library. What started out as a simple research project, which she was doing to appease her own curiosity, has turned into hours pouring through books. With out knowing it, she has skipped dinner. The amount of time she has spent here is easily seen by the how large the book castle is around her. She's tall enough that her head still peeks over the top of the stack of books, but for the last while she has been sitting very still. To anyone who would pass by it looks like she is reading, but on closer look, she's dozing off. Her eyes keep sliding closed, her quill has been hovered above her page long enough that a pool of ink has formed under it, and her head is resting on her hand. Her cat, Sebastian, is near by, but he is obviously bored enough to be fast asleep, nestled into a pile of books as if it was the most comfortable thing to lay on.

When he didn't see Morgana at dinner, Lucian started to get concerned, as he'd been keeping an eye out for her. So once the students were dismissed from the Great Hall, he went looking. When he finally got word that she'd been spotted in the library, he just about kicked himself. She's a Ravenclaw. Of course she'd be in the library. After a good ten minutes of searching the massive collection of books, he finally spots the book fortress, and makes his approach. "Morgana? That you in there?" He cranes his neck to see. In one hand he's got a book of his own. It's the prize he won at the Bonfire Night celebration: The Truth For Youth.

Morgana was having one of those half dreams, where what she had just read is dancing behind her eyes, and turning into some sort of twisted story, thus fooling her in thinking that she's in a class somewhere. So when she is addressed, she jumps awake, lifting her head up and opening her eyes. "I'm not asleep Professor!" She says, realizing that she's hiding in her book fort, and spoken loudly in the Library. Thankfully she's too far back in to get a glare. "Lucian! You're not a professor, and this isn't Herbology." She isn't even in that class anymore. Reaching up she'll rub her face a bit, smudging some ink on her cheek and look up at him. "Is it past curfew? I didn't mean to nap back here."


Lucian's eyes go wide as Madam Patil's shushing somehow manages to find them through the rows and rows of bookshelves. "I swear, she's got a charm for that. No, it's not past curfew. I'm not here to bust the Head Girl." He chuckles, pulling up a seat beside her, setting his book down. "What are you up to, anyhow?"

"Or she has eyes everywhere." Morgana says, looking at the stacks as if there were some sort of spying devices in them. Either way she lowers her voice. "Well that's good, I'd hate to be caught breaking the rules, well aside from speaking out of turn in the Library." There is a half asleep smirk on her lips before she points to her books. "Well I started researching things on Animagus, and other topics, but than I remembered what happened when I visited the farm last weekend. So I started looking into law, as it pertains to creatures, and possession and business practices." She pauses for a second, looking at her mess of notes. "And promptly fell asleep apparently."

Lucian gives her a smiles of quiet endearment. "You're looking after the 'griffs for me, aren't you? Thanks, Morgana. Any luck? I fear you're pitting your mind against my father's lawyers on this one." Then, something she said strikes him, and his voice lowers to a faint whisper. "Wait…why are you researching Animagi?"

"Well I am trying to, however I fear my mind may have long against the legal jargon that they write these books in. You would think I would have absorbed some of this during my apprenticeship this summer but apparently it went in one ear and out the other. I will keep trying though, when I'm less brain addled." When he lowers his voice again she'll smile at him. "Well after meeting Ms Fawley, I began to wonder just what it was that decided what form one becomes when they shift, and I also wanted to see if there was any correlation between that and the Patronus Charm as well, though I suppose I would have to ask her if she's able to cast one of those, or maybe you could Owl her and ask for me?" She says with a raised brow. Perhaps it is not the reason at all, but it will be the one she goes with. "Besides, it is a mystery is it not? And I plan to make those my career."

Lucian grins. "You could have just asked me, you know. The form is decided…well, it isn't exactly decided at all. It's just what you are inside. Camilla calls in your spirit guardian. It's the bestial aspect of your soul, I guess. Why do you think I'm so embarrassed to be a lion?" He chuckles, shaking his head. "Supposedly, for most Animagi that can cast a corporeal Patronus, the animal is the same. I guess that sort of lends itself to the spirit guardian theory."

"And rouse suspicion? I thought I was keeping a secret." Morgana says playfully, though as he explains, she can't help but to jot down a few notes. "And that part of it, the aspect of the soul, that's where the mystery is for me. How is that determined? Does it happen at birth? Can it change, by events that happen over time." It is easy to see just how Morgana ends up spending too much time in the Library. "Questions that are not easily answered." When he brings up the embarrassment, she shakes her head. "You shouldn't be. Were you not here, at Hogwarts, where Lions are associated with a house, or a personality type, would you feel the same way? They are kings of the jungle after all."

Lucian can only shrugs at the additional questions. She's right, it's a mystery, and he's shed all the light upon it that he can. "The lion is also the symbol of the House of Proudmore. So, yes, afraid I'd still find it fairly embarrassing. That it's Gryffindor's standard as well is just an additional slap in the face."

Morgana frowns and shakes her head. "Than I cannot fault you there. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'd probably be something trivial, like a bird, or a house cat. No offence Sebastian." Morgana says, to the cat, who is still pretending the humans are not there. Spotting the book, it reminds her to ask her next question. "What did you end up throwing in the fire anyway." She says, gesturing toward the book.

Lucian shakes his head. "It wouldn't be trivial," he says firmly. "There's nothing trivial about your spirit guardian, no matter what it is. There is great power in even the smalls and most unassuming forms." Obviously, it's something he feels passionately about, as is the matter of his effigy, which brings a sobering breath from him. "It was me. The effigy was me. Floppy hair and all," he smirks. "I'm trying to let go of the old, aimless me. I need to build a future."

Morgana listens to his words, but mostly listens to his feelings behind it. It is not at all hard to miss the passion behind it, and she does give him a nod when he is finished. "You are right there, and while I may be curious to find out just what it would be, I fear that I do not have the time in my current work load to do so." She says with a smirk. Hearing what he had thrown in the fire, she gives him a rueful smile and gently touches his arm. "Than it appears that you too also did not miss the point of the fire. I just hope that it works for you."

Lucian shrugs, returning the smile. "It's just symbolic. But…I suppose it's working. I can't get the memory of little straw me burning." His hand goes unconsciously to his right forearm, rubbing it through his sleeve. "And there's this, of course." He lifts up the good of Grindelwaldian philosophy. "It's pretty vague stuff, but I guess there are some good points in it."

"I burned a song." Morgana says, her voice giving the showing just how absurd she feels that is. "We used to write them together, Co—Quinn and I." She says, clearing her throat halfway through the sentence. "I tore some fabric off of his favorite dress, and wrapped around the torn up parchment we had written it on and burned it. I'm still waiting for it to work." When he brings up the book, she raises her brow just a bit. "I can understand it being vague, I doubt they want to lay out their full manifesto for everyone to read. What sort of points do you agree with?" She asks curiously.

Lucian furrows his brow, at the mention of Conall. Again, there is that brief flash of anger. But when he speaks, it is soft and calm. "He really did a number on you. Son of a bitch. I'm sorry, Morgana. I know a bit what it's like. You want to know what's helped me? Work. Just keep focused. Live your life, and have a goal." He dismisses the matter of the book for now in favour of addressing Morgana's issues.

Morgana had hoped that her clever subject change would have worked, but seeing that it hasn't she realizes that she can't just continue to avoid talking about it. "He did. It would have been one thing if I had done something, or there was an event that caused it but he just.. ended it. Than to realize that he is dating her? They spent so much time alone together, I know he was at her house often, how do I know that he didn't— that they.." She stops herself, closing her eyes and taking a very slow and steadying breath. Clearing her throat again, she continues, her voice still somewhat calm, but there is an edge to her tone. "I have been trying work." She says, with a sudden quiet laugh and gesturing to the book fortress around them. "Sadly, my mind does give out on me after a while."

Lucian gives her a sympathetic frown. "I could pound on him for you," he offers casually with a grin, perhaps not entirely serious. "It might make you feel better for an hour or two." At the very least, it would make Lucian feel better to have an actual target for the rage that has been boiling up in him since school began.

Morgana lets out a dry laugh, and shakes her head. "As Head Girl, I could never ask a Prefect to pound on the Head Boy because he slighted me romantically." Pausing, she does tilt her head to the side. "As a scorned fellow bastard, I will admit to finding the idea appealing and would not hold it against you should there be a reason for you to do so." Taking another slow breath she smiles at him. "Thank you though, the fact that you'd even jokingly do that is comforting."

"Wait, you mean the prefects aren't your personal army? Though I suppose that could mean civil war, since he's Head Boy. Or a coup? I like that. It's a coup. Let's take over the castle." Lucian grins, leaning back in his chair. A loud shushing from Madam Patil (how does she throw her voice like that?!) quiets him for a moment. He picks up The Truth For Youth, sobering a bit. "What do you think of all of this stuff?"

"Well." Morgana says thoughtfully. "I did say that I would deal with Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and he could have the other houses. So I suppose I could raise a coup." Smirking she starts to laugh again, but the shushing comes once more. Rolling her eyes she'll lower her voice again. "Lets. The bastards will rule and the rest won't know what happened." When he does pick up the book, she nods, it is a bit sobering. "I'm not wholly sure." SHe says quietly. "I wasn't sure of my own lineage until this year, so I wasn't brought up with with those ideals." Frowning she'll shrug. "I don't think I can join however. If I show favoritism for one side or another, I won't be able to properly do my duties. I already had two people scoff at me for even attending the bonfire."

Lucian adds his own eyeroll to the mix. "People look for excuses to scoff. It's childish." He sighs heavily. "The book talks a lot about how the Muggles have handled the world, and what a bad state it's in. Do you have any idea how many wars have been fought because of Muggle conflicts? And after the Statute of Secrecy was passed is when it got the worst. There was this Frenchman, Neapolitan, who nearly conquered the entire world. Wizards used to make sure that kind of thing couldn't happen. But with our hands tied, we couldn't step in to stop him."

"I would agree, but I can't have someone afraid to come to me for a problem, because they believe our beliefs would conflict." Morgana says, before she listens about what he has read. "The question is, is it our place to step in and stop their wars? The Statute was put in place to protect us. Muggles are like jealous children, they fear us, not because we have power, but because they cannot have it for themselves. They burned us at the stake, because their gods proclaimed we are devils. The world has not changed out there, we would still be viewed as evil creatures, no matter how much we tried to help."

"But hasn't the world changed?" Lucian counters. "The book goes into that, too. Their religious zealotry isn't what it was back then. No one god rules them all now. Apparently in America, they made it illegal for any one god to rule the country…or something. But really, the point is that we have a right to defend ourselves and not live in fear. It seems to me that the Muggles can either accept us, or they can pick a fight. But this book makes it sound like Grindelwald is preparing for either choice."

"Has it? Just because one country decides not to all rule under one of their false gods, doesn't the rest of them believe that. They killed muggles when the witch trials were going on, they will look for any excuse create a lynch mob. I heard that throw men in prison because they fancy each other." That one sounds a little absurd to her but still. "What do we have to protect ourselves from? They do not even know we exist! Half the time they're walking around so ignorant of the world around them that a dragon could swoop down on them and they'd barely notice. I haven't read the book, but I wonder if he is making a mountain out of a mole hill."

Lucian sighs. "America was just one example. My point is that it's not like the days when their priests were scouring the world, rounding up witches and wizards to torture. But think about it. We have an entire division of the Ministry dedicated to erasing evidence of magic and making Muggles forget when they do see dragons and such — and they do see them, Morgana. How many millions of Galleons have been spent on that over the centuries that could have gone toward better research into the Healing Arts, or even the Department of Mysteries." He nudges her arm when he brings up her hopeful path. "We shouldn't have to hide. It's a basic human right to be part of the world, not lurking in the shadows."

"I highly doubt that money would have been siphoned there." Morgana says flatly, shaking her head as he points out her preferred profession. "I have never felt like I have been hiding in the shadows. I feel like I am on this world, in our world, and if I want to cross into theirs, are they really going to notice? It's not like you can look at us and tell what we are." Sighing she'll shake her head. "Something about it just.. doesn't sit right with me. What if the Statute isn't enough for him? He's recruiting purists, or at least Flint is, what happens when Muggles arn't enough for him?"

"Who says he wants more than that? It isn't fair to oppose something because of what might happen, with no evidence that it will." Lucian furrows his brow, eyeing the book. "I don't know. I admit, some of this is beyond me. But a lot of what's in there just seems to make sense. Maybe you should read it."

"Ah, and your true purpose for finding me is revealed, you came to the Ravenclaw to decipher the book for you." Morgana will eye the book as well, thinking it over. "I suppose I could read through it, I really shouldn't be making too many uninformed decisions after all. Something just doesn't sit right with me, but maybe I"m just uninformed." She says, shrugging her shoulders.

"Yes. Me need Ravenclaw to read scary words for me. Me no understand." Lucian chuckles, sliding the book toward her. "It isn't very long. Let me know what you think of it. If I do end up joining the Magijugend, I have to be sure I'm doing it because there's something there worth fighting for. I know I can get a little blinded when Ria's involved." Somewhere, angels are trumpeting when he admits that.

Morgana reaches over and pats his head. "There there, I'll read the scary words for you and write you a report in small words." She does make a quick observation, he does have fantastic hair. For a second she's slightly stunned. Did he just admit his own fault? Did she hear that right? "I've noticed that." She responds. "This is not something you do for a girl, no matter how much you feel for her. And don't let Medusa pressure you either, I know she seems very keen to have all of her friends join up, but I don't know if she's seeing the bigger picture."

"Don't worry. I know Medusa would love to improve her standing by bringing in more allies. But it's like you said. I'm not doing this for her or Ria. Or, I'm trying not to. That's why I'm trying to do my research first." Lucian smirks darkly, "It helps that Alphard Black is one of them. That's reason enough for me not to join. So I figure that balances out the fact that Ria's with them."

"I understand where you are coming from, even I would have a hard time would I in the same situation. However I am glad that you are going to do the research, and I will help with that." When he mentions Black, she sighs and shakes her head. "That prat needs to be taken down another notch or two. Sadly I think I've done I can safely do in that situation." There may have been a rumor about her standing him up for a snogging session before the dance.

"At least someone else sees what a ridiculous buffoon he is." Lucian shakes his head. "I even swallowed my pride to try to make peace with him. Not that I was terribly surprised that he didn't accept. Bloody idiot."

"He's arrogant, and that arrogance has gone unchecked for far too long. You made your peace, and since he's rejected it, than you are free to do as you please. At least in my book." Morgana says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I don't think he likes me calling him out on his actions, but than again, I don't think anyone does."

Lucian snorts. "He doesn't, in particular. Really, that's how it started at the feast, too. I called him out, and I was doing my job. Sure, I got carried away, but they were going to end up starting a riot, if Viridian didn't eat them alive first. Ria should have known better. Alphard…he's just an imbecile. Like you said, he needs to be taken down a notch. But…" he gives a dismissive wave. "I decided I'm not going to concern myself with him unless he put himself into my path again. He's a worm. Not worth my time."

"I was waiting for it to happen, but I'm glad a riot was avoided, I think that would not have gone well at all." Nodding her head, Morgana leans against the table and turns toward Lucian. "I agree. I don't seek him out, unfortunately he does seem to find me on occasion. I really hope that my rejections are not encouraging him." She says thoughtfully.

Lucian arches an eyebrow. "Rejections? Is he pursuing you romantically?" He frowns, sitting up in a more protective, aggressive posture. "If he's bothering you…"

Morgana shakes her head. "No not really. He keeps joking about going to go snog some where, but I can never really tell if joking or not. Though, my answers have always been sarcastic." Shaking her head at him, she'll smirk. "It's nothing I can't handle, but you'll be the first to know if he gets out of hand."

Lucian sighs. "Mmmhm. See that I am." Any excuse to pummel Alphard Black is a good one…right? "So, think you'll ever emerge from your castle of scary words?" He gestures to the stacks of books. "Or should I bring you a pillow?"

Morgana knows he would enjoy any reason to pummel Black, and the thought is amusing. When he teases her about her castle, she'll look it over than stretches. Something in her back cracks and she shakes her head. "No I think I can come down from my tower of knowledge." She says, finally standing and grabbing one or two books that she wants to take with her, including the propaganda book. "I should probably get some air, or food, or maybe a bath." Pointing her finger at the prefect she frowns. "Also, I find it unacceptable that I have been denied that bathroom for six years."

Lucian laughs softly, keeping his voice under Patil-levels. "It's pretty fantastic, isn't it? Enjoy it while you can. I don't think there's another bathroom in the world that will compare." He stands up, and like a gentleman, moves to take out her chair for her. "Come on, let's get you out of here before you become part of the furniture."

"It will be my life goal to recreate that bathtub." Morgana says with a smirk, and as he pulls out her chair, she'll stand, smooth down her now wrinkled skirt and give him a smile. "What can I say? I find the chairs in her to be very comfortable." Her tone is very sarcastic, but either way, she grabs her things, pokes her cat awake so he leaves as well and nods to him. "Lead the way."

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