(1938-11-06) Striking the Pacifist
Details for Striking the Pacifist
Summary: Zayn decides to pull a bold move on Ria.
Date: November 6, 1938
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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Slytherin Common Room Dungeons
Wed Nov 06, 1938 ((Thu Nov 07 03:32:49 2013)) (Hogwarts Castle)

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.
Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

It is shortly after dinner and the Commons room, is starting to fill up but it is still rather empty. Sitting on the sofa close to the fire is Zayn, a small black book pressed against his knee as his hand moves across the paper slowly, holding in a pencil, clearly sketching something. Though he stops and runs his hand through his hair, his gaze moving across the paper slowly as he tilts his head in thought.

Post-dinner, Ria is lethargic and lazy and full of enough brisket to call it a day. So returning to a fairly empty common room is a pleasant treat. Heading to the dorm, she pauses only when she spots the back of Zayn's head out of the corner of her eye. She's curious about his intent gaze onto the page, so she treads lightly whilst sneaking up behind him, her feet light and swift, but not light enough to be silent. He should feel the weight of her steps as she draws closer behind the couch. "What is it?" she tilts her head, hovering from above and peeking at his notebook.

Zayn was in the process of closing the sketch book when Ria had made he way up to him, his hand lingers from closing the book as she speaks, thinking quietly to himself, he opens it back up to his current project, it is the image of Ria walking away from the lake scene with her hood up, "I like to draw beautiful thing." he says with a small nod, "And you happen to be beautiful, so I figured I would sketch you." he says offering the sketchbook to her, looking up at her now.

Ria narrows one eye at the drawing, in skepticism before a snaky smirk spread across her mouth. "Very clever, Shafiq." She'll give him that much before accepting the sketchbook for a closer inspection. "And I must say this is pretty good," she nods impressed with the work. Only she looks back at the boy again with a challenging smile on her face, "Though must everything you do be gilded? Or do you ever say anything real?"

Zayn sits up and turns so he can look at Ria, his gaze moving across her, he repeats, "Gilded". His hand moves up and runs through his hair, "While, I choose to look at it, as if I was choosing my words carefully. How about this?" he says his dark brown eyes moving to lock onto hers, as he moves closer to her, til he is mere inches away from her face, "I want to kiss you." he says slowly, his eyes still staring into hers.

Whoa, definitely an invasion of personal space in this one. Though Ria purses her lips thoughtfully at his statement. It's intimidating for sure, but fool her twice, shame on her! "You've got that pretty down pat," she snickers, not retreating an inch from him, but instead shuts the notebook and offers it forward, eyes also not leaving his. "How often do you practice that?"

"Practice what?" Zayn asks his lips curling up as he stares at Ria, "You put on a good act, Skyes." he starts nodding slowly, "But you want what other girls want." he explains that smirk still on his face, "You want someone to care about you, to listen to you, to hold you, to love you." he says, "You are just to proud to admit it, which to be honest how prideful you are I found rather alluring." he continues, "You may scoff at my gilded words, but I know." he says, before he leans in slowly and steals a kiss, "That you wanted me to kiss you by the lake, just as much as I wanted to." he says with a nod.

Oh Merlin. Ria's already disgusted before he even finishes his speech. Her eyes roll with little patience, and she crosses her arms defiantly. "Shafiq, spare me the monologue will you? What is with you and every-" She tries to interrupt Zayn, but is instead interrupted by the sudden kiss, which means he once more succeeds in shutting her up. Stunned, she says nothing in reply to his finishing sentence, but instead retreats a step as she boils with an utter rage that manifests into a hard decisive backhand across Zayn's cheek. Though, let's be real. Given Ria's strength it stings more than causes any serious damage. But it's certainly got the attention of the two or three other Slytherins who caught on just in time to the event.

Zayn brings his hand up and rubs his cheek slowly for a moment, his tongue moving and teasing his cheek from the inside. His gaze moves to Ria, though he does not look cross, instead that smirk still lingers on his face. "Perhaps that was too forward, I apologize." he says slowly, retracting his hand from his face. He doesn't seem bothered by the fact that he has drawn attention from the few present, his dark brown eyes stays on Ria's hazel green ones. For a moment he is silent, then finally he speaks again, "Now are you upset with me, because I gave you what you wanted?" he inquires, tilting his head a bit, "Or are you upset, because you were not able to detour me?" he asks.

Upset it quite an understatement. Ria is red with fury and also embarrassment the hand she used to slap Zayn is still up in the air, balling into a fist as she's tempted to punch him this time around. "Don't you dare apologize and then mock me, you ignorant swine," she hisses threateningly close to his face again, though not in a welcoming way. "You and everyone else automatically think they know what I want, but you don't have the bollocks or the brains to even ask." The common room after dinner is still somewhat empty but the handful of students who actually were in there have all stopped their tasks to look at Zayn and Ria by the fire. Zayn is holding his cheek, which has a distinct redness to it, and Ria has a violent look in her eye. Whatever transpired spread a venomous tension in the air. "Don't you dare pull a pathetic move like that ever again," her hand moves to try and seize him by the collar.

It had taken a couple of seconds before Alphard realized what was going on. Nose in his leather bound notebook, muttering to himself about something (Quidditch tactics, as it happened), it wasn't until another student bumped him with an elbow and directed him towards the scene by the fireplace that he caught on. Even that had almost gone wrong, because Alphard's first instinct at anyone bumping him was to put their head in an armlock and twist. He probably shouldn't have made that semi-bemused snort. But considering what was going on, he found it absolutely impossible not to.

Zayn clicks his tongue softly, just once, his gaze still on Ria, "I wasn't mocking you, I was simply asking a question." he says slowly, he stands up slowly, "I already apologized." he explains with a small nod, as he stands there he looks rather calm and collective, "You have made your point and I have made mine." he says with another small nod, "You are correct, I should have never assumed, perhaps I misinterpreted you by the Lake." he says offering her an apologetic nod.

"You're damn well right I'm correct," Ria says wanting with all her might to shake his soul out of his body. But seeing him rather calm forces her to gather herself together as well. With a reluctance she inhales deeply and exhales for even longer before letting his collar go. "If I ever catch even a whisper that you've done that to anyone else, you will regret you ever had a mouth to sin with," she says with perhaps less anger but certainly not less sting. Taking his notebook she still held in her hands, she turns on her heel and chucks it into the fire. It's only then she catches the bemused snort on the distance. Her ears lead her to Alphard, which then makes her realize that there's a good handful of people in the common room now watching on awkwardly.

"Come on.. Shafiq is so avowedly anti-violent that hitting him is like stomping on an ant. I mean, it feels good the first two hundred times, but then it becomes a futile act drained of all satisfaction." Despite Alphard's comments being less than complimentary, the upnod he gave Zayn was still pretty friendly. When Ria cast her look at him, his own dark eyes met hers direction, and he smiled. A crooked and wry smile, full of that tainted charisma that only ever showed up when he wasn't looking down his nose at you. Which he did to ninty percent of the student body. "On the other hand, when anyone dares to be calm when I'm absolutely sure I've got a right to be furious.. then I just punch them on general principle. Because nothing is more annoying." His hand lifted up, giving a little lazywave. "By the way: Hi, Ria."

Zayn eyes moves and watch as she tosses the sketch book into the fire, though he doesn't go to retrieve it he simply watches it for a long moment remaining silent. When his eyes finally flick away from the fire he straightens out his robes once more, only offering Alphard a small nod in response to his snort, his eyes then follow Ria for a moment, before he moves to depart himself, "Always a pleasure, Skyes." he says slowly, leaving the sketch book to finish burning as he moves to leave the commons heading towards the maze, still looking rather collected, though his face is straight, not commenting on anything Alphard has said, though he does return the nod.

Good to know that Ria was in the ten percent this very moment. And the second Alphard opens it mouth, its almost as if everyone in the room collectively let out a groan of exasperation. "Black," Ria runs a hand over her face, "Can you please be useful and help normal traffic resume in this room?" AKA, you're not helping! Zayn's exit is given nothing more than a glare, which is then directed to everyone else still staring before she mearly turns her attentions back to the hearth where she watches the pages get consumed in the heat.

"Did you try to snog her or something?" Alphard asked of Zayn when the other sixth year passed him by. It was hushed enough not to travel out of the sphere of their immediate presence. He seemed more curious than judgemental. And that whole collective groan he just ignord, whether because he wasn't aware of how he had been pouring gasoline on the fire, or if he just didn't even care. "I don't know.." he mused. "I mean, I thought we had a special something brewing here between us, the sort of beautiful thing that'd be sure to make me offer assistance if you asked. But then you go all formal on me.." Alphard was still wearing his grin as he shrugged.

Zayn doesn't respond to Black right away, he simply runs his hand through his hair slowly, looking at Alphard and then back to Ria, before his gaze settles on Alphard, "I accidentally offended, Skyes, though the situation has been resolved. I took something from her and she responding accordingly." he says slowly, his eyes moving towards the fire, "By taking something that away from me. Neither can be restored." he says offering Black a small nod, before stepping out.

Ria grits her teeth at Alphard's reply and says, "You can assist me by…finding me some chocolate. I'll be in the dorms. Have a first year send it by." Whether he does it or not shouldn't matter too much, since she's got a secret stash in her trunk just in case. However she'd be very grateful! And now she's going to stress eat, despite already having come from dinner. Zayn's explanation though makes stops her in her tracks, to frown over her shoulder. But rather than drawing more attention, she simply walks on to the girls' quarters.

"He totally stole a kiss, didn't he?" Alphard just asked to the general population of the common room as soon as both Zayn and Ria was gone. "Huh, hadn't thought he had the balls for that. Always so bloody even keeled. Good for him. Wonder if it was worth the slap?" Not that he stole kisses. He was a gentleman, in his own little special make belief world. Which was why he also had some chocolate delivered to Ria. Just because.

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