(1938-11-07) Für das Allgemeinwohl
Details for Für das Allgemeinwohl
Summary: Grindelwald publishes his manifesto.
Date: 7 November, 1938
Location: Europe and Russia
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7 November 1938 — The wizarding world is surprised by the publication of Gellert Grindelwald's manifesto, Für das Allgemeinwohl ("For the Greater Good"). Though primarily in German, editions are published in English, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, and released all over Europe and Russia.

The book contains a much clearer vision of the future than Grindelwald has expressed before, and addresses the rising tide of danger in Europe. It points to omens and portents that indicate the coming storm, as well as complex Arithmantic formulae that confirm the same. It even includes testimony of Seers that claim to have prophesied armageddon, the beginning of which is marked by a so-called "Crystal Night". All signs indicate that the most devastating war in the history of the world is coming.

Much of the rhetoric is strikingly similar to that of the Unity Party. There are references to the indiscriminate destructive power of Muggle weapons, and how they will affect wizards. It mentions the need to repeal the Statute of Secrecy in order to free wizards to defend themselves. Where it departs from Unity's message is that it takes a much harsher approach to what is necessary to avert world devastation.

Grindelwald suggests that Muggles are incapable of ruling the world. But rather than offering the guidance of wizardkind, he endorses the domination of the Muggles, as they are like children in need of parents to tell them how to behave. He insists that it is far too late to diplomatically deter the course of the Muggles' deadly path, and that the only salvation is to take over and put a forcible end to it.
World domination…for the greater good.

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