(1938-11-08) Eager for Dinner
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Summary: Gathering outside the Great Hall while waiting for dinner.
Date: November 8, 1938
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

It was evening meal time, and in the Great Hall the candles had been hung, and the sky was darkening outside to finish out the day. Students of all four Houses were piling in before the food would be served with an incantation and at which point, people would start eating.

It wasn't unusual to see students waiting in the lobby before dinnertime congregating.

And it wasn't even unusual to see Myrus Lowe speaking with Ravenclaw and Slytherin alike. As well as a few from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but less so and usually strictly pure-bloods. Currently he was talking to some Ravenclaws and Slytherin in a small group. Most of them third through sixth years. Mostly teenage boys. A pack of them, if you will. But most anything they were talking about girls. Go figure. The older ones, the new ones, the mean ones the true ones. Myrus decided to leave the conversation and lean against the wall facing the large doors to the Great Hall looking at them waiting for them to open and start the acceptance of hungry mouths into the Great Hall.

“No!” A loud screech rolls in through the opened doors that lead outside into the cold weather. The young brunette dashes in, whirling around to give the doors a considering look, but then squeals when the young boy pursues her. So she squeals and spins around, darting across the entry hall as she screams, “No! No, no, no!” Oof! She runs straight into one of the students gathering for supper.

“It’s just a little /worm/. How can you be afraid of a little worm?” When the boy smiles, it’s a mischievous one, a laugh escapes him. But his torment on the girl stops as he notices the crowd, and he lowers his hand, moving it behind his back. “Oh,” the boy says as he blinks. “Is it already dinnertime? I guess I should go wash up.” He shoots a look over at the girl, an impish grin flicking across his face, before he moves past the gathering and up the stairs to find the bathroom.

When he leaves, Emily turns around and sticks her tongue out after the boy. “Good, get out of here.” The child huffs, resting her hands on her hips. “Stupid boy,” she says sulkily, crossing her arms in front of her as she stamps her foot. Her hair has been braided in two ‘tails, and her cheeks are red from exertion.

Musidora's slow, swaying gait is likely the result of the book she's got her nose buried in as she meanders towards the Great Hall, ink staining her knuckles here and there. Somehow, the sixth year has easily avoided bumping in to anyone or anything despite her apparent distraction, but the book is quickly lowered at the commotion as curiosity takes over. "Oh my," is all the young woman manages as a small smile twitches at her mouth.

The Friday for Julian's schedule was, thankfully, one that was lenient and allowed him to get out of his abysmal workload of schoolwork, the load which had initially burdened him during the first two months now a controlled chaos that Julian had a reign on. Having made his way down to the Entry Hall where it seemed half of the school was gathering to wait on food, he had naturally congregated toward most of the other Ravenclaws present - in particular, those that were around his age. When the commotion begins to stir up amongst some of the younger yearlings, he furrows his eyebrows, looking toward the racket.

However, no harm… no foul. He just shakes his head a little bit, smiling and chuckling some. "Poor girl," he comments offhandedly. Noticing one of the other Ravenclaws sauntering over, as it were, his eyes turn to regard Musidora for a moment. "Evenin, 'Dora," he states toward her, smiling pleasantly. He tilts his head a little bit to see what it could be she's reading… "New title on Twindle's Theory?" he asks lightly.

The bump was negligible. It jolted him forward and he had to catch himself. But looking at the little boy there with the.. something behind his back. Myrus looks down and offers a hand to help up Emily if she wanted it or needed it.

When the other two start talking, Myrus looks at Emily, "C'mon, he won't be coming back." At least Myrus didn't see her as running into him for no good reason.

He gives a wave to the other two Ravenclaw around his age that had newly arrived to wait with the crowd. "How are you two doing?" He knew Julian, as they were in the same year, maybe a couple of the same classes. But Musidora was new to him. Maybe one of those things. One year apart, never see each other until fifth and sixth years. Never know. But he'd look at Emily if she followed him over, "And… who are you?" He asks, but it doesn't seem friendly, more like he's asking her quizzing questions on spells, not her name.

Oh, right – there’s the matter of the student she bumped into. When he speaks to her, Emily turns to incline her head back, wide hazel eyes looking up at Myrus. “Oh, well, I suppose you’re the ‘wall’ that got in my way.” Her arms drop away from the front of her, but she takes a moment to peer up at him suspiciously. “I’m not sure I’m saying thank you yet though.” A hand moves to rest on her hip, shifting her weight to that side. “You /are/ another boy, after all. Emily Gibbon,” she adds in, answering his question. “And you are?” she demands fiercely, despite the fact that she has to tilt her head back to stare up at the older student.

Nose-wrinkling at the nickname, Muse pockets her book, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she gives Julian one of her half-smiles. "A re-read of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', actually. I keep all of my books covered to keep them in good condition," she answers with a wink before turning to Myrus, studying him for a moment with an expression of mild curiosity that translates to most as a faraway sort of look. "Lovegood. Musidora."

Emily's demand brings her back to the present, however, the young Ravenclaw woman chuckling at the picture the scene paints.

Myrus gives Musidora and Julian a response first, blatantly ignoring the little girl next to him until Musi looks at her. "Myrus Lowe. But such demands won't entice much else from me, Little Miss."

Musi's book grabs Myrus' attention, and he looks to her. "I've read that one. He does better than Bridlestien in his explanations, but his lack of variety makes it monotonous. I did like his bit on Fae and sprites, though." So now Emily might be chop liver, might not.

Emily swings her eyes to peer at Musidora sharply. “Lovegood?” The child lets her head droop in a short nod, clearly satisfied. “Oh good.” She steps closer to Musidora, moving around her so that she’s using her body to hide her from the view of the staircases. “You can hide me, okay? In case that gross, disgusting boy comes back,” she says this with a sniff. She turns her gaze back up to Myrus, and she lets out more of a relaxed breath as his name is stated. “Okay, good, and thank you.” She offers him a smile now.

She looks curiously between the two older students, rolling her eyes. “I bet Ravenclaws commons are dull.” She holds out a hand as if holding onto a glass, tipping at her waist as she mimics a formal bow. “’Excuse me, sir, are you done with that book. I’ll trade you this one for that.’ And the room falls back into silence.” Well, she thinks she’s funny, obviously, because she lets out a laugh.

Musidora looks down at Emily, though she doesn't have to look /too/ far down, watching the little one's diatribe before -laughing- at the impromptu impression. "You aren't /completely/ wrong," she grins, the mirth reaching her eyes shining with just a hint of mischief.. and maybe a hint of revenge? "I bet that boy was chasing you because he fancies you."

Myrus watches Emily for the duration of her little impression. "I don't get it." Something hits him, "Oh, by the way, if you have the version that specifically talks about temperamental sprites-" He looks at Emily when Musi says that, then looks at Musi. Scoldingly he holds up a finger towards Musi. "Now that will get the ones that genuinely like her to be ignored." He looks to Emily again. "If he's mean to you, kick him. Pay attention to the ones who are nice to you. Especially if they are nice to you and only you." He looks at Musidora, "Like so. Miss Lovegood. I like you, would you care to sit with me for this evening's meal?" And he holds out his hand to her.

Now, of course he was willing to take that example as far as Musi let him or went along with. Just to show Emily what he meant. In no way internally did he see this going wrong. Darn moxieness.

Now… what he didn't expect was the unofficial 'Gossip Club' behind him of a few Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw girls. Yeah, this would be all over school within the hour if Musi didn't see them and intervene or decline outright.

Giggling at her little joke, the youngster cuts off sharply as she gives Musidora an appalled look. “/Puh-leaeeaase/,” she drawls, rolling her eyes. “He’s just being a stupid, gross boy.” She lets out a huffed breath, crossing her arms to rub her hands over her upper arms briefly. “Didn’t touch me though, thank /Goodness/. Eeee,” she lets out as she shudders. Her tongue slips out as she gives a disgusted shake of her head. “I bet he’s not even going to wash his hands before he eat… Ew, ew, ew, ew,” she spits out, screwing up her face as her hands lifts up to touch her ears. She seems sickened at the idea of dinner and the boy, and… Ugh. Emily blinks up at Myrus, and she smirks as she rolls her eyes. “There is no /nice/ boy. They’re all gross. All of them.” She eyes him sharply, shifts her gaze onto Musidora, lifting a brow curiously. She lets out a smirk and a snigger. “Oh, goody, do I get to discover firsthand how Ravenclaws mingle when they aren’t pulled into their books?” Part of her lips twitches. Whatever other meaning there might be there, Emily doesn’t appear to pick up on it.

Musidora cants her head slightly, watching Myrus' attempt at scolding her regarding Emily, and the latter's retort. Neither shakes her expression a whit at first. "Don't we sit at the same table? And hers is next to ours…" she wonders in a mildly curious tone.

Did she completely miss the point of him holding out his hand after addressing Emily? Perhaps, though there's a faint, nearly un-noticeable tug at one corner of her mouth, eyes sparkling in a manner that suggests she knows *exactly* what she's doing.

"Dinner isn't going to wait all night! Mmmm… I can't wait for dessert…" Aaand she seems to be once again lost in her own little dream world as she drifts into the Great Hall.

The gossipy girls immediately start 'ohmigoodness didyouseethat?' "Yes. We do." He looks at Emily. "See? People say that teasing means infatuation, and the nice gestures end up getting ignored."

Myrus moves with the crowd into the Great Hall, where the food is conjured and laid out on the four tables. Myrus sits somewhere in the middle of the Ravenclaw table, probably by Musidora, but he looks around for Emily, wondering if she was required to sit at Slytherin table since she was probably a first or second year.

“In-fat-u-ation,” Emily echoes slowly. She gives Myrus a sharp look. “What is that? Some kind of special friend? I tease my friends,” she adds in with a shrug of her shoulders. “But /he/,” and she gestures with a flip of her hand to the staircases, “is definitely not a friend.” As students start piling into the Great Hall, she squeaks and reaches up to grab a fistful of Musidora’s robes, inching closer to her as she follows along, as if protected from being toppled if she stays close. She tails along right over to the Ravenclaw table, because, after all, Slytherin is right next to it. So, for a moment, she lingers, on her feet, by the Ravenclaw table.

At first she's a little stunned by the sudden shielding action Emily pulls, but immediately moves to obscure the girl for as long as possible. "Why don't you sit behind me, then?" Musidora offers lightly as she moves somewhere towards the middle of the table to take a seat, which would mean she's on the side that places her back to Slytherin. "If he really does scare you, you /can/ tell him to his face that he doesn't," she muses thoughtfully, "and just stand your ground. Show him you mean business."

"Yes, infatuation. It's a state of mind where you like someone and can't explain why." Well isn't he Mr. helpful. And Mr. Know it all. He looks at Emily standing there. "Here. Have a seat." He scoots. Yay, closer to Musi. Who he actually accidentally bumps. "Oh, didn't realise you were that close. Scoot over." He juts his chin to gesture the space she has on her other side a… little.. Oh. Great. There was already a spot next to Musi that was already open.

Well, the spot was now open for Emily to sit on either side of them if she really wanted to. Course he scooted a little away from Musi to give some breathing room. Oops.

Those gossipy girls were, of course, pointing and giggling all the way from Hufflepuff table at Myrus and Musi. Ugh, talky girls.

“We just learned Flipendo in class,” Emily comments in response to Musidora. She smirks, a proud smile flicking across her face. “I can always cast that on him.” By her tone she sounds completely serious, her chin lifting a tad. “Hmm,” she murmurs out as she looks to Myrus, gauging him quietly as she talks. “Whatever,” she suddenly says as her hand flips through the air dismissively. “I don’t have that. I know exactly why I like who I do.” Obviously she’s getting the wrong idea here. She looks down at the bench, at the spot, considering, and she smiles a sweet smile. “No,” she decides, shaking her head. “I think I’m going to sit with my House. I’m getting to know most of them there, and who I can trust.” She shrugs, and with a little hop as she turns away, skips across the floor to the table on the end right next to Ravenclaw.

Musidora's eyes narrow at the bump but the expression is fleeting as she draws her book out again, giving Emily a smile at the girl's bump in gumption. "Good on ya," she chuckles, and it isn't long before she's buried in the bound parchment, intent on drowning everything aside from the conversation of those sitting in her immediate area and focusing on food. Is it polite to read at the table? Regardless, the book is held steadily (upside-down) with her left hand as she eventually fades out of the scene.

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