(1938-11-08) Guards and Unity
Details for Guards and Unity
Summary: Graham and Astoria discuss Rhyeline, her guards, and the Unity Party
Date: November 08, 1938
Location: Ministry of Magic - Law Enforcement: Graham's Office

It isn't a very busy day, but that is not to say there are not half a dozen people waiting in the lobby. One of them, Astoria, sits in an old oak chair, legs crossed, reading a copy of the Daily Prophet. She turns a page quietly, or as quietly as she can, while raising an eyebrow. Graham has been notified, or will be notified as soon as he returns to his office, that he has a visitor.

Graham leaves another office shaking his head he reaches his office and is told that he has a visitor. His eyebrow arches but he nods to the other and moves out to the lobby to find out who it is. "Ah, miss Bletchley." he smiles though asks "Is everything okay?" he asks as well the auror's office isn’t one that all visit very often without reason.

"Ah, Mr. Cohen! Why, there you are. At last," Astoria says. She smiles towards Graham and stands. "Oh, quite well, thank you. Perhaps I should not have disturbed you at work, but I thought it important enough to warrant a visit." She takes a few steps towards the auror, adding, "Shall we speak in your office?"

"It's not a worry, I was just finishing up some paperwork." Graham motions to the other towards his office and if she moves that way he'll follow along only if she does and will close the door behind them both "What is it that you wish to speak to me about?" he'll ask in lowered tones one way or another.

Astoria enters the office before Graham and turns to look over it carefully. After Graham's question she turns with a slight smile. "Rhyeline," she says bluntly, though her smile - despite the practiced nature of it - doesn't fade. Her eyes narrow a little after speaking, though, and her expression takes on an overall critical quality. "I'm a touched worried," Astoria admits. "Have you heard about the guards?"
Graham motions to the other chair in front of his desk moving to his own and sitting down lightly. He listens to what the other says nodding in her direction "Yes I have noticed, though you were there at her flat that bit of an unfortunate verbal match though admittedly I don't think he's much a threat."

"My point exactly. Even Rhyeline thinks they aren't much of a threat," Astoria says while moving to a chair. She seats herself and crosses one leg over the other. "So, I asked myself: why are there guards?" Her expression narrows considerably while her lips flatten.
"I have offered to teach Rhyeline defense myself, but i'm afraid that not the army man but witches and wizards will be her threat with her increased visibility within the unity movement, many including myself don't support it." Graham says easily but he is curious "What do you think? Is happening?

"Well, I think she's being followed by two guards, Graham, while she doesn't seem to be in any real danger. I doubt they /do/ much. Except follow, that is," Astoria remarks. "But that does not strike you as odd? Being… followed?" A pause. "Oh, I don't know. It just sets me on edge, is all. It may be my own little privacy issues."

Graham nods "It seems over-protective I’ll admit." The auror says to her words of seeming to be odd "I do not know if they will act or on what orders to be honest, obviously my work doesn't allow me to be there all times of day." he pauses "I can understand the concern indeed but what exactly weighs so heavily on you about it I mean what fear."

"It feels… controlling?" Astoria says, eyes glistening for a moment. She rubs beneath her lower lip. "Especially when there appears to be little danger. Had she ordered the guards, or asked for them, well - but that doesn't seem the case. Or, perhaps, were she a celebrity. Instead, they just feel forced upon her. Ugh. Again, perhaps I am paranoid. Do you not feel the same way?"

"I am not sure, they've done nothing so far to stop her doing what she'd like." Graham he points out shifting the way he's sitting lightly "I've seen Rhyeline attract danger to herself. When I ask if there is danger I have to add "Yet" to my wording as the unity movement has many opponents." he says his face turning a bit more serious. "I do worry for my adopted sister. I'm not blind though as I said I do not support the unity movement I told Mr Malfoy directly."

"Well, I'd rather you did support it, or pretend to," Astoria says, tone crisp, but blunt. She leans forward a little. "To be honest, I think the two of them could do great things together. But everything should have a check and balance. You could be that check, you know," Astoria says. "I can see it. And who better? You seem to stand for what's right, and the party needs people of strong moral standing."
"I'm afraid both Rhyeline and Mr Malfoy both know that I do not support the movement and each have heard my reasons." Graham says smiling "I hope that they will change things for the better it's what i'd like." he smiles "I'm glad that you see I do hope to do the right thing."

"Opinions can change, Graham - that goes for you and them," Astoria notes swiftly. "You could be the one to change it for the better," she notes with a gesture of her hand. "You could be their conscience, and instrumental in bringing important details to light. I would encourage you to reconsider."

Graham listens closely sitting back in his chair "I've offered to read over speeches and try and come up with my own ideas which I will be glad to do." He says to the other "I don’t think I can openly support the movement without my fears being put to rest first. I worry of the muggle population wont see the guidance as such but as overrule and will rebel. I cant see them come to harm because of us."
"Well, there will be a long period of integration, of course, but the muggle governments would be swiftly incorporated into our own - with their representatives passing legislation among us," Astoria says as she taps her chin. "Of course, I do not think such things have been spoken aloud, as they would be thought extreme by many purists who would denounce the party immediately." Astoria exhales quietly. "Politics is a complicated subject, Graham. To enact change, you must balance between two sides who will clamor and fight to have their way. If you tip too far in either direction you will lose."

"I'm afraid I’m a liability when it comes to the unity movement goes, well in regards to the purists. It is where my white knight attitude ends, load of nonsense." Graham explains and gives a small chuckle.

Astoria waves her hand, and just then a little paper plane soars into Graham's office and smacks her in the back of the head. Astoria, who was about to speak, turns and looks at the paper, which she picks up and reads. "Oh, well, we'll have to argue more another time," she notes. "Won't you excuse me? And do think about those guards - she needs friends, now, Graham. It won't do to leave her isolated." She stands up and pushes her chair slightly to the side.

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