(1938-11-08) WWN: Cauldron Talk - The Manifesto
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Summary: November 8th Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, were your host Brad Moody, speaks about the manifesto and the greater good.
Date: 1938-11-08
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Lets find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, we are going to start things a little differently, I have been allotted extra time to bring you something to, very special. Yesterday I got a copy "Für das Allgemeinwohl" or "For the Greater Good", I spent the vast majority of last night reading and rereading, Grindelwald's great message and I have been provided the opportunity to read select passages from the manifesto to you, today live.

Brad Reads select passages from the Manifesto on Air

These omens, of the coming Storm is something I want all of you too really consider. The Arithmantic used and the testimonies of Seers, that I recently read are really important. The Crystal Night is upon us and if we do nothing to raise up, we will be consumed, whole. The most Devastating war is upon us and it is not going to be waged by our kind, it is going to be waged by the Muggles.

The ever growing threat of muggles is growing, they are no long mobs with pitch forks and a stake to burn us with. Their weapons, their machines they create, are machines of War and Destruction. They have no issue with destroying and killing each other, we are no longer faced with the the madame muggles, but a serious threat. I read and pointed out the dangerous weapons they are creating and they seem to be constantly striving to find new and improved ways to kill off each other.

Think of your families, your fiends, your children. While we work to promote a better life, they seek to destroy everything. We have spells that we consider Unforgivable but they seem to be, below that morality. They have no issue with weapons that torture and deprive the very foundations of society. Even the Killing Curse, is humane compared to some of the chemical weapons they have created.

Some of you may have noticed that the message is similar to that of the Unity Party, but it does take a different direction, a direction that in my eyes are far more logical. The muggles can not be guided they are far too dangerous, they need to be placed under the thumb, of Wizards and Witches. The muggles can not be trusted, like it is said, they are children. You would not allow your children too, play with dangerous weapons so why should we all muggles who are no better and obviously can not handle the world?

My Seekers of Truth! This is our call to arms! The time has come to no longer allow the muggles to walk down this dangerous and deadly path but to raise up and put a FORCIBLE stop to them and all those who SUPPORT their ways leading us to the "Crystal Night"! RISE UP Let your support be known for the GREATER GOOD through DOMINATION of the muggles!

Well my Seekers, that is it for today's Cauldron Talk, I will leave you to ponder the words I have read and spoken today. I am extending a offer to all my Seekers, if you send me an owl requesting a copy of "Fur das Allgemeinwohl", I will send you one no cost to you. Please my Seekers and our Opposition, pick your side carefully. The time is upon us, that words are no longer enough, it is the time for action.

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