(1938-11-09) Asking for a Favour
Details for Asking for a Favour
Summary: Angelus asks if Fiona can teach him Gaelic and offers to teach her how to Sign in turn.
Date: November 9, 1938
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Fiona is sat on her own at a table reading through her copy of the Grindelwald manifesto again. She apparently wasn't on her own before because there are NEWT level books at the other end of the table. Her little legs swing as she reads, making notes.

Angelus is carrying a long, rolled up parchment as he walks into the library. He pauses at the desk, offering a polite, short bow to Madam Patil and a former greeting. “Good afternoon, ma’am,” he says, and carries on into the library. On his way to a table he slows when he catches sight of Fiona, and shifts around so he’s walking to her table. “Fi,” he greets, offering her a genuine smile.

"Hello Gel," she says without looking up, knowing his voice anywhere. When she does look up she gives him a little smile. "How're you? Want to sit? Gilroy is off somewhere, probably mooning over a girl's bosoms or something. He's such a pain."

“Looking forward to the game tomorrow,” Angelus replies with a tug of his lips. His blue eyes look around as she mentions Gilroy, an eyebrow arching before he smirks. “Yea,” he says, nodding his head to sitting even as he grabs a chair. Turning it around so that he’s sitting astride with his arms resting on the back, he focuses his gaze on Fiona. “I’m glad I found you here, actually. I had a favour to ask of you.” He smiles.

"I will be there cheering for you," promises Fiona. It is what friends do after all. When he mentions a promise she nods, "What do you need? If it was to cheer for you I already promised that forever ago."

The grin that tugs across Angelus’ face lights up in his eyes, too. “I’m always happy to have a cheering section,” he comments. He swings his hand from the top of the chair, resting the rolled up parchment on the table idly, and returning his arm to its perch. A smirk touches his lips and he rolls his shoulders easily, giving his head shake. “You said you and Peele spoke in the old tongue, didn’t you?

Fiona rolls her eyes at that, as always bemused by his ego. When Angelus brings up Cillian Fiona frowns but nods slowly. "Yes, we spoke the tongue of the Gaels. It is about the only thing about him which makes sense, the rest is all oddity after oddity. Why do you ask?"

Angelus smiles and nods his head. He shrugs lightly in response, letting out a little ‘eh’ as he waves his hand as if waving away talk about Cillian. “It’s nothing, I was just wondering if you could teach me?” His lips give a little twitch.

"I guess so, but it's very different to English." Fiona seems to be pondering the idea, she has never taught anyone a language before. "Why do you want to learn?" She grins leaning over towards him. "Do you want to learn so we can say things about people without them knowing? Because that's fun to do. Eniri and I do it in the Common Room sometimes. I think maybe that odd boy Gage might understand though, he sometimes gives me funny looks. Then again he is weird so he could just be looking at me because that's how he looks at people." She shrugs it off whatever the reason.

Angelus dips his head in a brief nod, smiling softly. “It could be useful to learn,” he answers. “I’ve been reading a bit of French, since it’s close to Italian,” he shares, shoulders lifting casually and off-handedly. A grin crosses his face as she starts talking about using it to talk about people without them knowing, and he chuckles. Shaking his head, he decides, “I can teach you how to Sign. Well,” he adds in, “kind of. Evie could probably teach it better.”

"Why would it be useful? Are you wanting to join the department of magical cooperation?" Fiona likes languages but for her it is about reading ancient texts more than communicating with the living. "I don't know any deaf people."

Angelus chuckles and shakes his head. “No, but wouldn’t it be cool to look over at the table next to yours in the Great Hall, and instead of raising your voice-“ He cuts off, and demonstrates using his hands – which he does slowly, pausing to give a quick thought after each word. Then he shakes his head, and offers her a grin before he shrugs. “Nah,” he starts, answering her question with a smirk. “But if I wanted to look in books regarding history, I wouldn’t have to rely on you,” he says, and winks at her.

"Practical. Alright, we'll swap. I'll have to plan it though." Fiona gets up from her chair, closing her book and tucking it into her satchel. "I should get going. I have…stuff." She gives him a grin, "Good luck for tomorrow."

A smile flicks against Angelus’ lips. “Brilliant. Thanks, Fi,” he says. He rises from the chair, flipping it around and tucking it back under the table. He dips his head in response to her. “Yea, so do I.” He picks up the rolled parchment, and smiles at Fiona, stepping closer to her once she’s on her feet and lowering his head to give her an appreciative kiss on her cheek. “Thanks,” he says again. “I hope we can win.”

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