(1938-11-09) Myrus the Brave and Medusa the Damsel?
Details for Myrus the Brave and Medusa the Damsel?
Summary: A bit of Ravenclaw bothering in the library turns into the dream of many a younger boy, the opportnity to get up close and personal with a seventh year girl.
Date: 9 November 1938
Location: Library

Myrus was buried in a book with a small contingent of Ravenclaws about them at that study table. But, as things go, all the other tables were taken, and the hufflepuffs and Gryffindors at the table immediately adjacent all look up, and merely gather their things quietly and leave. Myrus noticed, as did a few others. But it was obvious that from the position of the other table, one could see the doors to the library better. Hence a more quiet and less visually distracted table is where the Ravenclaw group chose.

Of course, there is the reason that Hufflepuff and Gryffindor students left in such a hurry. A mess of black and green robes float and rustle through the doors and pass the other two houses children, leaving that table open for the taking. Of course, a few of the Ravenclaw younger students leave as well. Leaving Myrus, and two sixth year and one seventh year Ravenclaw at the table. Hooray math. But Myrus was on the end towards the aisle between the two tables, and the other three were on the other far end of the table. Leaving a mess of empty seats between Myrus and his fellow Ravens. He doesn't move though with the arrival of the Slytherin. Most of them knew him to be a purist sentimenter at least a little.

Ravenclaws, Slytherins, Gryffindors…all of them make up her pieces. Medusa rarely has time for Hufflepuffs, but a few are on her game board this year. The Gorgon is trailed by a quartet of younger girls from Slytherin, all of whom who despite looking nothing like her have tried to imitate her style of dress and way of walking. Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all that. Outside the house Medusa is feared for her petrifying glare and icy sharp tongue. Inside Slytherin she is the undisputed Queen, her last challenger it seems is now a resident in St Mungo's. As Medusa comes to a stop near the Ravenclaws her hand readily seeks out the black mop of hair belonging to the seventh year. "Thaddeus," she says in a voice syrupy with seductive tones. Everyone knows those tones are wasted on Thaddeus Cornfoot - he prefers his own gender. Almost as if she had forgotten the gaggle of girls Medusa spies them out of the corner of her eye and waves a dismissive hand. "Wait. Leave my books." The four girls carefully set Medusa's study material on the table near the seventh year boy then look curiously at him before walking off. Dropping into a seat as if she had a right to sit with them Medusa now adds one to their number.

Those two sixth years look at each other. A pair of twins. Probably from a lesserknown pureblood family.. or worse.. halfbreeds or mudbloods. The two of them get up and make haste out of the library with their study materials. Leaving now Thaddeus and Myrus at the table. Both extreme ends, as well.

Thaddeus obviously had interest in those two that just left, as his eyes follow them when they leave, only then answering Medusa. "Thank you for ruining my study time and scaring off my study partners." Generally higher years helped lower years for two reasons. That they want to show off and get in good with the one(s) they want, -or- they have genuine interest in helping someone.. but perks of reciprocation are always nice.

Myrus looks up at the four Slytherin girls that came in with Medusa, and then he turns his head to look at Medusa from where he was leaned back in his chair with one ankle over knee and book in his lap. DragonSlaying And Duelling, Comparisons of Combat Styles, by Gargamen Silverhum.

Medusa merely snickers. She isn't best friends with Thaddeus for nothing. "Please, they'll be easy enough to find in the common room. Besides you don't want Weasley to know you're toying with other wands do you?" She flips open her book on charms, a class she shares with Thaddeus and glances down at Myrus. "You…you're a Lowe aren't you? How are you related to Esther?" Esther her new pet…pawn…minion, choose your preferred term, Medusa always goes with pawn herself.

Myrus looks up, Thaddeus starting to go on about he and the red haired boy's problems. Which reminded him, they were supposed to go do something this afternoon and Weasley never showed up to the library. "I should go see what's keeping him." He hums to himself, but doesn't actually get up. Myrus on the other hand looks at Medusa when she speaks to him. "Yes. We're cousins," he answers short and concise, returning to reading the book in his lap.

"Well go on then, you git," Medusa urges Thaddeus. "I don't want another moping friend. Lucian is enough. Shoo." She practically shoves the seventh year Ravenclaw out of his chair and then summarily dismisses him by smiling sweetly at Myrus. "Cousins? Tell me more about her." Medusa moves closer to Myrus as if she expects him to stop reading and do what she has requested.

The sweet smile doesn't affect Myrus very much. "Why don't you ask her yourself?" He goes back to reading. Thaddeus gets up with her 'gentle urging', and leaves, leaving Myrus and Medusa at the long table talking to one another. "Unless you want to push the issue further." He says. Was that a threat? No, probably not. He still had a knack for no tact.

Able to now chair hop so that she is sat right beside Myrus, Medusa gives him her full attention. Lucky him. "Of course I want to press the issue further. She interests me. Has she always drawn things? Always liked to pretend she was someone or something else?"

Myrus looks up from his book at her with somewhat of an impatient look. "Well, you'll be hard pressed to be disappointed. Because I don't care to tell you. As her yourself." He was attempting to stonewall her. Apparently he didn't like talking about other people's hobbies and interests. He shifts in his seat, but doesn't make any movements away from her, and tries to keep reading.

"Oh come on." Medusa leans over and peers at the book the fifth year is reading. "I was in the dueling club for a while. Do you ever think it feels odd using magic on someone else? The whole point to our society is that magic use is amazing and wonderful but we should never use it against one another unless in a supervised setting because magic is bad." The Slytherin girl props her elbow on the table, her chin on her upturned hand as she peers at the grumpy Ravenclaw. "Doesn't that dichotomy strike you as being peculiar?"

"I'm in the dueling club currently." He looks at her leaning into her hand and looking at the book in his lap. She was looking at his lap, and at that moment, his eyes wander to her seat where her own lap was. That skirt was.. out of regulation. He raises his eyes at 'dichotomy'. Hopefully she didn't catch him looking. But if she did, no big deal, she probably kept it that way on purpose. Oh well, might as well be honest, "Your skirt is shorter than most other girls'. It draws undue attention. And I didn't even hear what you said, because your skirt was distracting me." He looks to his book. Maybe thankfully it was in his lap."

"Is it?" Medusa laughs at Myrus and his discomfort because, well it is amusing and she is how she is. To be even more cruel she crosses her long slender legs at the knee emphasising the length of them and the shortness of her skirt even more. "Good thing my jumper isn't bothering you too then." That jumper which is decidedly more snug fitting than most girls, mainly because she wears it a size or two smaller than she needs to so that it emphasises…things. "Do you enjoy being in the dueling club? Using your wand to attack others?"

He didn't even notice that before. He looks her in the eye. "Guess your skirt was more distracting than-" She crosses her legs like that on purpose. "You know, I'm sure those things get you a lot of attention. Congratulations." Now he wasn't admitting what kind of attention it got from him. But he did glance to her jumper when she mentioned it. Yeah, keep eyes on the book. When she asks about the dueling club, "Yeah. Knocking muds on their hinds and competing against the senior students is really fun. I'm surprised you didn't enjoy it."

Medusa arches a brow, "Is that what you do it for? How cliched. At least you could try and pretend it was for something less bullish like learning to defend yourself in a wand fight or preparing yourself for a life of rescuing damsels in distress."

Myrus looks at her a little confused. "Cliched?" He lifts up a side of the book, showing her the title. He then quickly lets that side down so maybe.. his discomfort wouldn't be noticed under where that book lay again. "And, show me a damsel in distress around here." He gestures around. Just books, and the occasional student that's strolling by carrying a few books. Probably not many in the library other than the fiction section.

Taking her que from Myrus Medusa looks around, giving his book and lap a nice free pass this time. "Well I could fall off my chair and pretend to faint but really you'd not know what to do with me anyway." Her pale head turns back towards him. "There is always some damsel in distress somewhere in the castle. You just need to decide which damsels you fancy de-stressing."

"What to do with you? Take you to the infirmary." He didn't want to mention the other thing that came to his mind. It wasn't advantageous to say that at this time. Distressing? "I don't plan to 'dis dress' any damsels merely because -I- desire. It's got to be a choice both make." He had folded his hands on the book now in the crease, looking at her with a somewhat blank expression.

"If the damsel is in distress how can she make such a choice for herself, surely you should make it instead?," Medusa waves her hand back and then forth, "Or whatever dashing heroic knight comes to her rescue." She leans back in her chair, draping and arm over the back of it as she looks Myrus over with a discerning eye. "You're not bad, Lowe. Not bad at all. Bit short but you're what…fourteen…just fifteen? You'll grow into yourself more."

He looks at her with a brow quirked. "I'll be sixteen on new years." He shakes his head at how she looks at him. "You know, the last time a girl looked at me like that, she tried to kiss me." He holds up a hand. "I'm not assuming that was what you were going to do, nor what I absolutely desire for you to do. Even though I'd enjoy it, you probably have your own guy you pine after. Or already have." Yes, he didn't have much fear to do or say things. He almost had the idea to kick that chair back.. just to see how 'distressed' she would become….Yeah, screw it. His leg turned and his foot raises as she leans back with her arm over the back of the chair. Weight differential! And he lifts the front of the chair up. Who's distressed now!?

It hadn't been an invitation, far from it. But Medusa looks bemused by the assumption. Her eyes widen when he tries to kick her chair back. Never one to go down without a fight Medusa reaches out and grabs hold of Myrus' tie ready to bring him down with her, on top of her if necessary, to make sure he suffers the same indignity. Mind you, wrestling on the floor with a seventh year girl is probably not going to hurt his reputation much.

He wasn't a flirt. Really, he wasn't. Twice in the last two days he'd been in situations that ended up looking like they were completely planned out and he was some sort of lecher or suave guy that got somehow turned down once and then now on the floor on top of a seventh year Slytherin with looks such as Medusa. His hands land on either side of her, one of his legs kinda stuck between her leg and the seat of the chair and his other on the ground outside her other leg. Her holding his tie with a deathgrip didn't help the assumptions of a group of Ravenclaw and Slytherin boys that walk by, a couple of them making comments about getting a room or congratulating him or something. He looks at them in passing. All of them were second or third years. "Do you mind? Studying going on here, twits!" He didn't get mad or loud often. But he did have a good commanding voice. Which, the other boys took and darted off quickly from. He looks after them, distracted from the situational predicament pushing her over in her chair had created.

"SHHHHH!" Somewhere in the library Mrs Patil was chastising Myrus and his commanding voice.

Medusa does not make a habit of being beneath boys…alright she does not make a habit of being beneath fifth year boys. "Get off," she orders Myrus, releasing his tie and giving him a shove that makes what she did to Thaddeus earlier look like a love pat. Her head turns and she glares at the snickering students at least the Slytherins have the sense to stop making a sound but there will be gossip, oh yes there will.

The shove pushes him off to the side more than anything, but he was able to roll and stand, at least offering her a hand to help her up. Though he did now carry a bemused smirk on his features. Her anger was expected. He kicked her chair to call her bluff! Her tone told him something, though. "Guess you won't find out if I know what to do with you." And he grabs his book and shoves into those snickering second years. "Outta my way," he says to them. Which might part them or not.

Taking the offered hand Medusa gets to her feet and brushes herself off. Medusa glares after Myrus, but it isn't her who warns him it is one of those snickering younger students, "Watch out for Macmillan. He took on Pringle for her, you're just a fifth year." With that they move off laughing to themselves and letting Myrus pass while behind him the Gorgon glares. It seems that while this Saturday saw one Lowe being welcomed to the fold another was earning himself a dish best served cold.

Myrus turns around, and looks at her for a few moments. His eyes narrow with amusement before he disappears out the doors.

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