(1938-11-09) Take One for the Team
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Summary: Andromena listens to the woes of Myrus; then Alphard arrives and adds his two cents. Elizabeth attempts an alternate course.
Date: 1938-11-09
Location: Entry Courtyard
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It was a rough evening already, getting to the common room from the great hall after evening meal was filled with jibes and teasing from the other ravenclaw boys, and just about anyone that passed him knew right now at least one of the versions of the story about he and the Slytherin Seventh Year, Medusa.

So he went for a walk after returning to the common room for Ravenclaw. He still had a few looks from other students that were out and about right now. A couple girls see him in the hallway, he tries to smile at them but they quickly pass him and try not to make eye contact. Yay impressionable females his age and year believing those audacious stories.

So he sits down on a bench inside the courtyard, leaning his head back on the stone and looking up at the sky, just beginning to twinkle with a couple stars as the last amber light of sunset fades over the towers of the castle.

Rumors? What rumors? Andromena was only just coming on to the social scene, and let's be frank: earning a friend or two did not a social butterfly make. Therefore, whatever had transpired earlier between Myrus and the Gorgon, well…that was for them and everybody else to whisper and giggle about. She too has managed to find her way to the courtyard, her robes wrapped securely about her. After spending the majority of her day indoors, a quick dash into the cooling pre-twilight air had been a rather appealing idea.

"Lowe," she greeted upon seeing him. It simply would not do pass him byw without a word when he was the only other person out there! Stopping before him, Andromena studied his posture and what she could see of his upturned face quizzically. "Everything alright?" Asked she, because Andromena was just a nice girl like that.

Myrus lifts his head to look at who was greeting him. "Evening, Rowle," he returns to her in answer. Alright? Is it? "I guess you could say it isn't. I don't know. Girls are acting wierd. Is there something I should know that I don't?" He looks at her again, "Rhetorical question. Don't answer that unless you have some catastrophic secret that would take away this.." his hand moves to a clawlike shape over his stomach. "Stuff.." he looks up at her, then frowns, "Heh, you know what, nevermind."

Poor boy is starting to feel those effects of crushing, but can't put it into words.

"I am afraid I do not understand," she informs him simply. "May I?" Indicating the place beside him to seat herself. "Girls aren't suddenly acting weird, though. They're always…the way they are. I can't say I am too fond of them in general." Boys only made slightly more sense. At least with them one could rest fairly assured they could take things at face value. Whereas creatures of her gender had proven over time to be conniving, bloodthirsty beasts. Just a personal impression, mind.

Myrus looks at her. "Are you -serious-? It feels like all of a sudden girls are.. well I don't get it. I get ignored by some, a whole lot of attention from others. Some don't know when to shut up and.." he looks at her. "There's you, you've at least got a head on your shoulders that's worth a damn." Compliment?

She took it as one. Brows crimping as she listened to his general. shall we say, befuddlement, Andromena decided to give Myrus the best help that she could. It seemed they had reached that age: that uniformly dread and anticipated time of a young person's life where hormones begin to come into play. If Andromena were completely honest with herself, she had not been immune either!

"The best you can do," she said with something of an overextended sigh. "Is not think too deeply on it. You'll only end up muddling things further and finding yourself ever further from any comfort or understanding." Sage wisdom, right? Right?? Andromena saw it as such, and from the pleased expression she bore it would be plain to Myrus as well.

Myrus watches her when she speaks. Maybe not this much attention ever given by him in one of his classes. And sometimes he had to listen to even understand or grasp a meaning of something. This was tenfold attuned on her right now.

Ok, so he was staring, but he was processing what she said. Don't look too far into it, and it -should- be alright.

He hmms. "I see what you mean. If it's already muddled, don't muddle more because it will exascerbate the whole thing into more muddlement." Yeah, because -that- makes total sense. He looks at her, and smiles genuinely, "Thank you, Andromena." First name basis now? Or he was just that thankful?

Andromena was blissfully unaware of his staring. Perhaps because she was busy speaking, and as she had been so doing, the young woman studiously looked into the skyline. Hey, it was just what happened when she more or less thought aloud! So there was a free pass for Myrus, otherwise he may have coaxed more than a little red to her cheeks. Andromena wasn't the shyest girl in school, but she certainly wasn't prepared for such a level of personal examination!

"Any time," a slight pause. "Myrus." If he wanted to use her first name, she would use his! It was only right. "Now, before I say anything else: you didn't just get dumped, did you?" Because how terrible would it be if she said something that was just completely insensitive and made matters worse than they were before?

He eyenarrows at her question, still looking at her the whole time. His head tilts either way each item he names off, "Ignored. Pulled onto the floor. Pushed away after that happened. Disbelieved about it. And before two days ago, everything was fine." He finally looks away from her at the door leading in to the castle. "Before the other day, everything was seemingly fine." He leans back again, looking up at the sky that's a bit darker now, as a bit chillier air passes through the breezeways lazily, there not being much wind tonight.

"You were…pulled onto the floor?" Her head swings 'round to view him, and of course by that point Myrus had already looked away. Her tone is not disbelieving so much as genuinely surprised. Even a little perplexed. "Who did that?" Why would anybody, a girl no less, tug Myrus to the ground? He had always seemed a decent, well-meaning sort of fellow in her opinion. Silently, Andromena pondered over who the female in question could have been. A big brute of a girl? Marshmellow Nott? (Which was her name for Beatrice).

Myrus turns to look at her again when she asks. A single moment of pondering before he answers, "Yes." He said that with kind of a groan, but he blinks, and leans his head forward a bit towards her, "You mean you haven't heard the talk of it all around the castle? I kicked Medusa Malfoy's chair over. Who cares why anymore, but she grabbed me by the tie and pulled me on top of her.. then pushed me away. I think she meant to, but it's just.." he tried to figure the words, looking up above her head and chewing a little on the inside of his bottom lip in thought.

Her eyes widen with his admission. "No, I haven't," admitted somewhat sheepishly. "I've kept mostly to myself between classes today." True for the most part, since Andromena did play chess earlier in the day. She held her hands in the air before her, giving a quick shake of her head, which sent several brown tresses flying. "I don't know Medusa very well," she informs him. "So I can't even begin to fathom why she might do anything she does. I'm going to stick with what I originally said: don't over think it!" It may have just been some huge misunderstanding in any event. "If it's any consolation I don't always understand why boys do certain things either."

"Like what?" He says defensively. "It's simple. Hungry, eat. BOred, find something fun. Failing, study more." He just looks at the ground while he talks and shakes his head when he's done. "And yeah, she's confusing to me, too." He thought about all the girls he's now met in this year that were apparently at Hogwarts and in his same year that he somehow missed and somehow missed him. Either way, he's staring at the cobblestone in front of himself.

Andromena purses her lips, eyes narrowing as she watches Myrus. It seems she is less than willing to share whatever was bothering her, but after a time works up the courage to give him a bone. He had told her about his troubles without any prompting, so it as only fair she extend the same courtesy. "That may be true, but sometimes you can be just as flighty as girls." Andromena clasped her hands together in her lap. "In fact, boys can be as emotional as girls and when that happens I've never been more confused."

Myus makes the 'ah' face, then smiles and shakes his head. "I try not to get emotional about things. If I'm mad, hopefully it will fix itself, and if not I can fix it later when I'm thinking clearly. If I'm sad, probably the same thing. Frustrated is usually my worst." He looks away from her quickly, looking out at the courtyard at large. He wouldn't say his best. That butterfly feeling he's gotten sometimes. If a girl looks at him in a certain way, or accidentally touches him some way. Those light, flitty feelings in the stomach lately. Now -that- was a wierd feeling. He didn't even know how he was able to talk normal when that happened. He didn't realize he was darting his eyes around in front of himself in deep thought, like he couldn't even see what he was looking directly at. Zoned out.

Seated beside Myrus Lowe is Andromena. The male Ravenclaw had just been confessing his troubles to her, and being the good Samaritan Andromena was, she had oh-so-helpfully graced him with some of her worldly advice. It's not too late, certainly not cutting it close to curfew, and the weather is surprisingly fair. Anyone approaching may over hear the last bit of what she was currently saying. "I suppose it's not entirely fair to lump people into generalized groups," a shrug. "But that's what people tend to do."

"Did you see his face?!" It was asked in giggle, one that broke in the higher pitches thanks to a bad case of puberty.

"I know! Like you'd kicked him, rather than just shoved him."

"Like those were his only clothes in the world world, and he was going to cry to get them muddy!"

"Like he wasn't all mud on the inside, anyway!"

There were two voices entwined in laughter and childish malice, basking in the glow of having made someone cry. The purest pleasure there was. When they came into view around the corner, there were three to the group, rather than just two. Walking at the head was the silent partner, Alphard Pollux Black, his hands in his pockets and a distant look on his features. Deep in thought, ignoring the two members of his notorious goonquad loudly trailing behind. Bullies liked to move in packs, after all. It meant there was someone to appreciate one's meaner impulses, to get reinforcement rather than challenge. It took him a few seconds before he spotted Andromena and Myrus. He paused, looking them over for a second. Then he grunted out a: "I'll catch you later." With a shrug he changed trajectory, meandering over towards the Ravenclaws, while his Slytherin companions went another way, unphased. Still loudly cheering each other on.

Dinner having yet to conclude, heels faintly click as they transverse across the bridge, a free hand brushing along the surface of the rail while Elizabeth crosses to the other side. Black braid over one shoulder, her pale eyes blink slowly as she glances over the square. There was a few others it appears, those that had finished dinner already, and she takes note of this as Elizabeth chooses a seat on a bench, setting the book in her lap. Though, before she has a chance to open up the well-loved book, the shrill laughter fills the air. Obnoxiously so, and drawing the gaze of more than a few it seems.

The raven-haired Ravenclaw merely lifts a slender brow as she glances up, admittedly curious. Slytherin. Not surprising. And while she knows the name of every student and facility member, she doesn't know faces.

"No, it's not. But yes, everyone does it." He looks at Andromena, "Thanks, you've really helped me- … out.." he looks around for where that loud noise is coming from. He sees Elizabeth sit down, but then looks and sees Alphard. "Oi, Alphard!" He waves him over. Should be interesting to see what he has to say about the whole rumor thing. You know, he even waves his arm to get Elizabeth's attention, if she was looking, and wave her over too. She's a ravenclaw, too, right?

The arrival of the trio of Slytherins is not missed by Andromena, who hears the cackling pair long before she sees them. And who leads them but her most favorite of Blacks? When Myrus waves. Andromena is practically mirroring him, her features brightening with a smile. She otherwise left the invitation of Elizabeth over to Myrus. The girl is yet another of those people she never bothered to get to know well over the years.

"Evening, Alphard," greets Andromena, pushing a lock of hair behind an ear. Before he draws too close she nudges Myrus gently with her elbow. "Friends with him, too?" If she's surprised she doesn't show it. As yet, Andromena had only really hung out with Black on her own, with just a handful of occasions where others of his House had been present. Not that she really minded be secluded away from a pair of goons like he had just parted company with.

"Hey, Meanie," Alphard said moments before he dumped his body down next to her with undeniable familiarity. "Hey Lowe." He sighed, stretched his lean musculared frame, then gaped wide with the biggest yawn in the world. "Ugh, I'm all worn out." Which shouldn't have come as any great surprise. With the first game of the season coming up tomorrow, the Slytherin beater would've been practicing like crazy these last couple of days. "Sooo looking forward to bed, and then sleeping right up until an hour before the game starts."

"What? Uh." His expression said that 'friends' was stretching it. But he did admit that: "Lowe's alright." It was only now that he was done complaining to Andromena that his attentions slid properly towards Myrus. A grin slowly appeared. "If Macmillian walks towards you with a purpose, make sure you punch him first. You don't want a big Seventh Year, the bloody Gryffindor Beater, to get off the first shot." Obviously he'd heard the rumors. "At least that way you'll have a fair chance of getting one punch off." Good advice, right?!

Behind her wire-frmaed glasses, Elizabeth calmly lifts a brow, seeing Myrus waving in her general direction. Though he couldn't possibly waving at her, regardless of their House. "Hm." A thumb slides between the pages and parts the book in her lap, opening it with one hand. Her free hand reaches up and uncurls, palm facing out in a gesture of acknowledgement, before that same hand lightly pushes up the bridge of her glasses up ever so slightly on her nose. Socializing isn't really her strong suit.

Myrus makes the gesture to Elizabeth to come over to them. Beckoning, if you will. But he takes his eyes off of Elizabeth for a moment to look at Andromena. "Eh, I know him." He says as Alphard responds as well.

Alphards words get a huge reaction out of Myrus, who leans forward, and puts his elbows on his knees and his hands on his face. "You mean the seventh year beater, best one Gryffindor's seen in years?" He sighs. "Well this is going to hurt. I'm not planning to be punching if I'm seriously defending myself."

He sounded completely serious. And if anyone knew his personality, they might want to know when and where that would be. An amazing show, if anything.

"You really think MacMillan will hurt Myrus?" Andromena could not help but blurt. She knew less about Douglas MacMillan than she did Medusa Malfoy. Maybe he would want to pound poor Myrus into one of those bloody, weeping pulps Alphard was always so fond to describe to her when he talked about Quidditch. That would be dreadful, and earned Myrus her sympathy.

At her side, Alphard was a welcome addition even if he was seated quite close: now she had a further source for warmth! If she were to think about it though, any time Alphard was near her, or touching her, it was most always on his terms. Perhaps the reason it never did occur to her was not such a great surprise, however…that's neither here nor there. Not everything is about you, Alphard! Right now, it's about Myrus getting whooped for touching another man's woman - or whatever the rumor train now had running.

"Surely he can explain himself?" Andromena posed this to Alphard, who was clearly the man to turn to in this sort of situation. So much about the earlier statement.

"What?! Pfft. No! He's not that good, not that I know about!" Alphard protested when it came to Douglas' abilities. His gaze slid up and down Myrus in clinical consideration. "Sure he's bigger than you, b ut I mean he's what, two years older so that's not exactly a bloody surprise, pal. He does know how to tussle, though. We went at it in Owl Tower a month or two ago." The memory was enough to set his mouth into a disgusted grimace. It was no big secret, either. Something to do with Janette Abbot, the former Slytherin Prefect who'd been sent to St. Mungos for mental illness. They'd all gotten massive point deducations.

"Anyway, the point here is that you're probably not gonna win a fight, so your best shot is at least earning some respect. That means hurting him. Easiest way to do that is when he's not expecting it, which means.. punching him first." He sighed, as if this was all so obvious he couldn't believe why he even had to explain it.

Since Andromena was there, and warm, he leaned into her, head sleepily drooping over her shoulder. "For groping her bosom? He'll probably punch him a couple of times. I doubt he'd hurt him bad. MacMillan isn't the type. I don't know if he's the type to listen to explanations either, though. Perhaps if it was made to be some great big joke." He frowned. "I'd still preemptivly punch him."

Evidently she's being summoned. Not as if that's ever happened before. By other students in any case. And for a moment Elizabeth debates feigning ignorance and act as if she hadn't seen the gesture in the first place. Just because they were in the same House doesn't necessarily mean there will be socializing, right? Though even now she can hear her father's words bouncing around in her head, encouraging her to pull her head out from her book and 'live the adventure'.

The young woman exhales a small breath of a sigh, almost reluctant to move now that she has a seat, but folding the book carefully in her lap, she tucks it against herself as she pushes herself to her feet. Elizabeth crosses the small amount of distance between then and pauses at the edge, dipping her chin with a nod. "Salutations." she murmurs, pale blue eyes behind her glasses falling onto Myrus. Putting him on the spot. "I believe you summoned?"

Myrus looks at Andromena. "Explaining myself won't stop a day's worth of rumors floating around, and pending which one he hears first, might change the outcome. Any of them aren't good." He turns to look at Alphard. A nod. Buut~ Myrus makes that indecisive head lean from side to side.

"Yes. But I have something he doesn't. I'm expecting to lose, so I have nothing to lose."

When Elizabeth gets there, he stands up and smiles at her. "Well, yes I did. I have a question for you." He reaches up and rubs the back of his head. "I might now be the target of someone who believes something wasn't an accident. If I had a girlfriend, that would solidify it as an accident, no questions asked. So I need your help." Oddest pickup line ever. 'I'm going to get beaten up unless you act like my girlfriend.'

Andromena's eyes slide long ways over to where Alphard has turned her shoulder into a makeshift pillow. He's a much bigger person than she, which unless he had been depressingly small for his age or she had been freakishly large, was not a surprise. Still, she seemed to suffer his presence well enough, because she didn't gripe about it. When Elizabeth at lasts approaches, Andromena gives a small wave. Yet another girl to potentially baffle and confuse poor Myrus Lowe. Wh-what. Time for a double-take. Andromena looked toward Myrus in mute disbelief. The last thing she had expected was for him to ask the other Ravenclaw to…pose as his girlfriend. The one thing Myrus had going for him was the fact he was likely not typically in the social spotlight, so whether or not he actually dated might unknown to the school's population at large! "What say you to that strategy, Alphard?"

"Absolute bullshit," Alphard declared. "Being beaten to a pulp like a helpless little girl will lose you something. The respect of everybody who sees it. See, nobody thinks you'll win. You're a fifth year, he's a seventh year and a beater." And hurting people really came with the job description. "You've everyhting to gain. But that doesn't mean you've nothing to lose, either. But whatever. It's your reputation at stake, not mine." He shrugged where he sat, which mostly involved causing a wriggle against Andromena's side.

"HahhaAhaHAHAHAahaha.. Bloody hell!" His laughther bubbled over until the whole of him was shaking with humor. "That's.. just.. hahahaha. I don't even. Hahahaha. Alright, alright. Well. It would require some serious public snogging, but might work!" His dark eyes slid up and down Elizabeth thoughtfully, as if trying to decide if the bookworm could be up for it.

Myrus stands to his feet and Elizabeth calmly lifts a slender brow at him, silent as she listens. And when he finishes, her brow furrows ever so slightly with confusion. All of this sounds outlandish after all, and she isn't the type to listen to the rumormill, so there wasn't any way of verifying any of this. Unless… Elizabeth shifts her gaze to Andromena and Alphard. Perhaps they could, though if they're his friends, they would only collaborate his story. Not evidence to be precise, just hearsay.

"Intreguing." she murmurs, "If that is the case, why not fabricate her as your accomplice instead? It would establish a more plausable and desirable result." Elizabeth faintly lifts a brow again, in particular Alphard on her shoulder. "But I surmise that would be for naught as they are together."

Alphard's swearing may earn a distasteful frown, but she doesn't verbally object to his choice of words. Not yet in any case. And his outright laughter makes Elizabeth sigh softly to herself, a hand reaching up to lightly push up her glasses over the rim of her nose again. "'Snogging' aside, what have I to attain?"

A look behind himself to Andromena and Alphard with their commentary from the peanut gallery. At least Alphard gets a response, "Never did I say I would give up if it came to fighting."

Back to Elizabeth. She talks of Andromena possibly being more desirable. "What do you know of that I find desirable in a woman?" He blurts at her. "And besides, age difference. If she were to act as my girlfriend, that would suffice to say I would fancy girls older than me. That would be counterproductive and support the story of me purposefully groping a seventh year."

Now more questions. And the toughest one of all.

It wasn't often Myrus was completely speechless. His jaw moved up and down a little, his mouth was slightly agape. Head turning ever so slightly every couple seconds. His mind was running a mile a minute and he couldn't think of -anything-. His mouth shuts, his chin raises a little, he frowns and just nods.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." He says, and with a glance behind him, "Goodnight you two," and looks at Elizabeth in front of him, "Nothing," he says again, and then would try to walk past her, knowing her question was totally correct.

R-romantically involved? Myrus, sorry pal, but your problem is put on hold as Andromena once more looks to Alphard. Busy as he is laughing, she hopes he didn't notice what Elizabeth had to say. For all she knew, Zayn never broached the subject with him either, even though he had refused to believe her the night of the dance when Andromena had vehemently insisted she and Alphard were only friends. Sure, Black was a handsome chap, but he would not be interested in the likes of her. He…he went for girls like Marshmellow Nott.

"No, no," Andromena piped up, looking to Elizabeth in a manner that one might regard as coolly hawkish. "Alphard has a point. No one will believe anything said about the pair of you unless others get to see something." Sitting up straighter, her gaze now includes Myrus. "Sometimes, Elizabeth, it is not about what you get out of it. It's called taking one for the team." Gesturing to poor Myrus, the young woman went on. "Myrus will have to punch MacMillan to save face, and you may just have to smooch him once or twice so he has a face to keep later on." Some help there, miss Rowle.

Once more she glances to Alphard before, with a sniff, she concludes, "And you could learn how to kiss from a worse person than Lowe, I should think. That's a definite gain. So get back here, Myrus!" Oh no, he's not allowed to run away just yet! How could he face Douglas MacMillan if he couldn't face a girl like Elizabeth?

"That's all I'm hearing," Alphard told Myrus. A boy who wasn't going to take the offense to secure at least some sort of victory. Again he shrugged there against Meanie, which did happen to burrow him even deeper in against the girl. If she'd hoped he had missed Elizabeth's assumption, she was in for a rough landing. The crooked smile that played across his lips when Meanie looked towards him said as much. Still, he didn't say anything about it, just looked bemused in that arrogantly nonchalant way of his.

"Yeah, take one for the team," he seconded. "Show some Ravenclaw pride!" It was hard for him to keep his laughter out of his voice, but he did try.

Elizabeth arches a brow at Myrus, his first reply not expected because her question was misconstrued. Naturally. She exhales a small breath and brushes a fingertip on her temple, rubbing slightly there. "You misunderstand." she murmurs. Of course. "What I intend to convey is why choose myself in particular when any girl will do? Also, with no prior experience, I am not an individual to judge the personal tastes of others, so I assume nothing of a sort." When did she even get into this kind of situation? She wasn't exactly sure.

Her pale blue eyes glance at Andromena, calm. "That is equable to declare when you are the one to benefit." Nor has she ever seen anyone go out of their way to help her, housemate or not. But she doesn't say that.

'Learn to kiss.' Honestly.

When Myrus tries to step past her, she doesn't move out of his way, a free hand reaching out to idly catch the crook of his arm. "If you are in dyer need of a solution, I may have a compromise." Elizabeth glances over her shoulder at him. "I am often employed as a tutorial assistant to other students. This alternative would allow being seen with a girl on a regular basis, as well as improve your marks in your classes." She lets go of his arm and idly waves. "Not to say that you require such assistance of course."

Myrus stops from both Andromena verbally adressing him and Elizabeth catching the crook of his arm. Alphard will be ignored at this point, as he's not being any more useful than a wooden cauldron made out of cherry wood with the knots poked out.

He looks at Eliabeth. And he turns his body to face her. "So your 'solution' is to make people think you are tutoring me?" Offended. Aghast. Maybe. But it flusters him in a different way than someone who just wasn't getting the idea of something.

"That's definately not going to work." He shakes his head, eyes closing in some form of frustration. He looks down at the ground between he and Elizabeth. His head tilts. "You have little feet." Random thought.

Andromena, despite inwardly groaning when she catches the arrogant grin Alphard was sporting when she had looked his way, nevertheless leans toward him to whisper something in his ear. By that point in the conversation, Andromena feels no further need to interject. She and Alphard have offered their advice, such as it was, and now it was down to Myrus and Elizabeth. Andromena was actively wondering if Lowe had really been trying to ask her for a date or if it really was just a very bizarre cover.

Alphard responded to Andromena's whisper with a little shrug and a few words of his own. Then, yawning once more, he laboredly pushed himself to his feet. Exhaustion had drained away his usual athletic grace. His head rolled this way once, then the other way, until he'd popped it to his satisfaction. "Anyway, like I said: Punch first. Oh, and snogging. Otherwise it's pointless." With that he offered his hand down to Andromena helpfully. "Want to head inside? It's chilly. Plus, wouldn't want to interrupt the lovebirds as they hash out their differences and come to an amicable agreement."

His extended hand was grasped within her own, and Andromena allowed Alphard to pull her to her feet. "Good luck, Myrus. I'm sure things will turn out no matter what." Punching an snogging aside! "If we're lucky, maybe we can get some more hot cocoa," said to Alphard after bidding farewell to both Myrus and Elizabeth. And if there was none to be had? Well, she was getting tired, too.

Behind her wire-frame glasses, Elizabeth calmly lifts a brow. "You are missing the intent." she murmurs. "The activity itself is irrelevant. What is significant is what the multitude observe. Appearances." She takes a step closer. "Close proximity and within personal space for extensive measure of time, subtle touches visibly exchanged. Even if we may appear studying, that would be the desirable context, correct? To give the impression of a favorable attachment?" Her pale eyes watch him calmly for a silent moment before she shifts her gaze past him, catching sight of Andromena and Alphard as the Slytherin pulls her with him as they leave. They were probably good friends of his, to be pressuring someone they didn't even know into this scheme. All to help Myrus out. "I suppose if the compromise is inadequate, you have the prerogative to appoint another."

Myrus doesn't even turn when the other two leave. He does throw a hand over his shoulder to bid them farewell behind him. "Well, when you put it that way," after she's done explaining how it would work. "I still don't get it. First time tutoring, you teach me what that phrase means in normal english." He looks up from their feet, since she moved closer, he looks at her in that 'close proximity'. Why is his face warm? "Sounds like a plan for now." And he would offer his hand to her, "Shall we go study.. I guess..?"

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