(1938-11-10) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 01 - Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 01 — Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Summary: The first game of the 1938-39 Hogwarts Quidditch Season!
Date: 10 November, 1938
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands, Hogwarts

The Gryffindor Team


The Slytherin Team


In the Stands


"For you," responds Medusa with a grin for Andromena. "I'm glad you came." She lifts up the warm veltet blanket that had been resting on the empty seat and waits for Andromena to sit before draping it over both their laps. "Alphard was hoping you might cheer him on with me. I believe bouncing was also mentioned." Her grin is upped by an amused eye roll.

Taking her seat, Andromena was grateful for the blanket that was subsequently draped over legs. "Is that so?" She queries with a faint pursing of her lips. "I can't say I'm surprised - don't most boys find themselves captivated by such?" She was there wasn't she? That counted for a great deal in her book.

Cory reach's the Slytherin stands a little late but he's there, the young boy finds a place to sit and looks down onto the field to wait for the game to begin.

Fortified with cake and hot chocolate the littlest firstie, Fiona, sits huddled together with a much taller first year with an unruly mop of blonde curls. The pair are seated high up in the Ravenclaw stands so that they can see, what with Fiona being so small and have a little sign to cheer on their friend Angelus. Being who they are the sign also has colorful pictures of cakes and sweets drawn on it.

Medusa laughs as she agrees with Andromena, "Most. Not all." From inside her coat pocket she pulls out a colourful plaid flat cap which she dons wordlessly. It is her polite way of supporting her boyfriend while still cheerfully hoping that her house wins. "One of my pawns should be bringing some cakes and hot chocolate by in a bit." As she tugs on a pair of leather glove she adds, "Oh, and a sign I had them paint up." She gives Andromena a wicked grin, "It seemed easier and they like doing these little tasks for me."

Speaking of signs, here comes one painted in bold scarlet and gold, with a depiction of a lion riding a broom over the words: GO GRYFFINDOR!. Unsurprisingly, the girl holding the sign is Kimiko Saito, who never misses a Gryffindor game. Upon her head is a gaudy felt hat sewn to look like a mane, with a lion's face forming a brim in the front. She bobs along with an excited smile, finding a seat where she can cheer with her fellow Gryffindors.

A quick tap against her chin before Andromena nods her agreement. "Delegating. A good skill to have." Especially when it took so very little effort. Looking away from Medusa, Andromena peers toward the pitch. She was busy lamenting the fact she had done practically nothing to show her…team spirit. Give her some credit that she had at least wrangled a scarf bearing Slytherin colors, eh? "Now, will they be holding the sign up for us too, or…" She let the rest hang wordlessly in the air.

Already excited and full of sugar Fiona and her cake-sticky compatriot over in the Ravenclaw stand wave their sign and cheer loudly, as if it were their first school game which of course it is.

"Of course," says Medusa to Andromena. She jerks her head towards the empty seats behind them. "The whingy one, the Hufflepuff cried but I told her to man up or I'd discard her then offered to introduce her to Shafiq. It seems they like his sort of mealiness in the house of the cake eaters." No one will ever convince Medusa that Hufflepuffs don't all sit around crying and eating cake in their common room.

The Ravenclaw bookworm looks out of place. Really out of place.

While everyone else wears face paint and hats and whatever else they can to support the team they want to win, Elizabeth just arrives. Wearing warm winter robes and the colors of her House wrapped around her slender neck if only just for convenience sake. Sitting quietly, she pulls the robes a little further around herself as she frees a hand to push up her glasses.

Cory turns from the field to look around, he spots Medusa and Andromena and nods to them before he goes back watching the field, he has no sign or anything just his Slytherin scarf around his neck.

Considering her most recent exposure for any length of time to a Hufflepuff was with Grace, Andromena would find herself hardpressed to disagree. Insofar as the cake eating went, that is. If they cried all the time then she had yet to see it. However, Medusa is the more experienced between the two of them, and so she would bow to her accumulated wisdom. "Thank goodness," she sighs. So maybe she was lazy. But who really wanted to hold a sign up in the air for who knew how long? Her arms would get tired! With someone else holding the sign, it meant they were free to do other things.

Who wants to hold up a sign for who knows how long? Kimiko does! The game hasn't even started, and already she's waiting her lion sign, shouting, "Victory for Gryffindor! Woooo!"

A trio of girls in the fifth and sixth year come up to Medusa and Andromena. One hands over a small basket of things and the other two hold up a sign which has the words, 'GO ALPHARD! BEAT THOSE LIONS!' shimmering and slithering across it. Medusa takes the basket and eyes the sign appreciatively. "Well done ladies. Now make sure to wave it nice and high." Clearly expecting them to obey her Medusa turns her attention back to her Ravenclaw guest, spying little Cory out of the corner of her eye. Unable to remember exactly which small person he is she takes a wrapped cake from the basket and tosses it to him. Benevolent as a saint she is. "Cake Andromena?" The girl is given the opportunity to make a choice from the selection of treats in the basket.

Claire braces a parchment on top of a folder stuffed full of similar sheafs held on her lap. The match hasn't even started yet and already the page is half full of diagrams and notations in a small, scribbled font.

Cory smiles as he catch's the cake. "Thank you Miss Malfoy." Cory takes a bite and watchs the game.

"Why thank you," says Andromena as she dips her hand into the basket to retrieve her cake of choice. And joy of of joys, there was more hot chocolate! Turning to look behind her at the girls with their sign, Andromena eyed it critically before at last giving her own nod of approval. It was far easier to settle into life as a girl that had things done for her than it was to be…well, that whinging Hufflepuff Medusa had mentioned.

Dean and his friend shuffle up and down the bench to make room for the students filling the Hufflepuff stands. Dean adjusts his bowler hat — which as been transfigured to sport polka-dots of the Hufflepuff variety — as he leans forward to check out the pitch again. Satisfied, he glances around at the other stands. From the Gryffindor stands to the Slytherin ones, both of which seem to be very festive for the match.

Dropping into his seat, Alexei looks around a bit thoughtfully. He's keeping quiet as he keeps on looking to the pitch most of the time, shrugging a little to himself now.

Angelus steps out onto the field with the rest of his team, a wide grin on his face, excited to get started. He carries his Cleansweep Three proudly, scarlet and gold robes swirling around him. He turns to his team once on the field, arching a brow. "Ready?"

Elizabeth is starting to wish that she had brought a book. Something to read at least while they wait for the game to start. So her pale eyes behind wire-framed glasses begin to drift, to people in the stands, spying all sorts of colors for the different Houses, mainly for Slytherin and Gryffindor naturally, since they're the one's competing. Lots of unfamiliar faces, but Elizabeth does catch sight of one she does recognize. Another Ravenclaw. Though the last time she met Andromen she had the impression the older girl didn't quite care for her.

Taking the flask of hot chocolate and the self warming mugs from the basket Medusa plays mother and pours a drink for Andromena and then one for herself. "You're welcome, Andromena." Setting the flask down she reaches under her fur coat to withdrawl a pair of binoculars. "That boy is tiny," she says of Angelus who has taken the pitch. "He's blond too. I wonder if Yaxley will target him because of it." The idea amuses her and she offers the binoculars to Andromena.

Seeing her other bestie on the pitch Fiona bounces up and down, sugar helps with eager bouncing, and makes sure that sign gets waved even though it undoubtedly looks like a tiny speck from where he is.

Musidora finally wanders into the stands, naturally in House robes and Scarf, and settles herself amidst the Ravenclaws with a smile. Instead of her usual ponytail, the brunette's hair is drawn half up with long red and gold curly ribbons in a quiet show of support for Gryffindor. Good! Apparently she's just made it.

Andromena, seated as she was with Slytherins as opposed to those of her own House, has yet to spy Elizabeth. Despite the impression the other girl may have, Andromena had really only looked upon her and wondered if she had been of a similar personality not so long ago. Taking the binoculars, Andromena looks for the boy in question: Angelus. "I've seen him around," she tells Medusa, scanning the field for a moment longer before returning the binoculars to the one all hailed as the Queen of Slytherin.

Medusa sips her hot chocolate and looks the two teams over. "He will be insufferable if we loose," she warns Andromena, fairly certain that she doesn't need to elaborate on who he is. "You will have to console him. He'd like that." Her head turns slightly so that she can look around the stands as the match seems to have not yet properly started.

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Show them lion pride, Niko! Woooo!"

Andromena, having just nibbled on a piece of her cake, frowns. She most certainly is aware of whom Medusa speaks, but rather than bob her head in witless agreement, she gives it a harsh shake. "If you lose," after all, it still isn't her team. "I'm going to make myself scarce. No way I want to become collateral damage when he sets on the war path." Andromena knew the fellow in question well enough at this point that she was more than aware of how he handled losing. Which was not at all. Yet, just as Kimiko is shouting, Andromean leans toward Medusa. "Perhaps I could console him a couple days afterward."

Claire raises a hand to Musidora in more of acknowledgement than greeting. She requires all of her team to attend even the games they are not playing in. There's a small twitch of a frown when she notices the Gryffindor colors, but Claire bites her tongue and scribbles intently in her notes.

Presently finding her search complete in the Ravenclaw stands, Ahnaliese blurts more to herself, "Yay, there you are!" She's just spotted Fiona and, from her present vantage point, what could perhaps be Grace. She hurries the rest of the way over to them. Clapping her gloves together so that it makes a soft noise, she states again, "I found you," and sits down, adjusting her robes and the bunching of her warm, Hufflepuff scarf.

Musidora gives Claire a wave but either ignores or doesn't notice the frown. After all, it's not like she'd be supporting Gryffindor if they were playing Ravenclaw. She just settles in to watch the game with a hint of eagerness.

"Ahna!" Fiona grins at her friend and offers one of their cakes to the Hufflepuff. "We're cheering for Angelus. It's terribly exciting even though not much seems to have happened yet." She small girl tugs her hat more firmy on her head. "I've never seen a real proper match before. Father doesn't much go in for sport. Bookish sort." She shows Ahnaliese their sign with its cakes and sweets and Angelus' name on it. "Grace drew the cakes." Which might be why they are all in primary colours.

On the pitch, Noalan still doesn't know how he ended up as seeker, but, as unhappy as it makes him, he might as well make the best of it. Lan takes it easy at first, circling the edge of the perimeter of the field as he climbs. He ends his leisurely flight on the more sunward side of the field and swings around to put the sun at his back, facing the action. His eyes defocus slightly as he searches for the glint of sun off gold, or the rapidly growing black shape of a Bludger with his name on it.

Elise is here, concentrating very hard on the game. She's sitting directly behind Claire, dressed in the usual uniform and robes, pale little face intent on the pitch.

On the pitch, Alphard Black had put his game face on. It was a cruel mask of intense focus, with a smile that was damn near sociopathic and a look in his eyes that went eager every time his gaze landed on one of the Gryffindors. Niko in particular, if truth be told. Idly his bat swung around and around. It was an old and well charmed piece of wood, battered and cracked and scratched. He launched himself into the game as soon as the beaters were released. He played defensivly well, if not exceptionally so, quite involved.

It was clear that the Slytherin Captain had ordered the Slytherins as a whole to go defensive at the start of the game. Two players, Walthorn and Gresham weren't just being defensive, but downright cautious, and didn't contribute much. Llewellyn was doing quite well, while Lillian was smashing and involved in almost all the Slytherin plays.

"I don't know," says Medusa as if she were disagreeing a little with Andromena. "I think you have him more unsettled than losing the match might be." She sips her hot chocolate as Noalan zips past. "I had forgotten the older Eibon was the seeker now. He's fast, shame about that girl he fancies. Mudblood you know." Behind them the pawns of the Slytherin Queen wave the sign and cheer for Alphard Black.

Cory reach's in his pocket and pulls out a sandwich, he unwraps it and takes a bite as he keeps watching.

On the pitch, Getting picked for the team, even as a reserve, was exciting enough for Josie. Getting called up in the very first match of the season? This has her beyond excited. Her steps are practically bouncy as she steps out onto the field, and she says to Angelus, "Ready!" As soon as the whistle blows, she's off, streaking into the action. Though her broom is an old Comet 140, she's pushing the broom to its limits as she flies around. As the game goes on, Josie is in chasing as a Slytherin chaser takes the Quaffle towards the Gryffindor goal, when suddenly she veers off. On the other side of the field, Lillian is lining up an attack with the bludger, ready to beat it towards Chris as it flies towards her. Josie races in and buzzes Lillian so close the Slytherin's swing misses, saving Chris and allowing him to stop the quaffle uninterrupted.

On the pitch, Angelus mounts his broom and flies up to the starting line up, looking around at the field as he considers. His eyes, narrowing slightly, flick over to the Keeper. For a moment, he freezes, disapprovement heavily on his features. He forgets for a moment of his duty, glancing around, scanning for a certain Slytherin. "Hey! What are you doing wandering around out of the goals, Noah!" And he flies off towards his mark.

"Yay, food," Ahnaliese says, taking the offered cake carefully. She laughs amiably, seeing the sign, and looking it over. "I like it," she says. "It's bright enough that he should even notice." Swallowing a bite, she adds, "I've been to one, but I was very little. My Ma' didn't much like it," she says, smiling, "and then we got poor!" She laughs and looks out over the game, taking it all in intently.

On the pitch, Soleil was playing well, defensively at least, and involved in most of the action for the Slytherin team so far.

And the game starts, Niko is doing his best to direct some strategy back by Chris, while Douglas moves forward taking a more aggressive stance. He has Emerson, pull back to help with defense, the whole thing seems to going swimmingly, their tactics have causes for two scores, tough the Slytherins are a point ahead. Then Llewellyn moves with the Quaffle under his arm, a bludger comes right at Niko, his hand tenses, his knuckles going white as he hits the Bludger, the Bludger shoots out towards Llewellyn, hitting him and knocking him off his Broom, Emerson quickly moving to retrive the Quaffle and scores another point, for Gryffindor, tying the game and taking the other teams Captain out.

Unsettled? Andromena seems to have naught to say about that, sipping her hot chocolate as though nothing were amiss. Was she blushing? Perhaps it was justthe chill in the air! "What girl is that?" She asks Medusa, deciding to overlook the comment concerning Alphard…though she does hope the sign Medusa has had made for him does not go unnoticed.

Kimiko's jaw drops, eyes going wide as saucers, when Niko knocks the opposing Captain off his broom so quickly. She's up on her feet in an instant, waving the sign, which lets out an audible roar!

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Nikoooo! You're the best!"

Elizabeth lifts both of her gloved hands, breathing heavily into them to warm them up as the game begins. Already scores being made. She narrows her pale eyes and leans forward slightly, gaze flickering side to side as she follows the flying brooms and flying colors.

Fiona sips some hot chocolate from her little cup and then offers to share it with Ahnaliese. "Well if you ever want sweets or something just say because it's all I spend my pocket money on so I have loads." She takes a cake for herself and bites into it watching from the top of the Ravenclaw stand as the players zip by. "Oooh that bludger looks big. I was thinking I might like to play. Do you think I could be big enough next year? Do second years get to play?"

Loudly, Medusa says, "Go Alphard, slap some sense into Denholm!"

Alexei is still watching the game in quiet, expression a little thoughtful as he does. He doesn't pay too much attention to the happenings in the stands, though.

As Alphard zips past Medusa raises her voice to cheer for him. A promise is a promise. She then turns to andromena, "Hmm? Oh, Elsie or something, sounds like the name of a cow. She's…she's in your house." The Malfoy girl then lifts her binoculars to her eyes again and looks for a different player. "Looks like Yaxley has her game face on. She is fierce. Plans on being a professional. It'll be interesting to see her up against Kaiden when we play Hufflepuff."

"Claire," Elise says to her Captain. "What are those notes? May I see them?"

Standing with the rest of the students in the Hufflepuff stands, Dean cheers the game, head zipping back and forth trying to take everything in. When Niko knocks the other player off his broom, his jumps and pumps a fist along side his cheer.

On the pitch, Hooch zigs-and zags around on her broom, those golden hawk-like eyes keeping a close eye on everything - as much as possible that is, but Niko knocking the Slytherin Captain off his broom within the first few minutes of the game gets a bit of an eye widening and she throws the flag to call Nurse Spleen and her small gaggle of student aides onto the Pitch to help gather up Llewellyn and cart him off to the infirmary. By the end of the whirlwind Hooch blows on her whistle and announces the Score! "TIED scooore! Gryffinfor: 30 Points! Slytherin: 30 Points! We wish Captain Llewellyn a speedy recovery, he is out of the game! Play on!"

Cory jumps up and cheers for Slytherin. "GO Slytherin! GO"

"Yeah, we can next year," Ahnaliese tells Fiona, setting her cake aside to take the drink, as if this is better. Cupping it between her gloved hands, as if for the warmth it radiates, she takes a sip, and a second better sip. "Wa-arm," she murmurs almost laughingly, letting the steam waft over her face before handing it back to Fiona rather reluctantly. "That's good. And I was thinking about it playing too," she admits, glancing back and watching as the bludgers are knocked about. "Those bludgers will murder us though," she adds.

Naturally, Andromena follows suit, and cheers for Alphard as is appropriate. "Oh," she mutters. "Her." She knows of the girl Medusa is referring to, but cannot say they've ever really talked much over the years. Andromena gives something of a cringe when Llewellyn is carted off to the infirmary. The notion of being knocked off a broom just doesn't appeal to her. "I can't say I've ever really followed the game much before now." Admitted to Medusa with a faint shrug.

On the pitch, So Llewllyn was out of the game, and the Slytherins were down one man this early in the game. Alphard fixed on Niko with a hateful glare. Then he called his Slytherins to him, immediately making himself the new chief of the field, even if there technically were two Slytherin Vice Captains. Whatever! With crisp commands he directed his minions!

On the pitch, Angelus shoots a grin briefly at Walthorn as he hovers close to his mark, ready to intercept passes. "Hey, Pierce." Angelus keeps an eye on the game, a flash of surprise as he catches Noalan's look-alike falling off his broom. "Wow, Denholm," he calls out to his fellow teammate.

Everytime a team scores, regardless which one, Elizabeth claps politely. The sound drowned out beneath the exuberant cheers and jeers from the rest of the stands. At least she joins in, in her own way. The braid on her shoulder shifts subtly on her shoulder as she glances back at the people around her.

On the pitch, Noalan just rolls his eyes at Angelus on his way past, not exactly happy himself so not up to mincing words with him. He winces at the catastrophic hit on Llewellyn. Not an auspicious start of the year for the new captain. He can't help but flash back to his previous year as seeker. Noalan floats a few feet higher, wary of the beater more than ever.

On the pitch, Niko keeps his hand firmly on his Cleansweep Two, his beat up club in his other hand. He offers Chris a small nod, after knocking the other Teams Captain off his broom, Chris offers Niko a few hand gestures and Niko nods slowly, moving to relay the messages of adjusting strategies to a few players, he notices Alphard's glare and offers him a wink, yelling, hoping his teammates join in, "Red and Gold!", which Douglas, Emerson and Chris do indeed yell it back.

"We just have to be zippy fast," Fiona tells Ahnaliese. "Oh here." She lifts the blanket her and the mop-haired blonde on the other side of her are using and offers to let Ahnaliese sit under it too. The three first years are plenty small enough. "Zip. Zip. Zippy." Fiona giggles. She really has had a lot of sugar, but it matters not for there is cake to be eaten. "Look at Gel, he's little and he does alright."

Claire reflexively flips the page over, nevermind there's only fellow Ravenclaws about, and hardly any of them could read her handwriting without transfiguring themselves into an actual eagle. Half turning, keeping one eye always on the game she says over her shoulder, "Team meeting after the game. We'll go over them together and brainstorm our strategy for when we play them."

"Alright," Elise replies, and sits back down. "Who are you hoping will win?" she asks curiously. She hasn't cheered for either team, yet.

On the pitch, "They're cocky and over confident, like all bloody Gryffindors. Let's show them that even down one player, we can still fight tooth and nail for this damn victory." Hissed and growled. Honestly Alphard wasn't exactly the most inspirational of figures, but he did have one thing going for him: Bottomless confidence. Even now his back was straight and his head held high, because obviously his opponents were beneath him, even if they now had the advantage.

Medusa hmmms and sips her hot chocolate, "Yes her. If he's not careful he'll end up losing everything. Or end up where Abbott is." Her smile beneath the binoculars is decidedly cruel before it fades away as her attention hones in on the chatting teams. "We need more reservists. Maybe I should encourage my cousin to play. He likes crushing those he considers beneath him which would be everyone." Her hand lowers the binoculars and she looks at Andromena. "Feel free to tell them to wave the sign more energetically if you feel they are slacking."

On the pitch, Josie is still grinning as she flies back around to rejoin formation, and does join in Niko's call, "Red and Gold!"

"Don't let you're guard down," Angelus raises his voice. He only has time to gesture briefly before he's streaking off to stick close to Walthorn, keeping him checked.

"Zip. Zip. Zippy!" Ahnaliese giggles in turn. Retrieving her cake she scoots under the blanket and says, "I was looking for him, but I didn't see him yet; I wasn't trying very hard though. And then I missed what happened to that Slytherin player too. I'm bad at watching this, maybe, when there's hot chocolate around." She tries to keep her attention more on the game and continues searching for Angelus Eibon, and takes another bite of cake.

Kimiko joins in the chanting from the Gryffindor team, waving to her housemates (and anyone else supporting the lions) to raise the call.

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Red and Gold! Red and Gold! Red and Gold! Red and Gold!"

Cory grunts a little as the Gryffindor chanting. "Bah."

Andromena nods, frowning ever-so-faintly at the thought of Abbott and her current residence. She had been about to tell Medusa about how her brother was thinking of joining himself, but then she recalled he was a Ravenclaw and that would do no good for Slytherin in any event. Another look to the pressganged cheerleaders. They seemed peppy enough for her, but…"Why don't you two try bouncing a little bit more, hm? You have to call all the attention you can to our sign." Like she had absolutely anything to do with its creation.

Fiona offers the hot chocolate to Ahnaliese again. "He's easy to miss because he's the tiniest." Thankfully the poor Gryffindor can't hear this or his ego might shrink. She licks frosting from her fingers after eating the last bite of her cake. "When everybody is in Hogsmeade next weekend maybe we can practice flying? You have to be a good flyer to get on the team." Or so she thinks anyway.

On the pitch, Alphard's grim-but-stately features lifted from the field while he waited for the game to properly get under way again properly. His eyes scanned the stands, and he seemed to be looking for someone or something in particular.

When Angelus ends up intercepting a nice pass from Slytherin, he doesn't keep the Quaffle for long. He calls out to one of his Chasers and lobs it off.

Medusa nudges Andromena, "Go on, cheer for him." She hands the binoculars to the Ravenclaw girl sat next to her. "You two are cute, I like watching you dance around one another. So much more wholesome and genuine than most things I see." The bouncing cheer squad behind them gets a fleeting glance of approval before the Malfoy girl finishes off her hot chocolate.

On the pitch, Chris and Niko continue to exchange a few hand signals which Niko relays to a couple more Gryffindors on the field. All along watching and keeping the Bludgers away from the chasers as Douglas falls back towards the defensive side, to watch cover Chris, Emerson takes the Quaffle as Angelus passes it over to him.

"Oh, he is? I was already watching him then," Ahnaliese admits after finishing her last bit of cake. "I thought he'd," she begins, but trails off, extending her hands beside the blanket to brush the moist cake crumbs off. "Hold on," she tells Fiona, taking her gloves off before taking the hot chocolate again. "This is better," she says, smiling once again as she becomes absorbed with the warmth. "This is why my favorite spell is the Drying Spell. It's so warm."

Loudly, Andromena cheers for Alphard from where she sits beside Medusa, behind her a big sign with his name on it being waved about by some very bouncy girls.

"Dance around?" Andromena repeats after Medusa, cheeks flushed. Belatedly, she takes the binoculars and peers through them, attempting to draw her features into a resolute mask. She fails, of course. "He can be decent…when he wants." Andromena eventually allows.

Fiona bobs her little head making the bobble on her hat bob too. "It is. I also like the one my mum has done on my skirts so they don't flip up when I'm climbing. I don't know how to do that one myself yet but it is very useful." She claps her mitten covered hands together creating that sort of echoy clap one gets when wearing mittens. "Go Gryffindor!" She lifts up the little sign and waves it a few times before setting it down again. Fiona is clearly a part-time cheerleader, likely because her arms are only widdle.

"Yum. Yum!" Ahnaliese says, finishing off the hot chocolate. "It's all gone," she adds, glancing aside at Finoa apologetically, or maybe disappointedly. Smiling suddenly she sets the cup aside she grabs her gloves. Holding them both with a hand, she reaches up and bats the bob atop Fiona's hat around. She laughs a little. "I like your hat," she says. "It looks warm, and it's fun."

Medusa looks at Andromena and just smiles, not saying a word. Her attention drifts back to the game and she muses, "I suppose I should cheer for Douglas a little. He isn't the mopey type, however so maybe I can get away with not doing it." The seventh year weighs up her options as the trio of girls sat behind her and Andromena wave the sign madly.

"How could I console that?" Andromena at last asks Medusa, her tone a mixture of exasperation and quiet defeat. Mopey. Now there was a word for it, though Andromena herself would never say it within earshot. "And a cheer or two for him couldn't hurt," quickly offered when Medusa ponders the question aloud.

On the pitch, Those first few minutes of the game were tiring, so Josie now pulls back a little, catching her breath and hanging back to be in a position to help without racing out to be at the front.

Giggling Fiona tilts her head so that Ahnaliese can play with the bobble on her hat. "I can show you how to make a bobble. They're dead simple if you have the wool. I can't knit but I can make bobbles." She wobbles her bobble as she looks up at the play going on overhead. "How long are these matches?"

On the pitch, Angelus zips through the air, weaving around, keeping with his check for the most part. Except when he does a dive for the Quaffle. But he stops short when it's snatched by another, and he offers a grin and words of encouragement. "Go!" Angelus steals a glance at the stands, lifting his hand up to wave when he catches a friend or family. And then…back to flying.

On the pitch, Alphard continued to play well, if not absolutely brilliantly as the game went on. He was involved with most of the Slytherin action, throwing beaters at the Gryffindors, screening his own Chasers. There was none of the defensive play from earlier; Black was playing with pure aggression. The fact that the Slytherins were down one player seemed to have given them a jolt, becaues Alphard wasn't the only one playing hard and rough. Lillian was there with him, too. The only one who wasn't dashing forward was Walthorn, who was still playing extremely cautious.

On the pitch, And Soleil. Soleil remained defensive, but decisive in her game plan. Involved, scoring, generally getting things done.

On the pitch, Niko nods to Chris as they have everyone pull back this round, still holding his club in his hands. He offers a few more hand signals to a few more players nodding to Chris preparing for the on coming. As he flies, he does notice Kimiko in the stands offering her a warm smile and wink, since his family was not able to make it. Before returning back to smacking away the Bludgers as they come flying, pulling back a bit and covering the chasers.

Loudly, Medusa says, "Come on Macmillan, give it some welly!"

Taking the advice offered by Andromena, Medusa cups her hands around her mouth and shouts skyward. "Once is likely enough otherwise Alphard will never let me hear the end of it let alone you." She busies herself with brushing any cake crumbs off the velvet blanket, using it as a way to hide her blush until it fades. "So you two should go do something nice next weekend. Maybe have a picnic," she tells the other girl.

Kimiko catches the wink from Niko, and squeeeeals! It just fuels her team spirit, and she bounces excitedly, waving arms and sign in the air.

When next Niko seems to look her way, Kimiko blows him a kiss. "For luck!"

While playing with Fiona's bobble still, Ahnaliese happens to glance across Angelus' waving by chance. "He's waving!" she blurts, offering a little wave back herself, despite knowing she's not the object of the gesture. It makes her stop playing with Fiona's bobble at least, and she watches him zip off as she tucks her hands back within her gloves.

Sheesh. Black really had his foot upon the necks of many if even the Gorgon is checking who she cheers for. The last of Andromena's hot chocolate is drained and the mug set aside before she too brushed aside any crumbs that erranty dotted the blanket. "That might be nice," Andromena says to Medusa, expression thoughtful. It wasn't the best season for picnics, sure, but there were worse things one could do.

On the pitch, And we have Gresham… Gresham, Gresham.. yes, G-Resh. The G-man. Mister Keeper. Doesn't really do much at all, just sends the quaffle back into play as quickly as possible to give the opposing team less chance to react. Catch, release, catch, release.. well-oiled machine, yes. An aggressive, well-oiled machine.

"Was he?" Fiona clearly missed it but then she shrugs it off. "I'm sure he can't see me that well anyway. I'll just say I saw it. He's hard to spot. I should get binoculars for next time." Just to be on the safe side she hefts the colourful little sign and waves it around a bit. "You can wear my hat if you want," she says to Ahnaliese, clearly never having had a fear of magical head lice. Though Ahna looks a tidy enough sort in any case.

On the pitch, Maybe seeker isn't so bad. Noalan feels more like a spectator in this than anything. It appears the loss of the team captain has really motivated the team. Lan has to keep from applauding at the Slytherins overcome being down a man.

On the pitch, Angelus job is to keep the Quaffle out of Walthorn's hands. Whether it's to catch one thrown at him, or to steal it away, he's there. So he keeps on his tail, following him if he has to chase after.

"Hot chocolate, some sandwiches, cakes…I have a charmed umbrella I can lend you." Okay, sure it really belongs to Thaddeus but Medusa has possession of it still so she can lend it to Andromena. "Winter picnics can be good fun and there won't be dozens of other people there picnicking, which can be annoying." She reaches up and adjusts her plaid flat cap, making sure the tops of her ears are warm.

Musidora has tugged the ribbons out of her hair and tucked them away for whatever reason. Change of heart, perhaps? As she scoots forward on her seat, eyes are now shrewdly trying to study the match, their usual dream-state quality absent.

"No, only you get to wear it right now," Ahnaliese says to Fiona, smiling quirkily as she does but keeping her eyes on the game this time, "but yeah, you can show me how to make a bobble!" Kicking her legs back and forth she replies to Fiona's prior question, "The seekers, the ones that don't really look like they're doing anything most of the time, they end the game. By the way," she adds, looking aside at Fiona again, "do you know the Eibon girl in our year very well? I see her around but I never talk to her."

Lots of people could very well be annoying, no matter where one was. "I'm just trying to picture him seated beneath a tree with a basket…" No, she wasnt day dreaming, Andromena really was trying to imagine it. Surely Alphard wasn't that sour a guy that he would decline food. All guys liked food. Looking toward Medusa, Andromena flashed a quick smile. "If we do go," big if. "The umbrella would be grand."

Since Ahnaliese doesn't want to wear her hat Fiona is happy to keep it on. She digs some sweets out of her pocket and holds them out in her mitten covered hand. "Want one? Eibon? Oh Megan? She's Gel's little sister." With her other hand she points up to the Slytherin seeker or tries to but Noalan sort of zips around a bit. "That's their brother but I don't think Angelus likes him much. Meg's nice."

Medusa smiles, looking pleased with herself at the idea. "He does eat a lot," she tells Andromena, uncertain if the girl has had the pleasure of sitting next to Alphard during a mealtime. "And he likes your company. If he didn't he wouldn't seek you out. He's rather simplistic in that sense. You are either worth his notice or beneath it, there aren't shades of grey with him. Fitting since he's a Black." She lifts her binoculars to her eyes again and looks up, watching the game. "It seems to be a rather tame match, aside from Blishwick."

On the pitch, Alphard probably would have gone for Niko if Niko had been close enough, but it was Douglas who just happened to be there when Alphard saw his opportunity. With a massive WHOMP he used to his bat to send the beater that would've gone towards Soleil as the Slytherins worked towards a slick bit of play, straight at Douglas instead. Crack. It might not be as powerful a blow as the one that Niko had used on Lllewellyn, but that didn't mean it wasn't going to bruise like hell none the less. He smirked, tipping his head in Douglas' direction on the fly-by, before continuing on with his romp through the Gryffindor team.

"Thanks," Ahnaliese says, taking one of the sweets from Fiona's mitten. She doesn't deposit it into her mouth right away, and fumbles with it in her gloved hands. To the rest she nods, eyes locked on the bludger-work. "What position would you play if you make your team?" she asks, glancing for a briefest moment at Fiona.

Andromena had to agree with Medusa on that front. Alphard did not exactly mince words. Which…point to him? Not everybody said want they really wanted. And with Black, one pretty much knew where they stood with him. Which was to say, Alphard either considered you fortunate enough to enter his good graces, or you were less than the ground on which he walked. "Oh," Andromena uttered when Douglas found himself on the wrong end of a beater. In her head, she could just imagine the sound of the impact. "That wasn't…you know…" As Andromena hadn't the binoculars at that moment, she was forced to ask Medusa to give confirmation.

Fiona transfers one sweet to her other hand and pockets the others. Unwrapping sweets with mittens is tricky but with the help of her teeth the small Ravenclaw manages and grins triumphantly when the pear drop is in her mouth. "I don't rightly know," she admits to Ahnaliese. "Chaser maybe since I'm small. I'd have to be fast though." She winces as that crack sound is audible even to the audience. "Ouch. At least he didn't fall like that other boy. That must be embarrassing, do you think?"

Levi wonders into the stands it seems he'd been much delayed but he cannot help but at least catch some of it or perhaps study the other teams or both. He moves carefully not to bump into anyone but sits lightly down where he can find a space that is. He settles down checking the score and listening to the commentary too he's able to pick up on things.

On the pitch, Noalan 's owl eyed searching catches a momentary glitter of something gold below. Trying not to blink, Lan goes haring off after it. Seconds later he's in amongst the regular play. Moving through the frantic game play, he's forced to dodge around a Gryffindor Chaser and the glimmer is gone. Frustrated, he searches the vicinity, certain it must be around here somewhere. If only the game was against Ravenclaw. Gryffindor Gold does not help his searching, and Hufflepuff yellow isn't much better.

On the pitch, Alphard had cracked EMERSON. And not Douglas. Even if that would've been more satisfying.

On the pitch, Douglas gets mistaken for a lot of people these days.

"No, it was that fifth year. Emerson." Medusa offers Andromena the binoculars for a while. "Excellent hit from Alphard, however. Well played." She even raises her voice to say so to her housemate and friend. "There is a simplistic beauty in how he treats people the way he does. Mind you it makes grovelling to please him all the more irksome when it must be done." Thankfully she has only ever had to do it once and that was by letter.

Loudly, Medusa says, "Well played Alphard! Excellent hit!"

Angelus turns his broom sharply to stop suddenly, spying the Quaffle in Gryffindor's position. "Davies!" he calls out, sweeping his broom away from his check so that he's more open. Whoosh! He catches it smoothly, offering a beaming smile and a, "Brilliant!" He takes off, zooming off towards the opposing hoops, swaying to avoid the grabby hands of one of the Slytherins Chasers. On his way to the hoops, he passes by Noalan, and a smug smile flicks against his lips. "Careful," he murmurs, veering his broom slightly to clip his shoulder against his brother's, attempting to send him off course a touch. And onward to the hoops! Eyeing Gresham by the goals, he aims, hurls it straight for the furthest hoop. As it rolls through, Angelus pumps his fist in the air, turns a look towards the stands to make a flourishing, proud gesture towards the stands.

"Yeah," Ahnaliese agrees with Fiona a little absently, nodding too. Her eyes are distant, as if this plunges her into a moment of thought. "Yeah," she says again, still a bit absently. "And I was thinking I'd be okay at Chaser too, or Seeker, since I'm observant. But that'd be boring. Maybe Keeper!" she blurts, as if this idea is new. "I like to hang back and watch, but I think Keeper would make me nervous." She swallows, watching Angelus, or someone -it's hard to tell for her- put one through the hoops. "But I bet I could do it."

Loudly, Andromena says, "Good shot, Alphard!"

On the pitch, Hooch looks as giddy as if it were Christmas! "Well played!" She calls generally, always neutral. The whistle blows again to mark the announcement of the scores: "Still Tied Score! Marvelous Sportsmanship on both teams part! Gryffindor: 50 Points! Slytherin: 50 Points! Proceed!"

Because she has to cheer, even if she personally would rather not flail about like a fool. Come on, Andromena is still a reserved girl who really would rather be reading. At least she's actually having fun. To Medusa, "I've yet to endure such a…unique experience." Regarding the grovelling. The binoculars went up, following this player or that. "Still tied, huh." One of the Slytherin girls beside her groaned, however, adding her opinion. "One time he wasn't satisfied until I cried." Nose crinkled, Andromena didn't reply to the nameless face.

"I bet you could," Fiona says to Ahnaliese, always one to support a friend even with a crazy endeavour like being a second year keeper. "We'll practice ever Hogsmeade weekend and when it's not a Hogsmeade weekend we'll have our club meetings." She swaps her sweet from one side of her mouth to the other and cheers as the points are scored and announced, doing more of that odd muffled, echoy clap.

Medusa sniggers when the girl pipes up. She fishes a bag of mint humbugs from a pocket and offers them to Andromena after taking one for herself. "I've got to sit through another one of these soon," she mutters. "I'm going to get a much better cushion for next time." Sensing that the cheer squad are flagging she snaps at them, "Wake up! It is only a bit of cold. Jump up and down, stomp your feet." The girls leap up to do her bidding although the Hufflepuff one does lean over to whisper to Medusa. "Yes, yes," she says irritatedly. "Shafiq will be in the library later." Somehow she just has to get him there.

"Maybe I'll have to be in the Broom Club next year," Ahnaliese says, "since every bit of movement control would help in being a Keeper, I bet. It's all reflexes and reactive." Ahnaliese pauses her inconsequential talk, peering past the game in lost thought. "But I don't want to give up the Domestics Club," she mumbles to herself, "and Duelling Club and Athletics Club are both fun too."

"Ugh, yeah," says Andromena to Medusa, fidgeting as if attempting to make herself more comfortable. An impossible task on these benches. Having overheard Medusa's annoyed snap at the Hufflepuff, the Ravenclaw turns to their cheer-squad, voice sugary sweet. "Just think, it's not only Alphard your cheering, it's Slytherin - Shafiq. I heard he really appreciates team spirit." The flirt, he surely would not mind if Andromena aided in sending a girl his way, right? Whether or not she believed what she said was a matter of debate. After all, only Alphard's name was on that sign, and that was whom she came to cheer.

Levi winces slightly at the play which goes on all the same he does seem rather interested in what's going on even if his team isn't out there. "Hm, some good flying." he says though maybe not intentionally outloud, it is all the same. The Hufflepuff sits back still watching back and forth as things continue.

On the pitch, Hooch blows her whistle again, "Neck and neck still! Amazing! Gryffindor: 70 Points! Slytherin: 70 Points!"

Oh, and Andromena does take a mint!

On the pitch, Alphard and Soleil had conversed on tactics after the last romp. It shifted once more towards a very cautious style of play, saving energy while playing to their strengts. Alphard was once more in the thick of it with the Slytherins, as was Soleil and Lillian. They were still matching the Gryffindors even one man down!

"Well I am in the Broom Club," offers Fiona. "It isn't like we learn spells so I can help you learn to fly better," she says to Ahnaliese. "We could set up drills on the ground, practice spotting difficult to find things like shiny coins or marbles or shiny things." When there score is announced again she waves her little sign briefly while trying to spot her friend in the air.

On the pitch, Angelus maneuvers his broom around, his royal blue eyes searching the field, and he flies, stretching out a hand to knock the Quaffle from the hands of a Chaser. "Ramsay!" he calls just before he lobs it off towards him.

Tied a third time now. And if feels as if everyone's on the edge of their seats. Well, with the exception of Elizabeth. She calmly watches not just the game in progress, but the strategies being used. Or the frantic flying. Either or. She blinks lightly as she shifts her gaze beside her, glancing over the stands again.

"That sounds fun. We should also just have lots of fun on the brooms," Ahnaliese says, smiling easily. She glove-claps when she spots who she thinks is Angelus stealing the quaffle. "That was a good move," she interjects before continuing with, "We should do racing, like Leader-Blocks-the-Chasers style, so it doesn't matter how fast your broom is, and Broom Jousting, the safe kind, really close to the ground so you can't get hurt bad."

"Nicely done, Andromena," compliments Medusa as she grins at the other girl. She looks up as the teams seem to regroup after Madam Hooch announces the scores. "Nicely done indeed." Medusa bites down on her mint crunching it between her teeth and grins, clearly amused by the turn of events.

On the pitch, Angelus sweeps back, taking a more cautious approach, staying close to Walthorn. "Exciting game, isn't it, Pierce," he comments, beaming delightfully.

On the pitch, Douglas zooms around. Does stuff. Yay quidditch. For the benefit of the audience. Admittedly most of that stuff is occasionally smacking a bludger around, and then trying to look cool. Riding that broom like the Fonz.

On the pitch, Niko continues to fly around and bat away Bludgers, still exchanging strategy via hand signals with Chris and relaying them to the Team.

On the pitch, Josie, too, slows way down trying to play more cautiously. Playing that slow, though, she gets distracted easily, spending a split second too long looking for familiar faces in the audience that she misses a chance to intercept the quaffle. Speeding up a little, she tries to rejoin the formation.

When Ahnaliese outlines their broomflying routine Fiona nods, her bobble hat bobbing. "I think that sounds like a good idea. Fun too. Maybe we can get Grace to randomly pop up like a sort of leap frog and we have to avoid her. She is pretty tall when she stands up straight." The blonde girl is given a side long glance but seems to have fallen asleep sucking her thumb. Being kind Fiona pretends to see nothing and fixes the girl's hat to hide it then looks back at Ahnaliese. "Isn't there a Hufflepuff game soon?"

On the pitch, Alphard zoomed around like a champion, shielding his Chasers and smacking ihs bludgers whenever he saw an oppertunity to foil the other teams' attempts to score. He was just about everywhere, fired up and with a manical expression on his face. DAMN IT IF HE WAS GOING TO LOSE JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE ONE MAN DOWN!!! That meant of course that he played somewhat cautious. He wasn't the only one; except for Lillian the whole team was working together. For a while there they were even pushing ahead! But would it last? It hadn't the other times.

On the pitch, "Not a bad one Eibon." Walthorn says smirking a little bit, looking at Angelus. He's just trying to work things out right now.

That was Andromena Rowle, always happy to help. Her own mint is moved this way and that about her mouth with her tongue, as if to distribute its flavor throughout. The game, tied for a third time, was proving to be interesting if only because she could not determine an obvious winner. Who wants to watch someone get utterly trounced? No, don't answer that. "You have to give it to them," Slytherin. "They're doing pretty good for being down a player." Said to Medusa.

On the pitch, Alphard thought he had Colton dead to rights. Everything seemed to align. He drew back his bat, he twirled it around, and then he SMACKED that bludger straight for Colton's face. Unfortunately the ball whirrled past the devil barely, just enough to distract Colton at a critical moment rather than bash him all to the hell and away. "DAMMIT!" He roared in frsutration. That had been such a great oppertunity to even the playing field, he coudln't take any real pleasure in just messing up Colton's play.

Medusa reaches up to adjust her colourful plaid flat cap and nods in agreement with Andromena. "They are, but just in case be prepared for any consoling. I'd suggest snogging but I think you're more refined than my cousin." Speaking of Beatrice, Medusa leans forward slightly to scan the stands for her before sitting back again in time to see Alphard's budger miss the dirty gypsy kid. "Awww," she choruses with several other Slytherin supporters.

Ahnaliese cannot help but laugh with Fiona's suggestion. "That sounds like fun," she says amidst her laughter, absently undoing the wrapper to her candy. "Just so long as we don't hit her! That would be really bad, unless she was trying to knock us off our brooms." Nodding as she puts the lemon-lime candy in her mouth she says, "And yeah, I think so. I think our game is soon, but I don't remember when it's supposed to be."

On the pitch, Angelus flies when he catches the opportunity to snag the Quaffle. He dives fast, scooping it up and as he tucks it under an arm, he zips off towards the hoops swiftly. He weaves at the last moment, away from where Gresham keeps his guard. He hurls the Quaffle, and as it passes through the hoops, gives a whoop of triumphant. He whirls back quickly and lunges to intercept the Keeper's throw, dodging around and aiming another throw straight for the hoops as it sails straight through the middle. "That's a Star like me handles that!" YEEEA!

For claiming not to believe in violence, Andromena looks rather disappointed that Alphard has missed his mark. It's…it's just that she got into the game, yeah. If the other boy had really been hit she likely would have gasped her mollification. "Hm?" Andromena makes the sound before another emerges from the back of her throat. Right. Beatrice is Medusa's cousin. "Too true," she agrees with the older girl. She is more refined. "Besides, enjoy my company or no, we're still just friends. He's hardly on the level of snogging for comfort." Sniff. Despite what may have occurred between them, Andromena wasn't about to just throw herself at Black.

"She could do that, like be a beater or something," muses Fiona. "Grace is big." Which is a nice way of saying fat. This time she happens to be looking up as Angelus scores. She grabs her sign and waves it madly then grins at Ahnaliese, "I bet Gel would help too. He likes to be a know-it-all. We can just smile and nod and learn all this tricks so we can beat him."

Ahnaliese leans forward as Fiona says this about Grace, as if she expects a reaction- from that side of her; there is certainly a reaction, but it seems to be more about the play Ahnaliese misses.

"That sounds like a brilliant idea," Ahnaliese says, looking after what she's missed. "I bet he would, and it'd be pretty easy. And like you said, he's small; so he might have tips on that part too, or playing more evasively." She looks over her shoulder, surveying all that which is behind her briefly.

Medusa briefly glances at Andromena out of the corner of her eye, "He got tired of her always mindlessly agreeing with him. She does that, it's how she is." So clearly snogging isn't everything. "A good chocolate bar wouldn't go remiss. Nice chocolate. Ask those pirate kids if they have one to barter." She pulls a face when Gryffindor score again. "If we lose I will have to put up with both moping and bragging so I am hoping we win because then all I get is bragging."

Eventually it gets too cold for Elizabeth. Or rather, she's too small and not enough body heat. The game is probably going to be over soon in any case, and no one would miss her. Pulling her robes a little tighter, she exhales a breath and dips her chin under her scarf as she rises to her feet, gloved hands brushing invisible dust off of her as she gives the stands one last look around. Then, she departs. Time for some hot chocolate.

"Sorry to hear that," Andromena says to Medusa in a sympathetic voice. She could only imagine would it would be like to suffer that all at once, and decides after only a scant few moments that it would be miserable. As for Beatrice…"He never really talks about her." He never really talked about anybody aside from himself, come to think. "I sort of heard about all that through the grapevine." Oh how they said she had cried. Was it truth? If so, then Andromena almost had to pity the girl.

Cory starts to shiver some, he stands up and begins to leave the stand to warn up near the common room fire, he will learn who won later.

On the pitch, Hooch must dodge a Bludger herself, "Zealous effor Mr. Black!" The whistle is once more lifted to her lips and she gives it a ring before her voice rings out the scores, "Gryffindor pulls into the lead with: 100 Points! Slytherin close behind with: 90 Points!"

On the pitch, Colton spotted the snitch! The chase is on.

Medusa uses her binoculars to spot her cousin over in the Ravenclaw stands canoodling with a boy. She hands them off to Andromena and points, "As you can see Beatrice didn't take long to get over it. In fact, she was over it about ten minutes later when Selwyn asked her to the dance. But don't tell Alphard, I think he likes to imagine she pined for him for at least a day or two." Her lips twitch with amusement only for that amusement to fade when Colton seems to start moving. Raising her voice she calls out to her team, encouraging in her special Medusa way.

Loudly, Medusa says, "Pull your thumbs out Slytherin and somebody besides Alphard do something useful up there!"

Kimiko screams with wild excitement when Colton sudden makes a dash for teh Snitch! She's on her feet, punching the air and shouting her encouragement.

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Goooo Colton! You've got it!"

Andromena, with the help of the binoculars, spies the aforementioned canoodling Nott. "She moves quick, doesn't she?" Andromena is unable to keep herself from asking Medusa. Then she makes a quick cross over the area of her heart. "I won't tell him, you can count on that." Because really, why would you want to? Then she spies the same thing Medusa has, and she gives a groan. "That Saito couldn't be more exciteable…" Having seen the girl from where she sits. "See that's how a proper cheer is done." Rather snapped at their "volunteer" team-Alphard girls. She might have said something about Shafiq being disappointed, but didn't want the Hufflepuff reduced to tears.

Fiona bounces in her chair as it looks like Gryffindor might win. She waves her sign a little too eagerly and almost beans poor Ahnaliese with it. "Sorry!" She giggles, clearly finding it a bit funny too. "Come on Lions!" As a side comment she queries, "What kind of mascot is a badger? They bite cows and are usually found dead on the sides of roads where I come from. Not much noble about them."

On the pitch, Medusa had demanded more of the troops, and they swept into motion with aggressive abandon. The fact that the Gryffindors played downright Reckless probably helped, too! As he had the whole game, Alphard was ontop of things. Always there with his bat to smack a bludger away from the Chasers he was protecting. Though Lillian, who had faded completely earlier, was now back with a vengeance, too, playing even better! And Soleil was on a warpath when it came to scoring, helped by her two beaters' screening. Greham meanwhile kept protecting his hoops like his life depended on it.

Ahnaliese aids Fiona in not beaning her by leaning a little aside. "It's okay," she laughs, watching Fiona briefly. "I have lots of hair, so it wouldn't have hurt too bad." Smirking, she adds, "Actually, I just have a really big brain."

"And I don't know. They bite cows? Oh, and don't forget badgers are kind of ugly. The only thing they have going for them is black-and-white; but somehow they even make that ugly."

The little Slytherin-Hufflepuff pep squad behind Medusa and Andromena jump to their feet again and wave the sign shouting, "Gooo Alphard! Gooo Slytherin!" They even are inspired to do some hissing sounds in between cheers and sign waving. It appears to be working, or maybe those darn Slytherins just like doing what the Malfoy girl says. "That looks better. The team needs to have words with Lillian about keeping her head in the match." She frowns and looks for Noalan. "Is our seeker even doing anything?" Her question is more rhetorical than for Andromena, but answers are always accepted, especially as the Ravenclaw has the binoculars.

Oh snap, that's right. She does. As Andromena does not find Noalan right away, she passes them back to Medusa with a shrug. "Yeah, I'm not sure what was up with that girl." Lillian.

On the pitch, With the rest of the team, Angelus rushes in on Slytherin recklessly, but he can't get his hands on the Quaffle. He swerves, frowning as he concentrates on the game, shooting a look around at his team. He calls out an order to Josie, but with a glance towards the Seekers, Angelus whirls away from the action of the Chasers, veering off straight for Noalan! Head on, he zooms straight for him, and as he passes he sticks out a foot to kick him off course.

"Yep," says Fiona with a firm nod as she explains to Ahnaliese. "They bite cows and spread this disease. There are muggle farmers who live on the other side of our lough and they're always moaning about it. We have a squib maid who goes to the shops for us. She knows all kind of gossip." The Ravenclaw pauses to consider the attractiveness of badgers and concurs, "They are ugly, you're right. At least some snakes are pretty. A badger is never going to be pretty." Tired of holding up her arms the sign comes down again.

On the pitch, Noalan really wants this all to end, it's only a matter of time before someone takes a shot at him. His peripheral vision stretches into little more than a wild blur as he pushes his broom to its limits, recklessly cutting through play in a way that has his heart in his throat and nose tingling with expected collisions. Even with all that, he barely is able to keep up with the snitch. A blur of red and sudden jolt sends him skidding off to one side. No time to find out if the strike was purposeful or accidental, but, given the size, he expects it was Angelus. Luck seems to be on his side; though, as the skid is in the direction the Snitch turns and a final desperate burst of speed and grab has the golden ball in his hand. So as not to be blown off his broom, Lan waits for his speed to drop before lifting the snitch over his head in victory.

On the pitch, Niko has been beating away Bludgers from the chasers, it has been a really close game, it seems almost neck and neck. It has been a really good game, but then Noalan gets the snitch, his eyes move across the Slytherin seeker and he pulls his broom to a halt, his hands moving to clap, that warm smile on his face and his club tucked under his arm, "Good game!" he exclaims.

Medusa watches the play through the lenses of her binoculars. "I wonder if one can write plays but not actually play. I wouldn't want to be filthy or sweaty but the tactical applications are intriguing." She frowns when she sees Angelus try and kick his brother. "That brat needs a stern talking to," she mutters but likely will forget about it as it looks as if her house has won. "We won!" She hands the binoculars off to Andromena so the other girl can see. "Thank fu-dge for that."

Standing, Musidora dusts her robes off and heads out, milling in the waiting throng to leave the stands and go…well. Somewhere. Else.

On the pitch, "That was.. brilliant!" Alphard declared as they first clawed themselves even with the Gryffindors through grit and tough play despite being a man down, then Noalan managed to snatch the victory. "We won. Hah..hahaHA!" It took him a second to properly drink in the full glory of that statement. "I never doubted for a second!" Even if it had looked pretty touch-and-go for a long while there. For once he didn't even bother to gloat; there was no smug look of victory cast towards his opponents. Instead he went straight to Soleil, and crushed a hug on her. Then to Lillian, to crush one on her, too! And shoulder pats all around for the boys! "Go Slytherin! You definetly came through for us, Noalan! Glad you weren't just sitting around up there enjoying the view!"

On the pitch, Hooch blows on a very special Golden Snitch Whistle this time. A hole in the whistle etched with a snake is covered and when the whistle sounds green fireworks triumphantly blast from the tops of the Slytherin Stands. "Slytherin Wins!" She cries out but then points at Angelus with a red flag in her hand. "Foul on Mr. Eibon! 10 points removed from Gryffindor's Score and House Points!" All of her giddy happiness is straight out the window and the upmost look of disappointment is cast on Angelus."

On the pitch, Josie dives into the action, following Angelus' order and sweeping towards a position to catch the Quaffle. But then there's the cheering and she blinks, looking back to see Noalan with the Snitch. Her shoulders slump a bit, obviously disappointed, but flies down to land. She blinks, looking towards Angelus, though, as his foul is announced.

"Hmm," Ahnaliese muses, considering everything Fiona has said about badgers even as the Golden Snitch Whistle is blown and fireworks shoot up. Whatever long-winded thing she might have been about to confess or mention is presently forgotten, and her eyes shift to the Slytherin section to watch the green brilliance.

Fiona shrugs when the Gryffindors lose. "Oh well. C'mon, I'm cold." She nudges the slumbering blonde mop next to her and gathers up their things. "Thanks for sitting with us, Ahna. I'm going to go in in case he starts crying, that'd be embarrassing." There is nothing Fiona hates more than cry baby boys, well maybe brother-stealing-muggle-hussies, but those cry baby boys come a close second.

Kimiko's cheerfulness subsides for only a moment when Slytherin is declared the winner. Then she's bouncing excitedly again, shouting more encouragements to the team.

On the pitch, Hooch adds on after handling the foul. "Final scores are Gryffindor at 90 Points! Slytherin: 260 Points."

Loudly, Kimiko says, "Well played, Gryffindor! We'll get them next time! Woooo!"

No wonder she hadn't been able to spy Noalan. The guy was just waiting to steal the show. What a delightful win, and now Medusa won't have to worry about the dreaded duo that is mope-gloating. Taking the binoculars for the last time, Andromena scans the field with a relieved look upon her face. "Gawd. I'm so glad they won. I was preparing to go into hiding." The fireworks were going off, people were cheering, and things were - at least in the Slytherin stand - looking great. Slipping from beneath Medusa's velvet blanket, Andromena decides to at last hop to her feet and give a loud cheer, clapping her hands above her head.

Ahnaliese claps a hand over her mouth, stiffling the fact that Fiona makes her laugh. She nods, and helps fold up the blanket, and gathers up the cup that she finished off. "Here," she says, still smiling. "I can carry some things a little ways if it helps," she offers. "But I'm cold too and I just want to go cozy up by-or in something warm!"

Pleased with the turn of events Medusa uses her binoculars to find her favourite Gryffindor and grins. She gets to her feet and turns to the girls behind her. "Make sure to find me in the library later." She takes the basket with the flask and the blanket. "Andromena, thank you for the company. I will see you later." She leans in to whisper to the cheering girl before heading off.

Annoyance flickers briefly over Angelus' face, shooting a look over his shoulder to his brother. Failed. He pulls up on his broom, spinning around dizzily before he blinks a couple of times as he focuses his eyes on Noalan. He looks on bitterly as he holds up the snitch, and a sneer crosses his features. He winces at Hooch's announcement, murmuring a soft, "Sparks," under his breath. When he starts to fly again, he drifts towards Noalan, following him to the ground, where he dismounts and slings his broom over his shoulder. "Noah," he says as a smile flutters over his lips. He reaches out to pat him on the back. "You were brilliant, Noah."

Fiona shares the load with Ahnaliese as the trio of first year girls head back into the castle, undoubtedly discussing great philosphical matters…or cakes.

"Thanks for having me," Andromena tells Medusa, just before the older girl whispers in her ear. Turning cherry red, she brought her hand up to her mouth before being over come with girlish giggling. Well, Medusa would be more knowledgeable about that, wouldn't she? In any event, Andromena doesn't look as though she's at all offended.

On the pitch, Once Alphard was done with celebrations with his team mates, he started moving towards the stands where he had spotted a certain big sign and a lot of boncing. Which was exactly what he had been expecting, of course! His usual cocky swagger was replaced by something more mellow. A deep sated satisfaction oozed from the beater. Even if he was dirty, and his hair sloshed down his forhead in sweaty streaks, like spilled black ink, he was perfectly comfortable just now. His usually so pale cheeks were flushed, and his eyes gleamed. So bright!

Medusa was already gone, but the cheer squad she had employed was still behind Andromena. They even spied Alphard's approach before she did, for they held the sign with his name on it ever higher, shaking and jumping. "Over here~!" Cried the Slytherin. The Hufflepuff was only hoping to be released from her servitude so that she might go to the library. Shafiq awaited! Hearing the girls, Andromena begins to search around for the beater in question. Anddd…there he was! Her hand shot into the air, waving about. "Alphard!"

Alphard looked over the big sign bearing his name, and then to the girls who were carrying it. Admittedly he had expected it to be Meanie and Medusa to do the holding, but it didn't take a whole lot of thinking to figure out how it had ended up in this way instead. Besides, it didn't really matter. There was a sign. It was big. It was carried around by bouncing girls, so what more could he possibly ask for, honestly? It took him a while to move through the crowd, too, because he was one of the heroes who had just prevailed! Good wishes abounded!

"Mhm. Enjoyed the game?" He asked Andromena when he finally reached her. He didn't have to explain just how great that victory had been. It shone in his broad smile and it glowed in his eyes.

"I did," Andromena assured the beaming Alphard. The girls behind her, thinking that surly they must finally be free, departed from the stands without further ado. "You did really well out there." And she wasn't just saying that, Andromena really believed it! "It was a good win." Meaning she did not have to slink away with her head down and stay in the Ravenclaw common room for the next few days. Medusa may have suggested otherwise, but it had been her go-to plan if things went south.

"It was pretty tough, with Blishwick down almost before the game even begun properly," Alphard said as he dumped himself down into the vacant seat next to Andromena. His body streetched slowly, fatigue starting to sink in. Then there were the bruises, too, because Quidditch could get pretty rough at times. Especially with those bludgers going around and where one little misjudgement meant taking a hit rather than delivering a blow. "Imagine how one sided the game would've been if we hadnt been one down. I still cant' believe how Denholm lucked out on that shot. Bastard."

"I can only imagine," she tells Alphard, though she remains standing for now. (She's been sitting this whole time, so it's only fair she stretch her legs a bit!) "I'll definitely come to the next game," said cheerily. Which was surprising to her because the benches weren't comfortable and she still prefers a good book…What was a couple hours on the weekend? "Well, Denholm had a lucky shot, but you still won. Wouldn't think too much about it."

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