(1938-11-11) Changing Winds
Details for Changing Winds
Summary: After a brief encounter with Rhyeline at the Leaky Cauldron (involving a stolen kiss), Graham and Laurence discuss the girl and the changing winds of the world of politics she's caught up in.
Date: Monday, November 11, 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

An hour or so after the Leaky Cauldron's lunch-time rush has died down finds Rhyeline sitting at the bar, sipping a glass of mulled wine. Though the girl keeps her dark gaze lowered, she is listening to the chatter throughout the tavern. Now that the roar of the lunch crowd has died down, she can pick out individual voices with greater ease.

From the back of the bar, there's a soft giggling and a cooing and some laughter as a wenchy type young woman slips in from outside, panting a bit and adjusting her bodice as she fans herself and quickly scurries off find her tray so she can get back to work and such. Not long after her comes a certain broom maker, wearing his light grey trenchcoat, adjusting his Fedora a bit and grinning as he bites his bottom lip and chuckles lowly as he idly wipes a thumb over his bottom lip as he takes a deep breath. Laurence hesitates for a moment before scanning the area, eyes lingering on the bar and he makes his way towards the bar, sliding in beside Rhyeline and tilting his head to the side.

Rhyeline's dark gaze flits up at Laurence when the young man sits down next to her. She has heard the rumor of him attacking someone for asking to put the eye of truth on a broom. She watches him with a hushed curiosity. "Hello Laurence…" she murmurs before taking a small sip of mulled wine.

Laurence's lips curve in a hint of a smile as he winks and removes his hat, if allowed…to place primly on top of Rhyeline's head. "Hello little queen." He greets fondly before ordering himself a coffee, and special requests it to be made…irished up no doubt before he looks back over to Rhyeline. "How is favorite bacon lover?"

Rhyeline blinks and peeks up at the hat now upon her head. Even with her thick, loose curls, its too big for her. She peeks up at Laurence from under the brim of the hat. "I am well thank you…" A simple answer for a simple question. But something is troubling her as she glances down into her mulled wine, bowing her head so that her face is hidden by his hat.

Laurence hmms softly as he receives his coffee and offers his thanks to the tender and he gestures with a hand. "And whatever she got, I'll pay for it." Then he watches the young woman for a few more moments before sighing softly and move a hand go gently rest on her forearm. "Little one, are you okay?"

Rhyeline lifts her head a bit, looking to his hand upon her arm. A subtle warmth emerges in her cheeks before she peeks up at him. Her dark gaze shines with a profound shyness, but at last she murmurs, "The manifesto… Fr das Allgemeinwohl-" her German accent is delicate- almost French sounding. "It's changing everything…"

Laurence considers that for a few moments and he just idly strokes with a finger tip where his hand had been resting. He's quiet before giving a small nod. "The winds blowing in a different direction, there are eddies and disturbances all over the place, hm?"

The warmth in the little one's cheeks deepens as Laurence strokes her forearm. Bowing her head, she shifts a bit upon the stool. "Yes… Despite… despite my poor health, I've- I've done all I could to assist- to inform Cassius Malfoy in- in his efforts to unite our worlds… but… but not like this… this… I don't think that this new voice will- will lead us to true unity…" she murmurs in a small voice, quiet enough that only Laurence, if he leans in close, would be able to hear her.

Laurence listens as closely as possible, leaning in to better hear the young woman and he hmms softly. "You're one of the strongest little women I have ever met…so I'm sure you do all you can to support a just cause." He smiles warmly before he looks a bit sad. "Its a load of rubbish, the who's better than who business…I lived with people of all sorts, with and without wands…and seen one common thread. Do you want to know what it is?"

Rhyeline bows her head a little more when told she is strong, hiding from sight. She brings her glass to her lips for a long, slow sip. At his question, her curiosity lures her to peek up at him from under the brim. She doesn't lower the glass.

Laurence quirks an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side. "C'mon, sit the drink down, you have to look at me because its so very secret..so very very secret that I'm afraid if somebody overhears me…" He trails off and just waits. "I'm trusting you with something very important."

Rhyeline lowers her gaze to set the glass of mulled wine down with great care. Then peeking back up at him she murmurs faintly, "What is it?"

Laurence's finger moves from the arm to gently brush under Rhyeline's chin as he leans in with a soft smile, and he does have a sandlewood and cinnamon like scent about him this close up as he leans close enough to whisper. "Every deal is always sealed with a kiss, every sleeping princess is raised with a kiss and when you touch your lips to another, muggle…mixed…or pure…the purest thing in the world, will always be love." And he gently brushes his lips against the small woman's, before pulling back a bit with a smile, a bit. "Never forget that…"

Rhyeline's eyes widen as his fingertip brushes beneath her chin. The little one remains perfectly still, staring up at him with cautious vulnerability as he whispers. Her cheeks burn with warmth. She seems like a field mouse that might dash off to her burrow at any moment. When Laurence steals the kiss, he steals her voice as well. At least for the moment. Silent, she stares up at him in a shocked daze.

Laurence gently brushes a fingertip against Rhye's bottom lip, lips curving in a half smile before he allows the woman her personal space, turning to take a sip of his coffee and setting it back down as he rests an elbow against the bar, still turned to face Rhyeline, a smoulder in those unnaturally blue eyes before it gently fades into a twinkle. "See?"

Rhyeline's thoughts have taken flight like a startled flock of sparrows. Her breath is caught in her chest and her cheeks burn with her blush. Her eyes shine with such profound shyness. At last, she hides under the brim of his hat from those piercing blue eyes, bowing her head.

Laurence hmms softly and tilts his head to the side, leaning as well to the side in an effort to see under that brim before tsking softly. "You really are beautiful when you blush…it shows there's a fire within, and you sorta glow…" He smiles and shakes his head, taking a sip of his coffee, which is hard looking sideways and he soon just sits his coffee down. "Are you going to make me have to rest my head on the bar?"

"Laurence…" murmurs Rhyeline, finding her voice at last. The little one continues to hide under the hat which Laurence had placed upon her head. "You should know that- that Cassius Malfoy is courting me…"

Laurence mmhms softly and has to straighten up to take a sip of his coffee with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Ahh, I believe I've seen him before. Slender as a reed, hair like a Veela's and according to Suzie, a complexion that aaannny witch would kill to have." He smirks gently. "He has amazing taste in women…if he's courting you. So you he's the type of man that tickles your fancy? Brings color to your cheeks and steals your breath? Offers himself freely, willing to sacrifice it all just to keep you happy? Because my little queen, you deserve no less…"

Graham pushes the door open from the side of muggle London he apparently is just off from work wearing his auror robes. He glances about the place to see if he knows anyone in attendance finding he does he makes his way over towards the pair "Hello Sister." he says to Rhyeline grinning before turning to the other "Good Day Laurence how have you been?" he asks seeming fairly cheerful today. "Do you mind if I join you?"

Rhyeline is about to answer Laurence when her adopted brother, Graham greets them cheerfully. The little mouse peeks up at Graham from under Laurence's hat, blushing bright. Her dark gaze shines with such shyness. "Hello brother…" she responds. Of course he'd never need to ask to join her- his question was directed to Laurence and so the girl allows him to respond.

"Graham!" Laurence greets all friendly like, lifting his cup of coffee in a greeting and flashing a grin. "As if you have to ask, c'mon then…pull on up, settle in, what are you drinking?" He looks back to Rhyeline. "We were just talking about her suitor, the ever so haaandome, in a pompous sorta I'm blonder than a tavern wench with too many self dying charms way, which is not bad…one should always take pride in going white or nearly white before they've aged." He is teasing of course before he winks and nudges Rhyeline gently. "I'm ordering something with bacon, you in?"

"Nice hat dearie. How have you both been" Graham says with a grin to Rhyeline likely telling it's not her hat that is. He grabs a chair and plops down on it as his offer is accepted "Hm i've been drinking cider but leave out the hard stuff this time." the rest of the words gets an eyebrow raise but a laugh "I see I suppose I never thought of a description of Mr Malfoy." he shakes his head but looks back to Rhyeline "Speaking of i've got everything i need to begin training you to hurt me properly." he gives a wink.

Rhyeline doesn't seem to appreciate the teasing, peeking up at Laurence with a slightly furrowed brow. When Graham laughs, she looks just as disapproving at him. But then when he mentions her defense training, she gives a small nod. "Alright…"

Laurence sighs and just shakes his head and shrugs his shoulder. "I don't know the bloke personally, but I don't think he'd very much fancy a person like me. But if the little queen here is in love with him…I can't judge. Its good for a person to find the one they love…" He smiles a bit wistfully before gesturing for the barkeep, ordering another coffee and a scotch. "And whatever these two are having you can put it on my bill."

The auror catches the look on his sisters face shaking his head "I'm not making fun Rhyeline." Graham says smiling to her before he does order a cider "Thanks Laurence it's appreciated, they do seem to work together from the bit i've seen." he says giving a friendly smile all the same trying to keep things light "How has the shop been didnt get to talk properly at the birthday party." he asks after a moment.

"I… I should be going," murmurs Rhyeline, moving to place Laurence's hat upon the bar. Sliding down off her stool, she adds, "Thank you for the drink Laurence. And… and I'll- I'll talk to you soon Graham…" No doubt Graham knows exactly what about too.

Laurence watches Rhyeline for a few moments, blinking slowly before he shrugs a shoulder at Graham. "Its been fine. Weird rumors floating about but…okay…" He trails off and just sighs, reaching for his hat and dragging it closer before getting to his feet to stand when Rhyeline does. "Very well, I shall see you at breakfast hm?"

Graham frowns slightly "Of course but you don't have to we can change topic if you wish?" though it looks like she must go. Yes I imagine we will need to speak. Be careful hm?" he asks of his sister as she gets up to leave though hoping she isn't upset or anything he looks back to Laurence a moment though he'll let them speak as he sits lightly.

Rhyeline peeks up at Laurence with a rather shy caution. She hesitates before giving a small nod. Then looking to Graham, she murmurs, "Yes… see you soon, brother." With that, she heads off out into muggle London. Perhaps they will notice how a cloaked witch gets up almost at once to follow the girl out.

Laurence straightens up a bit as he is distracted by watching Rhyeline on her way up and he just stares at the cloaked figure that heads after her and he looks quickly to Graham with a quirked eyebrow.

Graham looks back quickly as another gets up right after Rhyeline he moves before realizing this must be her new detail. He sits back down with a sigh fighting instinct to defend. He accepts his cider lightly taking a drink he catches the look from Laurence. "There was, a bit of a disagreement with a muggle army man and Cassius. He's since had a detail watching her in case he tries something or someone else does." he explains a bit at least "I'm a bit out of the loop on rumor what happened with your shop?"

"He did what?" Laurence now asks, voice deepening in his concern, brow furrowing as he slowly takes up his precious seat, dragging his scotch closer and just exhales shakily. "Disagreement in what way? Did the army man actually attack Rhyeline?" Then he takes a deep breath. "Hm? Oh…somebody came in, wanted a rather foolish customization, I had to tell him it was impossible, annnd he had a temper tantrum."

"I'm sure by the time it got back around you'd used an unforgiveable and all the rest." Graham chuckles though the first part is met with a sigh "Well we'd just been told about the courting the army man didnt seem to think the topic of him dating Rhyeline was at an end and well threat might be the wrong word he promised to still see and try and date Rhyeline." he takes a drink from his cider.

"Mm, yes. And slept with all his sisters as well, which is ridiculous." Laurence snorts softly. "Only 2 of them, and one didn't even count because I thought she /was/ her sister." He coughs and shakes his head. "So…Cassius is…having the woman followed, to make sure ah the other man doesn't try to make a pass?"

Graham shakes his head "Yikes, that's quite the circle to get back to you." the young man says about his story but he'll pause before he answers the other question "Well it likely started that way, but I imagine it will now be with things heating up on the unity front it'll be more for her protection from those sorts of opponents. I am going to teach her defense though so hopefully it'll not be needed."

"Well." Laurence scratches his cheek. "That's how all messes start, with a story that may or may not be true." He sighs and then shakes his head slowly as he listens to the information given. "I would be very very…she's a sweet girl, she doesn't need to be mixed up in all that…"

The young man nods "Yes she is as you heard I consider her my sister. I'll protect her whenever i'm able but my job keeps me rather busy." Graham says with a small sigh at this thought though he takes another drink "She is very bright though and I am hoping that she can make sure things with the unity movement don't go as I fear they will." he sets the mug down "She knows I don't support it but we still discuss it often."

Laurence hmms and takes a sip of coffee before picking up his other glass to take a sip of the scotch there and he listens, staring down at the bar. "One woman should not bear that weight, and I swear if she's used as a puppet and not loved and cared for as a gem…" He trails off. "I don't know her very well but…I've gotten to know her well enough. She's an angel flutter her wings in a flock of crows."

Graham grins "I've told her as much, trust me many times but she feels a calling in this matter it'd be unwise to try and stop her." He smiles at this taking another drink and nodding "It wont go well for the person who tries to harm her I can guarantee this I am just one wizard but am stubborn." he chuckles

"Well. Keep me informed if you don't mind, about how things are going there…she's a special young woman." Laurence raises his glass in a bit of a toast before throwing back the rest of the alcoholic liquid.

"I will do so and agreed on her being special." Graham says smiling though he sighs "Just be careful hm? It is heating up out there im sure you've heard the manifesto which came out and I dont know if people will just see through it or actually try and act on it." he shakes his head "I hope that it's nothing but I am worried i'll admit."

"It'll be a tad challenging in the days to come, yes." Laurence replies solemnly, jaw setting as he tilts his head to the side.

Graham chuckles at a thought "Perhaps that crazy old wizard with the bunker had the right idea." he says lightly "Well beyond trying to hex anyone who walked past it, that was a fun day at work." he says laughing now before taking another drink from his drink. He looks across spotting the look "Remember something?" he asks after a moment.

"Yeah. I remember how living both as a muggle and as a wizard, there's always whispers, rumors and things like this business with 'oh no, who's better, who's worse'. There's not as big of a difference as people like to believe." Laurence shrugs.

Graham shakes his head "I'm not one of them, blood purity is nonsense. I am half-blood and proud of being a good human being or the best one I can be. It's all anyone can ask for truly." He finishes off his cider now setting the cup back down "If it comes to muggles being theatened over something like that i'll stand with them he shrugs having already decided this much.

Laurence is quiet for a few moments before asking carefully. "When is your birthday?"

"I snuck it by this year." Graham says with a chuckle "August 27th, I was out of town Sorcha and I went on a trip." he explains glancing about the pub a moment out of habbit to keep an eye on his surroundings. "Why do you ask?" he says once he's looking back.

"When things happen, when things begin to happen…just know, if you need to go somewhere, and get there quickly. Just let me know. I'm just a broom maker but…I have a few tricks up my sleeves." Laurence places his hat back on his head and tips the hat with a small smile.

"Thank you Laurence, likewise if you need help hm?" Graham says nodding at his own words "I should probably head home for now haven't been since this morning when I left for work." He pushes back his chair and stands easily enough "It was good to see you again."

"Of course." Laurence offers a hint of a smirk before getting to his feet and working on putting money on the bar as he looks a tad thoughtful, he looks very thoughtful for a few moments as sets his payment for the drinks down on the bar. "I also have to get back home and he wrinkles his nose, finishing up his coffee. "I'll see you later mate."

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