(1938-11-11) Family Games
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Summary: Talk of the Quidditch game, then Grace and Fiona head off.
Date: November 11, 1938
Location: Forest View Louvre, Hogwarts

Stepping out of the Gryffindor common rooms after heading there after morning classes, Angelus doesn’t have to go all that far before he steps out onto the roof. He’s standing at the palisades, his hand lifted to shield his eyes from the sun as he looks out into the distant sky. With the reddish owl now obscured with the clouds, the youth turns away, simply leaning against the crenellations as he scans the rooftop.

Fiona is passing through on her way to astronomy, taking a short cut means she has a bit more time to spare. She stops in one of the louvres having seen something shimmery. "Oooh," with a grin she picks up the silver sickle and turns it over in her hand. Carrying on her way, looking for the owner she spies Angelus. "Hey Gel. Did you drop this?"

A smile flicks against his lips as Angelus spies Fiona. “Fi,” he says in cheerful greeting. Hopping away from the crenellations energetically, his grin weakens only a bit as he hums softly, tilting his head curiously. Eyeing the sickle in her hand, the youth replies by rolling back his shoulders and murmuring a ‘mmhmm’ that sounds like ‘I dunno.’ A smirk twitches at his lips as he steps up beside her. “It’s yours now,” he states with a simple grin.

With a bob of her head she slips the coin into a pocket. "Are you in trouble? Did you cry?" Fiona rather hopes not, he knows how she feels about cry baby boys. Curiously she doesn't ask why Angelus tried to foul his brother, that bit seems easy enough to understand as she has three older brothers herself.

A chuckle escapes him, and as Angelus tilts his head his blue eyes twinkle with amusement. “The teachers love me,” he says confidently, gesturing outwardly with a single hand. “I don’t get in trouble.” He smirks as he shrugs easily, letting out a breath. “I might have got a little carried away.” He hums, and then lets out a snicker. “I’m going to make it up to Hooch though.” As his blue eyes gauge Fiona curiously, Angelus arches a brow. “Nah, it was a fun game. Losing or otherwise. Ooh,” he adds in as he grimaces at a thought. “Did you see Denholm’s knockout. /Ouch/.” He shakes his head. “For a minute I thought it was my brother. Scared me,” he admits.

"I did. We were sat up in the tippity top of the Ravenclaw stands watching. Did you see our sign?" Fiona was sat with Grace and Ahnaliese, and given how small they are it is entirely possible he didn't spot them, what with being busy flying around. "Grace painted the cakes and I did the sweets." Of course. "I am thinking I might play next year."

“It gave me a little more confidence, to be honest,” Angelus says admittedly, his lips curving lightly. “I was kind of worried about Black after practicing with him once. But Denholm and Macmillan played well.” He hums, his eyes drifting away as he thinks, a slight tilt of his head before he rolls his shoulders. “I might have, maybe? I don’t know what I saw. There were a few signs in the stands. I didn’t get a good look.” He shrugs, and a grin crosses his face, breaking to show teeth. “Saw my father though.” His mirthful laugh shines in his eyes.

Well that's good because she was really only a part time cheerer anyway. "Oh well, that's nice." Fiona has no idea who his father is so is only mildly interested if she's honest "I'm sure he was proud of both you and your brother as you both played well and scored lots of points."

A smug smile crosses Angelus’ lips, widening into a grin. “I, of course, played like a Star,” he says proudly, even as his lips flick with amusement, and he winks playfully. “I was kind of hoping Sykes would play though. A little bit of disappointment there,” he adds with a little less of a grin, but shrugs it off. His grin returns and he bobs his head. “My brother made a pretty brilliant catch at the end.” The corner of his mouth slants slightly upward. “Didn’t expect to see him wandering the field – I’m surprised he came out of his keeper position.”

Fiona only knows of one Sykes, "The prefect? She doesn't play quidditch." But then Angelus is talking about his brother again and she just nods slowly. "Well he's a good seeker, so maybe that's where the captain felt he would be best. It's a team sport after all, you do what is best for the team not just you." She finds herself, for the first time, a bit bored by their conversation and wonders if maybe playing next year isn't such a good idea as one conversation has her mind wandering. "Ah, look, Gel, I have some stuff to do before lunch."

Fiona and Angelus are standing talking, the former seems to be moving away from the boy as he looks out over the crenellations.

Grace hurries, as much as something stuffed with that much cake can hurry, puffing as she finally reaches the louvre. "Feeeee!" she calls out, leaning over as she catches her breath. "I looked everywhere for you!"

Angelus shakes his head slowly. “He’s not a prefect,” he replies. “Garrett Sykes? He’s one of our chasers,” he explains, his smile sliding along his lips. But that’s all he says now about Quidditch, because he’s lifting a brow and letting out a soft sigh. “Okay.” His shoulders shift slightly, tipping his head briefly. “Then afterwards we’ll meet-“ He cuts off, his royal blue eyes flicking towards the arrival and both brows wing upwards. Leaning close to Fiona, he says softly, “It looks like you’re needed.”

"I know, sorry. I was coming," apologises Fiona to Grace. She looks back at Angelus and nods a little absently, "Sure. We'll meet later. Maybe after dinner or something." The boy is given an absent minded pat on the arm and then Fiona is heading off with Grace, leaning in to whisper conspiratorially to the taller girl, "Did you find your cake recipe that you wanted for the club?"

Grace gives Angelus a cheerful wave with one pudgy hand, then uses it to grip Fiona's arm as they conspire. "I did, but I spilt milk on it, but I think I can remember it."

Angelus dips his head in a polite nod to Grace, offering her a soft smile. “See you around then,” he says quietly, lifting a hand in a plain wave.

"Good, let's go see if we can use the club room before lunch and search for the ingredients," Fiona says to Grace as she follows the girl. "Ahna will be really pleased if we can make the cake."

Grace claps happily, beaming a huge smile. Because cake.

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