(1938-11-11) That's Not My Name
Details for That's Not My Name
Summary: Cooper manages to smack Astoria in the face and then proceeds to call her all sorts of names.
Date: November 11, 1938
Location: Northeast Diagon Alley
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Diagon Alley is the largest collection of Wizarding businesses in the United Kingdom so it is no wonder that people always come here for their shopping needs. Especially just before school starts this crooked little alleyway is filled to the brink with people, vendors and even a few charlatans. Even at the late hour there are people milling about as the alley becomes more about socializing and less about shopping once most of the businesses close up for the day.
At this northeastern side of the diagonal alley notably the hodgepodge buildings that lean at precarious angles over the alley are numerous shops of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. A fancy shop looms right beside another shop that's so rickety it leans against the nicer shop. Tall numerous leveled buildings make the bare little lot beside it seem all the more empty. This sort of whimsical mismatchedness ends here in a cul-de-sac surrounded by looming buildings to the northeast while the bulk of Diagon Alley extends crookedly to the southwest.

Sometime during her lunch hour, Cooper's managed to find some time to step out of the office and post a couple letters. A pair of owls flutter off into the sky as soon a she steps out, the door tinkling with the bell attached onto it. She's walked out with a couple of parcels herself, a large stack of three or four head-sized boxes levitate behind her as she walks down the Alley. It seems the woman isn't paying too much attention as she steps forward, seeing as she's sorting through a couple envelopes in her own hands and her packages seem to be hitting fellow pedestrians.

Astoria stands outside the Daily Prophet, having just exited the building through its rather tall and crooked doors. While turned, she doesn't notice a parcel that has begun to sneak up on her. She does, however, spy Cooper. Her attention sharpens, and her eyes narrow a little while she studies the side of the other woman's face. Without warning, the parcel clocks her on the side of the head, and Astoria stumbles slightly to the side with an, "Ow!"

Cooper blinks and looks up from her letter. Did she just hear someone cry out in pain? Her finger pushes her glasses up the slope of her nose and she turns around to see the victim of her carelessness. "My word! I'm sorry!" A wave of the wand makes settles the packages onto the ground, and Cooper steps forward to assist Astoria. "I wasn't paying attention! Are you alright …er …?" Wait. She knows this woman. "Wretchly, isn't it? You were sickly last time I saw you." The auror only met her for a few minutes after all!

Astoria raises a hand to rub her head, right on the sore spot (which probably isn't that sore, but it was hit by a corner or something). After Cooper speaks, however, Astoria's hand lowers and her head whips about. Cool, narrowed eyes glare while her nose scrunches and her lips part to reveal a thin line of teeth. "That is not my name," Astoria says suddenly, tone crisp and sharp to a point.

Cooper acks and leans back at Astoria's snap, in the same manner one would retreat from from a snake that just threatening hissed at them. "No…erm… you're right…it isn't then…" She gives the Prophetess a sheepish look with a twinge of guilt. For if there's anyone who knows how annoying it is for someone to forget your name, it's Cooper! So she gives it an honest second try, massaging the area between her brows which are furrowed in deep concentration. "It's…it's…uhm…B-b-…" And her eyes suddenly light up with a eureka! "Belchly!"

Astoria regards Cooper with an annoyed expression. That is, until after Cooper's brows furrow, and her eyes lighten. "Bletchley," she affirms, tone much softer, though still crisp. Her own brows unknit, and her shoulders relax; the hand resumes rubbing the back of her head. "I apologize - I should not have been so cross. Hm," Astoria forces herself to smile, but the expression is short-lived. "Coop, isn't it? Or should I call you Cooper?" she wonders. "And please, call me Astoria."

Cooper lets out a weak 'oh…'. She was fairly close enough. "Right, Miss Bletchly uhm…Astoria," she nods, "It's quite alright. I should have been paying more attention. Perhaps I can get you a salve at the apothecary's or … I don't know a drink as compensation." In the auror's eyes, alcohol is usually an adequate form of penance. "Cooper will do just fine, no need for the miss. It's all too binding really," she grins. But hark! A smile. She catches a fleeting smile on that critical brow of Astoria's. "Well you look quite well since the last time I saw you then. You're in much better health I assume? Sorry I couldn't stay that other night at the Broomsticks. I'm actually surprised Fabia didn't keep me longer. You know how she can be."

"It isn't that- well, a few children at school used to call me horrid names. That was one of them. Really, I shouldn't have said anything," Astoria says with a second smile, and it lasts a little longer than the first. "A drink would be wonderful. Delightful, even," Astoria says with a nod and a gentle curve of her lips. "My health? Oh, yes. Well, I… got over something, yes. As for Fabia - she does have a way about her, doesn't she? I'm sure she will find another way to spend time with you. She always does. Anyway, what brings you outside? Are you delivering post? For some reason I was under the impression you worked at the M.L.E."

"Wretchly?" Cooper questions at first and then ohhhhhs with a scrunch in her nose, realizing what she had actually said, "That's terrible. Children are absolutely horrid aren't they?" She says it with such a sincere repugnance that doesn't seem to fit her usual warm manner. "A drink it is then! Only…I'll have to give you a raincheck that since I can't return to work silly - not that I haven't before but today is too busy for that." The auror pushes the cloche hat further down on her skull, "She does have way. I haven't met a woman like her in a long time. It's very refreshing. But yes! I'm an auror, merely sending out some letters during my lunch break." That bright grin of hers seems unnervingly friendly when she mentioned she's a law enforcer. Doesn't strike too much confidence in her. "I actually-"

"Cooper!" A balding, middle-aged man comes bumbling down the cobblestone, smoking pipe almost falling out of his mouth as he hails the blonde. He's a tad hefty and past his prime, thus when he finally reaches the pair of women he can't help but lean forward on his knees and catch his breath. "Sorry to *huff*…disrupt you two. Ma'am." Even among his panting, he finds a way to smile charmingly at Astoria. "Have either of you heard the news?"

"Oh, we can meet at the Broomsticks at nine on Wednesday or Thursday, if you like," Astoria states, waving her hand lazily. "My schedule is odd, but I can usually find time if you give me fair warning," she explains. Astoria listens quietly to the rest, but before she can speak again the gentleman is upon them. She shoves her hands in her pockets and shakes her head. "I don't think so," she replies, looking between the man and Cooper.

Cooper takes note of the woman's availability, but is distracted by the man who is in such a rush to speak to them. "Oh, Oscar," she looks to Astoria with a shrug as if to say 'forgive my coworker.' "No apparently we haven't, what's the buzz?" And at this point the man has gained enough breath to speak consistently. "Crystal Night. The I.M.C.'s confirmed that it's happened. It's actually happened." He wipes the sweat off his upper lip. "Ogden, Snively, Shacklebolt - they're all on edge since this uncomfortably ties in with Grindelwald's manifesto. And you're needed. Immediately. I.M.C. needs translators." All of this info, so easily divulged to in front of the journalist - who silly Oscar didn't know was a journalist!

Astoria listens to Oscar, after a brief grin is provided for Cooper. Her expression shifts… slowly. "Oh…" she says quietly, and Astoria looks between the two law enforcers with a slight frown. "May I accompany you?" she asks. "I will stand out of the way," she adds, as if that will make up for her presence in a top secret area!

A look of utter disbelief crosses Cooper's face as soon as she hear's the words 'Crystal Night'. Her mouth opens to say something, but the words can't seem to surface themselves. Even when Astoria asks to tag along, Cooper's at a loss for what to say. "Nope, sorry dearest," Oscar answers for her, and with a charming and absolutely marginalizing wink to the journalist, "I'm sure Cooper hear can give you tour of the ministry sometime else." A wave of his wand now and the auror's packages are back up and floating, "Come on now." Blinking, the bespectacled woman finally speaks, as if her mind isn't all together there, "I'm…I'm sorry Astoria. I'll have to get back to you." And like a dream walking, she hurries and follows along back to the Ministry with hefty Oscar.

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