(1938-11-11) 'What Just Happened?'
Details for What Just Happened?
Summary: Musidora happens on Julian and an odd conversation follows.
Date: Nov. 11, 1938
Location: Classroom 2

The day had been filled with runic texts, Dark Defense theories, and the study on Golpalott's Third Law in Potions. Having knicked up some lunch for himself from the Great Hall, Julian had squirreled it away, and taken off. The time spent in the Great Hall could be better spent studying!

So, here he is, with his notes and books arranged in such a way that he's taken up three different desks. Rolls of parchment are stacked up together, and his books are stacked as well… in front of him, one of the Defense books is open, and a roll of parchment hangs off the front of the desk he actually sits in as he scrawls something on it with his quill. He's gone casual, as well… Ravenclaw-colored tie loosened, robe and cloak off, and shoes off, socked feet wriggling under the desk as he writes.

The soft rustle of well-worn but sturdy robes can be heard as Musidora wanders into the abandoned classroom, a small quill and parchment set clutched in hand. Where she might usually sport some sort of up-fashioned hairstyle, today the young Ravenclaw woman has opted for simplicity and left it down. That's her version of casual for now. Since she was looking over her shoulder when she first entered she didn't notice Julian right away but once she does, her head tilts slightly and she lowers her voice so as not to startle him, "Hello?"

Hearing footsteps and the door opening was cue enough for Julian to look up. Noting who it is, Julian tilts his head a little bit, blinking and considering the interloper. "Evenin', Muse." He smiles a little bit, gesturing around lightly. "Got some stuff to work on? I didn't want to go to the library… It's too loud as of late," he explains, "so I came here. Lots more quiet, and it's usually not so well used." With that, he begins to start writing again. "Feel free t'pull up a desk. I don't mind a little company."

"I know what you mean," she sighs and visibly relaxes, waving a hand in front of her face as a few dust mites float past before claiming a nearby workspace. "The moon frogs are loudest at night, for obvious reasons," Musidora says in a matter of fact manner while arranging her things. "This is just my weekly Potions letter to Father. What is it you're working on?" she looks over at him wonderingly.

… Moon Frogs?

Julian furrows his eyebrows a little bit, and just shakes his head quietly at her remark on the loudness of said moon frogs, before continuing to write. "Working on Defense against the Dark Arts homework. Writing a paper on ethical/legal reasoning behind the usage of Unforgivable Curses by the Ministry in the association of Law enforcement and public safety." He looks up from his writing and watches her settle, smiling a little.

"Potions letter?" he asks her.

"Every week I send him a letter, you see, if I have any new ideas for potions since that's my best class," Musidora smiles, her voice not carrying even a hint of arrogance. A lock of hair is tucked back behind her ear as she drops her eyes to the parchment and starts writing. "I think that if it's allowed even a little, it would eventually expand and power might go to their head. They'd do it more and more… wouldn't you think?"

"I'm of the opinion that the Unforgivable Curses were made that for a reason," Julian remarks softly, "because the Killing Curse alone is bad enough. The ability to torture someone or control their actions magically is even worse." He stops, tapping his quill on the paper in front of him, and he looks toward her, smiling. He had taken note of the fact she was so good with potions before - he'd seen her work, after all.

"So, what's the idea this week, then?"

A thoughtful mien flickers across her face as she looks over at him again, "I completely agree." Ink-stained fingers gesture to the parchment, now sporting a few graceful if not overly swishy lines of text. "Unfortunately I haven't had any new ideas this week. We've already got so many for the business… and the Ministry has been regulating them a bit more lately. But my last one was a sort of miracle grow for plants. I'm not sure if we can work it so that it doesn't adjust magical properties though…" she trails off, blushing and goes back to writing. "So, Quidditch. I overheard Claire saying that there needed to be a team meeting."

"I've got to get with Rosen and Claire both to organize one, and we need to start practicing." A pause, and Julian looks up toward Musidora fora moment, grinning a little bit. "I was surprised when I saw you turning out for trying out for Keeper," he notes idly, gesturing toward her with the quill. "Y'think you're going to be able to keep up? Our first opponent'll be Hufflepuff… they weren't so bad last year, but their lineup this year is looking pretty on-point." A pause as he notices her blush, and he smiles a little bit, tilting his head. He doesn't say anything immediately, but he goes back to writing…

She's probably embarrassed at babbling. Which… unfortunately just causes her to blush more, until she realizes what he said and slowly fixes him with steady blue eyes. Debating. Thoughtful. "I thought that was the point, the Keeper /keeps/?" Musidora smiles one of those daydream half-smiles. "I'd have been barking mad to try out for Chaser. This might be my first time but I think I can manage." Unwittingly during that diatribe, Musidora has jabbed her own quill at him in return to 'make a point' as it were, though once she realizes, she starts laughing. "Sorry. I couldn't tell if you were insulting me or teasing me."

"Just listen to what Claire, myself, and Rosen tell you. We won't let you get mortally wounded in your first game, or your practice sessions." Julian smiles to her, then, and he watches her pointing back at him, which causes him to chuckle a little bit. "I wasn't actually insulting you. Promise. I think it shows you've got a bit of sand to actually be on the Quidditch team, considering you've never played a lot before." He pauses, pursing his lips as he considers her, tapping his quill against his paper for a moment.

"What're you doing for your next Hogsmeade Weekend?" he asks lightly.

Musidora nods as she finishes the last scriptive and tucks her quill away. "I have every intention of /paying/ attention," the young woman can't help but smile as she folds and seals the parchment, all ready for sending. His inquiry about Hogsmeade causes another head-tilt and curious look. "I hadn't thought about it, to be perfectly honest. I suppose it would involve… going?" Up until 5th year she'd been somewhat of a hermit anyway. "Are you going?"

"Between homework and the possibility of practice, I don't know," Julian replies lightly, shrugging his shoulders a little bit. "I think that taking a break from everything for a day or two would be fantastic, though." A pause, and he tilts his head. "Having company also makes things a lot more entertaining, as well." There's a small half-smile on Jules face as he looks across toward Muse, and he shrugs. "Up t'you, though."

Wait. What? She blinks. "I…" Muse pauses, both surprised and confused, "Did you just… try to trick me into asking you to go to Hogsmeade together?" There's that Lovegood brilliance all wrapped up in a now /very/ amused smile; read: not a half-smile. "I think you're right though. It might be nice not to go by myself," she nods, fingers curling around the missive reflexively, thumb fidgeting against the corner, cheeks flushed again. "The Shepherd's Pie at the Three Broomsticks is lovely. But, I should probably get on to mailing this so Goodfellow isn't stuck flying overnight.."

"Probably not a bad idea," Julian responds lightly, smiling a little bit after having listened to her response to his remarks. "We can walk down from the Common Room 'round noon, I surmise, or at least sometime after breakfast. T'is a weekend after all… no sense in being in a rush." The smile spreads a little bit more over his face and he continues to write on his parchment. "See you back at the Common Room, Muse," he adds lightly, still smiling.

Gathering her things, she stands up and heads for the door, shaking her head /mystified/ at what just happened. Musidora pauses to smile over her shoulder and says, "Don't forget you're in here," before letting herself out. At least the walk to the Owlery would give her some fresh air and a moment to think clearly.

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