(1938-11-12) Ravenclaw Gathering
Details for Ravenclaw Gathering
Summary: After dinner, the Ravenclaws return to their commons to hang about and chat.
Date: November 12, 1938
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room, Hogwarts

The evening had come and after dinner, people were settling into their routines for working on schoolwork and the like. It was a nice, cool night outside, so the fire was going strong, and those spots around the fire were pretty coveted. After dinner, Julian had come on back, shed his robes, and had settled onto one of the couches closest to the fire, books revolving around Dark Defense, Potions, Charms, and the like, all circling around him. There were also a couple of Runic texts that were quite thick.

As he sits and works, he seems pretty calm, an odd focus on his work that's taken a hold on him. The common room hasn't quite started filling up yet, so there's more than plenty of space.

Dinner tonight was uneventful compared to the night before, but that's the way Elizabeth prefers it. Along with her usual favorite well-worn book, she carries a few other subjects with her. For both study and light reading. Her mary jane heels faintly click as she enters, climbing the steps into the Common Room and pausing at the entrance to look over the space. Still fairly empty, with others eating dinner downstairs. Freeing a hand, Elizabeth uses a fingertip to push up her wire-frame glasses further on the bridge of her small nose, adjusting them habitually as she moves forward once more. She chooses to settle herself in a small couch, across from where Julian and his floating books currently rest.

Musidora practically prances down the stairs from the Girls' Tower, having shed her own House robe after meal, but not her uniform.. though the usual uniform socks /have/ been replaced with brightly striped yet mismatched toe-socks that stretch up to her knees.

Perched on her shoulder and looking ever so pleased with himself is her owl, Goodfellow, while a thick book is tucked into the crook of her elbow. "Jules," she comments as she passes the boy and claims a chair nearby, immediately curling her feet up underneath her with a greeting to the other girl, as well.

Idrissa is making her way on into the commons room, she went to spend a few hours at the Library it seems and is now coming back with a few books tucked under her arm while she is munching on a bite of some food bit that she has hold of. A curious glance is sent around to all the ones that are to be found here and there and she isn't one to go calling out to any just yet, but she offers a smile and slight nod to others as she moves along towards a free seat.

It’s strange to see the blonde haired boy here after dinner. Usually Gage takes to wandering the grounds, refusing to go back to a crowded common room. But those days are sadly gone, because one of the Ravenclaw prefects at the table got up dutifully, finished with his meal, and made a point to take the fourth year back to the commons, where he’s unlikely (hopefully) to get points docked. But the short haired, grey cat is cradled in his arms, his fingers scratching at her neck as she purrs contently, her head nuzzled into the nook of his elbow. He’s sitting on the stairs leading up into the dorms, at the bottom, keeping to himself, watching the floor rather intently. He looks up when there’s a fizzle of sound from the Wizarding Wireless, turning his gaze to glower at it, muttering, “Turn it aff,” in a heavy Irish accent. And he freezes, his fingers pausing in their task of cat scratches, as his dark blue eyes spy a certain person. One corner of his mouth twitches as he clears his throat.

Sauntering into the Common Room is Andromena Rowle. On her back is slung her book bag, while tucked beneath one arm is a (now half-empty), box of chocolates. They had been meant for Myrus Lowe, but things happen, y'know? It's not as if she doesn't intend to still give him some! Her vision alights upon Elizabeth first, and then subsequently slides up to Julian. Oh. It would appear that she would not be so lucky as the last time they had met here: when it was relatively empty.

Lips tugging downward, Andromena takes a steadying breath and approached the pair of them. "Elizabeth…Julian," said coolly, but not entirely devoid of a note of cordiality. Poor Elizabeth. Andromena hardly has anything against the girl but things must likely seem as if she does! As for anyone else around? Well…Andromena is rather single-minded, for the moment.

With dinner letting out, it wasn't that much of a surprise that the house was really starting to pile in. Julian's reverie is broken as he looks up, and he watches as familiar faces begin to pile in. "'Ey, Muse. Take care of that grumbling stomach?"

That's right. He's gonna poke a little fun at the girl. Offering her a nice, warm smile, he chuckles a little bit toward her, before splitting his attention…. "Evenin', Dweedle. What're y'workin' on tonight?" His attention goes to Liz for a moment, waiting for her to answer… before it goes to Idrissa, he raises a hand toward the girl as she enters. "Evenin', Clayworth."

He's rather friendly this evening, especially after certain circumstances—

Which Andromena is heartily aware of. As she approaches, he doesn't lose his spirit, though. "Good evenin,' Mena." He'll keep himself collected.

Then, he hears something at the foot of the stairs going to the Boy's Dorms… And he glances over, seeing Gage. "'oy, Hart." He watches the boy for a moment, considering him and tilting his head. He directs his attention toward the Wireless, then…. "How about we put it on some music, instead? Would that be okay with you?" The way he asks is actually a legit question.

Elizabeth's pale eyes glance up with mild curiosity at the arrival of others, watching Musidora and Idrissa in turn for but a pause before dipping her chin with a small nod to them both. Had she already met them before? It was difficult to determine. Everything she memorizes comes from the page of a book after all, actual faces is different. At least it is to her.

Andromena she hasn't seen in a while. Not since the last Quidditch game, and the other girl then hadn't even known that Elizabeth was there to begin with. The greeting though, it was unusual. Cool. Different than the last time they had spoken. Her pale eyes behind her glasses narrow with a faint frown, wondering to herself, but she isn't the type to get offended. She dips her chin with a small nod of acknowledgement to Andromena as well, greeting her in her own way.

"Hm." Elizabeth's gaze is pulled towards Julian, faintly lifting a slender brow at him. "Ancient Runes." she murmurs. But it’s the answer she always gives, because it's her favorite subject. She was wondering what he was studying herself, but of course, she isn't the type to pry. Her gaze is drawn towards the Wizard Wireless at the mention of it, only then spying Gage and Shadow Mist in his arms as they sit on the bottom step of the stairs. She watches for a silent moment before setting her book aside, wordlessly pushing herself to her feet as she approaches him and his pet, kneeling when she gets there and reaching out a hand to gently pet Shadow Mist. "She appears to be doing better."

Musidora shoots Julian a look but the way her lips curve it's not an admonishing one. "Does butterbeer froth?" she chuckles, lifting a hand to nudge at Goodfellow who seems to have taken to nibbling at her hair. The others get a brief look, and a smile or a nod as she opens her own book before she seems to mentally disappear.

Idrissa pauses in setting her books down upon the seat she had picked as her own for the evening and catches sight of Gage, he gets a warm smile along with a smile. At the sound of her name getting called she glances over. A soft oh escapes her and she smiles a moment and waves towards Julian. She turns and moves on over to where Gage is, a wiggle of her wings seen in a wave to him. "Hey Gage." At the comment from Elizabeth there is a pause and she looks curiously to the kitten while crouching down slightly in order to look at Shadow Mist. "Is something wrong with her?"

At her comment, Julian shoots Musidora a small little smirk, and Jules just shakes his head a little bit. Liz gets a small nod, and Julian smiles a little bit. "If you need help, lemme know. I've actually been pretty much bogged down in some of the latest translations that I was given to work on, but I'll be glad to give you a hand if you need it." A pause, then, as he glances around the common room again… Everyone seems to be getting around to their own things.

He pauses, glancing over at the book that Muse is reading. "… S'that?" he asks her lightly. Gage is settled over on the staircase with his pet… the Wireless still quietly cooking out some kind of background noise. Idrissa is also beginning to settle in. Liz, Julian, and Muse are all close by the fireplace… Julian's surrounded by a mound of books.

Gage didn’t expect to be heard, so when Julian responds his gaze shifts over to him. His eyebrows furrow, staring at him in silence, taking his time about answering. When he does, his shoulders simply lift, looking as if he doesn’t really care. And really, he doesn’t, not at this time, anyway. His head drops to rest his lips against the feline’s head as Elizabeth approaches, his fingers scratching again at Shadow Mist’s neck as he kisses her furry head. “She’s all roi’,” he answers in a low voice. He pops up abruptly as Idrissa comes over, the tiny smile tugging against his mouth as his eyes focus on her. When he realizes he’s staring without a word he hastily shakes his head to answer her. “N-Naw. She’s all roi’. Oi- Oi-“ And he looks down, muttering, “Accidentally stepped on ‘er tail,” he says, sounding ashamed. Not that the feline is all that upset anymore, nuzzling into his arms.

No. Andromena had never been aware of Elizabeth's presence at the game, seated as she was in the stands of Slytherin. The reason for her distance had more to do with Julian than the other girl, however. The pair of them had something of…of a disagreement, and the confrontation (should she call it that!?) in the library this morning surely hadn't helped. Not that Andromena felt like any of that was her fault. She had had no idea the two boys were there when she went to check out her book.

That aside, there was something she had been wanting to say to the other girl ever since parting ways with her and Lowe. Julian could wait, for the time being. At least had hadn't put a sour face on when she had greeted them. Adjusting her books at her shoulder, Andromena remained standing.

"Elizabeth," she spoke the girls name again, but this time so that her attention would focus upon her. "About the other night- with Myrus. I hope it did not appear as if I were teasing you." There. It was said! Maybe the younger student hadn't even thought twice about that night, but there was just something about her manner that made Andromena think of herself, and that had been enough.

And now…now she had to square things up with Julian. But how? She wasn't about to try and discuss it with him right there and then! She felt awkward enough without at least half of their House there to overhear it and thus spread it around the damned school like every other scrap of gossip people got their grubby hands upon. So she settled for, "Can we talk about something later, Julian?"

"Spells and Hexes," Musidora replies as she spies Andromena, her tone suggesting that she /might/ be joking. She's close enough to not only overhear the ensuing exchange but is well aware of what transpired. However.. she is apparently choosing to let Julian handle it, falling silent as the other girl addresses him appearing to drift back into the book on her lap.

Elizabeth blinks her pale eyes once before she glances over her shoulder at Idrissa, the light shimmering off the surface of her glasses if only for an instant. And for a moment, something remarkable happens. The bookworm's expression softens, almost smiling as she looks back to the purring Shadow Mist. "She injured her tail the other day. Nothing serious, but she was frightened." she murmurs, though Gage already explained all of this. She hadn't known about the stepping on her tail bit, but from the way Gage kissed the top of Shadow Mist's head Elizabeth could tell he would never do it on purpose.

The sound of her name pulls her attention towards Andromena, her fingers slowing their petting but never pausing. "'Teasing'?" she repeats the word, as if she's never heard it before. And from the sounds of things, Elizabeth never took it into account. "Honestly I thought you were too preoccupied with the other boy at the time."

Having seen Gage's response to the Wireless question, Julian had slid from his seat to adjust the dial… Until something kind of lighthearted and cool was coming across the radio… Perhaps a Montague single? He wasn't sure. He just knows it sounds a lot better than the talking and rhetoric that was being piped through. So, that's fixed. He resettles after giving Gage a small thumbs up, and noticing how he's regarding the cat… He smiles some, tilting his head at the younger boy. "Accidents happen, mate," he comments lightly, gesturing to the cat.

"S'long as she's all right with you, then it's fine. Don't sweat the small things."

A pause, then, and Julian looks back toward Muse as she remarks on her textbook. That actually gets a small, chuckling scoff. "You're a bad liar," he tells her softly, before shaking his head and giving her another warm smile.

Then, Andromena. Julian's face, still alight with a smile, turns toward her, and he regards her carefully. "If it's what I think it's 'bout, Mena? Then no, I don't think so… Bygones are bygones, and I'm more than done with that particular thing." He tilts his head, his smile fading just slightly. "Do I need to make myself any clearer?"

Andromena manages something of a smile. "Good," comes her response. As for the other boy Elizabeth had mentioned? She had nothing to say about it. Sadly, Andromena's relief at seeing that Elizabeth had not misconstrued her intent was not to last. Julian's last words, 'make myself clear?' rang as a hollow note within her ears. The smile turned brittle, but did not break.

"So you do," came her next utterance. To think she had wanted to make amends, to, dare we say, apologize. Perhaps the girl was taking everything the wrong way, but for his damned poor choice in: do I make myself clear? Crisply, "I shan't trouble you with it again." Then she was stalking off, toward the girls' tower. If stopped, Andromena would claim she wanted to put her books away, and see to her cat. Anyone that knew of the creature would be well aware he was rather obsessed with his mistress.

Gage simply disregards the Wizarding Wireless for the most part. Music is fine, but there’s still that bit of wariness about it, as if half expecting it to explode. He’s simply silent as Elizabeth explains to Idrissa, staying where he is so that Elizabeth can pet the animal in his arms. But his shoulders are tense, his jaw setting, chewing on his lower lip as he focuses on trying to forget the crowd. Too many people to really relax, and his eyes turn back down to the floor, swallowing sickly as his stomach weighs nervously. “Shit,” he mutters under his breath as he shifts on his feet. “Shit.” The boy only turns an inch to face the stairs, but one hand falls away from the cat after shifting her, letting her perch across his arm which he holds close to his body. The left hand now free, he moves it for Idrissa’s, reaching out to interlace his fingers with hers.

Idrissa smiles a bit at the talk of Gage's cat and nods before her gaze drifts off to take in the others with a curious look. Hearing Gage she glances back to him curiously and lets her hand press back against his, giving it a slight squeeze. "Hey… It's alright." She offers with a soft tone to him. A slight glance is offered back to the other.

"I'm fairly sure she was trying to apologize," Musidora comments quietly, as Goodfellow hops off her shoulder to make himself very annoyingly the center of attention and not the book. Finally she nudges him aside and closes it once she's marked her place. "I'll make you go back to the Owlery if you don't stop it," is delivered at the feathered fiend without much heat. Of course she doesn't mean it.

Much like Idrissa, Elizabeth's gaze is pulled up towards Gage as she hears him beginning to swear to himself under his breath. Only hearing the cursing because she’s kneeling in front of him and petting Shadow Mist with gentle fingers. He reaches for Idrissa's hand, squeezing visibly. The bookworm contemplates this, pausing. "Are… you well?" she asks.

"Her and Black made their bed," Julian responds softly toward Muse, and Julian shakes his head a little bit. He watches as Andromena begins to head up, though, and he purses his lips a little bit… Muse's words weigh on him, apparently, and he finally buckles. Damn it, he's too good of a person deep down. "'Mena. We'll talk later," Julian finally calls after her, and with that, he lets it rest.

A glance is given over toward Muse, and he tilts his head. As if to say… 'Better?'

He watches as the owl fusses, as well, and he snickers a little bit…

Made their bed, had they? That was certainly one way to put it. If it weren't for Musidora, then perhaps she would have remained within the girls’ tower for the rest of the night. It seemed like girls were stepping in on her behalf for someone of the opposite gender a lot lately. At the sound of his voice, she casts a backwards glance over her shoulder, features chilly…but then she nods.

Blowing lightly on Goodfellows feathers for a moment seems to settle him down, and Musidora taps the little bird on the beak before catching Julian's look… eyes shifting to Andromena, and back. Hmm. Maybe the bird settled down because he'd done what he intended to? "He really is too smart for his own good, isn't he?" she comments with a cryptic smile and then untucks her legs to stretch them out. "I prefer clear air. Not thick, heavy air," she says as if that'll explain it all.

A smile slants across Gage’s lips in response to Idrissa, for however brief it is. He squeezes his fingers lightly around her hand, turning and lifting his head, locking his gaze on her. His nod is a slow one, and then he’s looking away quickly as he bites his bottom lip, and wincing when he bites a little hard. “A-Aye,” he answers Elizabeth lowly, but his eyes are now on the floor. Shadow Mist lets out a meow as she suddenly shifts, wobbling against the boy’s arm, and then springs off awkwardly to land gracefully on the floor. She hops up a few steps at the dormitory stairs.

After Gage breathes more calmly for a few, he utters quietly, “Oi wish we cud go oytside an’ walk.”

Idrissa glances to Elizabeth, a soft smile and nod is offered to her before she looks back to Gage. There is a pause while she shifts to sit next to Gage, still holding onto his hand in the process. She lets her shoulder lean against his and nods slightly once he says that he is alright. She frowns a touch at the bit on the part of walking outside. "Yeah… I do too." She offers softly.

Shadow Mist hops from her owner's arms, allowing Elizabeth to withdraw her arm and lean back slightly. Idrissa takes a seat next to Gage, leaning into his shoulder to comfort him evidently, though she isn't quite certain why exactly. And he may have said 'we', but the way things look it seems like he was trying to avoid her. More than likely he's closer to this other girl anyway and referring to her instead.

"Hm." Leaning back, Elizabeth pushes herself to her feet and steadily rises, hands clasped in front of her and raven French braid over her right shoulder. "My name is Elizabeth Dweedle, by the way. Since we have met on occasion and yet to have introductions." Her last name may be familiar, as her family has a bookstore just down the street from Ollivander's.

Watching the little gathering of the group over by the stairs, Julian smiles just a little bit. He doesn't say anything regarding it, but… Well, Hell.

"Y'know, Hart's always been kind of quiet," he tells Musidora, "and just… to himself. It's kind of good t'see 'im down here from time to time. He worried me a little."

As for the regarding of Andromena… he watches as she moves along… and he sighs a little. With that, he leans over the arm of the couch toward Muse, and quietly converses with her…

Musidora watches and listens quietly, almost absently as she strokes Goodfellow's neck, though her expression gives little away except maybe that she's considering Julian's words. "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere," is her response.

Well, Andromena can't stay up there forever. After depositing her books, she makes good on her mental promise to give some much wanted attention to Apollo; who naturally hammed it up and made a great show of rolling on his back in order to get a belly rub. It rather reminded her of another male she knew. "Come on then," she insisted to the feline. Apollo yawned widely, blinked at her, and then huffed as if she were asking him to do something distasteful. "Fine," Andromena grumped. "Stay there." Which he did, curled up on her pillow like he owned it! That done, Andromena returned to the Common Room.

Gage’s eyes lower to focus on the floor again in silence, his other hand lifting briefly to adjust his glasses before it falls to his side, resting beside him on the edge of the step. There’s a tremble that shakes his hand subtly, and his eyebrows lower and knit as he draws himself into his thoughts. For a moment he doesn’t say anything, not until Shadow Mist nudges his back and slides up against him, letting out a meow. Stroking his free hand along her spine, he lets out a breath and lifts his head, turning his eyes to look at Elizabeth. “She alwus loikes attenshun,” Gage murmurs, by way of saying she can still pet her or pick her up. He turns his head so that he’s now looking to Idrissa, but what he was going to say leaps away from him and different words ends up sliding out before he can stop, “Damn, yer de perfect girl.” And he’s immediately grimacing as his gaze falls heavily to the floor. “Uh- Dat’s- Er-“ He stutters, and bites his lip, swallowing deeply.

Idrissa lets her bright gaze turn to Elizabeth and a soft smile and nod is seen. "Yeah I've seen you around. Just never got to speak with you I suppose. Nice to meet you, I'm Idrissa Clayworth." A name well known but she has no part of it anymore being what she is and where she is. Her gaze turns back to Gage, hearing him she blushes now and clears her throat a bit. Well she wasn't expecting him to say something like that it seems. She chews on her lip a moment and turns to look back to Gage while keeping close to him there on the step. "Thanks…" Is offered with a soft murmur. She knows he most likely didn't mean to say that thanks to his actions and she is not about to point that out to him.

Elizabeth gently dips her chin to Idrissa as the other girl introduces herself, though Gage… she still doesn't know his name. And he hasn't really offered it either. Her expression softens when Shadow Mist nudges herself against his leg, trying to gain his attention again. Or cheer him up. Animals can be very sensitive to their owner's change in emotions after all. "I can tell." Elizabeth replies softer, pale eyes looking back up to the pair.

The sudden exclamation catches both of them off guard. The bookworm blinks once, twice. Surprised to say the least, that it's just blurted. Her soft lips part subtly, but then her expression changes. Elizabeth figures that it might be for the best to leave them alone right now. It’s none of her business anyways. And glancing down at the cat, she gives the feline a small smile. "Take care of him." And just like that, Liz turns to return to her seat, reaching for her book before settling into it.

It's like these weren't his days the last few. Myrus Lowe makes his way from the boys’ tower, from which other than class he really hasn't left his room since the news of his hand being broken had spread. He was still wearing the brace on his hand and first two fingers, reaching up to his mid-forearm. It was really just so it didn't get jarred and the freshly magically mended bone didn't get bumped or lodged out of place. As that would hurt, and require more healing and probably a longer stint out of the duelling club. And other things for that matter. Charms class was even suffering, too, and it wasn't a secret.

Dressed in pajamas, as his give-a-darn was basically broken right now, his slipper shoes rap quietly on the steps from the boys dorm into the common room, and he stands at the entryway there, looking around at who is there with somewhat of a grim face. Under his good arm is a book on charms. Sadly he's had to hit the books harder due to practical application being burdened by the injury.

The scene was a pretty subdued one in the common room overall. Julian and Musidora were over by the fire, chilling out and studying - he was on the couch, and she was occupying her own seat. Around Julian, a whole group of books are stacked, on the floor and on the couch beside him. His attention's split, though. Liz, Idrissa and Gage were all kind of gathered around the foot of the boys’ dorm stairs.

"He's a sweet owl," Jules remarks idly, watching as Muse lulls the bird. He does notice Andromena coming back down… but he doesn't take an immediate action toward it.

Morgana quietly slips into the common room, however seeing the amount of people in the room she looks a little surprised. Her school robe is draped over her arm, while her shirt sleeves are rolled up and her tie is a little loose. Not the normal appearance the Head Girl likes to portray, but she wanted to be comfortable. "Well, it seems we're all working hard." She says to the group in general, while she waits for her cat to follow her into the common room.

Oh, Myrus Lowe. Andromena has been carrying chocolates around for him all day…Sure, because of that some had been eaten, but there was still a good bunch left! When she spies him, clad in naught but his pajamas, Andromena decides that it's better to leave Julian be for now. He has Musidora to chat with for the moment, anyway.

"Hey, Myrus," she calls out from across the Common Room, waving her arm to get his attention. Then she holds aloft the aforementioned chocolate and begins to saunter forward. If she doesn't get this get-well gift to the other Ravenclaw then those damned treats were sure to be consumed by the various choco-carrion birds that flocked whenever the stuff was brought out. Andromena had only had one piece. ONE.

"Mother picked him out for me before I started here," Musidora comments to Julian after a few moments as she drifts back to reality, such as it is, tucking her feet back up underneath her on the chair. Goodfellow is now dozing happily in her lap. "But he's got a very naughty temper sometimes, and he's quite protective." She lets her own eyes drift shut for a bit and listens to the goings on around her. At least she's making sense now?

"M'mum helped me pick out Ocelot too, when I first got him," Julian responds lightly, half-focused on the book, and half-focused on Muse. The fact she's drifting off isn't helping his focus, either. As Mena becomes preoccupied with Myrus, his attention is drawn toward him, and he blinks, furrowing his eyebeows at the state of the Fifth Year… and he furrows his eyebrows.

"Wotcher, Lowe. T'bluddy 'ell happened to you?" He raises his voice so that it'll carry… but he pauses, realizing Morgana's arrived. "Wotcher, Rashley," he calls toward her lightly.

Julian there, and Musidora as well. Morgana, the Ravenclaw Head Girl arriving as well. Portrayed appearances. Psh. Rockin the PJs like a boss.

Myrus takes the invitation by Andromena, and steps over to her, meeting somewhere in the middle. A look behind him reveals who he actually stepped past to get off of the steps while talking to Andromena, "Hi," he mutters, regarding the box of chocolates for a second before his good hand reaches, releasing the book and it falls to the floor next to his feet. No cares given. "Leave it there, I'll grab it in a minute." And the box lain on his now horizontal forearm of the hurt appendage to hold it in place as he opens it, disregarding that some are missing, and grabs one to pop into his mouth and chew while he takes another moment to look around.

"Got my hand broken. A story I don't fancy telling," he responds to Julian.

Sitting in one of the small couches beside the fireplace, Elizabeth pulls her books into her lap and slides the first open, just as Myrus enters, and most attention pulled to his injured hand. The bookworm casually turns her dark head and glance in that direction spying it while Julian expresses concern and Andromena gives him chocolates. More or less.

"Hm." He looks good, more or less. With the exception of his hand there's no bruises or anything else. And he's walking around, acting like it's nothing. And Elizabeth is the type to take things at face value.

Now, if only Myrus knew, or Andromena realized, the dark and dirty irony that lay behind just who had had some of those chocolates. But in the way of the best ironies, it remains hidden, illusive. Still…Andromena is a bit startled by Lowe's lack of…cares (we shan't use naughty words here!), and it's evident by the look that takes hold of her fair features, though she says nothing.

"Uhm…" Intoned softly, slowly. Should she be backing up right about now? "Consider it like this," Andromena suddenly offers, trying to offer yet more advice for Myrus' benefit. "Now you have a cool war-wound to show the ladies?"

Myrus looks at Andromena in her.. concerned(?) state. "War wound?" His look begs to know if she knows more about the situation than she's letting on. In any case, he looks over at Elizabeth, but just looks at her for a moment, and then goes back to eating the chocolates. It might be a good assumption he'll eat the whole rest of the box while standing right there. "These are good. Did you make them yourself, or buy them?" He asks around cheek full of chocolate.

"Gotcha, mate." Julian regards the Lowe from a distance for a moment or two more, and he eventually makes a small noise, letting him get swallowed up by Andromena and her chocolates. He just shakes his head, and he wrinkles his nose up a little. He'll consider talking to him later, too. In the meantime, he looks at the book in his lap… and he closes it, putting it aside and yawning lightly, stretching. He glances toward Muse again, and smiles a little bit. "Y'seem tired," he states lightly.

She is genuinely concerned, even if for a moment his behavior has her on the border between puzzlement and worry. Her choice of words was poor, to be sure, but Andromena Rowle is utterly ignorant to the notion that Myrus may have sustained his broken hand by any other means than Quidditch. Smiling, she gives a shake of her head in answer to his question. "It would be nice to be able to say I made them, sure…but I wouldn't know the first thing. I bought these." Whatever looks Julian sends their way are, understandably, missed by her.

Musidora looks over at Julian, the girl shaking her head as she watches the more lively goings on. "Not entirely. Sometimes I find that I think best with my eyes closed. I think deep thoughts, you know," she chuckles.

He barely glances in her direction before returning to his more important prize. The chocolates. Elizabeth lifts a slender brow at this, watching for a moment before shifting her pale eyes to her book. Surprisingly, she had heard the muddled rumors about how the hand was broken, but the bookworm doesn't take much stock in rumors. Gently pushing up her glasses on her small nose, she leans back in her chair, getting comfortable as she reads, absorbing.

What the heck is the matter with him? Gage’s jaw sets as he stares intently at a spot on the floor, cursing himself silently for being so /stupid/. The cat nuzzling his side up against the boy is only partially noticed, his hand stroking her back pretty much unconsciously. Even though the voice was beside him, Elizabeth’s departing words are heard at a distance, but it still causes his head to lift and he stares at her silently. “Uh, what, um, huh, bye, er…” His mouth opens to stammer instead of saying what he intended to, and so he swears under his breath as he shakes his head hastily. Time to go, yea… The boy suddenly stands quickly, scooping the cat up with him, and his hand slides from Idrissa’s as he murmurs, “Oi- Oi nehd ter git upstairs.” He winces. “T-Talk later.” He turns to rush up the stairs.

Myrus was never one to hold back things he wanted to say. At least most of the time. Only a couple times actually, that he could recall that he couldn't get out what was on his mind.

He looks at Andromena. "Okay." He hums for a second, looking around. Huh, lots of people still here as Gage leaves, as do a couple others. Then he returns his sights to the chocolate-giver-girl. "Do -you- like war-wounds? I could make up a grand story for you to indulge your imagination in. Is that why you said that?" Yes, tactless in tone, fearless in delivery. At least for the most part. Elizabeth still gets another glance, but it was merely a shot of the eyes before resting upon Andromena again, waiting for a reply.

There's a quiet little chuckle from Julian as Muse responds to him and his tiredness accusations, nodding a little. "Meditation is a good way to open the mind's eye, they say," Julian responds lightly, and he leans back against the couch, sighing a little bit. Julian closes his eyes, and reaches up, rubbing his face.

"Sad fact: Claire and I have yet to decide on a meeting time for our team meet," he remarks, "and the game won't be too much longer from now. We've got to start practicing."

Andromena's eyes narrow on Myrus as he speaks. It was the same sort of cold gaze that she had levelled toward Julian not too long ago, albeit not quite as bad as what Myrus was receiving now. The sort of icy stare only certain members of the female persuasion were capable of emulating. And why? Because she felt he was mocking her, patronizing her. Eventually she grates, "It was mostly meant to be taken as a joke." Arms crossing, mouth thinning with displeasure. "Some people do appreciate such things, Myrus." Exhale. Close eyes. It was only Myrus Lowe. Since when had he ever intentionally acted like a prick? When Andromena reopened her eyes, her gaze was much less scathing. She made a mental note to really stop letting her temper get the best of her. "I would like a good story, but I can't know beforehand you're making it up!" Or else all the fun is drained out of it.

Goodfellow stirs and clicks his beak before hopping back on Musidora's shoulder, burrowing into her hair so much as he can. Shouldn't owls be awake in the evening? Either way, she straightens up and stretches, sliding off the chair even though it's so comfy and warm. "I'm going to go put Goodfellow away," she leans over and comments quietly to Julian, eyeing the strange scene curiously as she moves to the stairs, "I may be back."

In the stairwell, there's a bit of rustling and a chuckle. "Your guess is as good as mine, Little Man," can be heard along with a quiet screech.

Myrus' head cranes backward a bit as she starts talking to him in the scathing tone. He responds with his own tone to match, only the boyish brutelike tone, far less subtle than the female rage that Andromena seeped just now.

"And here -I- thought you were asking because I was hoping -you- might like it yourself, being as ~you~," he holds up his hand that was holding the next chocolate in line, wiggling his pointer finger as middle and thumb held the small confection, "were the one who brought it up."

"But a good story I can concoct."

He acts like he's pondering for a moment. Myrus dresses it up with lavish wording and hand gestures, looking at other people in the room as he tells the tale of three wizards:

So these three friends, atop a castle.. not much unlike this one. A third joins them, the fourth makes lude comments about two of the initial three that were boyfriend and girlfriend. The fourth makes enough comments to anger one of the three, and she turns his snack into a snake. The fourth, now considered the evil wizard, draws his wand. The hero- 'That's me'- he makes sure to emphasize that, also draws, defending his friends. In the end, it ended with a broken hand and the evildoer got away. He used no specific details that would outline himself, Esther, Alphard or Douglas, since this was a fictional story anyway. Nor anything exactly like any of the rumors going around about how he supposedly broke his hand.

After he was done with the story, he looks at Andromena. Waiting to see what she thinks, finally eating that piece of chocolate in his hand and smiling boyishly (goofily) at her.

With a nod, Julian acknowledges that Muse is disappearing upstairs. "All right. G'night, little fellow," Julian remarks toward the owl lightly as it clicks at Muse, and he smiles a little bit, nodding. Since she may or may not come back, he begins to likewise kind of organize is own things… his books being moved into one neat, concentric pile on the floor… and his eyes then glance around, falling on…

"… Huh. S'not like her."

Julian reaches over to the seat Muse was in, picking up the tome she was pursuing… and he quietly tilts his head as he looks at the title on the spine. "What d'you know," he comments offhandedly, smiling a little bit and chuckling… And he moves to open the book up to the last bit of Grimm's Fairy Tales she had been reading…

Now, because Andromena had just, literally just told herself not to fling herself into a girlish, temperamental rage, she didn't escalate things when Myrus returned her bad attitude in kind. In listening to his story, all Andromena can really think is that he doesn't really have the knack for it. The tale felt rushed, and a tad jumbled, but it's not like she was reading one of her books or something.

Pop. The last chocolate disappeared behind the maw of the storyteller. He was grinning at her, all distinctly Myrus-like…so she grinned back, sheepishly. Forgive her the sour reaction? Big joke, right? The story - fun and games!? "We can polish it up a bit, I think," said as she began to meander towards a place to sit. "So you can present it, theatre-style, to any girls you like." A dainty finger slid upwards, then snaked in Julian's direction. "He might even be willing to write you a musical composition to go with it."

It's not /too/ terribly long before Muse comes back down the stairs, those obnoxiously bright striped toe-socks arriving a split second before she does. Spotting Julian with her book, her lips tilt into a tell-tale smile as she caaarefully gives Myrus and Andromena a wide enough berth before plopping down next to the boy who's stolen her book.. who is, indeed, about smack middle of the story she was on. "Cinderella doesn't seem like your kind of story."

Myrus watches Andromena start to pick it apart. No, he didn't really have a knack for storytelling. But, that wasn't the point, was it.

He hums to himself, finishing the chocolate piece, and picking up the box and his book, box under his arm book held in his fingertips as he walks over to a comfy chair near where Elizabeth was sitting, "Yeah, well, I dunno about the whole theater performance thing." He turns to look at Elizabeth. "What did you think of it?" Waiting for another round of critiques. "Might as well give everyone a fair shake to cut my story down."

"I'm a little bit more partial to Rumpelstiltskin," Julian agrees softly, but that doesn't mean Julian stops reading immediately, even if the girl plops down beside him. In his peripheral vision are those bright toe socks, though… and it draws his eyes off the text, then up toward Muse, whom… as he blinks, he realizes has joined him again, in closer quarters.

"Here y'go," he offers the book toward her, smiling. He hadn't even turned the page yet, being considerate. "Brothers Grimm, eh?" he asks her lightly, glancing back down at the book.

Merlin's beard. This whole broken hand thing had gone to his head. Maybe he had hurt his head, too? Waving him off for Elizabeth to now handle, Andromena does not even want to try and explain that she had not been 'cutting down' his ability to tell a story so much as she was trying to lighten his Brother's Grimm as all get out mood. Plopped into a chair, Andromena comes to a startlingly unpleasant realization.

"Despite popular belief, I /intently/ believe that they were wizards, though even if they weren't I'm afraid I really wouldn't care. But it does add a dash more intrigue doesn't it?" She shifts and settles in to her new seat on the couch. "To think that they might be real stories?" Musidora rambles a bit as she reaches out to take the book, side-eyeing the others.

That's when she leans over and lowers her voice to another not-really-whisper-but-almost, "Have I missed anything terribly shocking? Isn't that where they're supposed to kiss? That's how I've read it in stories." The comment is without a /hint/ of guile as she watches Andromena sit, in her private opinion likely rather gracefully despite the situation.

Elizabeth's brow faintly twitches, but her pale eyes don't pull away from the book in her lap. "I believe it would be an adequate enough of a bedtime story, however, if you are inquiring of the situation in and of itself," She faintly shakes her raven head, just once. "There are multiple point of views, and I was not present for the event. So who am I to say who is to blame." The bookworm gently shrugs a slender shoulder, turning her head to glance back at them out of the corner of her powder blue eye. "But I do sympathize with the injury." Elizabeth shifts her gaze to Andromena as waves a hand, as if brushing the topic aside, before taking a seat as well.

"—I don't think so, Muse." As Julian speaks, though, he lightly bumps his shoulder against hers, and he cuts his eyes from watching the train wreck that's occurring between Liz, Andromena and Myrus toward her. "I think it goes a little more casually, and without so much pomp, like that. Lowe's got the right idea, with the whole hand thing… But."

There's a pause, and Julian leans over to lightly peck the side of Muse's cheek, and then, as if absolutely nothing happened at all, he resumes watching the derailment going on. Bah, poor Myrus. Well, no… He brought it on himself. "Just goin' for it makes more sense sometimes."

Nope. Nothing to see here, folks. Focus on the epic train wreck over there.

Well this wasn't what he hoped for at all.

The responses left him baffled. He looks from Andromena, to Elizabeth who was already back into her book, and then to Musidora and Julian. Though, Muse's comment makes him lower his eyes, and pull his feet up into the chair, squishing the book and box onto either side of him from his lap as he rubs his thumb on his good hand along a part of the brace on his bad hand. One of those rare times, he's dug himself into a hole he can't climb out of. So he sits at the bottom of that pit called his own work, and raises his eyes to Andromena, "I'm sorry I said that," is all he says before lowering his eyes again.

Like Hell, Julian Edwards. Andromena Rowle is part of no train wreck, especially since she has so daintily extricated herself from choo-choo Myrus moments before he collided with Elizabeth. Man how she wished she could have somehow managed to wheedle 'caboose' into that sentence. Maybe another time. Anyway…more to the point. She saw it. Made sure to lock eyes with Julian, too, so that they shouted across the room from where she sat: gotcha. Otherwise, her features were of blank marble.

"I'm sorry, too," she blurts to Myrus, meaning it and yet absolutely hating it, loathing it. The notion of apologizing seems to catch within her throat, but she's not so wretched as all that. Why else had she approached Julian earlier. "I should have taken into account that you're likely feeling out of sorts. I've never had any broken bones before, so I can't imagine how it feels." Other than frighteningly painful. Her lower lip, plush and pink, was pushed forward in the faintest of pouts. Prepare yourselves, boys, because unless you're made of 'sterner stuff' like Black, the mewling kitten look was about to come into play.

Myrus nods at the counter apology, but collects his book and box and hugs them to his chest with one hand and a forearm, and without a word disappears up the stairs. Luckily for Myrus it's before, and unluckily for Julian, Myrus left before the pouty-lipped princess was seen by Myrus. So she might think Myrus was leaving because he was offended or something. Either way, he leaves without a sound.

To her credit… or really, rather to what might later amount to not a teensy bit of shock, Musidora doesn't even blink in surprise although there's a slight slur in her motions /just/ for a second as she reaches to take the book back into her possession with a brush of fingers and the others are momentarily forgotten.

Then, in a habitual motion, she goes to tuck it into her robes only to look down and visibly realize that she's just got her uniform set on, no pockets… eyes flicking back up to Julian, over to the others.. back to him again. She just gives him a cheeky (haha) smile and says, "Thought so. Better now?"

Elizabeth, watching out of the corner of her eye, catches sight of the apology. And Myrus quickly departing. Yet again. Honestly, she isn't sure what to make of the boy. Elizabeth exhales a small breath of a sigh. "Honestly, he should have had the foresight to avoid injury in the first place." she murmurs, pressing her lips together as she looks back to Andromena. Maybe she knows him better. Would she know how to figure him out? "Rowle… How long have you known Lowe?"

"Better in spades," Julian responds in kind, having felt eyes from across the room. Oh, my. Why would Andromena be giving him such a look? He furrows his eyebrows— then remembers the company she keeps. He huffs, but says nothing, matching her gaze.

However, his attention quickly returns to Musidora. He looks down at her, lips twitching upward slightly as he considers her.

"And you?" he asks her lightly, quirking a brow. He had noticed the touch of hands and the sluggish movement, and the absentminded attempt at tucking the book away. Amusing, in all respect.

Andromena turns to talk with Elizabeth, idly pushing back this one damnably errant lock of hair behind her ear. "Let's see…" The older girl muses aloud. "I've seen him around since he started, the truth is we've never really talked until very recently." The same night he had asked Elizabeth to pose as his girlfriend, in fact. The beginning of that pout had dissipated as soon as Myrus fled like a startled hare. No reason to overwork herself.

"I'm not the best person to look to when it comes to the social pulse that is our school," Andromena admitted, eyes lowered. "It's only recently that I…that I've started to," she seems reluctant to say it. As if she's embarrassed. "Put myself out there." A large part of her greatly regretted it. People were not fictional characters. She could not fathom them, and many were proving to be a let down. Worse, it shined a light on herself she was hardly prepared to look all that closely at. School work, that was different. It was simple. And yet…and yet there is that small part that tells her some of its worthwhile.

For a moment, the corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk, but not at Andromena. Elizabeth is pretty much in the same boat, though she would have thought that the other girl knew Lowe longer. At least, she was under that impression. "Hm." Leaning back, she settles just a little deeper into the small couch, closing her eyes behind her glasses thoughtfully. "He appears to become upset easily, though whatever for I do not know."

The last time he tried to ask Elizabeth a question that dealt with personal feelings, it ended with him tripping over his tongue. That's once our of two times he's lost it enough to start babbling to himself when he is (or thought he was) all alone.

Up in his room, he stares at that little blank book he got from the student store that had a simple design on the front of an owl perched on a branch of a willow tree in what appeared to be the moonlight. I wasn't a color picture, it was embossing of the cover itself. Inside the cover was a note written:

Something for you to write your own story in, because there's someone who might like to read it someday, and see themself in it.

Myrus comes back down the stairs, dressed in his casual clothes (black best over white long sleeve undershirt, black trousers and black shoes), and he walks up to Elizabeth and holds the book out to her. "Here. I want you to have this." Don't ask questions, just take it.

No care for who else was in there, he didn't even look around to see, or take heed to whom Elizabeth might be talking to. As Myrus entered after they were talking about him.

Musidora? Though still sporting a bit of a confused expression, she seems to be doing all right. She gives Julian a mystified smile before standing again.. saying to him, "I think I have another formula to consider." Pause. "And we can talk more Quidditch tomorrow." Because the thought of brooms and bludgers is totally parallel to what just happened in another world. Or something.

The others… she looks as though she wants to give them some helpful words of wisdom. Something. But for once, the Lovegood has no comment other than a smile before she disappears up the stairs. Goodfellow just /had/ to hear about this.

"Another formu—"

Julian stares. Did she really just equate that to—

As Muse disappears upstairs, Julian stares after her, mouth slightly ajar. "… Just… what."

Look at that! Myrus has returned. And he's giving something to Elizabeth. Now was the perfect chance to go talk to Julian. Which actually meant Andromena was slinking off to the stairs. There was a black cat up there that was keeping at least a small part of her bed warm. Oh, she says goodnight to those there! Don't think her that callous.

Myrus returns, unexpectedly. Elizabeth lifts a slender brow and turns to glance at him, only to blink with surprise as he holds out the book for her. A journal? She blinks again, hesitating briefly before reaching out to take the book from his hand. Holding it between her fingers and turning it around, looking over the cover more thoroughly. "Um, thank you?" she murmurs, returning her gaze back to Myrus. "What is this for?" The boy just seems to get all more confusing as time goes on. Her eyes narrow as she looks back to his all-black outfit. "And… why are you dressed like that?"

Myrus looks at her, and says, "Because, we're going out.." and he would reach to take her by the hand, if not fought against, and he would lead her out of the Ravenclaw common room into the hallway beyond. Of course, if she needed a jacket, she was definitely afforded the opportunity to go get it.

He'd smile at her, "Unless you would rather not give me the time of day. Which, really, would right now break my heart." He put his injured hand over his chest like his heart was literally breaking, giving her the best puppy eyes look he could. Ok, so he's gone so Lowe as to use coercion to get her to come with him. Either way, he really didn't want to take 'no' for an answer.

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