(1938-11-13) An Expert Opinion
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Summary: Phil seeks out Clover's help hoping that if she can get a potions experts on the case she might learn more.
Date: 13 November 1938
Location: Potions and Plant Poisoning , St Mungo's
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Deciding two heads are better than one Phil has made an appointment to meet with Master Healer Weaver-MacNair. The idea being that if she is lucky Clover can also tell her something about the mysterious greenish white powder. Arriving at precisely the exact moment of her appointment Phil knocks on Clover's office door and when bid to enter does so. Her's isn't an unfamiliar face around the hospital, she is known to visit her sister who is a healer in creatures and artifacts or be interviewing patients. Even so this is the first time she has sought an official appointment with Clover. "Thank you for your time," she says to the older witch, smiling.

Clover knows of Phil, and knows her sister professionally, but she is unsure why the reporter is coming to see her. However, she is more than willing to corporate with whatever she needed. Sat behind her desk in her forest green robes, her curly hair is braided and tied behind her back. Her desk is filled with family photos, and there is a bright and pleasant smile on the healers face. "Of course, I am more than willing to help where I can. Would you like some tea?" She offers, gesturing to the trey that is already sitting on a small table near by.

"Tea would be lovely," agrees Phil. She settles onto one of the chairs in front of Clover's desk. "Have you heard of saccharine powder? I am working on a story about it and have managed to procure some, but I'd like to know what it is made of." From inside her cloak pocket she produces a small vial with half a tablespoon of greenish white powder in it. "Unfortunately it is only a small amount. The powder is scarce on the street."

Clover gets up from behind the desk to serve the tea, presenting the glass and various sugars and milk that go with tea to her guest as well. "I have herd of it, but I cannot say I have dealt with it directly." There is a bit of curiosity in her voice as she sits back at her desk and looks at the vial. "Do you mind?" She says, opening her hand for the vial. "I've yet to sit down and look over any of the reports, what sort of symptoms does it give?"

Phil hands the vial over as she takes her tea from Clover. "I tried some, just a small bit in a safe environment. It is most peculiar. There is a sweetness to it, as the name suggests. It gives on a sense of euphoria, wieghtlessness but then there are also hallucinations." As she sips her tea she watches Clover curiously over the rim.

Once Phil starts talking about what happens on the drug, Clover takes out her quill and starts jotting down a few notes. "Intriguing, I can think of several substances that can cause those symptoms, but no one on it's own." She'll open the vial, taking a careful sniff of the contents, to see if she can detect any sort of smell. "What sorts of hallucinations did you have? Were they full dream like situations, or just a single sense?"

"It was incredible in that everything felt real. I had been in a sitting room with my source, we ingested the powder in an alcoholic beverage." Phil sips more of her decidedly unalcoholic tea. "About twenty minutes or so passed after finishing the drinks, in which there was an amount slightly smaller than what you have there. The sitting room and the bedroom behind suddenly turned int a woodland glen. There were all manner of people, hallucinated people, coming in and out. Music. The grass and moss under my hands even the bark of the trees felt real."

Clover doesn't stop writing, raising her brows as she hears how vivid the hallucinations are. "That sounds quiet serious, and it still does not narrow down the list I have growing in my head." Pulling her quill away, she'll tap her lips with the feather in before she continues. "What about after effects? Was there any sort of hang over? And do you know if it is usually ingested by mixing it with a beverage?"

"Everyone I have spoken to has ingested it, but not always with a drink. Because of its sweetness some have used it to flavour food." Phil takes another sip of her tea as she considers what else she knows. "The after effects are relatively painless. I woke up feeling no worse for wear." She places her cup on the saucer and both on the small table. "I would like to know what it is made from. It strikes me as an odd drug since it isn't addictive, though perhaps I am thinking of it the wrong way. Maybe people will crave the chance to live outside themselves through these hallucinations."

"I wonder if diluting it in food or drink diminishes the effect. Which may be a good thing." Clover says as she stands and gets a small little dish and large magnifier and pours out a bit of the powder on it, to get a closer look. "I would agree, it is a very odd drug, and to have the amount of effects it does it has to be made from more than just one plant." If it even made of plants. Frowning at Phil's observation she'll nod her head. "From what I have learned over the years, it's the experience that people become addicted to. There are many people who want to escape their lives, and if this can give them that escape I doubt they're just going to try it once and leave it."

"I found that as it was a manifestation of my thoughts the experience was a tad bit unsettling," Phil turns the saucer with the cup still set on it, just rotating it slightly for something to do. "My companion was amused to no end, however, because they saw themselves at a younger and more…shall we say aesthetically pleasing age?" Her head turns towards Clover. "If I leave it with you to run some tests do you think you could let me know when you have done the analysis?"

"There is not a lot here, but I will test what I can from it." Clover says with a smile. "I haven't heard of any fatalities from this, but from what I understand that this is relatively new. I'll owl you in a few days when I get my results." Clover says with a pleasant smile, putting the vial and her notes into a small tray to be tested on later.

As she rises to her feet Phil remembers something else. "Oh yes, if you are using it and engaging in sexual activity it is said to enhance the enjoyment. I was not in that kind of situation so cannot report if it is true or not, but I trust the source the information came from." She gives Clover a smile and offers a hand, "Thank you for your help with this, Master Healer Weaver-MacNair."

"Oh really? Interesting." Clover says thoughtfully, quickly adding that to her notes before she stands and offers her hand to the other woman. "Think nothing of it Ms Rowle." She says brightly. "I do enjoy a good mystery after all." She'll reply with a wink.

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