(1938-11-13) Catching Up
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Summary: Old friends Phil and Graham catch each other up, sort of, with one another's news and discuss current events.
Date: 13 November 1938
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Phil is seated at the bar having her favourite tipple: gin and tonic. She takes sips of it in between making notes in her little notebook using that perpetually sharpened little pencil she carries. A near empty plate of chips sits within reach.

Graham enters wearing his dressed down clothes.. quite a bit more so than even usual a shirt and pants even not his suit. The auror pauses to glances around a moment finding someone at the bar he was looking for. It's a short walk and a plop down next to "Miss Phil right? We met once the other day right?" he grins to her big and goofy.

Looking up from her writing Phil gives Graham the once over, "I think so…it was Robert wasn't it?" She grins and sips her drink. "How're thinks at…what was it…the broomfactory?"

"Quite correct, ah yes the custodial arts treat me rather well for certain." Graham gives a sure nod though laughs ordering his usual cider. "How are you? I miss these meetings too long in between them." he says over to his friend.

"I'm good, thanks," says Phil as she closes up her notebook and slipping the pencil into the wire tucks it away. "Been busy with work. I haven't even seen Thomas all that much, though I did go around last night because I felt bad and I missed him." She picks up her drink and takes a sip. "How about yourself?"

Graham chuckles and shakes his head though takes a drink from his cider before responding. "Seems we're in the same boat haven't seen Sorcha in too long myself. Work and just too much going on lately." he sighs slightly though he'll look over to her "What sort of work you are you getting into this time? Well if you can say that is."

"Can't really say right now. Maybe later." Phil knows that Graham knows how that is. They've been friends long enough to have gone through periods where neither of them can speak openly about work. "I had tea and cake with Astoria a week or two ago."

He gives a rueful smile nodding "Same as always if I can help let me know or if it looks dangerous hm?" he nudges her with his shoulder teasingly. Graham takes another drink from his cider and nods "Ah, nice she stopped by my work the other day." he says about Astoria "So, what do you make of all the news lately?" he asks her still lightly though the subject itself is not.

"I'm not surprised. I mean, they're Jews. Nobody likes Jews." Antisemitism is pretty common even in the UK at this period, afterall. "Seems the Nazis like them even less than the French." She takes another sip of her gin and tonic, "Or did you mean the link to Grindelwald?"

Graham winces at the words but nods knowing them to be true not just about one group. "A bit of both, more pressing is Grindelwald." he says shaking his head "I feel the need to do something, I dont know what. I do know if I see one our kind trying to hurt a muggle or half-blood muggle born which ever they are in for it." it's not a question. He looks to his friend leaning in and lowering his voice "I even considered challenging him to a duel. If he doesnt accept it'll spread down if I beat him more so."

The look she gives him is incredulous. "You want to challenge Gellert Grindelwald, one of the most powerful and followed wizards of our age to a duel?" Phil shakes her head, "I'm not sure if I should have you committed or buy you a drink for such a stupid thought. You're only just a fully fledged auror. He's nearly what, fifty? Sixty?"

The auror chuckles lucky he wasn't drinking cider at the moment but he responds in the same tone. "I appreciate the confidence Phil." he says at her words "It was just a thought perhaps a foolish one, I feel like I have to do something to protect everyone personality defect maybe?" he smiles.

"You aren't responsible for everyone Graham, despite what your job might be. People will make bad choices and follow idiots or zealots or run off with their secretaries." Phil tilts her head as she drinks a bit more, having almost finished her gin and tonic. "You can make suggestions and if a dark wizard turns up then you can throw yourself in front of their wand, but until that moment comes you have to do what we all and just let people get on with being stupid."

Graham nods taking another drink "Yes, I know I cannot be everywhere at once I least know where I stand, so if I am there i'll take action." he gives a small shrug at this part referencing his words about anyone trying to hurt a muggle or folk in front of him. "Yes of course i'd jump infront of any wand for any of you, that's a given." he says easily "Doesnt seem lke enough is all. Sorry don't mean to be a bummer i'll stop now." he grins.

Phil sighs softly, "You're not a bummer…well unless you have taken up homosexuality on the sly and mean it in that sense. You…I sometimes think you just sound ever so young is all Graham. We both know the world is fully of ugliness. Grindelwald is hardly the first wizard to come along and demand the subjugation of muggles. Nor are the Nazis the first group to smash synagogues and burn houses or businesses belonging to Jews."

"I cant say that I have no." Graham says to her finishing off his cider and ordering another. "I am young Phil, but it's that reason I want to do something I feel I can. In my work yes see the worst of the worst at times but instead of pullng inside like those I work with, I want to make a diffrences." he nods "I know and he wont be the first but what if I do nothing and I could have done something? If that even makes sense."

"I know," she says when Graham tells her he wants to make a difference. "I do too. That is why we do what we do. But pick your battles wisely so that you can keep on fighting them, because there are far too many people who will do nothing. We need the good guys to be smarter and live longer so they can do more good."

Graham takes another drink from the new cider. "Thank you Phil, seems like your talking sense into ME for once guess it was bound to happen right?" he says to his friend giving a grin all the same regaining some of the teasing nature they share often. " How are things with Thomas? Making plans for the wedding and things?"

She rolls her eyes at his joke but takes it in the good nature it was intended. "Things with Thomas are good. He doesn't quite grasp how good I am at what I do. I told him to talk to you because you have seen me undercover. I don't want Thomas to be scared, but at the same time I want him to know this is who I am and while I am careful there are potential risks."

"You are very good at your job as a whole." Graham says easily he's seen her at it "Very dedicated, i'll talk to him and let him know you have an auror on payrole even boringly bookish one." he takes another drink "It's tough though dont be to hard on him. Sorcha struggles with my job more than she admits, she likes days when i'm chained to my desk with paper work but knows I have to have more adventous days too."

"I don't think he can quite wrap his head around what I can do. Maybe I should just turn up in disguise and see his reaction." Phil tilts her head back, draining her glass before setting it on the bar. "Ever consider taking Sorcha on an easy patrol?"

Graham hm's and nods at her words "It's a hard notion maybe seeing how you are Phil and than job Phil." he says though the question brings him pause "I'd not thought about it, I dont know I kind of like that she sees me as I am here bookish awkward as hell, not the auror me dueling and fighting and the like. I wonder if she'd be frightened at that side of me?"

"It is nice to have your work and private life be separate." Phil picks up one of the now cold chips and eats it. "I was hoping to get Keenan's help with something, but his appointment book seems quite full these days. Maybe have Sorcha put in a word for me? See if he can squeeze me in for ten minutes between patients."

"Of course, i'm sure she could get you an appointment or if not we'll just ambush him at the shop when he's there." Graham says matter of factly as if this is a perfectly normal thing to do. "Oh Keenan welcome home from work look it's Phil joining us for dinner. Or something."

Phil laughs, "Good idea. Let me know what we go with. If it's dinner I will bring wine." She slides off her stool. "I need to get going. Enjoy the rest of your evening, Graham."

"Of course i'll let you know." Graham says to his friend glad she likes his plan of attack on this action. "I'll see you soon Phil, be careful and please call for backup hm?" he calls a she prepares to leave.

"Red sparks." Phil remembers the spell he told her to use in times of trouble. "Good night." She gives Graham a wave before apparating home.

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